Best Beautiful Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total beautiful plugins - 62
MyScrapNook Chrome extension download
MyScrapNook Get one click access to beautiful scrapbook templates, layouts, photo filters, glitter glue and more – all in one convenient spot.

extension, myscrapnook, click, free, http, uninstall, chrome, browser, eula, quot, privacy, myway, features, templates, custom

Orbitum Speed Dial Chrome extension download
Orbitum Speed Dial Orbitum Speed Dial's the perfect way to upgrade the New Tab with beautiful backgrounds and easy-access to your favorite websites.

chrome, access, beautiful, image, orbitum, tab, background, easy, favourite, extension, sites, feedback, websites, dial, perfect

Flatbook Chrome extension download
Flatbook New Facebook Design, Removes Ads (Similar to AdBlock), FB Works Faster, Cleaner UX/UI.

facebook, news, access, extension, email, design, quick, ads, faster, works, suggestions, similar, ideas, roftentik, main

Earth View from Google Earth Chrome extension download
Earth View from Google Earth Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.

image, chrome, earth, google, images, tab, gallery, beautiful, extensions, favorite, satellite, ensure, performance, wallpaper, disable

MusixLib Start Chrome extension download
MusixLib Start MusixLib Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick music click-and-visit experience, for free.

quick, click, musixlib, easy, music, access, experience, free, search, extension, design, media, social, beautiful, start

OkTools Chrome extension download
OkTools Free gifts, download music and videos, beautiful congratulations, status, own themes online

themes, extension, status, free, congratulations, gifts, beautiful, download, videos, music, odnoklassniki, online, chrome, oktools, ru

Weather Chrome extension download
Weather Hands down, the best way to get your weather in Chrome!

weather, extension, location, icon, beautiful, choose, click, link, give, custom, current, forecast, support, options, hit

MusixHub Start Chrome extension download
MusixHub Start MusixHub Start is a new Chrome extension for a quick music click-and-visit experience, for free.

quick, click, musixhub, easy, music, access, experience, free, search, extension, design, media, social, beautiful, start

libdoge Chrome extension download
libdoge such god doge

doge, run, donations, libdoge, key, state, extension, screen, aware, god, hide, dhmgvlywtawlc93ty2gkaxvvzcxuzuqpmz, summon, doges, click

iChrome - A Fast, Productive Home Page Chrome extension download
iChrome - A Fast, Productive Home Page A lightning fast home/start page dashboard with stunning backgrounds, news, weather, sports, RSS, todo, and more!

ichrome, backgrounds, widgets, page, anytime, fast, weather, customizable, rss, voice, customization, stunning, completely, extensions, check

Keep Shopping Chrome extension download
Keep Shopping Keep It button for

amazing, love, discover, products, pinterest, shop, ve, easy, favorite, shopping, win, purchase, find, finds, community

Start - A Better New Tab Chrome extension download
Start - A Better New Tab Hands down, the best home page for Chrome. Beautiful wallpapers, amazing features, blazingly fast!

features, live, wallpapers, beautiful, google, page, widgets, top, tab, customizable, daily, amazing, settings, options, home

MyStart New Tab Chrome extension download
MyStart New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy beautiful wallpaper images with every new tab with My Start for Chrome.

tab, chrome, landmarks, personalized, dashboard, customize, enjoy, world, images, browser, facebook, mystart, page, wallpaper, custom

Home - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Home - New Tab Page A homepage you will fall in love with! Notifications, badges, recently closed tabs, quick notes and more.

app, background, quick, resolutions, home, closed, custom, focus, notes, tabs, homepage, badges, extension, chrome, page

Calculator Chrome extension download
Calculator A beautiful scientific calculator inspired by the iPhone calculator!

calculator, extension, scientific, beautiful, forget, rate, stars, share, friends, give, inspired, access, fast, chrome, iphone

New tab page by Chrome extension download
New tab page by The ultimate personal start page -

start, quot, bookmarks, web, page, pages, widgets, organize, chrome, extension, feeds, easy, bookmark, notes, save

MusixMuze Start Chrome extension download
MusixMuze Start MusixMuze Start from GoaMuze is a new Chrome extension for a quick music click-and-visit experience, for free.

quick, start, click, easy, music, access, musixmuze, extension, experience, free, search, design, media, social, shopping

Unsplash Instant Chrome extension download
Unsplash Instant Beautiful photos from Unsplash in your new tabs.

unsplash, photos, tab, instant, beautiful, chrome, download, https, twitter, facebook, faster, lighter, simplified, profile, interface

iChrome New Tab - A Fast, Productive New Tab Chrome extension download
iChrome New Tab - A Fast, Productive New Tab A lightning fast new tab page dashboard with stunning backgrounds, news, weather, sports, RSS, todo, and more!

ichrome, backgrounds, widgets, anytime, tab, fast, weather, customizable, start, rss, customization, extension, stunning, completely, check

Darkness: Beautiful Dark Themes Chrome extension download
Darkness: Beautiful Dark Themes Beautiful dark themes for Facebook, Google and more

themes, darkness, pro, dark, website, facebook, strain, beautiful, fatigue, google, eye, annoying, glare, reddit, icon

Beloop Chrome extension download
Beloop Beloop - Do Everything In Your Way

beloop, cloud, tab, backgrounds, features, privacy, stay, lost, experience, customized, search, ways, amazing, waybeloop, offers - Smart Bookmarks Chrome extension download - Smart Bookmarks A beautiful way to remember the most important things.

bookmarks, collections, share, public, pages, unique, family, find, rich, videos, friends, beautiful, feel, privately, colleagues

Embark - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Embark - New Tab Page A minimalistic new tab page.

page, embark, tab, chrome, highly, allowing, blazingly, date, customisable, photography, loads, beautiful, design, pared, extension

Pablo Chrome extension download
Pablo Engaging social images in 30 seconds

pablo, image, images, social, text, twitter, facebook, media, click, beautiful, create, sizes, share, instagram, add

Zooms Chrome extension download
Zooms Get Your Day Moving

games, extension, sites, chrome, list, websites, quick, search, interface, brings, favorite, beautiful, experience, enjoy, top

My Cats New Tab Chrome extension download
My Cats New Tab Customize your New Tab page and enjoy wallpaper images of cats and kittens with every new tab with My Cats for Chrome.

cats, tab, wallpaper, chrome, images, personalized, facebook, dashboard, customize, page, enjoy, join, custom, playlist, music

StartMeIn Chrome extension download
StartMeIn StartMeIn - Start your internet experience

startmein, experience, page, beautiful, chrome, full, ideas, policy, improve, home, experiencestartmein, start, internet, screen, newtab

Pretty Beautiful Javascript Chrome extension download
Pretty Beautiful Javascript Automatically makes Javascript files pretty and beautiful!

v4, javascript, runs, type, http, content, prettify, files, js, v3, v2, release, improvement, add, format

Color Tab Chrome extension download
Color Tab A Beautiful Color Palette With Every New Tab!

color, tab, beautiful, extension, palette, time, hunt, chrome, open, serves, refreshing

Shoptagr Chrome extension download
Shoptagr When you discover something you want, save it to Shoptagr.

save, items, shoptagr, favorite, products, quot, sale, shopping, list, pinterest, love, ready, fashion, stores, fancy

Better Tab Chrome extension download
Better Tab A customizable dashboard that improves your new tab with a beautiful background and tools for a better online experience

tab, background, list, online, experience, date, dashboard, extension, change, beautiful, click, features, time, hand, left

JSON-handle Chrome extension download
JSON-handle It's a browser and editor for JSON document.You can get a beautiful view

json, document, text, libs, handle, product, node, details, viewvc, url, trigger, amp, org, content, type

Search Select Chrome extension download
Search Select Manage your search results, your way.

search, select, favorite, choose, engines, custom, page, tab, privacy, extension, hassle, information, option, flickr, reliable

Wiki by eAnswers Chrome extension download
Wiki by eAnswers Enjoy the new and better look of Wikipedia

wikipedia, free, knowledge, add, read, beautiful, members, articles, fonts, eanswers, shows, information, log, chrome, enriches

QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone Chrome extension download
QPush - Push Text and Links to iPhone The easiest way to push text and links to iPhone! Copy, send SMS, open links and maps right away! No need to email yourself anymore.

app, qpush, iphone, push, links, actions, open, text, sms, phone, super, http, pc, chrome, store

Tumblr Collage Chrome extension download
Tumblr Collage A revolutionary way to browse Tumblr photo blogs

collage, tumblr, icon, posts, blog, likes, feature, options, photo, click, image, extension, issue, view, fixed

Lovely Dogs Chrome extension download
Lovely Dogs We love dogs. So do you. Start your day with a beautiful picture that will give you a perfect mood!

dogs, chrome, day, lovely, check, code, give, deactivate, picture, beautiful, fully, tab, app, extensions, hope

Universal Search Tab Chrome extension download
Universal Search Tab ? NEW! ? - Enhance your New Tab Page with the most intuitive, clean and beautiful Universal Search Box you can get for Chrome.

tab, search, chrome, universal, weather, page, amp, beautiful, engines, engine, intuitive, astromenda, quick, adblock, google

iWin Chrome Wallpaper Chrome extension download
iWin Chrome Wallpaper Enjoy beautiful game artwork while browsing the web with iWin’s new tab page designed for the gaming enthusiast in all of us.

iwin, tab, access, beautiful, browsing, page, artwork, wallpaper, enjoy, chrome, game, bookmarks, quick, apps, fingertips

Fruumo Download Manager Chrome extension download
Fruumo Download Manager The first real download manager for chrome.

downloads, download, chrome, page, manager, filter, multi, beautiful, browsers, resume, stop, real, remove, downthemall, search

Add to EveryDay - Tasks & To-Do Lists Chrome extension download
Add to EveryDay - Tasks & To-Do Lists Extremely convenient way to have anything done! Simple and functional to-do and task management application.

add, everyday, evrdy, store, task, review, details, apps, message, time, lists, life, read, extension, choice

HTTP Spy Chrome extension download
HTTP Spy HTTP Spy enables you to inspect request- response headers and cookies right after page load with no extra clicks.

headers, cookies, box, mode, response, displays, display, spy, full, redirect, status, indication, light, dark, click

Exposure New Tab Chrome extension download
Exposure New Tab Get a beautiful photo from Exposure every time you open a new tab.

exposure, tab, time, extension, photo, beautiful, chrome, open

Email Signature by Chrome extension download
Email Signature by Turn your page into a simple and elegant email signature.

signature, email, extension, page, choosing, photo, elegant, beautiful, customize, turn, send, emails, chrome, simple, outbound

Toopala Chrome extension download
Toopala Toopala - Customize Your Homepage

live, toopala, customizable, features, beautiful, disable, options, page, rss, news, feel, privacy, extensions, manage, apps

PinCo Collage Maker for Websites FREE Chrome extension download
PinCo Collage Maker for Websites FREE Create beautiful and downloadable collages (JPGs) out of any websites with images like Pinterest or Behance and more...

chrome, websites, images, beautiful, pinterest, collage, behance, collages, download, helpful, easy, turns, quick, task, hours

Delight for Chrome Chrome extension download
Delight for Chrome Replace your new tab with beautiful timelapse videos, with weather and time.

http, videos, beautiful, timelapse, weather, tab, replace, laptop, battery, twitter, feedback, panda, time, view, delight

ClickDesk Chrome extension download
ClickDesk ClickDesk Agent Dashboard

chat, clickdesk, agent, chrome, chats, time, extension, agents, businesses, customer, complete, visitors, login, notification, receive

Lanes | Accomplish your goals, beautifully. Chrome extension download
Lanes | Accomplish your goals, beautifully. A simple, useful todo app with built in Pomodoro timer and weekview.

productivity, app, pomodoro, features, built, todo, weekview, love, lanes, beautifully, quot, task, accomplish, simple, timer

Christmas Snow: Snowflake & Snowfall Effect Chrome extension download
Christmas Snow: Snowflake & Snowfall Effect Spread the cheer of Winter by adding beautiful snowflakes and snowfall to all websites you visit.

snow, extension, winter, browser, click, effect, snowflake, snowfall, desktop, spread, liable, damage, loss, implicit, visit

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