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Google Similar Pages Chrome extension download
Google Similar Pages Discover webpages similar to the page you're currently browsing.

extension, pages, google, similar, chrome, query, coming, en, page, browsing, discover, html, time, policy, http

Humble New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Humble New Tab Page Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, recently closed, and weather in a custom layout.

version, added, fixed, weather, apps, chrome, bookmarks, default, closed, option, folder, background, tab, menu, columns

Notifier for Twitter Chrome extension download
Notifier for Twitter Brings new tweet notifications to Chrome - You'll never need a desktop client again!

twitter, tweets, support, version, extension, desktop, view, chrome, window, reply, browser, improved, notifications, fixed, tweet

WebRTC Leak Prevent Chrome extension download
WebRTC Leak Prevent Prevent WebRTC leaks, without blocking WebRTC.

webrtc, chrome, github, leaks, options, based, extension, prevent, https, support, error, version, username, leak, instructions

ADB Chrome extension download
ADB ADB Plugin for remote debugging Chrome on Android (Now deprecated)

chrome, adb, remote, extension, debugging, android, deprecated, plugin, github, window, update, version, google, googlechrome, run

Image Search Options Chrome extension download
Image Search Options Image Search Options for Chrome provides a set of highly customizable reverse image search context menu options.

options, image, search, illust, chrome, version, customizable, set, net, menu, extension, context, request, add, feature

Image Size Info Chrome extension download
Image Size Info Inserts option in image context menu to view image width, height and file size.

v1, image, option, http, size, view, date, chrome, file, change, extension, version, log, info, website

Auto Copy Chrome extension download
Auto Copy Automatically copy selected text to the clipboard. Has options for copying as plain text; including the URL in the copied text; etc.

extension, added, copy, v4, text, v1, options, comment, automatically, disable, chrome, v2, enable, copied, support

Delicious Tools Chrome extension download
Delicious Tools Quick access to saving Delicious bookmarks. Customizable keyboard shortcut. Selected text populates your notes field.

delicious, extension, chrome, update, issue, https, longer, chromedeli, popup, shortcut, window, save, text, toolbar, version

Le Lenny Face Chrome extension download
Le Lenny Face Quickly copy Le Lenny Face and other funny faces and paste them everywhere!

extension, chrome, face, click, faces, lenny, clipboard, copied, funny, updated, older, quot, latest, version, copy

Ultimate Inbox Chrome extension download
Ultimate Inbox Show your favorite inboxs in one place.

software, quot, including, favorite, chrome, part, extension, unauthorized, purposes, copying, making, interfering, ultimate, connected, information

Vine for Chrome Chrome extension download
Vine for Chrome Awesome Vine app for Chrome. Fun, Quick, Simple

vine, version, chrome, comment, added, login, comments, icon, fixed, menu, app, feed, vines, profile, explore

Vocabla: translate English words Chrome extension download
Vocabla: translate English words Translate English words using double-click.

words, english, version, vocabla, read, chrome, http, settings, pop, click, russian, plugin, works, vocabulary, learning

Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key Chrome extension download
Duplicate Tab Shortcut Key Adds a shortcut key to allow duplicating a tab.

tab, extension, chrome, page, shortcut, google, true, keyboard, quot, functionality, key, requesting, options, duplicate, enable

Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs Chrome extension download
Toggle Switch Recent Last Tabs Toggle between your current and last used (focused) tab with a keyboard shortcut (ALT+Q by default) or mouse click on the icon.

extension, chrome, keyboard, shortcut, tab, alt, tabs, orschiro, default, https, bug, switcher, github, toggle, type

Download on my freebox Chrome extension download
Download on my freebox Démarre les téléchargements sur le freebox revolution server

de, le, les, en, sur, du, freebox, pour, local, remote, version, plugin, la, chargements, est

HTTP Trace Chrome extension download
HTTP Trace Tracks all HTTP requests made from the current tab.

http, tab, chrome, requests, request, landing, finally, current, livehttpheaders, redirects, resulting, version, trace, extension, responses

KMineSweeper Chrome extension download
KMineSweeper A Classic MineSweeper game with beautiful graphics and score board

extension, game, sweeper, flags, github, facebook, features, chrome, board, score, version, work, kminesweeper, code, time

Force Background Tab Chrome extension download
Force Background Tab Force New Tab Running In Background

version, open, tab, bugfix, add, improved, chrome, mode, active, background, flash, extension, tabs, click, update

Team Liquid Streams++ Chrome extension download
Team Liquid Streams++ Team Liquid Stream Viewer (Fork)

version, streams, stream, extension, race, types, columns, net, selection, options, type, team, chrome, liquid, favorites

efTwo (F2) - Advanced Find on Page Chrome extension download
efTwo (F2) - Advanced Find on Page Find one or more words on a page and don't worry about their connection or inflection (replacing the glass = replaced all glasses)

page, word, search, eftwo, bugfixes, find, words, box, lifehacker, f2, support, google, http, highlight, settings

KanMeet Calendar Synchronizer for Evernote Chrome extension download
KanMeet Calendar Synchronizer for Evernote Easily Synchronize Google Calendar with Evernote

evernote, kanmeet, google, quot, chrome, calendar, extension, notebook, stay, events, minor, issues, users, logged, fixed

Points for Trello Chrome extension download
Points for Trello Enhance Trello's cards with freely configurable points

points, quot, trello, google, options, cards, add, chrome, version, tshirt, fix, handling, extension, system, scrum

nzbget-chrome Chrome extension download
nzbget-chrome Interact with and send NZB-files to NZBGet

download, nzbget, support, downloads, popup, nzb, show, history, click, integration, chrome, category, fixes, current, dakky

Scroll Bar 1 (Blue) Chrome extension download
Scroll Bar 1 (Blue) A Blue color rounded corner scroll bar.

extension, bar, chrome, scroll, blue, browser, change, mind, extensions, successfully, default, replaces, rounded, corner, color

TubeToTV Chrome extension download
TubeToTV Play Youtube videos on your TV using your XBMC

youtube, added, xbmc, video, layout, work, fixed, issue, videos, configuration, button, update, extension, buttons, add

W3Techs Website Technology Information Chrome extension download
W3Techs Website Technology Information Shows which web technologies the current site is using.

web, information, chrome, languages, networks, content, systems, technologies, shows, site, side, extension, w3techs, future, quality

Ultimate Shopping Chrome extension download
Ultimate Shopping Find your favorite shopping site (ebay, Amazon, aliexpress and more) in an Instant!.

software, quot, including, shopping, part, chrome, favorite, extension, unauthorized, purposes, copying, making, interfering, computer, connected

Crazy Taxi Chrome extension download
Crazy Taxi One click to play your favorite Crazy Taxi game.

extension, chrome, version, crazy, taxi, kill, issue, google, ll, game, click, play, favorite, games, surfing

arXiv citation Chrome extension download
arXiv citation Convenient arXiv citation for reference managers (i.e. Endnote)

arxiv, chrome, extension, file, google, endnote, webpage, citation, select, quot, older, bug, rarely, gmail, caused

MiddleButtonScroll Chrome extension download
MiddleButtonScroll Adds smooth scrolling for the middle button auto-scroll and improves the UI.

chrome, plugin, scroll, pages, issue, april, http, note, scrolling, version, adds, fix, click, dev, extension

Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1 Chrome extension download
Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1 Copies Delicious bookmarks to the Google Chrome bookmark bar. Groups them by tag in named folders on the bookmark bar. It is sweet.

chrome, added, delicious, tags, tag, bug, sync, folders, bookmarks, fixed, notes, bar, login, bookmark, extension

ATLANTIS 3D Editor Launcher Chrome extension download
ATLANTIS 3D Editor Launcher This extension will Launch ATLANTIS 3D Editor 2.0+ as standalone application from Chrome version 45+ that no longer support plugin.

chrome, extension, editor, longer, version, application, atlantis, standalone, launcher, support, plugin, launch

Window Tiler Chrome extension download
Window Tiler A chrome extension to quickly organize your windows.

chrome, windows, quickly, support, easily, dozens, multiscreen, extension, tabs, versions, multiple, quick, layouts, tab, displays

Etsy Hearts Counter Chrome extension download
Etsy Hearts Counter Etsy Hearts Counter from EtsyGadget.COM shows how many times have you hearted and unhearted something during an hour.

hearts, chrome, added, force, improved, counter, hearted, limit, etsy, reseting, favorited, hour, works, cases, counters

Live Cricket Scorecard Chrome extension download
Live Cricket Scorecard Live International Cricket Score Updates (from ESPN

chrome, version, cricket, scorecard, extension, updates, international, live, score, issue, auto, photos, google, fix, scores

URL Plus Chrome extension download
URL Plus Lets you plus [+] any part of the URL and finds the next [>] link

url, support, shortcuts, added, extension, quot, base, setup, special, chrome, including, alphanumeric, forget, regular, custom

Morning Coffee Chrome extension download
Morning Coffee Keeps track of routine websites and opens them in tabs

chrome, coffee, track, fulk, colt, websites, opens, created, routine, designed, dribbble, project, quot, firefox, https

Fobot Chrome extension download
Fobot Automated Form Operation by simple text to a textbox

version, quot, chrome, tab, textbox, run, user, fobot, text, stop, fixed, function, click, xxx, robot

IQDB Context Chrome extension download
IQDB Context Right-click anime images to reverse-image-search for larger versions through IQDB.

iqdb, extension, chrome, added, change, open, version, background, page, removed, quot, admin, brooks, special, characters

Emoji Chrome extension download
Emoji All Unicode Emojis. Click on any emoji to copy it instantly.

emojis, chrome, emoji, click, extension, menu, command, keyboard, paste, platform, context, copied, depend, system, operating

PriceDrop Chrome extension download
PriceDrop Track Amazon and Best Buy product prices and get notifications when they drop

version, product, amazon, notifications, bestbuy, chrome, bug, track, support, products, favorite, tracking, price, notification, drop

Drink! Chrome extension download
Drink! Drink! is a simple drink reminder so you never forget to drink a little every once in a while.

extension, drink, v0, status, chrome, start, reminder, icon, shows, fork, reduced, auto, file, simple, alpha

Super timer Chrome extension download
Super timer A supercool timer app

timer, chrome, time, video, current, todos, offline, tracking, implement, confirmation, deleting, close, timers, extern, connect

ClearBrowserData Chrome extension download
ClearBrowserData Clear all browser data with one simple click.

clear, data, browser, clearbrowserdata, chrome, files, passwords, click, simple, icon, toolbar, extension, downloaded, form, system

GujaratiLexicon Lookup Chrome extension download
GujaratiLexicon Lookup English to Gujarati Dictionary

gujarati, chrome, bubble, pop, english, web, extension, click, tabs, translation, word, open, close, disabled, work

RecordRTC Chrome extension download
RecordRTC Record screen, audio+screen, all-audios+tab, entire conference, and more!

chrome, recording, audio, extension, tab, https, recordrtc, screen, issues, microphone, page, record, extensions, quot, bugs

iDoc Chrome extension download
iDoc The Internet In-Page Editor. Edit any web page freely and save your work.

editor, chrome, page, rich, lightweight, expensive, word, freely, text, extension, edit, control, file, writing, heavy

Awesome Window & Tab Manager Chrome extension download
Awesome Window & Tab Manager Displays a list of all windows and tabs open in Google Chrome. Allows filtering, sorting, refreshing, bookmarking, and saving.

tabs, chrome, windows, window, refreshing, tab, category, groups, filtering, displays, sorting, google, saved, open, domain

URL Parameters Chrome extension download
URL Parameters Breakdown the long URL into page address and URL parameters. Change the URL parameters and rejoin it to create new URLs.

extension, parameters, url, page, chrome, easy, urls, breakdown, numbers, change, extensions, create, successfully, feel, free

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