Best Avoid Ynet Adblocker Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total avoid ynet adblocker plugins - 268
YNET Adblocker Detector Override Chrome extension download
YNET Adblocker Detector Override Avoid YNET adblocker

sets window, sets, adblock, ynet checks, avoid ynet adblocker, canrunads

ynet Light (Less Ads) Chrome extension download
ynet Light (Less Ads) This extension show LIGHT Advertisements for ynet, mako, sport5,,, and websites.

content lost, il websites, ynet mako, side lines, extension show, il mako, light advertisements, websites ynet, annoying sounds, page load, heavy ones, annoying advertisements shown, heavy toll, extensions removes

AdBlocker Lite Chrome extension download
AdBlocker Lite Block ads seamlessly on popular websites.

adblocker lite, full mode, block mode ads, lite mode, filtering rules, valid css rules, badge icon text shows, lite extension, highlight ads, browser add, filtering list, fullfeatured adblocker please use, adblocker addons, highlight block, css rules, cpu power, pure css, highlight mode, blocking rules, block ads, note adblocker lite

AdBlocker Ultimate Chrome extension download
AdBlocker Ultimate Free and improved AdBlocker. Completely remove ALL ads. No "acceptable" ads or whitelisted advertisers, block tracking and malware!

ultimate keep online, adblock adblock, adblocker ultimate blocks, ultimate privacy filter, bypass ad filters, adblocker ultimate blocks domains, block tracking, blocks malware, ultimate privacy, web pages, open source project, facebook adblock, web browsing, web browsing experience, improve page load speed, websites ad, online privacy, decrease memory usage, adblocker ultimate

YNET Anti-Like Chrome extension download
YNET Anti-Like View YNET's hidden content without liking them.

, internet explorer , content, facebook, view ynets hidden, version, hidden content, view ynets, internet explorer firefox version ynet anti, view ynet, view ynet hidden content

Frogger Chrome extension download
Frogger Use arrow-keys and guide the frog across the street, avoid obstacles and get frogger on the safe-havens on the other side.

street avoid obstacles, safe havens, avoid, flash version, nice design, street avoid, get frogger, classic arcade game, obstacles, arrow keys, avoid obstacles

uBlock Pro -  #1 Adblocker Chrome extension download
uBlock Pro - #1 Adblocker Adblocker with an efficient adblocker filterlist! Never see any ad again! based on uBlock Adblock technology! Free!

full adblock system, footprint ublock, low memory, supports flexible, ublock adblock, fairfilter sourcepoint addefend, enforce thousands, adblock system, adblocker blocker, extra blocking lists, efficient adblocker filterlist, cpu footprint, powerful dynamic filtering, ublock adblock technology, blocking lists

No Ynet Popup Chrome extension download
No Ynet Popup Remove the annoying Ynet-Anti-Ad-Blocker popup message

ynetantiadblocker popup message, annoying ynet anti ad blocker popup message

The Adblocker Project Chrome extension download
The Adblocker Project A powerful ad blocker that blocks ALL ads but ads from publishers who shares revenues with targets YOU choose.

donate revenues, adblocking extension, blocks, ads, adblocker project, targets, powerful ad blocker, publishers, shares revenues

shush! Chrome extension download
shush! For blocking out tweets on certain topics

blocked word tweets, avoid tweets, certain topics, avoid twitter, user experience, different computer, blocking muting, avoid twitter entirely, persistent memory, hidden tweets, student project, unfollowing people, certain subjects

Fair AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Fair AdBlocker Block annoying ads, popups, malware and tracking (even on Facebook & Youtube), browse faster, and protect your privacy.

website data, block malware, user license agreement, choose allow ads, ads pop, adblocker extension enables, block pop, email info standsapp, block facebook ads, ads popups malware, free forever ad block, autoplay video ads, page ads, please note, huge resourceintensive lists

Comodo AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Comodo AdBlocker Based on the same open source codebase used by over 50 million people, improved by blocking malware, tracking & ALL display ads

open source ad, open source ad blocker code base, comodo adblocker, places ads, web advertisements, open source codebase, legitimate ad, open source, display ads, fraudulent ad, writing cookies, ads slow

Disable Ynet auto refresh Chrome extension download
Disable Ynet auto refresh Disables Ynet from auto refreshing every 15 minutes

last ten minutes, page auto refreshes, sophisticated comment, fine article, auto refresh, disables ynet, auto refresh nuisance, code disables, page auto refresh, page auto, enjoy quiet, every minutes, minutes composing sophisticated comment, ignorant commenter

NOWTV Adblocker Chrome extension download
NOWTV Adblocker Diese Erweiterung blockiert die lästigen Werbeeinblendungen auf (blockiert auch die adblock Warnung).

werden automatisch alle, diese erweiterung blockiert die l stigen werbeeinblendungen auf www, nowtv adblocker plugin werden automatisch alle videos von werbung oder adblock, super rtl, werbung oder adblock warnungen befreit, mit dem, blockiert auch die adblock, blockiert werbung bei rtl, rtl nitro, auch die adblock warnung, blockiert die stigen werbeeinblendungen, blockiert, blockiert werbung bei, nowtv adblocker plugin

No Batman Spoilers! Chrome extension download
No Batman Spoilers! Haven't seen 'The Dark Knight Rises' yet? Don't avoid the webnets, replace every instance of: 1. Batman 2. The Dark Knight 3. TDKR…

dark knight, every instance, avoid, dark knight rises, cat playing piano, dont avoid, welcome alternative logos, webnets

MySpass Adblocker Chrome extension download
MySpass Adblocker Diese Erweiterung blockiert die lästigen Werbeeinblendungen auf (blockiert auch die adblock Warnung).

werden automatisch alle, erweiterung blockiert die stigen werbeeinblendungen, diese erweiterung blockiert die l stigen werbeeinblendungen auf myspass, werbung oder adblock warnungen befreit, de, myspass adblocker chrome plugin werden automatisch alle videos von werbung oder adblock warnungen, blockiert auch die adblock, auch die adblock warnung, mit dem myspass adblocker chrome plugin, blockiert

Auto Logout Chrome extension download
Auto Logout Automagically logout from facebook, twitter and quora after 10 minutes.

fresh air, save time, time avoid, n minutes, lab etc, n x minutes, time flees, breath fresh air, avoid distraction, facebook twitter, close tabs

Native AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Native AdBlocker Blocks Korean Web Ads.

korean web ads, native adblocker, blocks korean web ads, blocks

ShutUpHLTV Chrome extension download
ShutUpHLTV Silences some annoying ads on the site

avoid common ad blocking, avoid common adblocking blacklists, removeshides ads, ads, background ad, site, open source, removes hides ads, annoying ads, blocks site, open source free, new tabs

Thx Ynet Chrome extension download
Thx Ynet Block their annoying anti-adblock window easily

annoying anti adblock window easily, antiadblock window, block

Iris Chrome extension download
Iris Software for eye protection

blue light, trasnparent overlay, lowering blue light, avoid eye pain, avoid eye, iris, eye protection, first blue light filter app, software, monitors

Ynet tools Chrome extension download
Ynet tools כלים לשיפור חוויית משתמש בטמקא עדכון גרסה: 0.3 1. ביטול ריפרוש אוטומטי של טמקא וכלכליסט 2. הפסקת הניגון האוטומטי בלי הכפתור המרגיז…

rights reserved, ben meiri, rights

AdBlockPro - Adblocker for Facebook & Youtube Chrome extension download
AdBlockPro - Adblocker for Facebook & Youtube Block unwanted ads for Youtube and Facebook.

block youtube ads, youtube adblock, easy solution, blocker adblock pro, facebook youtube, ad block, facebook adblock, enjoyable websites, facebook ads, youtube ads, facebook ads block facebook ads, popup blocker, blocker youtube adblock, greedy advertiser, annoying ads, clean facebook youtube, adblocker pro, ad blocker youtube, blocks annoying

T-Rex Tab Chrome extension download
T-Rex Tab Enter your Google search before T-Rex hits a cactus

trex hits, rex hits cactus, new tab, avoid trex crashing, fun way, increase productivity, typing speed, tab enter, enter, trex tab, avoid rex crashing, google search, rex tab

Gmail Image Resize Chrome extension download
Gmail Image Resize Automatically reduces any images that are larger than 90% of the message pane width, to avoid horizontal scrolling.

reenlarges image, hardcode size, fixed manifest description, code size, message pane, avoid breaking, reliable way, nasty cpueating polling stuff, eating polling stuff resizes, large inline images, message pane width, avoid horizontal scrolling

Print This Frame! Chrome extension download
Print This Frame! Right-click -> Print this frame... -> :-)

avoid callback hell, frame click print, avoid callback hell automatically, initial public release, chrome cleaned, new tab, auto close functionality, event listeners, tab jungle, handy extension, click print, autoclose functionality, stable version

AdKitten Chrome extension download
AdKitten Replace ads with kittens!

replace ads, ads, promise, replaces ads, entire codebase, kittens, warn, scary privacy stuff, adblocker

DevDocs Web Ext Chrome extension download
DevDocs Web Ext Find documents in with a popup window from a Chrome Extension!

devdocs, popup window, searching documents, avoid opening single browser tab, devdocs web ext, single browser tab, find documents, avoid opening

Ad Blockirator Chrome extension download
Ad Blockirator Adblocker for all main social networks, such as Facebook, and

main social networks, facebook, ok, ru, facebook vk, com, adblocker, vk

Urbtix Reload Chrome extension download
Urbtix Reload Avoid Server Busy.

avoid server, urbtix web page reloader changelog, support multi page reload, bug, version system, avoid server busy, support, new version system, bug fixed

Fedora User Agent Chrome extension download
Fedora User Agent Modifies your User-Agent string to contain the name of Fedora Linux distribution.

fedora user agent extension, distribution fedora, netflix fix, avoid multiple, ua quirks, missing files, user agent string, fox fixing, useragent string, fedora linux, avoid multiple modifications, websocket requests, agent extension, web store

Video Adjust for Netflix Chrome extension download
Video Adjust for Netflix Easily adjust the brightness, saturation, and contrast of Netflix streams!

video settings, red icon, live preview, netflix stream, updated netflix, simple interface, fan creation, video stream, updated netflix layout, start playing, initial version, avoid video lag, com sites, netflix layout, avoid video, extension settings icon

KissAnime AdBlocker Chrome extension download
KissAnime AdBlocker Block ads on kissanime.

kissanime, block ads

Hola ad remover Chrome extension download
Hola ad remover Hola ad remover is a free adblocker that blocks annoying ads, malware and tracking..

adblock circumvention scripts, thirdparty trackers, page loading, free adblocker, ad remover, cryptocurrency miners, favorite website, ads malware, malware scams, web pages, hola ad remover

Nonad VK Chrome extension download
Nonad VK Ad-blocker especially for VK.

largest russian social network vk, remove suggested friends, russian social network vk, ad blocker specially, friends, left column, ad blocker, birthdays, site, reminder, ad blocking, adblocker, vk

Adblock Plus Ultimate Chrome extension download
Adblock Plus Ultimate Used by 100 million people. A free ad blocker that blocks all annoying ads and more.

people, million people, blocks, ads, blocks facebook ads blocks video ads blocks banner ads blocks, online users, annoying ads, adblock, surf internet, ultimate adblocker, free ad blocker

Circle Game, basic Chrome extension download
Circle Game, basic Circle Game. Eat smaller circles avoid bigger circles, play free this game like!

circle game basic agar, simple eat smaller circles, circle game, basic agar, io, circles, eat smaller circles avoid bigger circles play free, avoid bigger circles, play, agar, rules, game

Adblocker Chrome extension download
Adblocker This is small extension to hide ads that are created by,, google adsense, yandex direct, prevent popups, and…

websites content, yandex direct, something doesnt work, google yandex, added google ads, make people, new banner networks, ads system, doesnt work, doesnt remove, hide ads, google adsense, added removed, beta version

SuperBlock Adblocker Chrome extension download
SuperBlock Adblocker The only 5 Star Chrome Content Blocker - Free (and it will be forever)

adblock premium, surf cleaner, superblock pro, star chrome content blocker, original adblock, adblock pro adblock super, tracking code, adblock adblock, superblock pro helps, default settings, chrome content, adblock pro

Comodo UAdBlocker Chrome extension download
Comodo UAdBlocker Based on the same open source codebase used by over 50 million people, improved by blocking malware, tracking and ALL display ads

open source ad, blocking malware, comodo adblocker, web advertisements, open source ad blocker code, comodo uadblocker, open source codebase, legitimate ad, open source, display ads, fraudulent ad, writing cookies, ads slow

KissAnime AdBlocker Chrome extension download
KissAnime AdBlocker Blocks ads and prevents reduction of KPoints on KissAnime, KissManga, KissCartoon, and KissAsia

ad request blocking, specific ad blocking block ads, sharelike button blocking, initial release , fellow otaku change log, ad request blocking added, kab developer, ads v0, system v0, kissanime kissmanga kisscartoon, ad blocking system, ad blocking, blocks ads, fixed extension, temporary logging system v0, proper logger customizable options

V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) Chrome extension download
V Energy AdNotes (Adblocker) An Adblocker that replaces online display ads with your own personal and customisable study notes

major banner, online display ads, many study notes, major banner ad sizes, memorable study notes, studying bit, study note, v adnotes, autocorrect fails, cat memes, study notes, coded subjects, study bit, customisable study notes

AdBlocker for Facebook Chrome extension download
AdBlocker for Facebook Hide all ads on Facebook. AdBlocker Sponsored Posts Removal.

side bar, developer console, dynamic ones, posts removal, targeted ads, sponsored targeted ads, sponsored posts, source code, blocks blocks sponsored posts, source code message, ad blocking, many ads

Read This Later Chrome extension download
Read This Later Save a list of pages to read later.

bookmarks, time, mark articles, list, pages, read, avoid cluttering, save list, chrome devices Chrome extension download Rehosts images on

leprosorium, img, cache, yellow bar, leproimg, rehosts images, context menu, com, avoid yellow bar

Hide My AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Hide My AdBlocker This extension hides your AdBlocker from Anti-AdBlock scripts on websites such as, and more.

extension hides, original adblock extension, anti adblock, antiadblock scripts, added support, removes time penalties, privacy, de added, adblock extension, antiantiadblock extension, remote server, adblock detection, org added, anti anti adblock extension, extension detection

FishBarrel Chrome extension download
FishBarrel FishBarrel - a quackery reporting tool

text complained, time, demo full screen, google chrome, misleading claims, relevant authority, avoid time, health claims, making complaint, central database, quackery reporting tool, duplicate complaints

Bad Ad Johnny: AdBlocker & Swag Chrome extension download
Bad Ad Johnny: AdBlocker & Swag An ad blocker plus anti malware & spyware- with a personality unlike any other!

bandwidth unnecessary scripts, every darn kind, interstitial page ads, ads malware spyware, watchful resourceful, unnecessary ads, ads overlay, malware spyware, ads overlay ads pop, ad blocker, anti malware, autoplaying video ads, video ads, anti malware spyware, ad blocker anti malware anti spyware, ads pop, industry veteran purevpn, anti spyware

CRX Helper Chrome extension download
CRX Helper List CRX nodes.

list crx nodes, crx helper, permanent icon, sling adobe cq5, json extension, update changing popup, current url, help developers, adobe cq5, nodes memory, crx nodes, avoid embarrassing, crx packages

GoTo for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
GoTo for Google Chrome Make and receive calls in our extension. Use your custom templates to make the contact match more comfortable than ever.

call, call notifications enabled, contact match, phone number, contacts based, custom templates, avoid missing, receive calls, important calls, call notifications

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