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Delete All Cookies From JavaScript Chrome extension download
Delete All Cookies From JavaScript Delete All Cookies From JavaScript

document object, extension action, sending postmessage, path value, clear cookies extension, clear cookies document, super domains, clearcookiesdocument mode, current page, javascript run, delete cookies, chrome extension deletes

Clear Cookie and Reload Chrome extension download
Clear Cookie and Reload Clear Cookie for current tab and reload

current tab, test clean, free match, clear cookie, cookies, minutes preview time, clean environment, reload, open source project, clear cookies, identifying cookies

Easy Cleaner Chrome extension download
Easy Cleaner Clean all the browser data in one click

site activities, clear cached images, remove plugin data, browser data, clear applications cache, indexeddb data, browser history cookies site activities, clear local filesystem, remove autofill form data, clear websql, clean site cookies

History Eraser Chrome extension download
History Eraser Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History...instantly, with just 1-click on the Eraser button!

urls cache cookies, google facebook, clear download history empty, data clear, comfortable browsing experience, browsing history, choose time period, clear chrome history clear download history, oneclick view, instant removal, chromebook windows pc, cache delete cookies, policy eraser, privacy policy, clear chrome history , history eraser

Clear Session Chrome extension download
Clear Session Clear cookies, session and local storage from current website with a single click.

session, current website, easily clear cookies local storage, clear cookies session, single click, website, session storage, local storage, clear cookies

SingleClick Cleaner Chrome extension download
SingleClick Cleaner Single-click Chrome cleaner: clean up the trash in one single click

singleclick chrome cleaner, clear chrome history, clear websql data, google chrome, single click, remove cookies, delete saved, google chrome keeps, browsing data, google history, specified time period, form data, single click cleaner, delete cookies, delete local storage data, clear cookies, single click chrome cleaner clean, browsing history cache cookies form data, cache cleaner, clear history, single click cleaner set cleaner options, clear file systems, clear history cache, cleaner options, cache clear history remove cookies clear saved, clear plugin data, chrome history

SimpleClear Chrome extension download
SimpleClear A handy way to clear cache, cookies, downloads and history.

handy way, basic usage, clear cache cookies, jo o colombo, clear cache, toolbar button, hideable toolbar button, clear extension, extension option pages, manifest version

Privacy Manager Chrome extension download
Privacy Manager Manage privacy settings, browsing data deletion, quickly access page in incognito mode, manage cookies and monitor network traffic

cookie management, disable safe browsing, privacy management extension, clear browser file system, manage cookies, open source chrome extension, clear browser cookies, browsing data, clear browser download list, disable correct spelling service, disable safe browsing reporting, privacy manager, manage privacy settings browsing data, enable safe browsing, clear browser, block user agent data, allow optional host permissions, privacy settings enable disable, privacy management, safe browsing, manage network, clear websites, settings management, clear browser form data, managers privacy manager

Click&Clean Chrome extension download
Click&Clean Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History...instantly, with just 1-click on Click&Clean button!

clear saved form datapasswords split, new click clean logoicon, clear private data, improved browsing data, browsing history cache cookies, traduction fran aise par cyril courbe, improved cleaning, remove google gears data, clear browsingdownload history split, browsing history, cache cookies, options page, page feedback, page history, juan esteban jimenez valencia, browsing data, clientside web sql databases

Close & Clean Chrome extension download
Close & Clean Close all tabs and windows and clean up Chrome in one single click

clear browsing history, open fresh new tab, clear app cache, close clean icon, clear websql data, close clean, clean chrome cache history cookies, clear plugin data, tab open, delete local storage data, browsing data, clear file systems, delete download history, select options, close clean button

Cookie Crumbs Chrome extension download
Cookie Crumbs Delete all unwanted cookies while keeping important cookies.

deleting cookies, cookie crumbs allows, important cookies, view cookies page, cookie crumbs, extension chrome, existing rule, rule click, facebook cookies, rules open, rules rules, existing cookies, unwanted cookies, wild card, removing rules, specify cookies, view cookies, extension doesnt inject code

Check my cookies Chrome extension download
Check my cookies This extension helps you to control wich cookies webpages saves of you.

easily check, extension helps, wich cookies, cookies, control, control wich cookies webpages saves, great way, delete cookies, simple cookie checker, websites tracks

Sitecore Analytics Testing Tools Chrome extension download
Sitecore Analytics Testing Tools An extension for clearning analytics-related cookies and specifying a forwarded IP address for GeoIP lookups

current session, forwarded ip address, sitecore analytics, visit clears, sitecore treats, clear sitecorespecific cookies, ip address, analyticsrelated cookies, first time visitor, geoip lookups, sitecore analytics testing, visitor geoip, new contact, geoip location, analytics related cookies

Clear Chrome extension download
Clear Used by over 50 million people, a free ad blocker for Chrome that blocks ALL annoying ads, malware and tracking.

clear blocks ads videos, efficiency clear, don waste time, clear saves, improved pc efficiency, clear block ads, lightningfast load times, web page, life reduces, life reduces energy use, seamless integration means, clear blocks ads, free ad blocker

Disable Cookies Chrome extension download
Disable Cookies Disable cookies on current site

disable click, disable thirdparty cookies, selected tab, party cookies set, thirdparty cookies, disableenable cookies, delete cookies, respective content settings, party cookies, options page, reload delete, disable enable cookies, disable cookies, simple switch, current site, respective content, current page, delete cookies set, site opened

Browser privacy clean-up assistant Chrome extension download
Browser privacy clean-up assistant Help you clean up your Google Chrome browsing history and all kinds of private information

clear browsing history, clear saved, clear browsing data, private information, tool bar, clear saved automatically filled, google chrome browsing history, clear download history, cancel content licensing, google chrome, browsing history, clear privacy data prevent, clear data, history clear, clear privacy data, browsing data, clear browsing data window

I don't care about cookies Chrome extension download
I don't care about cookies Remove cookie warnings from almost all websites! The EU regulations require that any website using tracking cookies must get…

necessary cookie categories, surf anonymously, every time, delete cookies, cookie categories depending, doesn delete cookies, work properly, automatically accept, eu regulations, cookie warnings, cookies, tracking cookies, hides cookie related, delete cookies automatically, websites, cookie policy

Fuck Cookies Chrome extension download
Fuck Cookies We hate cookie warnings. This extension removes almost all of them.

visit removing, cookies warnings, cookie warnings, pure conditional css, hate cookie warnings, extension removes, fuck cookies applies small stylesheet, use cookies, fuck cookies, every page, common cookie warnings, small stylesheet, magic tricks

Baker's Revenge Chrome extension download
Baker's Revenge Fun way of deleting cookies.

deleting cookies, chrome extensions, dual super uzis, fun way, hot flamethrower, cookies monsters, pesty web cookies, carefully chosen weapons dual super uzis, precious screen, web cookies running, source code

EditThisCookie Chrome extension download
EditThisCookie EditThisCookie is a cookie manager. You can add, delete, edit, search, protect and block cookies!

delete cookies, new cookie, block cookies, google chrome, edit cookies, netscape cookie file, maximum expiration, add delete edit search protect, json netscape cookie file perfect, cookie filter, cookie manager, create cookies, performance remove, search cookies, curl perl, block cookies cookie, protect cookies, maximum expiration date

Cookie Cleaner Chrome extension download
Cookie Cleaner Removes cookies set by the site, including cookies with paths and domains

extension enables, paths, removes cookies set, removes cookies, cookie cleaner, site including cookies, quickly remove, cookies, site, context menu, cookie, simply select cookie cleaner

DDMA Cookiecheck Chrome extension download
DDMA Cookiecheck Deze extensie kijkt welke cookies er gezet zijn, en geeft de mogelijkheid deze via email toe te sturen.

je op een, kan je gaan grasduinen door je eigen, deze extensie kijkt welke cookies, je kunt, op deze, pagina van een, dan om, domein heeft, je de, niet weet wat het doet kijk, een cookie tegen dat je, een bepaald aantal vooraf gedefinieerde pagina, die een, toestemming heeft, dan de, het domein dat, en toestemming, je een, worden en welke, van de cookies die, dat je, pagina van het domein dat je, deze de cookies, pagina van je domein die, op de cookies, om de, cookies die een, op deze manier kan je eenvoudig controleren, op welke pagina, van de, welke cookies, kunt de pagina, op de, op en, cookies van het domein, een aantal dagen meekijken, wat kan je ermee

Remove Cookie! Chrome extension download
Remove Cookie! Removes cookies set by the site, including cookies with paths and domains

extension enables, paths, removes cookies set, removes cookies, site including cookies, quickly remove, cookies, simply click remove cookie, site, cookie, domains, set

ChocoChip - Cookie Manager Chrome extension download
ChocoChip - Cookie Manager Fast, easy-to-use cookie manager.

new cookies, cookies, fast easy, show cookies, fast, edit existing, cookie manager, current page, search cookies, chrome web store, easytouse cookie manager

Cookie Hacker Chrome extension download
Cookie Hacker Cookie Hacker?????????Cookie

cookie wireshark cookies, use, cookiewireshark cookies, cookies, cookie hacker, cookiehacker chrome extension, javascript document, cookie

Cookie Inspector Chrome extension download
Cookie Inspector Missing cookie manager for Google Chrome. Edit and create cookies right in the Developer Tools.

missing cookie manager, date edit bug, cookies instructions, pure cookie editor functionality, google chrome, edit cookies, cookie editor, import cookies instructions, cookie manager, create cookies, release notes, edit remove cookies, bugs errors, missing cookie editor

Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more Chrome extension download
Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage...everything!

delete everything, cookies history, session storage, work nicely, html5 client side storage, naughty work, html5 clientside storage, flash cookies, post issues, lessknown flash cookies, local storage, everything disappears

Auto History Wipe Chrome extension download
Auto History Wipe Automatically deletes browsing history and optionally other browsing data.

time chrome, background permission, much data needs, every time chrome starts, couple new ones, total window count, use incognito mode, history wipe automatically, browsing data automatically, browsing history, cookies cleared google automatically, time chrome starts, automatically clear, chrome running, browsing data, third screenshot shows, clear local cookie data

Clear Cache Chrome extension download
Clear Cache Clear your cache and browsing data with a single click of a button.

high dpi support, indexed db, file systems, single click, cache cache cookies, options page, confirmation dialogs, keyboard shortcut link, dialogs pop, dark mode, local storage, replace tabs, certain domains

Cookie Monitor Chrome extension download
Cookie Monitor This extension monitors the cookies addition and deletion

domain, change manually, change add delete, regex pattern, cookies, add ons, http requests, deletion, cookies addition, extension monitors

Clear Code Chrome extension download
Clear Code Syntax highlighting and beautifiers for embedded code examples.

main text, css beautifiers, code examples, embedded code examples, js pages, view source, syntax highlighter theme, excessive text wrapping, quick open button, formatted examples, pre code blocks, low contrast syntax highlighting, clear code, syntax highlighter, syntax highlighter scheme, clear code allows, clear code icon

De-tiser Chrome extension download
De-tiser Protect your privacy when browsing the Advertiser (AdelaideNow) website.

premium sections, extension intercepts, cookies track, update december extension, block access, viewing forking, view tracking, extension source code, removes tracking cookies, advertiser website, site browsing activity, detect new view

Clear Cache Pro Chrome extension download
Clear Cache Pro Easiest and fastest cache clearing tool. Clear cache and cookies with one single click and speed up your computer.

temporary files, dangerous files, adware spyware, antivirus program, continuously stores information, single click, clear cache, cache occasionally, consumes resources, stores information, clear cache pro

ClearBrowserData Chrome extension download
ClearBrowserData Clear all browser data with one simple click.

browser stored form data, file system data, clear websites file, form data, clear websites local, extensions browser data, appcache data, websql data, browser list, browser data, indexeddb data, local storage data, clear websites, simple click, clearbrowserdata icon, clearbrowserdata doesn clear hosted app, minimum chrome version, chrome toolbar

QuickPref Chrome extension download
QuickPref Quickly enable and disable browser settings like referrer, user-agent, cookies and javascript -

disable browser settings, referrer user agent cookies, disable certain browser features, cookies, referrer, javascript, ment, browser features, javascript extension, developer, supportet javascript referrer user agent cookies, quickly enable

Uncanny Cookie Clicker Chrome extension download
Uncanny Cookie Clicker A simple helper extension for Cookie Clicker players.

upgrades v0, cookie clicker players, cookie clicker, red cookies, auto click golden cookie, auto buy upgrades, cookie clicker changed, cookie clicker beta, language feature v0, golden cookies v0, auto click, fixed bug, auto click golden cookies, golden cookies, autoclick golden cookies, golden cookie appears, golden cookie, auto buy, big cookie

Clear History Chrome extension download
Clear History Quickly clears the browser history.

expire, history, quickly clears, homepage, feel free, extension source, automatically clear, browser history, homepage linked, review, old entries, clears

Strong Password Generator Chrome extension download
Strong Password Generator Simple tool for generating strong and secure passwords

password length, clear list, generate strong, czech translation, translation extension, library updated, added german translation, added spanish translation, specify password length, clear list action, added option, define custom characters, added clear list option, maximum password length, latest version

Cookie Manager Chrome extension download
Cookie Manager Manage cookies and protect privacy. Add, edit and delete cookies through toolbar. Search cookies if there are many

click icon, delete particular cookie, context menu, cookie add, current domain delete, cookie edit, domain delete, cookies recreate, protect privacy, cookie manager, access cookie manager, particular domain, current domain, delete cookies, extensions cookie manager click options, add edit, sub domains, search cookies, toolbar click options, deletion delete cookies, many features

CookiesOK Chrome extension download
CookiesOK CookiesOK aims to automatically accept cookies on websites that are affected by the EU cookie laws.

cookiesok aims, eu cookie, accept cookies, eu cookie laws, specific instructions, place cookies, cookie law, aims, domain specific, info cookiesok, automatically accept cookies

Swap My Cookies Chrome extension download
Swap My Cookies If you have multiple accounts let Swap My Cookies manage them for you!

ctrl shift , gnu gpl license, work nicely, gmail yahoo, multiple mail accounts, multiple sign, swap profile, multiple accounts, ctrl shift , switch profile, several different accounts, profile cookies, cookies issues, number

Cookie Monster Chrome extension download
Cookie Monster Eating cookies from the domain of the current page.

dead simple extension, deletes, eating cookies, cookies, click, cookie monster, current domain, current page, domain

Cookie Cruncher Chrome extension download
Cookie Cruncher Simplifies deleting cookies related to the current web site.

simplifies, keyboard shortcut altshiftc, display cookie icon, current web site, cookies, simply click, cookie icon, site, web site url, icon, deleting cookies related, cookies related, keyboard shortcut alt shift

ARC cookie exchange Chrome extension download
ARC cookie exchange An extension that supports Advanced REST Client session management reading Chrome cookies.

extension accepts connection, request domain, recent changes, read cookies, rest client session management, xhr requests, chrome cookies, small extension supports, advanced rest client application, canary dev beta, request domain matches, advanced rest client, stable version

Snap - Clear the downloads list automatically Chrome extension download
Snap - Clear the downloads list automatically Clear your downloads list automatically after a specified amount of time.

amount, option, time, downloads list automatically, choose, timer, google chrome extension, clear downloads, downloads list

Cookie Killer for Facebook Chrome extension download
Cookie Killer for Facebook Keeps Facebook on When you log out, Facebook cookies are killed so that you aren't tracked as you traverse the web!

aren tracked, feature suggestions, adds dedicated button, facebook, tracked, updated july, facebook cookies, pressed logs, keeps, com cookies, com, log

Cookies Get Assistant Chrome extension download
Cookies Get Assistant Assistant for get HTTP ONLY Cookies.

cookies, source, design, assistant

Cookies Button Chrome extension download
Cookies Button Provides quick icon access to manage your Chrome cookies.

adds shortcut button, wont open multiple, quick access, shortcut button, open multiple tabs, either opens, simple lightweight extension, quick icon access, cookie settings, chrome cookies

Nuke Your Tracks Chrome extension download
Nuke Your Tracks Selectively delete your history, cookies, browsing data, and more with one click of a button. Cover your tracks and browse in peace

history, tracks helps, cookies, data, cover, click, selectively delete, history cookies browsing data, browse, tracks, button

CSRF blocker Chrome extension download
CSRF blocker Prevent cookies from being sent cross-origin.

crossorigin, blocks, cross origin requests, blocks csrf attacks, cookies, source code, removing cookies, attacks, cross origin, source code csrf plugin, prevent cookies, crossorigin requests, csrfplugin

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