Best Close Tab Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Close Others Chrome extension download
Close Others Close Other Tabs.

current tab, close left left gdpopcppmglkiodhjobnjbogcoacgkoa, leftgdpopcppmglkiodhjobnjbogcoacgkoa, rightnpemobdkdcknhfaiioheeffincgpgafj, toolbar, add close, tabs, button, close others

Close Right Chrome extension download
Close Right Close Right Tabs.

current tab, leftgdpopcppmglkiodhjobnjbogcoacgkoa, toolbar, left gdpopcppmglkiodhjobnjbogcoacgkoa, right tabs, add close, tabs, button, close others, close left, right

Close Other Tabs Chrome extension download
Close Other Tabs Extension used to close all other tabs than the active or pinned ones.

active tab, extension allows, tab, browser, quickly close, ones, tabs, close button, pinned tab, tabs opened, ii

MaxTabs Chrome extension download
MaxTabs Limiting the number of tabs opened at the same time in a single window.

active tab, default action, tab close, possible options, single window, random tab, show notification, source code, tab close tab, many tabs, longest close, opened show notification, design rules, tabs opened, bad habit

Close Tab Chrome extension download
Close Tab A stationary button that closes the current tab. Clean up tabs with less effort.

active tab, stationary button, pinned tabs options screen, press ctrl w, close tab, visually hunting, keyboard input isnt, bug email address, options screen, address bar, happy chroming, saves time, close tabs

Keyboard Shortcuts to Close Other/Right Tabs Chrome extension download
Keyboard Shortcuts to Close Other/Right Tabs Keyboard Shortcuts to Close Other/Right Tabs

pin tab, keyboard shortcuts, alt shift close tabs, note separate extension tabloid adds, chrome extensions, alt shift pin tab, chrome beta channel, last position, right tabs, first position, move tab, alt shift close, close tabs

close pinned tab Chrome extension download
close pinned tab puts a close tab button in the address bar when you are currently viewing a pinned tab.

tab button, pinunpin tab button, puts, tab, evacle evacleco, close tab button, close pinned tab, updated anymore, feel free, open source, address bar, evacleco gmail, pinned tab, mit license

Close Tab by Double Right Click Chrome extension download
Close Tab by Double Right Click Close tab by double right clicking anywhere on the page. Inspired by "Rights To Close" legacy extension for Mozilla Firefox.

provide permissions, incognito window mode, right click implements, close extension, file urls, close tab, priyank parashar, open source, extension extension, right click, right clicking, window mode, mozilla firefox

Clutter Free - Prevent duplicate tabs Chrome extension download
Clutter Free - Prevent duplicate tabs Reduce tab clutter - prevent duplicate tabs, quickly search & switch tabs, and more...

customisable keyboard shortcut actions, ctrlcommand shift l, switch close tabs, check target tab url, actions search, tabs supporters, open tab, list duplicate tabs, duplicates tabs, open extension window, tab supporters, close duplicate tabs, close duplicates, tab actions switch close duplicate, switch link, duplicate tabs close, close tabs, tab search window, open tabs, tab search search switch, duplicate tabs, open tab search, tab search popup opens, search tabs, multiple context menus, extension window, close duplicate, alt shift , search switch tabs, new inpage notification style, search window, open duplicate tabs, duplicate tab, direct switch link indicators, duplicate link, menu update, tab search

Close Tab in Context Menu Chrome extension download
Close Tab in Context Menu Close tabs using a context menu option.

extension adds close tab option, tab, option, click, context menu option, page, close tabs

CloseTab Chrome extension download
CloseTab Add a "Close tab" entry to the page context menu

tab close, close web page, web page, key press, page, mouse click, page context menu, close tab entry, small click target, closetab enables, mouse cursor

Close Duplicate Tab Chrome extension download
Close Duplicate Tab Close tabs which are duplicated. Only tabs with exact URL matches are closed.

special case handling, open tab, group top domains, exact url matches, tabs open, close duplicate tab, open multiple times, list duplicate urls, open multiple, top domains, identifies closes duplicates, close tabs, duplicate count badge, identifies urls, accurate duplicate tracking, duplicate tabs, single window etc, close duplicate instances, multiple tabs, duplicate tab

Project Tab Manager Chrome extension download
Project Tab Manager Project Tab Manager is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you focus on a single project.

single project, different devices, synchronize projects, project tab manager, window close button, google chrome, chrome profile, preserve window status, close button, close tabs

Close Tabs Chrome extension download
Close Tabs Context menu to close - tabs to the left, tabs to the right, other tabs, tabs from same domain, current tab, window and more

current tab, disable context menu, chrome web store policies, click options, tabs tabs, click close, current domain website, close window, click close tabs click options, left tabs, context menu, domain current tab window, provide context menu popup, domain , close current tab, current domain, ensure compliance chrome web store policies, close tabs

Lazy Loading Chrome extension download
Lazy Loading Add lazy loading to the tabs restore built in functionality of Chrome.

chrome loads, active tab, tab, sycronus close, project developers, closes chrome, chrome, tabs restore built, browser close button, loading chrome, next opening, close button, open source project, lazy loading

Close & Clean Chrome extension download
Close & Clean Close all tabs and windows and clean up Chrome in one single click

clear browsing history, open fresh new tab, clear app cache, close clean icon, clear websql data, close clean, clean chrome cache history cookies, clear plugin data, tab open, delete local storage data, browsing data, clear file systems, delete download history, select options, close clean button

Close Left Chrome extension download
Close Left Close Left Tabs.

current tab, rightnpemobdkdcknhfaiioheeffincgpgafj, toolbar, left tabs, left, tabs, close left tabs, add close left button, button, close others

Crontabs Chrome extension download
Crontabs Manage Chrome Tabs with Cron expressions.

manage chrome tabs, weekly schedule, relaod tabs, add time management, change ensure, example uses, open close, cron expressions, time management tabs close, wallboard management, add open, close operation optional, time management tabs, time management

Tab Keeper Chrome extension download
Tab Keeper Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back.

intentional functionality please, inactive tabs, inactive tab, auto closed tabs, extension tab, save closed tabs, whitelist certain urls, tab keeper bookmarks, tabs auto close tabs, auto closed, fat cow famfam fam, tab keeper, whitelist regular expression, different timestamp folders, paypal button, doesn save, tabs doesn close, bookmarks folder, auto close, doesn auto close, pick open tabs

Wat'sUp Web Close Chrome extension download
Wat'sUp Web Close This extension enables to close the current open chat and leave no question in sight.

extension enables, actual chat window, chats closed, whatsapp web version, question, actual chat, whatsapp, current open chat, close button, press esc key, sight

Close All Tabs Chrome extension download
Close All Tabs Close all open tabs. Optionally close pinned tabs and incognito mode tabs.

user guide, incognito mode tabs, detailed user guide, open tabs, pinned tabs, close pinned tabs, context menu options, toolbar button, toolbar button keyboard command alt, keyboard command, quickly close open tabs, particular url

Close tabs to the left Chrome extension download
Close tabs to the left Allows to close all tabs to the left

left, many tabs, unnecessary tabs, open earlier, tabs opened, tabs, chrome allows, allows, extension icon, close em, right

Tab Shepherd Chrome extension download
Tab Shepherd Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes it easy to get them back

homepage, site jack, saves closed tabs easy, release notes, feature requests, notes notice doesnt, automatically closes, justin sonntag, fat cow famfam fam, lazarus extension, original extension, doesnt close, close tabs, chrome sync

NBA Close Games Chrome extension download
NBA Close Games Highlights if a game was close based on your settings. Useful if you don't watch the games live and have spoilers turned off.

settings, spoilers, highlights, games, games live, close based, watch, don watch, spoilers turned, game

'Nuff Tabs Chrome extension download
'Nuff Tabs Limit the number of open tabs. Automatically close previous tabs.

current number, oldest tab, open tabs, automatically closed, previous tabs, tab avoids auto closing tabs, automatically close, discard rule, pinned tabs, source code, tab limit, autoclosing tabs, either close, discard rules

TabRover - focus on one tab, control others Chrome extension download
TabRover - focus on one tab, control others TabRover - focus on one tab, control others

click fav list access, setup save, vertical list, favorites list, closes idle tabs, tabs manually, open tabs, main functions, close doesnt close, freeze list, freeze list , control others, tabs doesnt close, click switch, idle tab manually, automatic way, tabrover focus, setup time

LASTab Chrome extension download
LASTab Fixes selected tab after close occurs, returning you to your previous tab instead of the random one next to the one you closed.

close occurs returning, extension lastabz, previous tab try, unlabeled tabs forced, unlabeled tabs, previous tab, many tabs, current window, previously selected tab, selected tab, close occurs, random consecutive tab, guess right

Tab Suspender Chrome extension download
Tab Suspender Automatically suspend, park, hibernate inactive tabs and save up to 80% of memory, reduce load on your device, battery and heat.

added menu, tab close, added tab icons status animation, suspended tab, white list user interface, improved memory, tab suspender menu, restore tabs, youtube video timing save, added option, option auto suspend, fixed restore, tab suspender settings, fixed menu, tab suspender, added restore, fixed history bug, suspend tabs, suspend window menu item fix, enable autoclose tabs function, user click refresh browser, added tab, restore tab, tab option, settings page, suspend bug fixed, suspend tab, fixed bug, added history, fixed suspended, fixed auto restore, bug fixed, suspended page, added settings, improved auto close tab, fixed tabs, history page, close tab, suspended tabs, load suspended tabs, auto close tabs, auto close, automatically suspend, added auto restore tabs, fine suspend interval slider, tab suspend, added recycle function control

PostureMinder Chrome extension download
PostureMinder Reminds you to sit up straight with pop-up notifications at specified time intervals.

walk reminders, notification fade, submit bugsfeature requests, add options, short notification sound, walk reminder, fix walk reminder bug, walk reminder bug, close reminders, specified time intervals, close bug

Close My Tabs Chrome extension download
Close My Tabs Close all open tabs at once !!

tabs open close, open tabs, click, ask, many tabs, tabs, proper settings, button, set Lead Clipper Chrome extension download Lead Clipper Clip contact data from ANY website and put it straight in your account.

website email, lead gen efficiency, clip contact data, io web app, support close, contact data, lead online, crm callemail, facebook simple duplicates, lead log, specific support, io lead clipper allows, io account, io lead, gmail linkedin github quora

Peek-a-tab, Tabs Manager for Google Chrome™ Chrome extension download
Peek-a-tab, Tabs Manager for Google Chrome™ Search, preview, jump across, and close tabs quickly in your chrome browser.

tabs quickly, preview tab, close tabs quickly, space option space, chrome browser, mouse hover, source code, tabs opened, unnecessary tabs, search preview jump, use altspace, different windows, title url, close tabs

Tabitha Tab Manager Chrome extension download
Tabitha Tab Manager Own your tabs.

alt close selected tabs alt combine selected tabs alt pin selected tabs, tabs group, closed tabs, ctrl shift selections, closed tabs tabitha, use tab management system, alt , tabithas popup alt x, tabs alt c, open tabs, system style selection scheme, selected tabs, tabs alt p, tab groups, name tab groups, group operations close, alt open close tabithas, combine selected tabs, combine tabs group

Link Blanker Chrome extension download
Link Blanker Open link in new tab.

background, link, detailed features, click link, new tab, browser, click, jp en app link blanker, close tabs cluttered, open link, close tabs

Close Kiosk Chrome extension download
Close Kiosk A Google Chrome Extension to automatically close Kiosk mode when any window navigates to *closekiosk*.

general web browsing, kiosk app, shortcut windows users, kioskmode applications, close kiosk mode, chrome windows, google chrome extension, screen app call, characters closekiosk, window tab, kiosk mode, general web, kiosk product, full screen app

List Opened Tabs Chrome extension download
List Opened Tabs An extension for list, search, rearrange, close tabs and switch to another tab.

rearrange bug, add badge, ui finetune, rearrange bug fixed, google chrome extension, another tab, current window, change log, list search rearrange close tabs, list opened tabs, bug fixed ui fine tune, close tabs

Windows Tabs Manager Chrome extension download
Windows Tabs Manager Manage your chrome window and tabs with other personalized way.

old window, separate tabs, chrome doesnt provide, feather close tabs, personalized way, new feather, chrome window, new window, close tabs

Keep Last Two Tabs Chrome extension download
Keep Last Two Tabs This extension keep last two tabs to prevent Chrome quits when last tab is closed.

open custom page, project licensed, tab tabs, close new tab tabs, chrome quits, new tab, automatically close, last tab closing, read reviews, support chrome sync, kltt report, newly created tab, support link, prevent chrome quits, open source project, support chrome

Last Tabs Chrome extension download
Last Tabs Provides a menu with your previous tabs in order of access - never loose track of you last tab again!

middle mouse button, configurable default functionality, last tab popup, tabs quickly click, configurable keyboard shortcuts, close tab, select multiple tabs, history extension, click history states, tab click history, click tab, close tab menu, tab menu items, tabs open, tab menu, selected tab history

Join Windows Chrome extension download
Join Windows Joins two or more windows into single window. Popups are also merged into the window as they are created. More options available....

enable disable joining, enable single click, thanks, single window, join popup, close unnecessary pop ups instantly, add exceptions, close popups, enable disable, unnecessary popups, new tabs, enable single, immediate right

Tabs Outliner Chrome extension download
Tabs Outliner The Next Generation Session Manager; A Really Working Too Many Open Tabs Solution; And Your Browsing Notebook.

tree style tab feature, personal information organizer, saved windows, close save, open tabs, saved tabs, default chrome crash restoration, famous firefox plugin, sudden system restart, close save open windows, next generation session manager, open windows, many open tabs solution, small onetime payment, tab feature

Double Click Closes Tab Chrome extension download
Double Click Closes Tab Double left/right or triple left clicks on WEBPAGE (not tab) to close tab. Reopen tab by shiftKey + DC/TC. Optional: an icon to…

double left, ctrl clicks, close chrome, double click triple click, extra binary code, last chrome window, triple click, triple left clicks, double click, triple clicks, ctrl click, shiftkey dctc, binary code, google extension, triple left click, click chrome, top right corner, options page, click ctrl click, double left click, receive tab events, tab feature, close google, new background tab, mechanism chrome extensions, close tab, double right click, chrome options

Dedup Tabs Chrome extension download
Dedup Tabs Remove duplicate tabs.

automatically close duplicate tabs, remove duplicate tabs, duplicate tabs, close duplicate tabs

Surfingkeys Chrome extension download
Surfingkeys Rich shortcuts to click links/switch tabs/scroll, capture pages, use your browser like vim for productivity.

open multiple links, scroll page, l scroll right, capture full pages, open link, edit current, search selected, cs change scroll target, click linksswitch tabsscroll, close current tab, scroll pages, nonactive new tab, w new window, duplicate current tab, current tab, capture current full page, tabs scroll capture pages, scroll left, vim users, close tab, tab left, current page

Papa's Cupcakeria Chrome extension download
Papa's Cupcakeria Play Papa's Cupcakeria, an online game free cupcake, cake, sweet, restaurant, cafeteria, make cake

papa cupcakeria, delicious cupcakes choosing, colorful base, online game, make cake, online game free cupcake cake sweet, close attention, free cupcake, delicious cupcakes, pay close attention, cake, play papa

Google Play Music Tab Close Alarm Chrome extension download
Google Play Music Tab Close Alarm When listening to music, you'll get a warning before you close the Play Music Tab. Never accidentally close it again.

privacy statement, tab, updated google play music, music, play music tab, google play music tab, accidentally close, works, google play music version, accidentally closed, raw b3d4d45ebe2ae992bbfc8650b9d861043560fd81 privacy statement

Minimal Bookmarks Tree Chrome extension download
Minimal Bookmarks Tree Display a tree of bookmarks under a toolbar button, and search your bookmarks in the omnibox using the keyword 'bm'.

click folder, new tab, folders open, simple folder icons, edit bookmarks, obtrusive sliding animation, url bar, duplicate behaviour, minimal bookmarks tree open, popup window, top right corner, open close, open bookmarks, minimal bookmarks tree, simple folder, current tab, click open, close minimal bookmarks tree, simple non

ShoppersLocationDistance Chrome extension download
ShoppersLocationDistance Find distances of the locations

shoppers stores, find distances, squishy, locations, aren close, eliminates

Close This Tab Chrome extension download
Close This Tab Easily close tabs with the in-page border element.

change thickness, selected options, thickness click, menu options added, menu options, toolbar icon, close tabs, tab page, page added, page element positions, positions added, click event type, toolbar icon popup page, new optionssettings page, page element, inpage element opacity feature, new toolbar icon images, new inpage closer positions, chrome chrome, new windows feature, multi language support, data chrome

Close all tabs Chrome extension download
Close all tabs Close all tabs

tabs extension, restore, single button, way, tabs, hide

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