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Point Chrome extension download
Point Point is a quick way to share and discuss what you find online.

send point chat, cookies permission, web request blocking, open chat, share chat, securely send, point chrome extension requests, web browsing activity, google chrome permissions, point chrome, notifications permission, send point, open point, open point chat, intercept web requests, point website, open chat pages, different login experience, new message updates, send link, chrome permissions

Live Helper Chat Chrome extension download
Live Helper Chat Monitor chat requests from Live Helper Chat without opening a chat

live helper, idle time, php version, lhc web index, extension options, live helper admin panel, monitor chat requests, iniset, chat, monitor pending chats, live helper chat, google chrome toolbar

Facebook Chat Only Chrome extension download
Facebook Chat Only Hides facebook's distractions such as the timeline, leaving only the chat service.

chat service, facebook distractions, hides, timeline leaving, activate chat, update notifications, facebook page, extensions button, chat, facebooks chat, easy access

Habitica Chat Client Chrome extension download
Habitica Chat Client This extension adds a Habitica chat client to

interactive chat box, markdown emoji support, chat client, messages markdown emoji support, chatextension features, guilds groups, submit bugs, mentions chat, click setup, oneclick setup, extension adds habitica chat, github chat extension, multilines support, facilitate interactions, parties guilds

SiteChat Chrome extension download
SiteChat ShoutBox chat allows to connect people who visit the same browser pages and creates real time chat between visitors.

meet random strangers, sitechat users, visit similar, real time chat, private chat file, youtube video pages, facebook pages, page chat, ebay auctions, video chat, use site chat, video pages, browser pages, sitechat chat, sitechat button, pinterest pages, web page chat

8 Ball Pool Chat Chrome extension download
8 Ball Pool Chat Do you play 8 Ball Pool? Would you like to chat with other players? 8 Ball Pool Chat adds a Chat section when you play the game on…

chat community, miniclip website install, gifts watch live youtube, chat section, ball pool, pool chat, ball pool chat, play ball pool, ball, players ball pool chat, youtube streaming, ball chat room

PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Chrome extension download
PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat) Join Worlds Largest Voice and Webcam Chat. Start chatting with Users from all over the world using PalTalk Express (Pop-up Chat).

chat room, opera web browser, top staff pick rooms, opera browsers, top right corner click, chat rooms, flash chat, paltalk express popup chat, join chat rooms, main chat, top rooms, flash chat application, paltalk express, popup chat popup, future releases, unique software, join chat room, main software, chat application

Husky Chat (beta) Chrome extension download
Husky Chat (beta) Husky Chat is a useful collaboration tool that you can use to chat with your friends on the same website, at the same time!

social logins, access websites, install husky chat, husky chat, side effect, chat, sites alert, useful collaboration tool, users data, browsing activity Chrome extension download One-click video conversations with text chat and screen sharing for up to 8 people for free.

room notifications, chat activity, oneclick video conversations, private conversations, text chat activity, chat room, free video chat, click video conversations, video chat, text chat, funny face expressions, video conversations, browsing data, native apps

Plug X Chrome extension download
Plug X Advanced features for Plug.DJ

individual username colors, chat image zoom, dj afk, custom mention, custom commands, chat popout, afk timers, current dj afk time, afk autorespond message, song alert song, play popup, display plug x command list, chat notification custom colors, dj alert, waitlist afk timers, custom chat colors, seamless integration allows, popout chat, custom chat popout

Screen Capturing for WebRTC Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing for WebRTC Screen Capturing for WebRTC

backend agent, unique feature, customer support, video chat voice, customer screen, screen sharing extension work, video chat, customer service, live chat software, voice call, main reason, text chat screen sharing, small plugin

Wat'sUp Web Close Chrome extension download
Wat'sUp Web Close This extension enables to close the current open chat and leave no question in sight.

extension enables, actual chat window, chats closed, whatsapp web version, question, actual chat, whatsapp, current open chat, close button, press esc key, sight

Radiant Community Extension Chrome extension download
Radiant Community Extension This extension automatically loads the Radiant Community Script when loading

alternative footer styling, chat history, custom mention highlights change, advanced moderation tools, custom styling, custom chat, supporter options brand ambassador tools, user grab, grab menu tv mode, video alternative styling, special chat, quick rollover tools, smart vote autowoot autograb, history checking song duration, tools chat, compact history view legacy, chat history export a facebook messenger for chrome Chrome extension download a facebook messenger for chrome a facebook chat-head experience on google chrome

popout chat head, facebook chat head experience, sends data, use, google chrome, facebook message, chathead experience, chat heads, youll start, new page, nice little popout, youll get, receive facebook message youll

Ingress Intel Improvement [BETA] Chrome extension download
Ingress Intel Improvement [BETA] Map and Comm improvement for the Ingress Intel Map

event icons, team chat alerts, specific colors, global chat, chat activity add filters, new players, identifiable highlighted, ingress intel map, world map, activity team chat alerts add filters, team chat, destroyed resonator, add filters

Voice Chat API Chrome extension download
Voice Chat API Start Talking

plivo websdk, feedback send, voice chat api, web browsers, chat room, voice chat room, nonmobile web browsers, free voice chat, src scripts, web service, audio conference, bug reports feedback, flowdock scripts blob, opensource audio

FremilyChat Chrome extension download
FremilyChat Chat colours and Icons from on-screen chat for Fremily

stream, chat colours, onscreen chat, fred emilys, give users custom users, live disabled, give users, stream chat, twitch stream, screen chat, users, fred emilys chat

Hubbr chat for Trello Chrome extension download
Hubbr chat for Trello Adds fully integrated chat for all your boards in Trello

next generation, primary trello card member, hubbr chat, trello board, card update, chat messages, shows board, beta users, major design update, task discussions, various minor improvements, icon turns, trello card, discuss button, trello cards, chat icon shows, course let, chat mentions

Tidio Chat Chrome extension download
Tidio Chat With this extension, you will remain online when you are using Google Chrome.

movie writing, google chrome users, graphics programe tidio chat, remain online, google chrome, recive notifications, graphics programe, offline messages, text editor, com site

Trello Chat Chrome extension download
Trello Chat Adds chat functionality to a board

chat functionality, report errors, small teams, markdown syntax, board easy, systems setup, slack skype, full markdown syntax, simple chat functionality, description text, initial working release, version history , description text box, trello chat, communicate quickly

Ghost for Chat Chrome extension download
Ghost for Chat Ghost for Chat allows you to vanish from Facebook’s chat and talk to whomever you’d like without getting caught.

vanish, ll leave, whomever, facebook, green balls, chat, ghost, talk, facebook chat, chat list, little green balls

YoutubeGaming Chat Moderator/Bot Chrome extension download
YoutubeGaming Chat Moderator/Bot This plugin allows you to create custom commands for YoutubeGaming Chat like those from other streaming platforms.

youtubegaming streamers, timed messages, streaming platform chats, plugin allows, platform chats, post message, chrome application built, youtubegaming chat, custom bot commands, chrome application, platforms, need custom, create custom commands, streaming platforms, commands, chat

TwitchPlaysN64 Controller Chrome extension download
TwitchPlaysN64 Controller An interactive controller to use with -- map controller input to your keyboard.

live stream, controller icon, browser controller, key bindings, map controller input, interactive controller, filter chat, aren focusing cursor, twitch chat box, chat box, new icon, mini controller, address bar, purple controller icon, new chat system, twitchplaysn64 live

FB Chat Layout Chrome extension download
FB Chat Layout An editor to 'DIY' your FB layout.

chrome facebook chat layout show button update, chrome button, fixed support, textarea didnt show, fixed problem, fixed critical bug, fixed api problem, layout problem, upper right corners, install press add, added minion layout, fixed layout, facebook chat layout, press show button, support side ticker, hello kitty layout, shin chan vi, didnt show, update extension, new fbs layout

Pretty Facebook Chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook Chat Prettify your Facebook chat. Bigger size, more animation, more... nice :-)

extension version, fb photo zoom extension, emoticon window instructions, follow instructions, facebookchatutmsource chromestore, bug fix, icon version, window shadow, size version, animation emoticon window instructions share, bigger size, facebook chat utm source, open source facebook chat version, shadow fixed bug, bug fix manage font size, fixed bug, facebook chat, utmcontent pfc prettify

Barc Chrome extension download
Barc Barc is a free and simple tool that lets you chat with other people who are browsing the same website. Current Features: * Share…

rich interactive polls, private chats rooms, simple tool, chat chat, log ip addresses, features share pictures, private chat, popular social media, features share, realtime language translation, live stream, different languages

SE Chat MathJax Chrome extension download
SE Chat MathJax A Chrome Extension that enables the use of MathJax in all open chat windows.

rooms website, mathjax, use, enables, comrooms website, chat, open chat windows, incorporate mathjax

Poonvis Chrome extension download
Poonvis Plugin for the G+ Hangout, auto expand "Chat" and "Swap" the preview panel to the top when you join a Hangout

auto swap, hangout chat window, another layout change, minor layout, hangout window, pop chat windows, google changes something, rob potvis hangout, tom atg version, tom atg, hangout auto chat, poonvis working, added support, hangout version, tom voute atg, hangout poonvis, google hangout, new layout changes, hangout auto, chat window, ter extension updates, g hangout pages

WhatsApp Launcher Chrome extension download
WhatsApp Launcher Fast Launcher for WhatsApp Web

whatsapp inc, whatsapp web, whatsapp launcher, window chat, chat window, setting notify number, web pages click, show amount, security chat, badge security chat, create simple, show amount contact, https protocol, web pages

TagPro Chat Enhancer Chrome extension download
TagPro Chat Enhancer Adds multiple features to enhance chat in TagPro.

webgame tagpro, tagpro, chat features, various chat features, web game tagpro, adds multiple features, enhance chat, multiple features

Twitch Chat Font Size Chrome extension download
Twitch Chat Font Size Use the plus and minus to change the font size in twitch chat.

twitch chat, chat buttons, twitchs new html structure v1, favourite channels, ease reading, fix issue, store version, work v1, text size larger, internal links, text size, font size

ShoutMatch Chrome extension download
ShoutMatch Displays the most popular cheers, jeers, and emotes used by the stream viewers.

create polls, fullscreen mode overlays, twitch chat window, popular phrases, messages shoutmatch, total usage stats, different chat lines, create watch panels, popularity increases, chat messages, popular cheers, recent trending phrases

Pretty Facebook chat Chrome extension download
Pretty Facebook chat Get now a new Pretty Facebook chat for free

template create, predefined template create, new cool chat, black screen, cool chat, pretty facebook chat, change log, template, change log, chat, black screen removed, facebook choose

Roll20 Colourise Chrome extension download
Roll20 Colourise This extension colours the text chat in Roll20.

colour variations, box, extension colours, roll20 chat box, text chat, v1, roll20, improved performance, colours, extension adds colours

Facebook Chat Encrypter Chrome extension download
Facebook Chat Encrypter A native encryption tool for Facebook messenger.

password click, decrypt messages, decrypt message, facebook messenger, lock icon, facebook messages, encryption tool, native encryption tool, simple lock icon, chat box, detailed instructions, chat encrypter, aes encryption, extension locally

Screen Sharing for Veditz Chrome extension download
Screen Sharing for Veditz This extension enables in-call Screen Sharing capabilities on You can share your screen during a video chat.

call screen, free peertopeer practice, tutoring platform, live interactive video, interactive video chat, chat session, education interpreting service, video chat, college subjects, interactive video paid tutoring education interpreting, paid tutoring, anyone learning, veditz video chat, math science sign, peer practice

BetterTTV Chrome extension download
BetterTTV BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more.

visual noise, features emotes, deleted links, usernamewordphrase highlighting, wordphrase blacklist, word phrase, dropdown menu, channel emotes, user list, betterttv settings, chat lines, new features, easy reading, betterttv enhances, betterttv chat, chat settings, extra emoticons, massunban channel

Save Telegram Chat History Chrome extension download
Save Telegram Chat History Dumps your Telegram chat history with an active peer to plaintext.

active peer, messenger, history, bit disappointed, telegram, easy accessible save conversation, telegram chat history, telegram messenger, weve written chrome, dumps, plaintext

Tris Chrome extension download
Tris Search any and see others searching same. Chat with other Searchers in real-time. Create Alerts to be notified when others search.

chrome new tab, tris chrome extension, home page, give instant feedback, real time, tris community members, chat live, create alerts, next person visits, new tabs

FrankerFaceZ Chrome extension download
FrankerFaceZ Use a variety of unique faces on Twitch!

chat moderation tools, twitch layout, custom channel emotes, chat customization, social experience, twitch, twitch enhancement suite, chat customization advanced chat moderation tools, unique features designed, unique features, unique faces, custom channel emotes twitch layout

Better Homestuck Chrome extension download
Better Homestuck Improves the Homestuck reading experience

current page, controls arrow, homestuck reading experience, homestuck reading, homestuck experience, minor things, instant load times, chat lines, autoexpanded chat logs, handles special pages, expanded chat, next page, minor page style tweaks, minor page

Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Automation Chrome extension download
Dux-Soup for LinkedIn Automation LinkedIn automation software to find leads and engage with prospects.

happy review, chat support, linkedin automation software, dux soup, support site, 1on1 support calls, customer support, google chrome, live chat support, dux soup soup, facebook dux soup, manual data entry, every single profile, duxsoup youtube channel, find leads

fb Chat Styler Chrome extension download
fb Chat Styler Tweaks facebook chat to make statuses (stati?) more obvious.

url bar, status people, live editing, hide people, facebook chat, address bar button, new features, display contacts, change colours, make statuses, edit options, changelog

GChat Pix Chrome extension download
GChat Pix Send and view images in Google Chat

sharing images, view images, old google chat, desktop onto, share images, chat window, clickable thumbnails, note uploaded images, google hangouts, automatically uploaded, new google hangouts, uploaded images, google chat

LiveChat - live chat and help desk software Chrome extension download
LiveChat - live chat and help desk software LiveChat - live chat software and help desk software for online sales and customer service

simple webbased application, help desk software, customer service scores, online sales, customer service agents, simple web, website visitors, banking governmental manufacturing healthcare, invoke additional setup, software distribution, chat software, customer service, live chat software

DubX Chrome extension download
DubX Automatically loads DubX on

spacebar mute, custom background plug, passionate developers, autovote chat, theme community theme, script extension, extension script, afk autorespond community, dub x team, video chat, fullscreen video work mode, dub x, dj theme community theme twitch emotes, emoji preview, video video

Twitch Plays Pokemon Chat Fix Chrome extension download
Twitch Plays Pokemon Chat Fix Removes seeing other user's commands in chat, so that you can actually see what matters

extension hides messages, user commands, read actual messages, matters, removes, actual messages, commands, chat, user

Facebook Chat Auto Responder Chrome extension download
Facebook Chat Auto Responder Facebook Chat Auto Responder

extension allows, multiple facebook chat trigger keywords, facebook, auto responder, creation, trigger keywords, chat box, trigger, multiple facebook, facebook chat auto responder

facemoji - Stickers and emoji for Facebook Chrome extension download
facemoji - Stickers and emoji for Facebook Stickers, emoji (hidden emoticons) and drawing board for Facebook

chat group, di xem hng dn, tr web gi emoji, send stickers, ngay tr n web, emoji trong comment, ngi nhn kh ng cn c i, facebook web, tr n facebook web v th m, ch gi bn, chat tr facebook web, stickers group chat, nng ch nh, trong comment, dng sticker, vn c th, stickers emoji, trong chat, gi sticker, tin ch gi p bn c th, trong l c chat

Unseen FB Chat Chrome extension download
Unseen FB Chat BY med0101

blocks facebooks read receipts, blocks, sent, www, tunisiasat, tunisia sat, com, receipts, chat list, med0101

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