Best Arrow Keys Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total arrow keys plugins - 2
PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode Chrome extension download
PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode This extension helps develop your websites with per pixel accuracy!

extension, support, perfectpixel, welldonecode, overlays, shift, websites, image, pixel, www, developers, ads, shortcuts, arrow, keys

Chrome IG Story Chrome extension download
Chrome IG Story Chrome extension that lets you view your friend's Instagram Stories in the browser.

instagram, extension, story, view, chrome, calialec, medium, stories, https, key, esc, press, navigate, user, click

Caret Browsing Chrome extension download
Caret Browsing Browse the text of web pages using arrow keys.

press, move, arrow, text, control, click, browsing, keys, link, caret, box, focused, turn, arrows, browse

9GAG Mini Chrome extension download
9GAG Mini Have a good laugh, even when you're not on 9GAG.

fun, gag, hot, extension, click, support, notifications, pop, warning, life, turn, chrome, email, twitter, arrow

Smooth Key Scroll Chrome extension download
Smooth Key Scroll Smooth scroll with the keyboard

fix, scroll, scrolling, v2, page, key, google, smooth, alt, keys, speed, option, search, issue, v1

No Scroll Bars Please! Chrome extension download
No Scroll Bars Please! Remove the scroll bars and increase the screen space. Scroll feature works normal using middle mouse buttons and keyboard arrow keys

scroll, chrome, extension, extensions, mouse, keyboard, bars, arrow, people, scrolling, successfully, increase, screen, normal, works

Frogger Chrome extension download
Frogger Use arrow-keys and guide the frog across the street, avoid obstacles and get frogger on the safe-havens on the other side.

frog, frogger, arrow, safe, arcade, classic, obstacles, game, extension, keys, havens, guide, street, avoid, version

PacMan Advanced Chrome extension download
PacMan Advanced PacMan has to eat all the dots in the maze; there will be one or more ghosts chasing you. Each level has a new maze.

foods, pacman, eat, chasing, game, maze, movement, ghosts, arrow, increase, scheme, invincible, extension, control, progresses

Super Mafia Chrome extension download
Super Mafia Jump, run, and solve puzzles in the misterious Super Mafia land. Arrowkeys to move, `A` to run and pick.

mafia, run, jump, mysterious, land, find, key, move, pick, super, running, puzzle, solving, keys, maria

2048 Chrome extension download
2048 Play 2048 anytime. Join the numbers and get to the 2048 tile!

game, play, website, visit, tiles, anytime, github, cirulli, gabrielecirulli, keys, pop, chrome, numbers, number, touch

Super Mario's Adventure 2 Chrome extension download
Super Mario's Adventure 2 A really nice graphic Mario Adventure game from the Super Mario series.

mario, level, coins, adventure, arrow, bonus, game, enemies, collect, play, blocks, earn, mushrooms, items, press

gemoji-chrome Chrome extension download
gemoji-chrome This extension provides easy access to emoji shortcodes

emoji, gemoji, github, tango, source, chrome, arrow, keys, trac, flowdock, open, enter, plugin, grin, face

Quick Tab Chrome extension download
Quick Tab A quick way to find the tab you're looking for when you have lots of them open.

tabs, quick, open, tab, feature, keyboard, extension, shortcut, search, close, arrow, tomlerendu, github, added, chrome

Asteroids Chrome extension download
Asteroids Classic Asteroids

asteroids, space, game, atari, left, arrow, moving, ship, medium, extension, battles, credit, dangerous, center, action

Just Tetris Chrome extension download
Just Tetris Move and rotate the falling pieces with the arrow-keys. Aim to create complete rows to destroy them.

arrowkey, falling, rows, blocks, move, rotate, complete, keys, destroying, destroy, extension, gradually, drop, pressed, soft

JSON Finder Chrome extension download
JSON Finder Browse JSON like you do it in Finder.

json, finder, github, browse, license, backbone, migrate, fix, navigate, minor, bugs, rapee, search, jsonfinder, fixed

Street Fighter 2 Online Chrome extension download
Street Fighter 2 Online Play the Street Fighter right now.

game, street, fighter, online, style, popup, battling, kombat, arcade, fighters, released, play, fighting, mortal, visuals

Notes Station Clipper Chrome extension download
Notes Station Clipper Notes Station Clipper

notes, save, page, station, saves, web, capture, image, gmail, nas, tool, clipper, simple, qnap, area

Augmented TCF Chrome extension download
Augmented TCF Adds some features to TCF that aren't already present.

tcf, features, adds, augmented, feature, keys, images, quotes, arrow, line, left, list, tall, ability, page

Homestuck POV Cam Chrome extension download
Homestuck POV Cam View Homestuck from the point of view of any character

gt, page, pages, homestuck, view, links, features, cam, extension, open, link, timeline, button, pov, options

PacMan Ultra Chrome extension download
PacMan Ultra A remake of the classic arcade game of the '80s. Eat the dots, the pills and avoid the ghosts. Catch the fruits for extra bonuses.

ghosts, maze, pills, points, eating, fruits, dots, arcade, pacman, game, eat, keys, manoeuvre, extension, chrome

Planet View Chrome extension download
Planet View Planet View displays a beautiful satellite image from Planet every time you open a new tab.

image, planet, extension, chrome, view, globe, title, navigate, viewing, history, tab, time, beautiful, satellite, displays

Star Wars - Space War Game Chrome extension download
Star Wars - Space War Game Star Wars - Space War Game is a free space war game. This game is free and ready to play!

game, score, keys, mouse, dropped, weapon, multipliers, means, move, ship, war, star, free, space, wars

Canvas Video Enhancer Chrome extension download
Canvas Video Enhancer Improves the University of Auckland lecture recording playback interface.

video, v0, lecture, quality, skips, player, playback, recording, speed, selected, flash, adds, recordings, interface, mode

Sonic - Angel Island Chrome extension download
Sonic - Angel Island Use arrowkeys and spacebar to guide Sonic the Hedgehog through the stages and to defeat all enemies !

sonic, spacebar, guide, move, stages, jumping, items, hedgehog, collecting, chrome, island, extension, scenery, arrowkeys, defeat

4096 Chrome extension download
4096 Harder version of 2048. Join the numbers and get to the 4096 tile!

game, tiles, play, extension, chrome, pop, keys, version, numbers, harder, touch, number, link, clicking, immediately

Swift Snake 3D Chrome extension download
Swift Snake 3D Lets you play snake in 3D and in hyper speed whenever you want...

snake, v2, extension, adjustments, start, game, bug, change, button, stable, top, arrow, players, clicking, checking

Better Homestuck Chrome extension download
Better Homestuck Improves the Homestuck reading experience

homestuck, page, firefox, chat, reading, minor, extension, button, default, visiting, addon, progress, saves, pages, improves

Chrome Capture Chrome extension download
Chrome Capture Record animated GIFs and WebMs of a selected region in Chrome.

chrome, capture, tool, recording, extension, settings, selected, screenshot, icon, region, crop, start, frame, animated, video

Sonic Bike Chrome extension download
Sonic Bike Grab your bike and ride as fast as you can, with sonic the arcade hero. Will you complete all 8 levels? Have Fun!

bike, sonic, grab, fast, controls, arrow, keys, chrome, ride, hero, complete, arcade, extension, description, levels

Monster Truck Escape Chrome extension download
Monster Truck Escape Drive your monster truck to escape the police pursuit without crashing! Good luck! Have Fun!

drive, escape, monster, truck, police, good, luck, extension, chrome, arrow, pursuit, crashing, controls, keys, description

Reticle Chrome extension download
Reticle Drag and resize a ruler overlay to quickly measure pixel dimensions, positioning, and alignment of elements on any webpage.

overlay, extension, resize, github, toggle, shortcuts, shift, color, opacity, keyboard, click, crosshairs, arrow, drag, primary

DOM Zelda Chrome extension download
DOM Zelda DOM Zelda prepends a Link sprite to the page. Control Link with the arrow keys and walk over <a> elements to turn 'em orange

link, extension, sprite, control, chrome, keys, zelda, arrow, webpage, click, html, change, walk, elements, turn

SomaPlayer Chrome extension download
SomaPlayer Listen to SomaFM web radio stations from your browser and scrobble tracks to your account.

stations, station, somafm, version, playing, play, extension, track, fm, popup, notifications, scrobbling, web, soma, dark

jetzt Chrome extension download
jetzt Speed Reading

alt, text, chrome, arrow, extension, keys, pressing, toggle, dark, themes, jetzt, speed, paragraphs, navigate, faster

Super Mario Cart Race - Kart Chrome extension download
Super Mario Cart Race - Kart With Super Mario Racing 2 you can play with your favorite character, wario, donkey kong, yoshi, princess peach and mario

mario, game, play, super, wario, racing, space, character, donkey, balance, free, selection, drive, princess, favorite

Collumned NPR Chrome extension download
Collumned NPR Read NPR in columns, for a better browsing experience. Use the arrow keys to close columns.

npr, columns, open, close, chrome, arrow, read, tabs, navigating, dozens, column, home, org, page, extension

Sonic Halloween Racing Chrome extension download
Sonic Halloween Racing It's Halloween Night . Sonic is having fun on his motorbike. Have Fun!

fun, arrow, sonic, bikes, racing, halloween, collect, drive, points, chrome, motorbike, keys, middle, play, night

Spritz (Unofficial) Chrome extension download
Spritz (Unofficial) Spritz any page on the web.

spritz, extension, page, click, technology, left, wpm, amazing, minute, words, www, learn, website, http, chrome

Awesome Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Awesome Bookmarks Let you quickly search through your bookmarks in a floating bookmarks bar. It can even show notifications with no.tify.

bookmarks, bar, extension, press, chrome, notifications, bookmark, unread, search, open, enter, uninstall, numbers, feeds, cepkiiaikapljlmgjlipdnafoeojbepp

Snake Chrome extension download
Snake Help the snake grow by collecting all the objects appearing!

snake, game, collecting, arrow, attention, grow, increase, utmost, size, show, keys, control, levels, choose, rules

guideLinr Chrome extension download
guideLinr Photoshop-like guide lines for any page

guides, guidelinr, guidelines, add, photoshop, keys, rich, arrow, create, guide, move, distance, align, color, element

Indiana jones flash games Chrome extension download
Indiana jones flash games Indiana jones online. No download required.

indiana, jones, stage, avoid, lives, traps, falling, good, creatures, bombs, nimble, key, find, mission, navigate Ninja (WASD and more) Chrome extension download Ninja (WASD and more) WASD to move and (much) more!

controls, mod, io, client, wasd, supports, top, official, page, move, slither, intrusive, permissions, piece, current

Fea Keylogger Chrome extension download
Fea Keylogger Logs User Inputs

extension, data, logged, text, date, behavior, keylogger, elements, logs, v1, input, disruptive, meaningless, deleted, keys

Domainr Chrome extension download
Domainr Worldwide domain search.

search, domains, extension, domain, tab, domainr, quot, worldwide, chrome, big, browsing, activity, keyboard, navigate, hundreds

Sonic Assault Chrome extension download
Sonic Assault Shoot all enemies with your gun. Have Fun!

shoot, enemies, arrow, chrome, extension, aim, keys, gun, movement, assault, controls, sonic, description, mouse, fun

Instagram Web Stories Chrome extension download
Instagram Web Stories View Instagram stories of your friends right in your browser.

instagram, browser, story, simply, view, user, chrome, web, stories, extension, icon, friends, anytime, navigate, click

Accupix Chrome extension download
Accupix Provides an intuitive eyedropper to pick colors from webpages by providing a zoomed preview of the portion mouse points to.

eyedropper, pixel, extension, chrome, requests, feature, color, scroll, issues, hex, zoom, selected, portion, sridhar, preview

Windsurfing on SnowHill Chrome extension download
Windsurfing on SnowHill Windsurfing on SnowHill.Have Fun!

snowboard, tricks, snowhill, arrow, jump, series, windsurfing, chrome, extension, keys, rotate, points, controls, downhill, physics

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