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Next Browser Sync Plus for Chrome Chrome extension download
Next Browser Sync Plus for Chrome With Next Browser Sync Plus, you can sync bookmarks directly to your mobile devieces in Next Browser.

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Cleaner Chrome extension download
Cleaner Cleaner Extension

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Browser Locker Chrome extension download
Browser Locker Lock your browser after a period of inactivity.

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Legacy Browser Support Chrome extension download
Legacy Browser Support Deploy Chrome for your organization while supporting legacy browsers.

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Brennan B2 Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Brennan B2 Chrome Extension Redirects browser audio to Brennan B2 over home network

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AppJump App Launcher and Organizer Chrome extension download
AppJump App Launcher and Organizer Quickly launch Apps from browser toolbar. Organize Apps and Extensions into Groups. Manage Apps and Extensions with ease.

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Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome Chrome extension download
Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome ZenMate Free VPN is the best free VPN Chrome extension to hide your IP, Fast & Anonymous VPN. Free Download with 80+ VPN locations.

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OneClick Cleaner for Chrome Chrome extension download
OneClick Cleaner for Chrome Is Chrome browser Slow? Clean up browsing data. Make your Chrome browser more faster and Protect your privacy!!

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Fluid Browser Chrome extension download
Fluid Browser The Fluid Extension works with Fluid Browser to open up any Chrome URL's within Fluid Browser. This can be anything from articles…

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PassBrow: Browser Password/Site Blocking Chrome extension download
PassBrow: Browser Password/Site Blocking Protect your browser with a synced password on any browser using the same account and keep any site you want blocked.

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OpenOffice for Chrome Chrome extension download
OpenOffice for Chrome The free Chrome companion to OpenOffice

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HostCopy Chrome extension download
HostCopy Only copies the hostname of the current window to the clipboard. Check out

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Extended S3 Browser Chrome extension download
Extended S3 Browser An extension to browse S3 files on your chrome browser.

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Automatic Browser Chrome extension download
Automatic Browser Automatic Browser browses for you, just like you would.

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unTabs Chrome extension download
unTabs Easily convert your Chrome tabs to a list, save tabs in one or more groups and restore them back to tabs in a click.

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Zoom for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Zoom for Google Chrome Zoom in or out on web content using the zoom button and mouse scroll wheel for more comfortable reading. That to each percent value.

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Ambient Aurea for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Ambient Aurea for Google Chrome The best way to focus that photo or image and add it to one photo gallery with ambient lighting effects.

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TabletGuide pushberichten Chrome extension download
TabletGuide pushberichten Via deze Chrome extensie ontvang je een pushbericht bij belangrijk tabletnieuws.

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MEW CX - is now Enkrypt Chrome extension download
MEW CX - is now Enkrypt MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension is now Enkrypt

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EasyContactNow Chrome extension download
EasyContactNow EasyContactNow Click-to-call Extension

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New Tab Reloaded Chrome extension download
New Tab Reloaded Restore the previous new tab page for Chrome 33+.

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Luba AutoReload Chrome extension download
Luba AutoReload Refresh or reload the browser on a change of HTML, Javascript, CSS, SVG, ...

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SP Insider Chrome extension download
SP Insider SP Insider (SPI) for Chrome is a free SharePoint Discovery tool for Developers and supports SharePoint Online/Office 365, 2016 and…

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System Information Chrome extension download
System Information Displays your system information

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Tab Across Chrome extension download
Tab Across Exchange browser sessions among any devices

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Proficy WebSpace Chrome extension download
Proficy WebSpace Proficy WebSpace browser plug-in.

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Time etc Chrome extension download
Time etc Add Time etc to your Chrome browser and you'll be able to send tasks to your Time etc assistant with just one click

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Toby for Chrome Chrome extension download
Toby for Chrome Better than bookmarks. Organize your browser tabs and access them quickly anywhere.

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Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Analytics Opt-out Add-on (by Google) Tells the Google Analytics JavaScript not to send information to Google Analytics.

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Impero Education Pro Chrome extension download
Impero Education Pro Provides content authorisation for Impero

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Impero Education Pro Chrome extension download
Impero Education Pro Provides content authorisation for Impero

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Count Tabs Chrome extension download
Count Tabs Count of tabs opened across all the browser windows. If the tabs are more then it is time to close some & improve system performance

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TrackMeNot Chrome extension download
TrackMeNot TMN portage on Chrome

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Mecoosh Play Chrome extension download
Mecoosh Play Provides quick access to movies, movies sites, trailers and many more

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Tab Home Chrome extension download
Tab Home Home button for tabs. Takes you back to your tab's start URL. Ideal for your pinned tabs & Chrome apps as well normal browser tabs.

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Download Manager Button Chrome extension download
Download Manager Button Browser Action Download Manager User Interface for Google Chrome

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Lock Chrome extension download
Lock Credits MyGLuck & A.S. A Distinctly Ahead Innovative Security Solution

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Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Chrome Chrome extension download
Browsec VPN - Free VPN for Chrome Browsec VPN is a Chrome VPN extension that protects your IP from Internet threats and lets you browse privately for free.

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IDS Server Chrome extension download
IDS Server IDS Server browser plug-in.

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Context Menu Blocker Chrome extension download
Context Menu Blocker Disable right on the whole google chrome browser

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TV Remote for Philips Smart TV Chrome extension download
TV Remote for Philips Smart TV Full control over your Philips tv from your browser so you can leave that remote on the table

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GPS Link Chrome extension download
GPS Link Use your phone GPS in desktop Chrome browser

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Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) Chrome extension download
Set password for your browser ( chrome lock ) This extension will allow users to set password for the browser to avoid unauthorized access. Prompts for password on chrome startup

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AOL OneClick Chrome extension download
AOL OneClick Provides quick access to for entertainment

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DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Chrome extension download
DuckieTV - 'Browser Action' mode Manage your favorite TV series and movies from within your browser with the click of a button

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ClearBrowserData Chrome extension download
ClearBrowserData Clear all browser data with one simple click.

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.csv_File_Automatic_open_in_Microsoft_Excel Chrome extension download
.csv_File_Automatic_open_in_Microsoft_Excel Download any URL reached with CSV file and automatically opens in Mircrosoft Excel at Client End

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Unblock-Us Auto Activator Chrome extension download
Unblock-Us Auto Activator Automatically updates your IP address in Unblock-Us DNS service.

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Stanfurd Chrome extension download
Stanfurd Replace Stanford with Stanfurd.

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Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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