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Google Calendar (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Calendar (by Google) Easily check Google Calendar and add new events from websites you visit.

events, calendar, google, extension, chrome, add, shows, button, easily, page, click, sites, release, calendars, icon

Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager Chrome extension download
Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager Todoist is the beautifully simple to-do list designed to help you do more and stress less.

todoist, tasks, list, task, productivity, track, app, projects, save, organize, simple, browser, devices, add, pages

Todoist for Gmail Chrome extension download
Todoist for Gmail Achieve inbox zen with Todoist - the beautifully simple to-do list built to help you do more and stress less.

tasks, todoist, list, track, email, productivity, task, add, app, projects, organize, simple, inbox, devices, date

Lazarus: Form Recovery Chrome extension download
Lazarus: Form Recovery Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.

lazarus, form, bug, chrome, extension, database, code, firefox, comments, website, version, good, add, errors, due

Resolution Test Chrome extension download
Resolution Test An extension for developers to test web pages in different screen resolutions, with an option to define your own resolutions

resolutions, test, resolution, window, extension, http, developers, list, screen, browser, quot, website, link, amount, donate

SafeBrowse Chrome extension download
SafeBrowse With SafeBrowse navigate without waiting in Adfly, Linkbucks and other similar sites. No more waiting, no more annoying advertising

sites, safebrowse, waiting, problems, official, site, linkbucks, similar, www, conditions, wait, avoid, support, advertising, pages

User-Agent Switcher Chrome extension download
User-Agent Switcher Switches User-Agent strings to mimic, spoof or fake other browsers or bots.

agent, user, websites, iphone, switcher, spoof, browser, browsers, web, chrome, slip, strings, virtual, bouncers, button

Hide YouTube Comments Chrome extension download
Hide YouTube Comments Hides all user comments on YouTube. Nothing less, nothing more. Specifically, there is no button to show the comments again.…

comments, youtube, icon, video, work, button, strange, manifest, fixed, december, show, works, wpzoom, text, automatically

FB Color Changer Chrome extension download
FB Color Changer Change the Facebook color scheme to anything you want.

facebook, color, changer, software, extension, chrome, click, service, learn, terms, improve, collect, fairshare, agree, upper

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit maximum number of open tabs

tabs, v0, tab, extension, limit, open, closed, background, accessed, opening, number, github, popup, active, maximum

Refresh Monkey Chrome extension download
Refresh Monkey Automatically refresh a page at set interval. Monitor the page for a change and get notified in case of change. And more............

refresh, page, chrome, time, v1, change, tabs, google, toolbar, set, interval, extensions, successfully, tab, monitoring

BehindTheOverlay Chrome extension download
BehindTheOverlay One click to close any overlay on any website.

overlay, click, extension, close, button, shift, activated, website, default, important, content, hates, popups, windows, overlays

Auto Refresh Plus Chrome extension download
Auto Refresh Plus Refresh a page automatically and get notified when keywords change.

refresh, extension, time, match, notified, automatically, cleaned, plugin, auto, page, based, left, change, icon, keywords

SocialReviver Chrome extension download
SocialReviver The way YOU want Facebook to be!

chat, fb, fixed, home, classic, blue, quot, posts, socialreviver, disable, rockmelt, search, opera, correctly, bar

Context Menu Search Chrome extension download
Context Menu Search Use the right-click menu to search for selected text in different search engines

search, extension, options, tab, chrome, menu, added, option, fixed, engines, user, removed, needed, page, context

Chrome Currency Converter Chrome extension download
Chrome Currency Converter Automatically convert in-page prices to the selected currency using current rates.

prices, extension, currency, convert, converter, page, price, automatically, conversions, formats, works, icon, rates, http, safari

CCTV View Chrome extension download
CCTV View Watch up to 20 webcams or CCTV cams within your browser.

cctv, button, page, added, options, amp, url, view, javascript, chrome, http, image, updated, code, minor

Plus for Trello (time track, reports, scrum) Chrome extension download
Plus for Trello (time track, reports, scrum) Reports, Timers, hashtags, offline, burn-downs, spent vs estimate by card, list, board, user, team, history and more!

trello, spent, reports, card, cards, charts, chrome, offline, boards, estimate, html, team, user, timers, weekly

Cloud To Butt Plus Chrome extension download
Cloud To Butt Plus Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt', as well as 'cloud' with 'butt' in certain contexts.

butt, github, sites, weather, extension, chrome, versions, slight, warning, context, xss, replaces, https, repo, proper

Image Size Info Chrome extension download
Image Size Info Inserts option in image context menu to view image width, height and file size.

v1, image, option, http, size, view, date, chrome, file, change, extension, version, log, info, website

Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay Chrome extension download
Myibidder Auction Bid Sniper for eBay This extension places a 'Snipe it' link on eBay listings for easy access to Auction Bid Sniper.

myibidder, ebay, http, auction, sniper, code, www, information, page, service, form, forums, manage, provide, quot

Ultimate Inbox Chrome extension download
Ultimate Inbox Show your favorite inboxs in one place.

software, quot, including, favorite, chrome, part, extension, unauthorized, purposes, copying, making, interfering, ultimate, connected, information

Emojify Chrome extension download
Emojify Emojify is an extension that let's you view and input Emojis in chrome on webpages! How to enter emojis: Click Emojify's button in…

emojis, emoji, fixed, rendering, emojify, added, extension, hangouts, page, chrome, click, support, websites, work, softbank

Block Yourself from Analytics Chrome extension download
Block Yourself from Analytics Block your Google Analytics™ activity for the websites you own, no more false stats.

websites, v2, website, extension, analytics, google, domain, chrome, block, list, quot, wildchar, match, manage, stats

GameLoad - play Unity Games (Win only) Chrome extension download
GameLoad - play Unity Games (Win only) Run Unity games through your browser in local application. (Windows only)

unity, games, run, extension, windows, gameload, chrome, app, browser, systems, operation, chromebooks, flash, link, external

NoCountryRedirect (NCR) Chrome extension download
NoCountryRedirect (NCR) Makes sure you stay on and by automatically adding 'no country redirect' ('/ncr') to those URLs

google, klevstul, extension, ncr, quot, https, change, issues, nocountryredirect, code, version, domains, chrome, frode, disable

DevTools Autosave Chrome extension download
DevTools Autosave Saves changes in CSS and JS that was made via Chrome DevTools

chrome, tincr, autosave, google, installation, instructions, m24s, screencast, vimeo, devtools, doesn, js, github, saves, css

Screen Resolution Tester Chrome extension download
Screen Resolution Tester Select a screen resolution and this extension changes the browser size to match it.

screen, browser, resolution, extension, tester, resolutions, millions, tens, list, websites, view, developers, users, data, window

CardCounter for Trello Chrome extension download
CardCounter for Trello Shows the number of cards in every list in Trello. Adds support for Kanban limits.

version, trello, cards, limit, update, list, updated, added, donate, enabled, filters, red, show, support, extension

Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout Chrome extension download
Toggle Fullscreen in Hangout This extension enables Maximizing the Video/Screencast part of a Hangout and have it fullscreen if you toggle browser with…

hangout, doubleclick, browser, works, fullscreen, google, video, paragraph, needed, columns, normal, big, version, check, feature

Bookmark Search Chrome extension download
Bookmark Search Search for bookmarks from the omnibox.

quot, bookmarks, option, page, match, permission, javascript, extension, tab, due, version, bookmark, chrome, fixed, changed

Tab Activate Chrome extension download
Tab Activate New tabs open immediately instead of in the background.

tab, activate, tabs, chrome, background, data, permissions, required, open, bookmarks, shift, read, version, key, immediately Chrome extension download Bitly - URL Shortening Service

url, shortening, features, enhancements, http, links, sharing, permissions, service, auto, social, short, provide, support, order

Always on Top Chrome extension download
Always on Top Open an address inside a window that stays on top

chrome, aot, window, page, due, permission, option, work, app, google, extension, quot, videos, os, based

Prioritab Chrome extension download
Prioritab A new tab page to remind you of your priorities

priorities, time, tab, v1, day, quot, page, ability, customize, edited, line, user, v0, formats, bitvitez

Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Chrome extension download
Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Extension that adds a lot of useful features to Trello

fixed, trello, cards, quot, issue, ultimello, sorting, date, sort, order, card, issues, board, labels, features

Autocomplete on Chrome extension download
Autocomplete on Changes 'autocomplete=off' to 'autocomplete=on' in web pages, so your passwords will be remembered.

clone, passwords, autocomplete, access, chrome, start, https, trust, extensions, websites, related, source, ecpgkdflcnofdbbkiggklcfmgbnbabhh, code, updated

Lounge Companion (Dota 2 & CS:GO) Chrome extension download
Lounge Companion (Dota 2 & CS:GO) The best community addon for csgolounge and dota2lounge

csgolounge, companion, user, item, extension, enhanced, amount, betting, backgrounds, community, styled, statistics, custom, match, information

HoofSounds Chrome extension download
HoofSounds Listen to pony radio stations 24/7!

v1, firefox, chrome, radio, hoofsounds, stations, song, songs, fixed, fix, info, bug, fixes, issue, chat

Trello Card Numbers Chrome extension download
Trello Card Numbers Adds card numbers to a variety of places when using Trello.

card, numbers, trello, adds, number, cards, github, extension, https, comments, change, boards, reveals, discussing, viewing

Ultimate News Chrome extension download
Ultimate News Find your favorite news sites from your Chrome™ New Tab in an Instant!..

software, quot, including, chrome, part, unauthorized, purposes, copying, making, interfering, extension, news, connected, information, license

Gmail Show Time Chrome extension download
Gmail Show Time Shows full date/time in email listing and detail headers.

email, time, version, minor, detail, extension, shows, fix, format, date, function, preview, library, pm, support

AnyPerk Extension Chrome extension download
AnyPerk Extension Notifies you when you browse to a site that currently offers a perk on

anyperk, extension, site, browse, login, perk, discounts, access, required, benefits, small, scenes, enjoy, registered, special

Page2RSS Chrome extension download
Page2RSS Follow changes to any website in your RSS reader.

page2rss, extension, page, icon, feature, group, web, feeds, rss, bug, reader, popup, comment, open, discussion

ShinyPage - free themes for Facebook Chrome extension download
ShinyPage - free themes for Facebook Free themes and skins for Facebook

facebook, layouts, shinypage, themes, free, yandex, interesting, designed, safebrowsing, chrome, extension, buil, developed, thousands, personalized

dataslayer Chrome extension download
dataslayer Debug and test tag management (Google Tag Manager, Tealium) and analytics implementations.

chrome, dataslayer, data, dtm, analytics, variables, bug, layers, adobe, gtm, including, tag, show, option, fix

OPDeals - Find the best deals on Chrome extension download
OPDeals - Find the best deals on Highlight the best deals on!

deals, extension, steam, chrome, market, border, price, opskins, good, based, strike, colors, ranges, counter, op

Flash sale Helper Chrome extension download
Flash sale Helper Easy way to buy phones in Flash sale

sale, flash, easy, buy, gb, silver, redmi, grey, dark, gold, script, helper, chrome, update, extension

Ad Guarded Plus Premium Chrome extension download
Ad Guarded Plus Premium Unmatched adblock extension against advertising and pop-ups. Blocks ads on Facebook, Youtube and all other websites.

quot, extension, facebook, operation, guarded, advertising, premium, chrome, fixed, configuration, installation, problem, websites, youtube, ads

Friend Inviter PRO 2016 - Invite All Friends Chrome extension download
Friend Inviter PRO 2016 - Invite All Friends Invite all friends to Facebook Event or Page in one click. Friend Inviter PRO 2016 automatically scrolls & selects all FB friends.

facebook, friends, invite, friend, extension, extensions, browser, support, fbleadapp, pages, event, page, pro, events, fb

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