Best Camera Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total camera plugins - 10
Search by Image (by Google) Chrome extension download
Search by Image (by Google) This extension allows you to initiate a Google search using any image on the web. By the Google Images team.

image, extension, google, images, search, web, icon, select, learn, minor, camera, time, references, significantly, run

Weather forecast Chrome extension download
Weather forecast Wiki-Weather - extremely simple and convenient extension that allows to keep abreast of current weather conditions.

weather, extension, current, broadcast, forecast, city, location, userfriendly, interface, quick, icon, web, cameras, view, days

IE-On-Chrome Chrome extension download
IE-On-Chrome Virtual IE (Internet Explorer) tab for Chrome ! (works on Mac / ChromeBook / Linux; Runs Java / Silverlight / Shockwave)

chromebook, web, tab, run, silverlight, chrome, version, java, shockwave, virtual, extension, websites, browser, mac, internet

Screenshot Webpages Chrome extension download
Screenshot Webpages Hands down, the best way to save and share screen captures of webpages

screenshot, share, easy, click, capture, page, web, image, extension, save, screenshots, works, highlight, sending, download

PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader Chrome extension download
PlayMemories Camera Apps Downloader This extension is needed to install PlayMemories Camera Apps applications.

apps, camera, extension, playmemories, install, downloader, needed, chrome, applications

MyIPCam Chrome extension download
MyIPCam Easy and quick way to view and control your IP-cameras

v1, quot, cameras, cam, extension, settings, ip, camera, password, window, ptz, fixed, bug, v3, view

EXIF Viewer Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Quick access to EXIF data of any image you view

exif, fixed, http, issue, css, support, breaking, image, information, issues, pdfs, details, pdf, camera, data

Openvid Screen Recorder capture & share video Chrome extension download
Openvid Screen Recorder capture & share video Capture, narrate and instantly share videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier. 100% free!

video, videos, recording, openvid, share, desktop, communication, capture, product, quality, making, time, record, instantly, download

Lifesize Chrome extension download
Lifesize Schedule Lifesize Cloud Meetings from Google Calendar & Share Content in Lifesize Cloud Web App Video Calls from Google Chrome

lifesize, cloud, call, video, google, share, app, click, chrome, extension, icon, connect, calls, easily, easy

WebCamera360 Chrome extension download
WebCamera360 WebCamera360 is a web platform for photo edit.Based on the third generation photo processing engine of Camera360, Camera360 for web…

photo, web, webcamera360, platform, processing, camera360, extension, based, edit, generation, engine, chrome, ufo, quot

Stolen Camera Finder Chrome extension download
Stolen Camera Finder Silent extension that keeps an eye out for photos taken with stolen cameras

search, extension, stolen, image, view, camera, listed, number, results, serial, data, active, personal, stolencamerafinder, load

HappyGet 2 for QTS 4 Chrome extension download
HappyGet 2 for QTS 4 HappyGet 2 for QTS 4

nas, cloud, series, turbo, multimedia, recordings, platforms, family, upload, backup, quot, connect, facebook, happyget, qts

Page Camera Chrome extension download
Page Camera Capture snapshots of pages to track with Crazy Egg

capture, snapshots, page, pages, users, crazy, egg, camera, track, networks, private, web, hosted, authenticated, browser

Lenstag Rescue Chrome extension download
Lenstag Rescue Help photographers recover their stolen cameras and work towards a world without camera theft by installing Lenstag Rescue.

lenstag, stolen, rescue, camera, data, extension, web, image, free, serial, stolencamerafinder, chrome, information, email, images

CCTV Monitor Chrome extension download
CCTV Monitor CCTV Monitor is a monitoring tool for your security cameras.

cameras, monitoring, tab, options, page, automatically, monitor, camera, supports, tabs, displayed, cctv, security, settings, rotated

Pricedekho Chrome extension download
Pricedekho Get the best price over 1.5 crore products from 100+ online stores. Explore More! Shop More! Save More!

products, pricedekho, prices, lowest, price, search, stores, product, page, shopping, major, online, fashion, electronics, update

Surveillance Cam Professional( Security Cam) Chrome extension download
Surveillance Cam Professional( Security Cam) Use you computer as Surveillance Cam and get notified by email if something happen.

camera, alarm, email, surveillance, cam, pictures, detected, computer, chrome, image, security, front, yout, play, images

Mute Defaults Chrome extension download
Mute Defaults This extension lets you set default mute settings for your microphone and camera in google hangouts.

mute, extension, camera, microphone, settings, default, set, google, defaults, chrome, lets, hangouts

Cordova Mocks Chrome extension download
Cordova Mocks A Chrome extension which provides mock data for many Cordova Plugins and Cordova APIs

cordova, chrome, device, information, plugins, plugin, github, extension, data, dialogs, mock, geolocation, flashlight, browser, fake

UROverview Chrome extension download
UROverview Adds filtering and pop-up infobox for UR, MP and camera markers

camera, drives, cameras, ur, pop, allowing, map, roundabout, includes, selected, quot, marker, extension, traffic, show

Wanscam IP Camera Chrome extension download
Wanscam IP Camera Monitor your camera without opening new tab.

extension, v1, camera, wanscam, click, ptz, support, configuration, ip, chrome, save, bug, local, works, tab

PriceDealsIndia Chrome extension download
PriceDealsIndia PriceDealsIndia Chrome Extension helps you to find the Best Price for any Product as we COMPARE Prices from Leading Online Shops.

online, price, pricedealsindia, product, leading, prices, categories, helps, india, compare, comparison, shops, find, extension, chrome

Element Capture Chrome extension download
Element Capture Screen capture any element on a webpage.

capture, element, click, chrome, screen, image, url, icon, bar, selection, hover, html, open, camera, choosing

Fullscreenrrr - full webpage screenshot Chrome extension download
Fullscreenrrr - full webpage screenshot Capture entire page from top to the bottom entirely.. at once

capture, page, sound, entire, click, webpage, screenshoot, completion, screenshot, images, saved, downloads, folder, shows, percents

XPress for Chrome Chrome extension download
XPress for Chrome XPress for Chrome

content, web, touch, chrome, live, color, background, enabled, top, whiteboarding, xpress, copy, extension, shapes, chromebooks

Live Street View Chrome extension download
Live Street View Instantly see a Google Live Street View of any supported location. Easily share and save your favourite views.

street, share, view, add, camera, world, google, explore, instantly, live, photo, spheres, ricoh, locations, museums

Element Screenshot Chrome extension download
Element Screenshot Take screenshot of any HTML element on a webpage.

element, capture, chrome, click, screenshot, version, extension, robinson, maintained, developed, anymore, kabgnkphidokfocflfangphgdjhkknjg, url, icon, bar

HappyGet 2 for QTS 4 Chrome extension download
HappyGet 2 for QTS 4 HappyGet 2 for QTS 4

cloud, multimedia, recordings, platforms, nas, family, upload, facebook, connect, backup, quot, happyget, qts, easily, youtube

I-Shop From ICICI Bank Chrome extension download
I-Shop From ICICI Bank Save every time you spend

add, bank, discount, shop, icici, browser, coupons, sites, price, online, coupon, brands, prices, product, chrome

WEBCAM-FOTO Chrome extension download

foto, web, chrome, camerasfoto, extension, webcam, cameras

Shopping Assistant Chrome extension download
Shopping Assistant The smartest way to shop online; make sure you're always getting the best deal before you buy. Shopping has never been so easy!

www, zert, shopping, find, results, extension, small, chrome, support, uk, price, sites, ve, deal, helps

Flickr Exif Learnr Chrome extension download
Flickr Exif Learnr Shows camera settings from Exif when floating the mouse over a photo

exif, info, flickr, extension, mouse, settings, camera, delay, float, photo, pic, data, equivalent, focal, brackets

Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Chrome extension download
Record/Stream Screen Sharing Extension Share your screen while recording or streaming.

screen, sharing, extension, stream, integrated, record, video, replace, desktop, share, connected, application, recording, specific, active

Snapshoot Chrome extension download
Snapshoot Take a snapshot of the current web page. Save the whole thing as an image or drag a selection. Makes creating web tutorials easier.

web, browser, save, chrome, snapshot, south, king, drag, lightweight, current, images, easier, jpeg, building, png

Camio Chrome extension download
Camio Smart Home Video Monitoring

device, camio, home, extension, record, view, app, code, wsj, producthunt, learn, venturebeat, computer, video, smartphone

Scandid Chrome extension download
Scandid Scandid, Savings ka Sahi Jugaad- Now on your Browser! Compare, Save.

save, scandid, deals, product, browser, coupons, products, televisions, prices, information, cameras, empower, sahi, merchants, tablets

Whatsapp Web Camera Timer Chrome extension download
Whatsapp Web Camera Timer This extension will set a timer for WhatsApp Web camera.

timer, extension, camera, whatsapp, adds, simple, web, chrome, set

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