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AngularJS Batarang Chrome extension download
AngularJS Batarang Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications.

tools, angularjs, profiling, chrome, extension, debugging, developer, extends, batarang, adding, applications

ng-inspector for AngularJS Chrome extension download
ng-inspector for AngularJS Inspector pane for AngularJS apps

inspector, scope, angularjs, extension, pane, github, suggestions, reports, model, console, address, angular, bar, button, logo

Unofficial AngularJS Batarang (outdated) Chrome extension download
Unofficial AngularJS Batarang (outdated) Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications.

angularjs, extension, batarang, tools, previous, profiling, debugging, developer, extends, chrome, outdated, internet, applications, official, stable

HTML5 Storage Manager All in One Chrome extension download
HTML5 Storage Manager All in One Local Storage, Session Storage, Cookie, indexedDB (beta) ... Most Complete Storage Manager Extension Ever!

storage, ver, local, indexeddb, json, support, cookie, manager, extension, developers, angularjs, devtool, string, html5, session

Angular Scope Inspector Chrome extension download
Angular Scope Inspector Help you debug AngularJs scope, inside the Elements tab of the Developer Toolbar.

scope, element, inspector, elements, sign, tab, dollar, starts, attribute, toolbar, parent, hope, inherited, controller, extension

Angular watchers Chrome extension download
Angular watchers Check how many watchers are active in an angular app

watchers, number, gmail, bootstrapped, toggle, angular, graph, plots, page, watcher, total, active, id, dellorbo, giulio

AngularJS Inspector Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspector Extends the Developer Tools, adding tools for debugging and profiling AngularJS applications. Based on AngularJS Batarang

angularjs, tools, extension, developer, exist, updated, issues, based, address, sadly, years, tool, programmers, batarang, work

AngularJS Graph Chrome extension download
AngularJS Graph AngularJS dependency graph.

graph, modules, angularjs, filtering, panning, inspector, zooming, nodes, quot, sticky, components, extension, filter, reload, view

Tetris Game Chrome extension download
Tetris Game A offline Tetris Game for all ages. Let play Tetris.

game, tetris, angularjs, ui, design, mobile, piece, custom, play, build, drop, extension, offline, chrome, previous

AngularJS Console Chrome extension download
AngularJS Console Extends the Developer Tools, Panel for helping developers with AngularJS helpers.

developers, code, angularjs, chrome, angular, tools, extends, quickly, modules, extension, buttons, quick, radio, console, injectables

AngularJS Inspect Watchers Chrome extension download
AngularJS Inspect Watchers Inspect the scope watchers of an Angular app

extension, angular, watchers, app, angularjs, page, action, inspect, number, debug, scope, navigate, info, performance, web

ng-detector Chrome extension download
ng-detector Detects AngularJS apps as you browse.

angularjs, icon, chrome, angular, extension, detects, bar, page, address, detector, version, browse, apps, adds, mouse

ng-Print: print AngularJS documentation Chrome extension download
ng-Print: print AngularJS documentation ng-Print : Create printable AngularJS documentation + Remove unnesessary items + shows all js/html tabs demos + fit to print.

print, lot, tabs, html, documentation, angularjs, ng, read, examples, prettified, elements, unnecessary, kill, ink, color

Angular Chrome Chrome extension download
Angular Chrome Basic AngularJS debugging in Chrome

scope, extension, elements, select, view, angular, browsing, quick, chrome, chromechrome, basic, angularjs, debugging, element, inspect

Days Left Chrome extension download
Days Left Show you count of the days till very important event. You can add your own event.

app, event, daysleft, days, code, show, add, angularjs, date, gnu, copy, reuse, general, public, free

ng-trace for AngularJS Chrome extension download
ng-trace for AngularJS AngularJS $http request tracer

angularjs, http, trace, logging, long, tracerrequest, stack, github, request, traces, information, tambet, ng, requests, chrome

All in one Html Compiler Chrome extension download
All in one Html Compiler This extension for Beginners in AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, Jquery and HTML5

quot, chrome, html, angularjs, twitter, result, extension, developer, web, responsive, tested, trends, compiler, jquery, html5

Rain Tab Chrome extension download
Rain Tab Replaces new tab with rain, a light, and a clock. That's what you get.

rain, animation, tab, chrome, replaces, css, canvas, light, extension, angularjs, jquery, enjoy, good, clock

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