Best Change Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total change plugins - 240
Cisco WebEx Extension Chrome extension download
Cisco WebEx Extension Join WebEx meetings using Google Chrome ™

video, meetings, webex, cisco, join, conferencing, web, chrome, system, making, relationships, projects, track, builds, collaborate

Tampermonkey Chrome extension download
Tampermonkey The world's most popular userscript manager

tampermonkey, gm, chrome, faq, script, http, userscripts, full, bugs, changelog, net, userscript, playing, timeline, manager

Google Translate Chrome extension download
Google Translate View translations easily as you browse the web. By the Google Translate team.

translate, google, extension, highlight, click, https, icon, text, easily, translations, show, policies, translation, options, time

uBlock Origin Chrome extension download
uBlock Origin Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ublock, lists, filters, origin, hosts, site, ad, memory, footprint, tracking, https, github, list, efficiency, web

Google Calendar (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Calendar (by Google) Easily check Google Calendar and add new events from websites you visit.

events, calendar, google, extension, chrome, add, shows, button, easily, page, click, sites, release, calendars, icon

Stylish Chrome extension download
Stylish Restyle the web with Stylish, a user styles manager. Stylish lets you easily install themes and skins for many popular sites.

stylish, styles, user, web, themes, userstyles, sites, easily, colors, completely, change, redesign, edit, obscure, disable

SpeakIt! Chrome extension download
SpeakIt! Tired of reading? Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.

speakit, added, text, chrome, options, speech, read, support, tts, extension, api, bugs, language, web, sentences

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension download
HTTPS Everywhere Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.

https, chrome, insecure, quot, bug, changelog, site, weird, forms, eff, extension, security, bar, sites, automatically

Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Chrome extension download
Fair AdBlocker (by STANDS) Block unwanted ads, popups, tracking and malware (even on Facebook & Youtube), speed up your browsing, and protect your privacy.

ads, stands, privacy, browsing, data, block, protect, web, pop, experience, blocking, users, adblock, page, tracking

Steam Inventory Helper Chrome extension download
Steam Inventory Helper Provides many utilities for steam inventory and market (offers notification, quick selling, buying, offering trades, price check...)

steam, items, item, trade, chrome, quick, suggestions, offers, page, price, market, auto, check, inventory, website Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots Chrome extension download Mods, Zoom, Unlock Skins, Bots The Best Mod and Extension for! Mod Zoom, Play with Friends, Skins, Custom Skins, Bots

game, zoom, play, skins, snake, menu, io, snakes, background, nicks, mod, mods, nickname, key, selection

uBlock Chrome extension download
uBlock A fast, potent, and lean blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ublock, blocker, lists, https, extension, memory, blockers, popular, filters, powerful, thousands, designed, supports, privacy, flexible

internet Download Manager For Chrome Chrome extension download
internet Download Manager For Chrome internet Download Manager For Chrome Plugin

download, internet, access, chrome, manager, app, change, feature, downloads, features, media, sites, files, types, plugin

Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager Chrome extension download
Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager Todoist is the beautifully simple to-do list designed to help you do more and stress less.

todoist, tasks, list, task, productivity, track, app, projects, save, organize, simple, browser, devices, add, pages

Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension download
Print Friendly & PDF Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

print, pdf, images, pdfs, friendly, text, remove, printing, size, click, url, save, source, links, clickable

Eye Dropper Chrome extension download
Eye Dropper Eye Dropper is open source extension which allows you to pick colors from web pages, color picker and your personal color history.

color, fix, picker, dropper, web, version, eye, history, popup, faster, pick, extension, removed, page, pages

LoungeDestroyer Chrome extension download
LoungeDestroyer Improves the experience of CS:GO Lounge and DOTA2 Lounge

trade, match, item, loungedestroyer, market, trades, offers, items, inventory, page, steam, notifications, support, lounge, inventories

Emoji Input by Chrome extension download
Emoji Input by Allows you to see and input emoji on any website. Can replace Twitter and Gmail style emoji with iPhone style emoji.

emoji, version, sites, input, added, box, method, hint, facebook, typing, bug, work, update, emojis, type

Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

facebook, change, changer, colors, ads, chrome, options, photo, background, zoom, icon, application, newsfeed, app, color

Wolfram|Alpha (Official) Chrome extension download
Wolfram|Alpha (Official) Instantly query Wolfram|Alpha from any page or tab.

alpha, wolfram, extension, query, click, work, shortcut, chrome, knowledge, expert, menu, computable, domains, context, typing

Google Publisher Toolbar Chrome extension download
Google Publisher Toolbar View data on your AdSense, Ad Exchange, and DoubleClick for Publishers ads and accounts, and block unsuitable ads on your site.

ad, google, account, ads, including, overview, publishers, link, site, toolbar, data, summary, view, pop, information

Add to Wunderlist Chrome extension download
Add to Wunderlist Add to Wunderlist is the easiest way to save anything from the web to your Wunderlist.

wunderlist, add, web, save, open, information, phone, extension, fix, windows, download, free, click, articles, gmail

Messenger (Unofficial) Chrome extension download
Messenger (Unofficial) Use Messenger (Unofficial) from within your browser

version, extension, changelog, developers, chrome, facebook, due, messenger, language, messages, fb, shown, mobile, http, message

Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube Chrome extension download
Musixmatch Lyrics for YouTube World's largest lyrics catalog now for YouTube videos

youtube, lyrics, musixmatch, update, extension, options, show, music, chrome, problems, hear, catalog, menu, related, ads

FoxyProxy Standard Chrome extension download
FoxyProxy Standard FoxyProxy simplifies configuring browsers to access proxy-servers, offering more features than other proxy-plugins

proxy, proxies, switch, chrome, foxyproxy, switching, switches, online, export, rule, url, import, lists, data, autoproxy

Todoist for Gmail Chrome extension download
Todoist for Gmail Achieve inbox zen with Todoist - the beautifully simple to-do list built to help you do more and stress less.

tasks, todoist, list, track, email, productivity, task, add, app, projects, organize, simple, inbox, devices, date

Webmail Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
Webmail Ad Blocker Block ads on the right side of the screen when using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and which expand your message space

ads, gmail, jasonsavard, changelog, ad, blocker, extensions, quot, people, control, remove, child, mail, choose, space Mods, Zoom, Create Skins SLITHERE Chrome extension download Mods, Zoom, Create Skins SLITHERE Mods, Zoom, Custom Skins, Create Skins, Create Heads, Play with Friends

skins, zoom, game, create, head, added, skin, change, slithere, menu, mod, mozilla, features, snake, io

Lazarus: Form Recovery Chrome extension download
Lazarus: Form Recovery Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.

lazarus, form, bug, chrome, extension, database, code, firefox, comments, website, version, good, add, errors, due

chromeIPass Chrome extension download
chromeIPass KeePass integration for browser Chrome using KeePassHttp

support, fix, password, fields, lukas, add, quot, keepasshttp, schulze, generator, keepass, chrome, github, chromeipass, field

Resolution Test Chrome extension download
Resolution Test An extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions, with an option to define your own resolutions

resolutions, test, resolution, window, extension, http, developers, list, screen, browser, quot, website, link, amount, donate

PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode Chrome extension download
PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode This extension helps develop your websites with per pixel accuracy!

extension, support, perfectpixel, welldonecode, overlays, shift, websites, image, pixel, www, developers, ads, shortcuts, arrow, keys

Cntv Live2 Chrome Live Plugin Chrome extension download
Cntv Live2 Chrome Live Plugin Cntvlive2 for chrome 42+

chrome, live, amp, cntv, add, install, check, change, icon, extension, live2, plugin, cntvlive2, windows, cn

SafeBrowse Chrome extension download
SafeBrowse With SafeBrowse navigate without waiting in Adfly, Linkbucks and other similar sites. No more waiting, no more annoying advertising

sites, safebrowse, waiting, problems, official, site, linkbucks, similar, www, conditions, wait, avoid, support, advertising, pages

Fontface Ninja Chrome extension download
Fontface Ninja Explore fonts within a website, try and buy them !

font, fonts, ninja, version, fontface, bug, free, plugin, website, fixed, extension, improve, price, buy, typekit

User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher Switches User-Agent strings to mimic, spoof or fake other browsers or bots.

agent, user, websites, iphone, switcher, spoof, browser, browsers, web, chrome, slip, strings, virtual, bouncers, button

NicoNico Audio Extractor Chrome extension download
NicoNico Audio Extractor ?????????????????????

extractor, audio, ukyo, wiki, releases, m4a, flv, pure, javascript, github, change, chrome, niconico, https, log

EXIF Viewer Chrome extension download
EXIF Viewer Quick viewing EXIF

exif, fixed, added, extension, cache, data, quot, image, page, parsing, bug, images, gps, crash, bugs

Send to Kindle (by Chrome extension download
Send to Kindle (by Push web articles to your Kindle

kindle, send, extension, content, web, articles, page, google, klip, http, optimized, quot, reader, news, write

Fruumo - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Fruumo - New Tab Page Beautify Chrome's New Tab Page.

chrome, fruumo, extension, page, bugs, tabs, tab, wallpaper, changeable, npknnddabjhdijgmmbocdicnknegobkm, bug, closed, time, mini, longer

Sticky Notes - Just popped up! Chrome extension download
Sticky Notes - Just popped up! Easiest way for taking quick notes. Features like font size, color & themes. Collect as you browse in an awesome manner (See Demo)

notes, update, quot, size, chrome, sync, bug, improved, font, added, tool, cookies, device, fixed, option

Hide YouTube Comments Chrome extension download
Hide YouTube Comments Hides all user comments on YouTube. Nothing less, nothing more. Specifically, there is no button to show the comments again.…

comments, youtube, icon, video, work, button, strange, manifest, fixed, december, show, works, wpzoom, text, automatically

FB Color Changer Chrome extension download
FB Color Changer Change the Facebook color scheme to anything you want.

facebook, color, changer, software, extension, chrome, click, service, learn, terms, improve, collect, fairshare, agree, upper

Translate Selected Text Chrome extension download
Translate Selected Text Translate selected text with Google Translate

extension, google, text, translate, https, user, bugs, beta, selected, chrome, test, translateselectedtext, web, github, changelog

Virtru Email Encryption Chrome extension download
Virtru Email Encryption Easy to use client-side encryption for emails and attachments from Gmail and other platforms.

virtru, encryption, email, messages, emails, attachments, access, read, set, recipients, apps, free, easy, client, side

Note Anywhere Chrome extension download
Note Anywhere with this ext, you can make notes on any web page, any position. when you open that page again, the notes get loaded automaticly.

notes, note, v0, page, feature, ext, tab, web, fixed, position, find, style, add, summary, window

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit maximum number of open tabs

tabs, v0, tab, extension, limit, open, closed, background, accessed, opening, number, github, popup, active, maximum

Refresh Monkey Chrome extension download
Refresh Monkey Automatically refresh a page at set interval. Monitor the page for a change and get notified in case of change. And more............

refresh, page, chrome, time, v1, change, tabs, google, toolbar, set, interval, extensions, successfully, tab, monitoring

Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Chrome extension download
Fabulous! Customize Popular Websites Customize the style, layout, and functionality of popular websites using a powerful new set of tools in one simple menu.

add, websites, options, facebook, menu, simple, popular, program, layout, set, background, hundreds, custom, button, chrome

FB Refresh Chrome extension download
FB Refresh Refresh your Facebook login with your own custom design!

image, page, color, change, login, facebook, added, button, chrome, refresh, fb, themes, upload, gl, built

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