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Share to Classroom Chrome extension download
Share to Classroom Get your class on the same (web)page, instantly.

classroom, google, extension, webpages, class, share, teacher, time, create, save, instantly, page, web, students, https

Save to Google Drive Chrome extension download
Save to Google Drive Save web content or screen capture directly to Google Drive.

chrome, google, save, page, drive, file, clicking, extension, options, content, saved, version, web, authentication, pages

Destiny Discover (Beta) Chrome extension download
Destiny Discover (Beta) It’s easier than ever to locate your Destiny® resources! You can now use Google to search for resources from your Destiny catalog.

destiny, extension, search, resources, google, discover, library, chrome, multiple, deployed, district, users, titles, sites, lightbox

Co:Writer Universal (Extension) Chrome extension download
Co:Writer Universal (Extension) Word prediction that is grammar smart and inventive spelling aware. Speech recognition allows you to speak it, and we'll write it.

writer, spelling, grammar, words, word, prediction, speech, topic, writing, write, dictionaries, specific, text, plural, dogs

HP Smart Print Chrome extension download
HP Smart Print Save ink. Save paper. Print only the web content you need.

print, smart, area, remove, selection, save, website, dragging, add, headers, content, find, extension, ink, edit

Meet B Desktop Streamer Chrome extension download
Meet B Desktop Streamer A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with Meet B.

desktop, extension, stream, streamer, chrome, meetings, meet, simple

Desprotetor de Links Chrome extension download
Desprotetor de Links The Desprotetor Links allows you to dodge links protectors and other sites of its kind, with just one click.

extension, desprotetor, links, data, protectors, click, privacy, policy, terms, link, updates, website, page, visit, software

Mirroring360 Sender for Chrome Chrome extension download
Mirroring360 Sender for Chrome Mirror your Chromebook or Computer Screen to Another Computer (PC or MAC)

mirroring360, computer, chromebook, students, share, chrome, instructional, enables, teachers, mirror, vlans, mac, unified, app, www

Jabber Call Chrome extension download
Jabber Call Allows you to make calls with Cisco Jabber from the browser

jabber, cisco, calls, installed, freedom, chrome, extension, teams, productive, browsergive, device, order, note, browser, requires

PDFescape Free PDF Editor Chrome extension download
PDFescape Free PDF Editor Edit, form fill, and view pdf files directly in Google Chrome, free.

pdf, pdfescape, files, extension, chrome, quot, form, free, google, privacy, completely, open, edit, reader, information

Motorola Connect Chrome extension download
Motorola Connect This Chrome Extension has been retired. Please remove by clicking the trash can icon.

motorola, connect, phone, chrome, texts, computer, extension, droid, google, version, privacy, sms, support, kitkat, store

Highlight to Search Chrome extension download
Highlight to Search Highlight to Search allows you search keywords by highlighting instead of typing them into a search box.

search, keywords, google, extension, highlight, icon, en, chrome, box, intl, glass, easily, policy, http, html

TabCloud Chrome extension download
TabCloud Save and restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers.

open, windows, tab, icon, restore, save, tabcloud, tabs, saved, window, click, time, menu, clicking, google

Visualping Chrome extension download
Visualping Visualping Chrome Extension

compare, monitoring, visualping, text, default, element, selector, select, service, v6c, st, change, vancouver, visual, email

Toolkit For Facebook Chrome extension download
Toolkit For Facebook (Facebook Social Toolkit) Collection of Social Media tools for

facebook, tool, friends, friend, requests, groups, page, helps, free, remove, group, posts, tools, comments, extract

Super Browse for Netflix Chrome extension download
Super Browse for Netflix Access Netflix Secret Categories

categories, netflix, movies, super, browse, extension, movie, access, secret, extra, features, choose, added, contact, hide

VideoCast (VLC/Chromecast) Chrome extension download
VideoCast (VLC/Chromecast) Open web videos in Chromecast or VLC

chromecast, videos, vlc, chrome, extension, integrated, web, webm, player, compatible, mp4, flv, supported, historize, youtube

QuickMark QR Code Extension Chrome extension download
QuickMark QR Code Extension Easily create and decode QR Codes while browsing webpages.

code, qr, decode, text, extension, webpage, chrome, create, browsing, codes, click, highlight, url, select, page

Video Blocker Chrome extension download
Video Blocker Hide annoying videos on YouTube from any channel you want!

video, extension, videos, hide, blocker, adding, channels, details, youtube, page, firefox, list, block, problem, section

Chrome Snake Chrome extension download
Chrome Snake Play snake at anytime just by opening a new tab

chrome, play, snake, tab, dark, light, color, speed, normal, display, classic, adding, sit, watch, computer

MediaTab.TV Streaming Search - Top Movies Chrome extension download
MediaTab.TV Streaming Search - Top Movies MediaTab.TV Streaming Search allows you to search for your favourite streaming titles right from the Chrome New Tab and Search Bar

search, chrome, streaming, extension, newtab, titles, change, baruse, tab, top, movies, video, settings, tv, mediatab

Synology Download Station Chrome extension download
Synology Download Station Manage downloads on your Synology DiskStation in your browser.

download, task, diskstation, dsm, chrome, login, manage, add, extension, tasks, station, synology, web, certificate, context

Video download helper Chrome extension download
Video download helper Help you download video quickly from web sites or add them in your video list.

download, video, videos, chrome, extension, helper, watch, favorite, tube, sites, downloader, downloaded, online, media, add

Viber Chrome extension download
Viber Viber's share button allows 'Viber Desktop' users to easily share web sites, Photos and Text directly from the browser

viber, share, click, desktop, text, photos, icon, extension, chrome, web, content, tool, easy, link, image

uCoz - Safe authorization Chrome extension download
uCoz - Safe authorization Safe authorization in a single click at uCoz websites. More than a million websites support this system of authorization.

website, ucoz, authorization, uid, support, safe, websites, application, login, create, typing, password, css, increased, account

Zoom Scheduler Chrome extension download
Zoom Scheduler Schedule Zoom meetings directly from Google Calendar

zoom, meetings, video, meeting, cloud, mobile, sharing, schedule, screen, free, audio, online, calendar, google, desktop

Website blocker Chrome extension download
Website blocker Website blocker is extension that allows you to easily block a number of websites of your choosing.

extension, number, website, block, blocker, easily, choosing, websites, chrome

Screenshot Webpages Chrome extension download
Screenshot Webpages Hands down, the best way to save and share screen captures of webpages

screenshot, share, easy, click, capture, page, web, image, extension, save, screenshots, works, highlight, sending, download

Cardse - Make Screenshots and Upload Images Chrome extension download
Cardse - Make Screenshots and Upload Images This extension allows you make screenshots, add annotations and upload images.

images, extension, upload, screenshots, cardse, menu, click, option, adds, pages, net, web, hover, annotations, add

Iminent NewTab Chrome extension download
Iminent NewTab Iminent NewTab

search, iminent, page, extension, tab, newtabenhance, box, newtab, chrome, web Skins Chrome extension download Skins This extension allows to add custom skins into game.

skins, skin, extension, game, hide, add, custom, portuguese, ukrainian, nickname, improved, performance, io, reserved, profile

Cache Killer Chrome extension download
Cache Killer Automatically clear your browser cache before loading a page. Can be enabled/disabled with a single mouse click.

cache, killer, click, page, disable, enable, update, extension, browser, chrome, menu, icon, single, options, mentioned

Translate Selected Text Chrome extension download
Translate Selected Text Translate selected text with Google Translate

extension, google, text, translate, https, user, bugs, beta, selected, chrome, test, translateselectedtext, web, github, changelog

Padlet Mini Chrome extension download
Padlet Mini Collect and bookmark the best of web for yourself or with friends.

padlet, upload, write, collect, text, padlets, bookmark, links, web, canvas, themes, mini, business, record, list

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit maximum number of open tabs

tabs, v0, tab, extension, limit, open, closed, background, accessed, opening, number, github, popup, active, maximum

KeDev Jitsi Desktop Streamer Chrome extension download
KeDev Jitsi Desktop Streamer A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with Jitsi Meet and Jitsi Videobridge.

jitsi, desktop, extension, meet, kedev, stream, chrome, meetings, streamer, videobridge, simple

Browser extension for Ordnett Pluss Chrome extension download
Browser extension for Ordnett Pluss Allows you to search in the dictionary software Ordnett Pluss directly from your browser.

pluss, ordnett, extension, soft, rights, browser, chrome, program, developed, portions, hovering, shift, ctrl, pressing, software

BehindTheOverlay Chrome extension download
BehindTheOverlay One click to close any overlay on any website.

overlay, click, extension, close, button, shift, activated, website, default, important, content, hates, popups, windows, overlays

TweetDeck Launcher Chrome extension download
TweetDeck Launcher This extension allows you to launch TweetDeck easily by adding a handy button to your browser bar.

extension, tweetdeck, button, handy, adding, easily, browser, bar, launcher, chrome, launch

Steam Trader Helper Chrome extension download
Steam Trader Helper This extension facilitate the work on the Steam Community Market.

extension, steam, damages, exclude, warranties, conditions, orders, trader, pages, lists, helper, community, implies, fitness, law

Desktop Sharing Chrome extension download
Desktop Sharing WebRTC Desktop Sharing

webrtc, blackboard, share, sharing, secure, desktop, shared, control, fully, application, service, screen, specific, chrome, extension

Form Filler Chrome extension download
Form Filler Fills all form inputs in a page with dummy data.

extension, form, data, radio, forms, dummy, fills, inputs, buttons, fields, supports, hidden, developers, disabled, dropdown

SaferVPN - FREE VPN | Privacy & Unblock Sites Chrome extension download
SaferVPN - FREE VPN | Privacy & Unblock Sites The fastest and simplest FREE Chrome VPN. Unblock any website and browse the web privately, with a single click.

vpn, access, online, browse, extension, safervpn, chrome, service, enjoy, internet, unblock, ip, prevent, personal, streaming

DownFlickr - Flickr Downloader Chrome extension download
DownFlickr - Flickr Downloader Flickr photos downloader extension.

download, photos, flickr, photo, downflickr, extension, quot, don, id, downloader, contribute, author, source, individually, view

dotEPUB Chrome extension download
dotEPUB Convert any webpage into an e-book

ereader, webpage, kindle, read, articles, extension, convert, add, netbooks, library, device, smartphones, readers, favorite, tablets

iHeartRadio Chrome extension download
iHeartRadio A remote control for iHeartRadio!

radio, chrome, iheartradio, stations, extension, favorite, easily, station, browser, custom, music, listening, switch, live, ready

MyIPCam Chrome extension download
MyIPCam Easy and quick way to view and control your IP-cameras

v1, quot, cameras, cam, extension, settings, ip, camera, password, window, ptz, fixed, bug, v3, view

Remote Torrent Adder Chrome extension download
Remote Torrent Adder Add torrents using several programs' WebUIs

torrent, page, filters, extension, remote, buffalo, utorrent, rtorrent, add, vuze, send, client, web, trackers, latest

Tamper Chrome (extension) Chrome extension download
Tamper Chrome (extension) Allows the user to modify requests as they happen.

chrome, tamper, modify, responses, requests, browser, left, https, github, tools, developer, companion, extension, install, click

Web Developer Checklist Chrome extension download
Web Developer Checklist Analyses any web page for violations of best practices

extension, web, problem, discover, developers, chrome, practicesfor, page, checklist, analyses, website, areas, companion, easily, practices

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