Best Balance Information Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total balance information plugins - 2016
NeoBux Title Chrome extension download
NeoBux Title Show your main balance and number of adprizes in the website title

care information neobux title adds, little bit, main balance, care information, main balance af, website title, title, nice little tool, neobux users, extension alive

Running Balance for Chase Chrome extension download
Running Balance for Chase Adds running balance column to credit card transaction history in Chase Online Banking

credit card, transactions view, subdomains secure07a secure07b, update view, multiple credit card accounts, fix nan issue, initial release, create extension icons, update character code, current balance, running balance, nan balance, chase online banking update, card transaction history, update view detection, balance column, running balance column, chase online banking

My Viking Balance Chrome extension download
My Viking Balance My Viking Balance gives you access to your Mobile Vikings sim balance with a single click.

mobile vikings sim balance, balance manually, text messages data free minutes, single click, mobile vikings, mobile vikings allows, free minutes, automaticly update, sim balance view, text messages, multiple sim cards, interval chosen

Buxenger Chrome extension download
Buxenger Bookmark manager/task browser for GPT websites

gpt websites, precious time, com website, simple dashboard, task browser, main features, standard bookmark features, current balance, tasks making, bookmark managertask browser, bookmark features, current balance number, bookmark manager

Beermoney Balances Chrome extension download
Beermoney Balances Beermoney balances takes the hassle out of checking on all the different survey sites you use to keep track of your earnings. Every…

different survey sites, every time, bmb operates, latest balance, place bmb, survey sites, earnings secure, balances takes, balance history, quick update button, beermoney balances, place bmb lets

CSGO Lounge Statistics Chrome extension download
CSGO Lounge Statistics Simple extension to let you view your CSGOLounge history in a human matter.

csgolounge history, chrome click, nice graphs, historical prices, winnings view, human matter, chrome login, simple oneclick use, key features, steam community, simple extension, extension simple, win loss balance, extension login, party required, winloss balance, historical prices displays

PeerFly Stats Chrome extension download
PeerFly Stats Show your PeerFly stats right in your Chrome browser and get alerts on conversions and referral earnings!

peerfly director, past week stats, peerfly publisher account required, firefox addon peerfly stats, chrome browser, paid balance, peerfly publisher account, current balance, referral earnings, get alerts, peerfly stats, marketing luke, earnings conversions

Vivaro Bets Chrome extension download
Vivaro Bets Shows recent bets and displays notifications about bets outcome.

bets, shows, live games, recent bets, show live games, show user balance, bets outcome, displays notifications, user balance, show

Samba Mobile Battery Chrome extension download
Samba Mobile Battery See your Samba Mobile data credit

samba mobile data credit, chrome installs samba icon, samba account, samba credit, samba team, available samba credit, data credit, samba data credit, available samba data credit, browser toolbar showing, google chrome installs, balance amber running, samba icon, green healthy balance

AyuWage - Member Toolbar Chrome extension download
AyuWage - Member Toolbar - Shows AyuWage Member Credit Balance - Shows Sites Available for AyuWage Members

member credit balance, shows, shows ayuwage member credit balance shows sites, shows sites, ayuwage members

D7 Pool Info Chrome extension download
D7 Pool Info An extension to display essential D7 Pool information.

feature suggestions, new block announcements, account information ppc, deploy desktop notifications, adjustable refresh timers, block displaying, d7 pool information extension, ppcoin d7, essential d7 pool information, official d7 pool information extension, workers information, pool data, workers information worker monitoring feature

Starry - Startup Info in One Click Chrome extension download
Starry - Startup Info in One Click CrunchBase, AngelList, Alexa, and Linkedin integrated. Startup info all in one click.

lookup startup information, detailed founder competitor information, dont hesitate, bug report, data quality, funding traffic information, top right corner, company info, startup info, different websites, angellist alexa, report bug, startup information, fundingtraffic information, public beta mode

Drug Information Chrome extension download
Drug Information The quickest way to find comprehensive, up to date, drug information. For consumers and healthcare professionals.

trusted public domain, publicdomain websites, respective tab, healthcare professionals, drug information, northwestern memorial hospital drug information center, healthcare professional, northwestern memorial, browsing information, make decisions, personal browsing information, quick entrypoint

Mattermark Chrome extension download
Mattermark Quickly view important company information like location, funding, and employee count without ever leaving their site.

important information, mattermark pro account, companys website, quickly view important company information, mattermark chrome extension lets, important company information, employee count, time closing deals, company information, mattermark logo, new save time, important company information right

Image Info on Hover Chrome extension download
Image Info on Hover Display information about an image.

display information, need, information box, allows, information, easily open, image, details

Insider Adlite Chrome extension download
Insider Adlite NEW! AdLite is free and blocks ads on your favourite website while supporting publishers at the same time. AdLite works together…

thirdparty information adlite extension, policy adlite reserves, information adlite, policy adlite, adlite information, information adlite extension, data security, options data security, adlite extension, favourite website, browser extension, various analytics services, adlite information practices, favourite content, adlite collects, absolute security, privacy policy, adlite website, information adlite collects personal information, adlite extension constitutes

Nice Day (weather) Chrome extension download
Nice Day (weather) Nice Day provide city weather information.You can custome weather forecast information on Facebook, Google, YouTube and other sites.

wind speed, temperature information, weather information, custom background color, weather forecast brief information shows, current temperature current weather, toolbar icon shows, weather forecast information, select different weather icons, time temperature wind speed, preferred temperature unit, weather forecast, city weather information, time searches, information shows, current weather condition, facebook google, custome weather forecast information, current weather

Snapshot Chrome extension download
Snapshot A screen capture and annotation tool

interest icons, highlight areas, annotation tool, quick feedback, add notes, interest add notes, web browser, screen capture, information highlight areas, provide extra information download, extra information, sensitive information

IP-Address Chrome extension download
IP-Address Shows your IP address with some additional Information and adds easy copy and paste functionality!

easy copy, dns details, additional information, ip address information simply, domain information, rightclick context menu, shows country, ip address information, ip address, adds easy copy, clipboard automatically, ip adress, ip address shows

Check IP Chrome extension download
Check IP Shows your IP address with some additional Information and adds easy copy and paste functionality!

easy copy, check ip shows, dns details, ip shows, additional information, ip address information simply, domain information, rightclick context menu, shows country, ip address, adds easy copy, clipboard automatically, ipaddress information, ip adress

Lusha - Easily find B2B contact information Chrome extension download
Lusha - Easily find B2B contact information Lusha is the easiest way to find B2B contact information with just one click.

salesforce crm, uptodate company information, key decision maker data, company data, lusha extension, direct client relationships, free monthly credits, company information, direct dial work number, work linkedin, contact information, contact data, b2b contact information, linkedin people, linkedin sales, lusha extension work, linkedin enrich, linkedin profiles pages, lusha collects information

AnyBalance Debugger Chrome extension download
AnyBalance Debugger Provides support for AnyBalance provider debugging

balanceproviderswikianybalancedebugger, balance providers wiki anybalancedebugger, anybalance google chrome, anybalance provider debugging, anybalance provider, support

Take a Break by Eye Care Plus Chrome extension download
Take a Break by Eye Care Plus Reminds you to take a break.

high blood pressure, disc herniation, spinal disc herniation, don hesitate, gmail dot com, relaxed vision, sedentary lifestyle, excess weight, perfect balance, break time

Bitcoin Sneak Peek Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Sneak Peek Instantly see the balance of a Bitcoin address mentioned on any web page.

orange juice fund, small icon, total received, web page, bitcoin address mentioned, source code, address, current balance, every web site, bitcoin address

Image Info Hotkey Chrome extension download
Image Info Hotkey Press Alt+Shift+I to toggle information about the selected image.

press alt shift, information box, selected image, toggle information, allows, information, press altshift, easily open, image, details LOGINS Chrome extension download LOGINS Helps you manage Salesforce login credentials and lets you login with 1 click.

salesforce login credentials, manage multiple orgs, every time, login credentials, login information usrename password security, salesforce admin, entering username, login information, com login information, account information, manage salesforce login credentials

The Weather by Chrome extension download
The Weather by Weather forecast for Europe and the world

check, world, major cities, weather forecast, preferred location, forecast, weather information, europe, detailed weather information follow, weather information quickly

Startup Tracker Chrome extension download
Startup Tracker Keep tabs on cool, up-and-coming and competing startups using the world's largest startup information database

crowdsource missing information, startup profiles, view company info, tag startup profiles, startup information database, extension home screen, trending startups, startup profile field, startup tracker, startup information, missing startup, click menu, startup tracker enables, convenient rightclick menu shortcuts, startup information databases

SEO Wizard Chrome extension download
SEO Wizard SEO Wizard is a FREE SEO extension which displays all onpage and offpage SEO information to help you make your website better.

social media count, meta robots, meta robots canonical, internal external, meta information, seo information, free seo extension, wrong canonical url etc, http status code, improved performance issues, main features, ip address, major onpage issues, canonical url, onpage information, right click word count, offpage seo information, onpage issues

My IP address Chrome extension download
My IP address Find your IP address! See ISP, location, and DNS. Get IP address change alert and see your history.

ip address domain, ip address change, domain neighbors, popular dns based anti, dns servers, popular blocklists, shows detailed information, official registration information, ip address, asn information, antispam databases, isp asn bgp subnet dns, ip address domain neighbors, network information, ip address change alert, location isp dns, isp location

Unearth Chrome extension download
Unearth This extension adds funding and conflict-of-interest information to the abstract page of Pubmed articles (when available)

pubmed page, conflictofinterest information, institutional corruption lab, pubmed articles, additional coverage, several thousands, abstract page, industry funding information, fixing bugs, funding information, mit media lab, biomedical journal articles, icorruption event

NeoBux AdAlert Chrome extension download
NeoBux AdAlert An extension which notifies you when there are new advertisements available

adalert, neobux unique, updated depending, browser, single click, new advertisements, exclusive browser extension, browser settings, notifies, updated balance

Trackable Digital Information Packets Chrome extension download
Trackable Digital Information Packets Include any combination of video, audio, files, surveys, etc. Share and track using email, text, social, company portal, blog. etc.

trackable digital information packets, managers timely, google apps integration, accountable health care, google ving, profits hr managers, real time contact engagement, information packets view, risk student healthcare provider, managers track, accountable health, trackable digital packets, patient information exchange, secure vings

Employment News India Chrome extension download
Employment News India is the Employment News (Rojgar Samachar) Portal for Latest Sarkari Naukri (Government Jobs) Exam Notifications.

specific information focuses, employment portal job specific information, regular job updates, employment information portal, employment news, desired facts, government jobs, portal job, specific job information career, sarkari naukri government jobs, major employment opportunities, grade sector, specific job information, public sector undertakings levels, sarkari naukri, public sector

Gmail Contacts Card Updater Chrome extension download
Gmail Contacts Card Updater See useful contact information right in your Gmail!

bugs left, useful contact information right, extra contact, doesn load, contact information, google contacts, google voice users, email addresses phone, little card, extra contact info, extra information, include extra information, google voice, extension updates, phone numbers

SmartWhois Launcher Chrome extension download
SmartWhois Launcher Performs a SmartWhois query on the current URL.

useful network information utility, available information, ip address hostname, technical support, technical support contact information, province city, current url, perform whois query, domain including country state, ip address, network provider administrator, whois query, network information, smartwhois query, network provider

Hong Kong Weather Extension (香港天氣) Chrome extension download
Hong Kong Weather Extension (香港天氣) Display weather forecast and warning signals issued by the Hong Kong Observatory, and Display notifications when warning in force.

hong kong observatory, daily use, hong kong weather information, desktop notification, suggestions click, kong observatory, send feedback, time information, weather information, fetch interval, hong kong observatory issued, submit support, display weather, disable information, kong observatory website, high flexibility, display weather forecast

StopFingerprinting Chrome extension download
StopFingerprinting Fingerprinting analysis extension.

operating system properties, http headers, information including, flash context menu apis, mime types, codecs information, web browser fingerprinting, collected data, browser extension, browser fingerprinting, information collected, noise suppression level, default mouse cursor mode, gpu video acceleration capabilities

My Whois Chrome extension download
My Whois Open WebSite whois information

whant, use, site, whois, whois information, information, open website whois information

Firemeld for Chrome Chrome extension download
Firemeld for Chrome Firemeld for Chrome is a web browser plug-in that allows publishers to view ad-related information about ads on their web pages.

adrelated information, admeld support team, full details, allows publishers, advertiser served, admeld clients, send screenshot, web browser, displaying critical information, critical information, web pages, firemeld saves, admeld clients firemeld

Memory Monitor Chrome extension download
Memory Monitor Displays RAM Usage Information

usage information, chrome enable, click options, ram usage information, view separate app required, click, separate app, available memory, information, displays, chrome enablepanels, sites open panel

FakeKiller Chrome extension download
FakeKiller FakeKiller by

fake sites armenia, information updates, fake information, every time, news spam, fake sites, war situations, info information updates, chrome browser, fakekiller chrome armenia, remove news spam, armenian language, azerbaijani sites, facebook timeline, block sites, spreading fake information

Contact Finder Chrome extension download
Contact Finder Contact Finder is an app that uses natural language processing to read web pages to establish contact information.

contact information, establish contact information, uses, favourite crm, app, natural language processing, contact finder, information, web pages, read web pages

Rap Genius/WhoSampled Chrome extension download
Rap Genius/WhoSampled Adds sampling information to RapGenius song pages.

pull sampling information, adds sampling information, rapgenius song pages, genius interface, genius, extension tries, new genius interface, pull, com, information, content belongs

IP Flager Chrome extension download
IP Flager Shows country flag for the website in the location bar.

current website, extension shows, displays google page rank, bug fixed version, country map, details country information, shows country flag, additional information, country name, flag icon hint, country information city map, multiple languages bug fixed, country flag, current page, shows city region, shows additional information

Pirateer Chrome extension download
Pirateer Pirateer is a Chrome Extension that adds IMDb ratings to TV shows and movies on The Pirate Bay

updated search, pirate bay lists, content script injections, imdb movie ratings, imdb movie information, pirate bay, imdb ratings, relevant imdb movie page, imdb information, extra movie information, general usage tracking, tv shows, movies tv shows, pirateer shows, movie information, imdb movie page

Interactive Investor Chrome extension download
Interactive Investor Research and trade LSE listed companies referenced on any web page you're viewing.

consult financial, view price information, address bar indicating, day performance indicator, contains tickersmarket codes, price information, interactive investor icon, general privacy, interactive investor, general privacy statement, detect share information, lse tickers

Save to CaptureSaver Chrome extension download
Save to CaptureSaver This extension adds a CaptureSaver button to the toolbar which allows you to save the page into CaptureSaver.

capturesaver button, important information, capturesaver, capture organize, adds capturesaver button, lose important information, web sites, use capturesaver, information, capturesaver lets

Pathmatics Explorer Chrome extension download
Pathmatics Explorer The Pathmatics Explorer extension gives you real-time advertising information for the top Advertisers and Publishers on the web.

realtime advertising information, pathmatics explorer extension, real time advertising information, pathmatics, top advertisers, publishers, pathmatics explorer, web, information, subscription

WISP DIGICOM Balance Chrome extension download
WISP DIGICOM Balance Расширение для абонентов WISP DIGICOM. С помощью данного приложения пользователи могу проверять и контролировать свой баланс.

wisp digicom

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