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Google Dictionary (by Google) Chrome extension download
Google Dictionary (by Google) View definitions easily as you browse the web.

extension, chrome, extensions, history, store, view, words, google, chinese, open, tabs, word, web, looked, click

Disconnect Chrome extension download
Disconnect Make the web faster, more private, and more secure.

disconnect, lt, chrome, faster, checked, gt, io, search, web, extension, track, websites, means, green, tracking

Hover Zoom Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

images, google, sites, zoom, specific, http, options, files, reddit, chrome, page, imgur, facebook, faq, pcmag

New Tab Redirect Chrome extension download
New Tab Redirect Allows a user to provide the URL of the page that loads in a new tab.

page, tab, omnibar, version, redirect, chrome, permissions, extensions, custom, tabs, extension, google, wiki, highlight, https

Advanced Font Settings Chrome extension download
Advanced Font Settings Customize per-script font settings.

font, settings, extension, chrome, script, language, content, quot, html, lang, attribute, web, page, customize, separate

Earth View from Google Earth Chrome extension download
Earth View from Google Earth Experience a beautiful image from Google Earth every time you open a new tab.

image, chrome, earth, google, images, tab, gallery, beautiful, extensions, favorite, satellite, ensure, performance, wallpaper, disable

Password Alert Chrome extension download
Password Alert Password Alert helps protect against phishing attacks.

password, alert, google, chrome, protect, administrator, receive, faq, https, enter, page, keystrokes, alerts, thumbnail, source

Tab Resize - split screen layouts Chrome extension download
Tab Resize - split screen layouts Split Screen made easy. Resize the CURRENT tab and tabs to the RIGHT into layouts on separate windows. w/ Multi Monitor Support.

tab, resize, tabs, layouts, windows, multiple, extension, support, extensions, ctrl, undo, side, chrome, screen, shortcut

Tab Scissors Chrome extension download
Tab Scissors This extension splits a window into two at the selected tab.

glue, window, chrome, tab, tabs, extension, side, selected, windows, left, cut, alt, organization, including, shortcut

Tab Glue Chrome extension download
Tab Glue This extension glues windows together.

windows, tabs, window, tab, chrome, glue, cut, selected, side, minimized, alt, extension, scissors, splits, tool

We Heart It Chrome extension download
We Heart It Official We Heart It Google Chrome extension

heart, chrome, website, extensionsend, images, official, google, extension, page

Dark Reader Chrome extension download
Dark Reader Care your eyes, invert page colors, use dark theme for night and daily browsing.

chrome, extension, web, dark, page, inverted, sites, eyes, pages, extensions, invert, filter, switching, https, night

Check My Links Chrome extension download
Check My Links Check My Links is a link checker that crawls through your webpage and looks for broken links.

links, version, page, check, extension, http, broken, method, web, valid, attributes, quickly, chrome, urls, checking

Simple Highlighter (deprecated) Chrome extension download
Simple Highlighter (deprecated) Highlights, annotates, translates, full or quick references (eg:, wikipedia), speech, and more

extension, chrome, highlights, highlighter, google, simple, page, support, text, menu, speech, disable, popup, extensions, options

FB Chat Layout Chrome extension download
FB Chat Layout An editor to 'DIY' your FB layout.

layout, quot, added, chat, chrome, fixed, update, facebook, ver, extension, change, support, minion, click, problem

Refresh Monkey Chrome extension download
Refresh Monkey Automatically refresh a page at set interval. Monitor the page for a change and get notified in case of change. And more............

refresh, page, chrome, time, v1, change, tabs, google, toolbar, set, interval, extensions, successfully, tab, monitoring

Yellow highlighter pen for web Chrome extension download
Yellow highlighter pen for web It's a FREE Yellow Highlighter Pen for Webpages. You can point out important information in long webpages by highlighting text…

highlighter, tool, page, ver, marker, http, twitter, webpages, version, premium, chrome, pen, share, media, social

timeStats Chrome extension download
timeStats You will be surprised how much time you spent on particular web pages.

time, extensions, statistics, wips, chrome, visited, websites, showing, spend, stats, browsing, utm, add, timestats, sites

Direct APK Downloader Chrome extension download
Direct APK Downloader Download free APK files from Google Play Store

apk, chrome, play, download, google, visit, extensions, downloader, extension, free, files, storedirect, androidappsapk, https, information

Shareaholic for Pinterest Chrome extension download
Shareaholic for Pinterest Send images from any website to your pinboards.

extension, button, chrome, shareaholic, pinterest, extensions, gl, count, pin, http, picture, images, blog, video, youtube

Private Search Chrome extension download
Private Search With Private Search you can search the web without tracking your search history or any personally identifiable information

search, extension, chrome, click, private, quot, easy, extensions, php, browser, icon, policy, privacy, http, hand

Protect My Choices Chrome extension download
Protect My Choices Helps preserve your opt-out choices for interest-based ads from companies participating in the DAA Self-Regulatory Program.

choices, opt, extension, companies, extensions, based, advertising, participating, set, outs, interest, browser, chrome, program, update

Cookie Manager Chrome extension download
Cookie Manager Manage cookies and protect privacy. Add, edit and delete cookies through toolbar. Search cookies if there are many

cookies, cookie, delete, options, toolbar, extensions, chrome, manager, add, gt, context, menu, icon, search, click

Disable Extensions Temporarily Chrome extension download
Disable Extensions Temporarily Temporarily disable all your extensions with one click. Click again and you re-enable all your previously disabled extensions.

extensions, click, temporarily, previously, disable, chrome, enable, extension, enabled, easy, disabled, remembers, free

Kappa Everywhere - Global Twitch Emotes Chrome extension download
Kappa Everywhere - Global Twitch Emotes Replaces Twitch emote text with the actual emotes on all websites

emotes, chrome, emote, text, replaces, twitch, extensions, added, extension, kappa, quot, websites, current, iframes, bttv

Chrome extension source viewer Chrome extension download
Chrome extension source viewer View source code of Chrome extensions, Firefox addons or Opera extensions (crx/nex/xpi) from the Chrome web store and elsewhere.

extension, view, chrome, source, extensions, file, crx, files, code, download, button, web, quot, options, url

Incognito-Filter Chrome extension download
Incognito-Filter Open specific websites in a sandboxed Incognito Window, permanently.

incognito, websites, chrome, inkognito, log, window, sites, extension, open, facebook, services, visit, extensions, filter, google

Photo Zoom for Twitter Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Twitter Adds large size preview images to your Twitter web.

twitter, ver, support, zoom, photo, size, screen, avatar, images, softpedia, http, chrome, fix, clean, run

getPrivate Chrome extension download
getPrivate With getPrivate you can search the web without tracking your search history or any personally identifiable information

search, extension, chrome, click, quot, extensions, privacy, private, easy, browser, icon, policy, http, hand, corner

Download Button Chrome extension download
Download Button Opens Downloads tab from Toolbar and Context Menu. Options available to change icon, remove from context menu etc.

icon, context, menu, options, downloads, tab, click, opens, chrome, extensions, added, change, toolbar, fit, gt

Benchwarmer : Dribbble New tab extension Chrome extension download
Benchwarmer : Dribbble New tab extension Hands down the best Dribbble chrome extensions. Show shots everytime you open up a new tab in Chrome

added, bug, dribbble, shots, tab, extension, larger, update, username, image, api, feed, open, latest, window

Dictionary Lookup Chrome extension download
Dictionary Lookup Look up any word in an inline frame with a simple click and without leaving the page.

lookup, inline, extensions, word, icon, dictionary, extension, open, chrome, click, definitions, pages, page, select, box

Win7 Scrollbars Chrome extension download
Win7 Scrollbars Scrollbars that match Windows 7's native appearance.

chrome, scrollbars, access, extensions, quot, win7, warning, extension, native, urls, css, work, tools, buttons, arrow

Check All Chrome extension download
Check All Check All checkboxes in current tab. Other options available are Uncheck all, Inverse checks, Restict checks to particular element

element, check, checks, page, restrict, inverse, extensions, uncheck, boxes, chrome, panel, checkboxes, current, selectors, list

Reader View Chrome extension download
Reader View Transplanted from Safari's Reader View module. Just click a icon in the address bar and you'll get a readability page.

page, chrome, click, extensions, view, reading, extension, enjoy, bar, address, icon, setting, comfortable, bottom, reader

Twitch Stream Chrome extension download
Twitch Stream Know when your favorite channel is streaming online.

extensions, channel, wips, twitch, extension, live, chrome, streaming, stream, icon, team, developer, tv, hear, happy

Lovely Dogs Chrome extension download
Lovely Dogs We love dogs. So do you. Start your day with a beautiful picture that will give you a perfect mood!

dogs, chrome, day, lovely, check, code, give, deactivate, picture, beautiful, fully, tab, app, extensions, hope

Quick Tabs Chrome extension download
Quick Tabs A keyboard centric most recently used (MRU) ordered tab list plugin with search and switch functionality inspired by IntelliJ IDEA

tabs, tab, search, chrome, quick, popup, browser, select, shortcut, default, bookmarks, extension, switch, open, mru

myPrivate Chrome extension download
myPrivate With myPrivate you can search the web without tracking your search history or any personally identifiable information

search, extension, chrome, click, quot, extensions, privacy, private, easy, myprivate, browser, icon, policy, http, hand

Close Tabs Chrome extension download
Close Tabs Context menu to close - tabs to the left, tabs to the right, other tabs, tabs from same domain, current tab, window and more

close, tabs, context, click, menu, chrome, options, tab, current, extensions, window, domain, http, gt, popup

Lionel Messi New Tab Chrome extension download
Lionel Messi New Tab Lionel Messi Fan? Start each day with the Lionel Messi's most gorgeous pictures!

messi, chrome, extension, lionel, tab, navigation, complain, ping, day, visited, easy, football, extensions, suggestion, drop

Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs Chrome extension download
Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs Toggle between your current and last used (focused) tab with a keyboard shortcut (ALT+Q by default) or mouse click on the icon.

extension, chrome, keyboard, shortcut, tab, alt, tabs, orschiro, default, https, bug, switcher, github, toggle, type

MyPrivateSearch Chrome extension download
MyPrivateSearch The myPrivateSearch extension detects and redirects non-private searches to privacy-enhanced search results.

extension, myprivatesearch, search, chrome, click, policy, quot, extensions, privacy, easy, searches, browser, icon, https, hand

Screen Capturing Chrome extension download
Screen Capturing Capture full-screen or specific application's screen on any HTTPs domain!

extension, screen, quot, webrtc, https, chrome, capturing, html, pages, sharing, master, tree, deploy, code, getscreenid

no.tify Chrome extension download
no.tify no.tify enables other extensions to get the notifications for websites like Gmail, Google Reader and Windows Live Mail.

notify, tify, chrome, items, notifications, extension, extensions, set, google, https, page, click, rss, install, site

Name2Email by Reply Chrome extension download
Name2Email by Reply Find email based on someone's name

email, person, chrome, corporate, emails, find, firstname, address, reset, rapportive, sidekick, additional, extension, extensions, tool

Cars New Tab Chrome extension download
Cars New Tab Cars Fan? Start each day with the Cars's most gorgeous pictures!

extension, cool, cars, chrome, visited, tab, appreciated, apps, features, bookmarks, quot, hd, google, eye, ratings

Click to Tab Chrome extension download
Click to Tab Click on a link to open it in new tab instead of opening it in current tab. Options available open tabs in background or disable it

tab, click, link, open, background, extensions, default, options, chrome, disable, option, fixed, quot, linux, http

Save Webpage As Word Document Chrome extension download
Save Webpage As Word Document Create Microsoft Word document from complete or selected content of multiple web pages.

extension, chrome, document, pages, web, word, page, selected, urls, local, html, tabs, fonts, update, converted

Cristiano Ronaldo New Tab Chrome extension download
Cristiano Ronaldo New Tab Cristiano Ronaldo Fan? Start each day with the Cristiano Ronaldo's most gorgeous pictures!

chrome, ronaldo, day, cristiano, tab, extension, football, ping, extensions, inspires, links, visited, greatest, decided, pong

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