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Ghostery Chrome extension download
Ghostery Protect your privacy. See who's tracking your web browsing with Ghostery.

ghostery, trackers, data, browsing, sites, experience, web, tracker, https, helps, connected, faq, find, control, content

Reddit Enhancement Suite Chrome extension download
Reddit Enhancement Suite A suite of modules that enhance your Reddit browsing experience

reddit, res, data, permissions, image, suite, imgur, tabs, page, sites, flickr, expand, account, history, permission

Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Chrome extension download
Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Block unwanted ads, popups, tracking and malware (even on Facebook & Youtube), speed up your browsing, and protect your privacy.

ads, stands, privacy, browsing, data, block, protect, web, pop, experience, blocking, users, adblock, page, tracking

Bleaner Chrome extension download
Bleaner This cool extension removes bloat for the page leading to a faster leaner browsing experience

bloat, page, extension, flash, including, removes, browsing, leaner, experiencequickly, faster, remove, leading, occurences, java, chrome

History Eraser Chrome extension download
History Eraser Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History...instantly, with just 1-click on the Eraser button!

click, history, eraser, clear, https, chrome, lightweight, extension, www, data, cookies, cache, http, browsing, download

India Rail Info Chrome extension download
India Rail Info This app works with the website, to optimize browsing experience.

info, optimize, app, works, website, rail, extension, chrome, india, experience, browsing, indiarailinfo

Search By Zooms Chrome extension download
Search By Zooms Zooms search the web

search, zooms, experience, safe, individual, browser, extra, secure, provide, settings, order, enjoy, places, extention, zoom

SBRO Safe Browsing Chrome extension download
SBRO Safe Browsing Safe Browsing extension protects your browsing experience by blocking online threats.

online, threats, pop, web, browsing, clickbait, adjust, links, list, extension, protects, phishing, channels, potential, level

Save to 4shared Chrome extension download
Save to 4shared Save files from the Internet to your 4shared account with one click.

save, shared, saving, files, file, time, extension, surfing, account, background, computer, processed, click, easy, easily

StartMeIn Chrome extension download
StartMeIn StartMeIn - Start your internet experience

startmein, experience, page, beautiful, chrome, full, ideas, policy, improve, home, experiencestartmein, start, internet, screen, newtab

Spotflux Lite Chrome extension download
Spotflux Lite Encrypt your web browsing and protect your privacy and security from everyday internet threats.

spotflux, vpn, browsing, privacy, security, web, protection, anti, chrome, extension, bypass, experience, hotspotshield, quot, phishing

unTabs Chrome extension download
unTabs Easily convert your Chrome tabs to a list, save tabs in one or more groups and restore them back to tabs in a click.

tabs, chrome, list, untabs, browser, tab, experience, extension, computer, memory, open, prevent, reduce, browsing, usage

Enpass Password Manager Chrome extension download
Enpass Password Manager Enpass Password Manager extension for Google Chrome

enpass, desktop, passwords, browser, cards, manager, credit, notes, application, extension, password, windows, release, create, strong

AT&T Mail Notification and Search Extension Chrome extension download
AT&T Mail Notification and Search Extension Get real-time AT&T Mail alerts, one-click access to your inbox, and set your default search to

extension, search, access, experience, default, net, real, mail, received, providing, click, message, quick, browsing, notifying

Better, Faster, Private Browsing Chrome extension download
Better, Faster, Private Browsing Browse 27% faster 17% less bandwidth - Better Browser for Google Chrome.

tracking, browser, kids, google, browsing, stop, web, time, ui, privacy, show, chart, chrome, experience, search

Search By eSpeedCheck Chrome extension download
Search By eSpeedCheck eSpeedCheck search the web

search, espeedcheck, experience, extension, searching, safe, individual, secure, provide, enjoy, information, order, needed, settings, extra

Squanchify Chrome extension download
Squanchify This extension makes your browsing experience...Squanchier.

slider, squanchify, extension, squanchiness, squanch, chrome, update, genius, mit, max, word, click, browsing, replacing, critical

Pricezilla Chrome extension download
Pricezilla Optimize your browsing experience, with a customized recommendations engine, directly in Chrome.

product, online, pricezilla, price, shop, list, shops, chrome, similar, save, customized, recommendations, experience, products, browsing

Tab Shutter Chrome extension download
Tab Shutter Save all your current open tabs. Keep them accessible, anywhere and all the time.

chrome, open, tabs, study, links, current, shutter, selected, snapshot, fixed, comfortable, simple, app, tools, related

Tracking Token Stripper Chrome extension download
Tracking Token Stripper Removes Google Analytics (UTM) tracking tokens from URL query strings.

tracking, url, site, tokens, google, email, extension, analytics, removes, utm, instant, copying, origin, query, links

Twitter Anonymous Chrome extension download
Twitter Anonymous Removes images and names of Twitter users

anonymous, twitter, images, names, create, extension, removes, chrome, users, browsing, usersremoves, experience

Blockless Proxy VPN - Freedom & Privacy Chrome extension download
Blockless Proxy VPN - Freedom & Privacy Protects your privacy and unblocks websites with one-click region switching.

online, vpn, privacy, blockless, browsing, websites, proxy, chrome, region, switching, freedom, required, ads, activity, logs

Popper Stopper Pro Chrome extension download
Popper Stopper Pro No more annoying popups and popunders. Period.

blocking, popping, extension, quot, block, pro, plugin, addition, annoying, chrome, recognized, send, original, popunder, complementary

Manupatra Alert Chrome extension download
Manupatra Alert This app works with, to optimize browsing experience.

manupatra, alert, chrome, service, browser, read, access, desktop, don, complimentary, notifications, events, server, legal, caselaws

imgur Browsing Aid Chrome extension download
imgur Browsing Aid Provides additional features to improve the imgur browsing experience.

ability, automatically, posts, features, extension, favorites, users, quot, browsing, bar, imgur, gallery, list, favorite, comments

Kimmifier Chrome extension download
Kimmifier Brighten your browsing experience with the Kimmifier! From the Netflix original series: Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

kimmy, internet, schmidt, experience, browsing, kimmifier, words, original, view, word, bad, extension, brighten, electronic, pretty

Pantip Plus Chrome extension download
Pantip Plus This extension enhances your Pantip browsing experience.

pantip, version, extension, google, cache, browsing, enhances, mobile, desktop, experience, chrome, contrast, readability

Install Helper Chrome extension download
Install Helper Manage downloads easily from the toolbar

helper, install, process, experience, download, manage, searching, product, browsing, privacy, http, homestartsearches, toolbar, powerful, ll

DyslexicReader Chrome extension download
DyslexicReader Allows Chrome to use the Open Dyslexic font which is better for dyslexic users!

open, dyslexic, font, extension, chrome, readability, increase, created, reformat, browsing, experience, readers, option, sourced, dyslexicfonts

Mentioned Videos for Reddit Chrome extension download
Mentioned Videos for Reddit Enhance your Reddit browsing experience. Explore related videos on any thread.

videos, reddit, thread, extension, explore, related, playlist, clicked, enhance, people, shows, media, chrome, mentioned, context

PlentyOfFish - Enhancer Chrome extension download
PlentyOfFish - Enhancer Make your PlentyOfFish browsing experience better with these enhancements.

photos, enhancements, features, plentyoffish, extension, browsing, gallery, full, profiles, scrolling, small, expect, improvements, sized, transform

Video & Music Downloader Chrome extension download
Video & Music Downloader Get Video & Music Downloader now: one of the most popular video and music downloaders on the internet.

extension, future, video, download, videos, usage, music, product, improve, content, experience, rating, note, mp3, downloaders

Reddit Inline Chrome extension download
Reddit Inline L337 R3DD17

reddit, extension, project, developer, tools, window, browse, inline, contribute, close, opened, anvaka, compromising, opens, security

Duplicate Tab Helper Chrome extension download
Duplicate Tab Helper Prevent duplicate tabs effortlessly.

extension, duplicate, duplicates, tab, tabs, helper, occasionally, opening, google, situations, browsing, urls, url, note, experience

Dank Meme Replacer Chrome extension download
Dank Meme Replacer Make browsing the web really dank.

dank, web, browsing, boring, words, meme, replacer, chrome, extension, replaces, websites, wanted, dankify, dmr, download

Cuck to Scary Ghost Chrome extension download
Cuck to Scary Ghost Replaces the text 'Cuck' with 'Scary Ghost'.

quot, dhamster, ghost, experience, github, twitter, replacing, instance, extension, chrome, cuck, scary, browsing, repo, replaces

FlyCow SafeBrowser Chrome extension download
FlyCow SafeBrowser The FlyCow SafeBrowser Toolbar provides a fast and secure browsing experience by automatically identifying safe and dangerous sites.

toolbar, safe, safebrowser, flycow, browsing, experience, sites, dangerous, chrome, protects, browser, failsafe, reliable, internet, websites

ARTIFIER Chrome extension download
ARTIFIER Artifier, a Chrome™ extension that transforms banners into art.

beautiful, extension, art, discover, created, artifier, experience, chrome, browsing, transforms, emerging, sapphire, bombay, download, banners

Collumned NPR Chrome extension download
Collumned NPR Read NPR in columns, for a better browsing experience. Use the arrow keys to close columns.

npr, columns, open, close, chrome, arrow, read, tabs, navigating, dozens, column, home, org, page, extension

Moly HaH Chrome extension download
Moly HaH Hit-a-Hint - surf web with a keyboard

hint, extension, hit, quot, mode, keyboard, experience, web, shortcut, chrome, pressing, provide, browsing, surf, keyboardhit

Popup Fixer Chrome extension download
Popup Fixer The most advanced and reliable Free Ad blocker for Chrome. We ensure your peace of mind while browsing Facebook, YouTube and more...

fixer, popup, ads, browsing, annoying, chrome, advanced, work, facebook, ad, reliable, youtube, blocker, entertainment, intelligence

Melatonin Chrome extension download
Melatonin Your melatonin levels follow the sun, so should you browser!

melatonin, overlay, page, sun, quot, day, film, pageloads, chrome, extension, white, document, loading, color, load

Remove Redirects Chrome extension download
Remove Redirects Remove Rude Redirects. ?????

extension, page, amp, project, removing, websites, code, url, window, google, link, free, redirects, fix, state

No Cache Chrome extension download
No Cache No Cache automatically clears your browser, download, cookies, form data, passwords, and app data

data, cache, automatically, cacheless, enjoy, urls, target, terms, form, download, browser, clears, cookies, browsing, filter

Nigelify Chrome extension download
Nigelify Making the internet a million times better by replacing all images on a page with gifs of Nigel Thornberry.

extension, images, million, gifs, times, page, thornberry, experience, making, click, internet, button, replaces, current, replacing

Spookyfy! Chrome extension download
Spookyfy! Make your browsing experience ectoplasmic!

browsing, extension, iqbal, awake, experience, qasim, ivan, night, internet, created, zhang, spooking, spookyfy, quirky, ectoplasmic

Optimize Legibility Chrome extension download
Optimize Legibility Inserts CSS to optimize page text.

text, visit, optimize, chromium, extension, http, issues, legibility, browsing, experience, examples, fixed, users, authors, star

Read-Ify Chrome extension download
Read-Ify Makes text on pages more readable

ify, text, pages, read, web, paragraphs, decorations, activate, colors, choose, link, experience, distracting, browsing, pesky

TMBO Enhancement Suite Chrome extension download
TMBO Enhancement Suite Utilities to enhance the TMBO browsing experience.

tmbo, image, comment, extension, chrome, votes, enhance, suite, utilities, indicator, summarize, resample, location, built, resize

Swappity Swap Chrome extension download
Swappity Swap Swap words on the web with anything you want.

quot, swap, swaps, extension, swappityswap, original, words, list, add, hide, gt, button, crookedlabs, cat, chrome

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