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My Browser Version Chrome extension download
My Browser Version Check your browser version

version, browser, chrome, extension, check, click, gt, displays

Resize Images Chrome extension download
Resize Images Resizing your images with b.i.r.m.e

image, resizing, tool, resize, excellent, save, images, chrome, web, click, extension, app, gt, enavigate

LongClick New Tab Chrome extension download
LongClick New Tab Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding for a half second.

click, tab, links, bug, sites, opening, open, background, link, performance, issue, improvement, extension, reader, memory

TTS Chrome extension download
TTS Make the browser speak!

text, chrome, web, extension, robot, female, sexy, read, gt, select, page, browser, voice, paste, speak

Quora Searcher Chrome extension download
Quora Searcher Searches Quora for selected text

quora, text, encounter, questions, search, textselect, selected, chrome, extension, searches, gt, website, topics, browsing, window

Right Click to YouTube Chrome extension download
Right Click to YouTube Search YouTube for highlighted text via right-click menu.

text, click, youtube, search, chrome, highlighted, videos, topics, instantly, find, select, menu, extension, highlighting, gt

gyazo Extension Chrome extension download
gyazo Extension This extension will automatically take you to the .jpg extension of your gyazo screenshot.

gyazo, image, extension, automatically, jpg, url, find, adds, screenshot, copying, click, screen, original, copy, shot

Wikiest Chrome extension download
Wikiest Now read Wikipedia page faster. Place mouse over highlighted words that you don't understand, It displays info about it right there.

wikipedia, displays, read, reading, gt, place, pages, highlighted, words, extension, understand, snippet, faster, mouse, don

Metal Archives Exporter Chrome extension download
Metal Archives Exporter Exports MA Data to a spreadsheet.

table, metal, data, archives, file, values, exporter, click, band, search, spreadsheets, ma, gt, specific, google

UrlUploader Chrome extension download
UrlUploader Push webfiles to your dropbox directly

dropbox, extension, webfiles, push, time, click, authenticate, chrome, gt, upload, url, urluploader, directlypush

Inter-tab history Chrome extension download
Inter-tab history Ever wonder: 'How did I get to this tab?'

tab, history, click, extension, remembers, find, issues, appreciated, bugs, free, selected, banish, confusion, feedback, browsing

Send Page, Village Edition Chrome extension download
Send Page, Village Edition Allows you to send a link of the current page with your local or web mail application by only a 'Right click -> Send this page...'.

page, send, chrome, extension, village, original, web, click, gt, hl, en, local, current, updated, pdf

leetfiles Chrome extension download
leetfiles Right Click -> Upload Image to leetfiles

leetfiles, chrome, images, extension, apikey, image, quot, upload, clicking, icon, taskbar, attach, click, leetfileseasily, choosing

Read Time Estimator Chrome extension download
Read Time Estimator Select some text -> Right click -> Click estimate read time -> Enter you WPM -> Get estimated read time

read, time, gt, chrome, extension, estimate, select, text, timethis, simple, amount, estimator, click, estimated, enter

Copy Clean Chrome extension download
Copy Clean Right click >> copy link clean (copies the useful part of URLs on popular websites)

clean, urls, extension, chrome, part, copies, popular, click, copy, link, websites, gt

ClickLater Chrome extension download
ClickLater Don't click now,

click, gt, chrome, extension, timer, clicklater, don, enter, delay, automatic, quot

Drag Design Plus Chrome extension download
Drag Design Plus This extension allows you to drag each element of your website around individually to help you get your site just right.

drag, website, change, extension, edit, element, web, click, elements, design, page, copy, individual, author, tool

Copy Clean Chrome extension download
Copy Clean Right click >> copy link clean (copies the useful part of URLs on popular websites)

clean, urls, extension, chrome, part, copies, popular, click, copy, link, websites, gt

Tagxus Chrome extension download
Tagxus Share your tags from anywhere to everyone

tag, tagxus, text, extension, index, selecting, share, tags, everyoneadd, ggboom, click, chrome, webcontent, gt, http

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