Best Code Added Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total code added plugins - 3100
MCP SRG Mapper Chrome extension download
MCP SRG Mapper Applies MCP mappings to SRG named code snippets on github repos and paste services.

code snippets, srg named code, reset button, mcp mappings, added paste, canplaceblockat worldin, certain github repositories, srgnamed identifiers, github repos, added gist support, fml repos, added reset button, rename srgnamed code elements, versions json support, minecraft modders, search support, mappings list, srg named

Redmine Helper Chrome extension download
Redmine Helper This extension will help to work with your Redmine issues without need to open Redmine

collapseexpand history items, added assignee field, added priority field, redmine url, code stability, added issue list options, options code, redmine issues, fixed issue, create issue, fixed list, redmine url port issues, updated storage location, attachment history parsing, v8 code optimazation, added time, updated twitter, fixed redmine url, api access key, updated ui

Salesforce advanced Code searcher Chrome extension download
Salesforce advanced Code searcher By using the advanced quick find you can get your code few clicks shorter. Also, you can search any string your code

quick find, left hand side, support linting, advanced quick find section, lightning components, code component, startdate expiration date, autocomplete suggestion pops, added code, advanced quick find, code components, lightning code, quick find section, added support, side navigation bar, input text field, html xml files, home page, quick search

github.expandinizr Chrome extension download
github.expandinizr Chrome extension that improves the GitHub experience

collapse code, small layout bugs, added support, word wrap, comment form, code file, directory names, fixed layout, added shrinkexpand button, comment width, file names, new ui xxl mode, github enterprise support, commit comment width, collapse code previews, bjarki hei ar ingason

Morse Code Translator Chrome extension download
Morse Code Translator This extension provides a morse code translation pop-out

code, translating serenity blinking, morse code translation pop, extension shows, morse translation, added text, translates morse code, text, simple form, extension shows simple form, translates, added punctuation

Emoji Support for Google+ Chrome extension download
Emoji Support for Google+ Add emoji support for your Google+.

added multiple emoticon packs, added emoticons, added auto conversation feature, add emoji support, text box, updated code, new icon, new feature, emoji support

tf2outpost price integration Chrome extension download
tf2outpost price integration Grabs prices of items from and adds them to

fixed bug, rewrote code base, display fixed bug, added page, added page action menu, advanced settings, crossorigin request permissions, items display, added ability, toggle buds, current page, next page, load version, prices fixed bug, infinite scrolling

Classic for Facebook Chrome extension download
Classic for Facebook A simple extension that restores the Newsfeed as a chronological collection of posts. It also hides the triangular blue corner tabs…

code clean, clean code, doesnt touch chat, news ticker panel, chat window, chat view, added message bar, noting nsa program, feed view, facebook classic, default feed view, added message, feature requests history, triangular blue corner tabs, issues code, news ticker, news feed, showhide ticker option

SmashTicker: Watch People Smash Chrome extension download
SmashTicker: Watch People Smash Find Super Smash Bros. Streams on Twitch, quick and easy.

proper twitch management, public repository, fixed smash, added support, gg api code, ext links, minor bugfixes, find twitch streams, added tournaments, favorite super smash bros, popout setting ext, server code, branding issues, find super smash bros, super smash bros

QR Code Generator Chrome extension download
QR Code Generator A super handy QR Code Generator / Creator for you.

hd withlogo feature, read qr codes, qr codes, bulk qrcode generator feature, download image, super handy qr code generator creator, qrcode generator feature, fixed qr code reader bug, qrcode generator, qr code, reader feature, fixed popup, highestrated qrcode generator, qrcode image, qr code image size, qr popup, fixed bug, quick qr code generator, image feature, qr code reader bug, added qr, qr code reader, qr code generator

SQL Format Chrome extension download
SQL Format A chrome plugin to format your SQL code

added compress button, sql code, api sql format, chrome plugin, final solution, reserved words, theme light, added donate button, change log, single line, app rewrited, sql format, extension format

Manga!ifier Chrome extension download
Manga!ifier Your Spy in Online Manga Readers

added manga, 20150612 serverside script loading, manga source, background script execution bug fix, avoid data, 20121031 new independent synchronization system, mangafox status code errors, 20120525 set, japanzai batoto, added support, disabled manga source mangavolume, added manga sources mangapanda, added manga sources, fixed bug, mangafox page, fixed issues, page manga, manga page, manga sources, independent manga source selection, manga language

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Extension Chrome extension download
Salesforce Marketing Cloud Extension This extension adds cool features to Salesforce Marketing Cloud interface

inserting code blocks, code editor, builder support, amp script support, added ga account, content editor, added audience builder support, email edit page, salesforce marketing cloud interface, syntax error warning, chrome extension replaces, salesforce marketing, disabled content editor

YouTube™ Music Visualizer Chrome extension download
YouTube™ Music Visualizer Enjoy some visuals while listening your favorite music on YouTube.

added change colors option, break color picker, added donate dialog, new smoother rendering method, added change bars count option, extension won start, added circular visualizer, added opacity slider, paypal donation button, circular visualizer, added change bars, added change, visualizer rendering, pause reported

No more Tumblr players Chrome extension download
No more Tumblr players Get rid of the annoying music players removing them from all the Tumblr blogs!

popup v1, tumblr blogs, bugfixes v1, settings bugfixes v1, new social buttons, page added, blogs filters enhancements, added support, scm v1, fixed bug, tumblr players, added players bugfixes v1, popup settings restyle, new tumblr style update, player added player, popup settings, fb social button, es locale help links, extension code, new popup design, google analytics improvements, music players, player removed, settings page v1

SAP Note Enhancer Chrome extension download
SAP Note Enhancer Adds Correction instruction highlighting to SAP Notes

highlighting cis, code changes, issue highlighting correction headers, correction instructions, cis headers, ci overview page, updated prism core, feature request visit, specific matches, adds support, adds correction, added code highlighting, sap notes, feature request, github issues page, added support, updated prism, standard abap editor colors, abap portions

SpeakIt! Chrome extension download
SpeakIt! Tired of reading? Select text you want to read and listen to it. SpeakIt converts text into speech so you no longer need to read.

use zen audio player, chrome tts api added, added speech, new tts enginesvoices, chrome web, chrome web store changelog, tts support added feature, support added, read text, user graphical interface, google translate api, added options feature added, feature speech, chrome lang detect api, time click pause note, detect api, new chrome tts api

Best QR Code Generator - QR Creator Extension Chrome extension download
Best QR Code Generator - QR Creator Extension Easily create QR Code Images instantly! Customize the code with your own logo, favorite colors and Download it!

quick response code, automotive industry, qr code, qr code system, qr codes, machinereadable optical label, solomon error correction, qr code generator, qr code images, tracking item, applications include, url link, standard upc barcodes, mobile device, precision level qr code

Breadcrumb Navigator Chrome extension download
Breadcrumb Navigator This extension allows you to navigate any URL in a breadcrumb-like way.

another associate tag, amazon brand name, open new tabs, level code, amazon associate tag, breadcrumb style, present free version, breadcrumb navigator, minor code reorganisation, com ajaxstate example, added german localization, amazon code, level google, open breadcrumb

Kyberia v3.1 features Chrome extension download
Kyberia v3.1 features Adds features that make more fun.

change name, added show, avatar gif animations, repetitive mood footers, mail upgrade, hide avatars, long posts, source code, tag users, button turn, source code v31, background fixed delete long posts

Esporks Chrome extension download
Esporks Replaces the text 'Esports' with 'Esporks'.

preventative antiskynet safety net code, cosmetic fixes, major performance increases, skynet safety net code added, text inside, initial release, text esports, source code, performance increases reworked classification, live text, classification engine, live text typed, change esports

Zip Code Chrome extension download
Zip Code Determine zip code for cities in more than 60 countries. By default it is estimate of my postal code with ability to search

zip codes, zip code, district etc, thanks, new tab, determine zip code, information provide, postal code, estimate open, identify zip code

Diaspora* Publisher Chrome extension download
Diaspora* Publisher Share your favourite pages with your Diaspora* friends and receive notifications directly on your browser.

local pod list, new options page, diaspora publisher allows, added support, pod list, added notifications feature, added image, added notifications, options page, image pages, new ui, added option, quotes page, diaspora pod url, fixed bug, added german language, added internationalization support

Sweet QR Code Maker Chrome extension download
Sweet QR Code Maker Generate QR Code easier, faster, smart and sweet. one click to create QR Code of current page or seleted text or link addr or image.

powerful qr code maker, sweet qr code maker, powerful qr code, qr code, seleted text, create qr code, generate qr code, selected text, link addr, qr code easier faster, clear clever sweet, click image, current page, sweet qr code

Print My Kindle Highlights Chrome extension download
Print My Kindle Highlights Print My Kindle Highlights retrieves your Highlights and Notes from any Kindle title and allows you to print them out locally.

licensing code, free version licensing, updated licensing code, unsuccessful page load update, updated end user notification, ms word format, licensing code update, every end user, added facebook, code update, version update, highlights update, ms word file, highlights free, fixed bug, extension update, characters update, pro version update

Quick Research Chrome extension download
Quick Research Allows you to make quick research without making a new tab

added settings menu added, copy link address, settings menu, default mode, context menu, suggestions popup search, youtube google, google search, translate bug, iframe size, youtube search, search suggestions, added settings menu, translate tab, link address, use source code

ContextDeleter Chrome extension download
ContextDeleter ContextDeleter allows you to delete HTML elements on the fly.

update added border, html elements, add features, smaller restructured, flash element, flash elements, parent container, code added, minimalist extension, delete elements, delete html elements, contextdeleter allows

ASANA Translate Chrome extension download
ASANA Translate Because we want ASANA in our language

updated hungarian, added vietnamese updated turkish updated portuguese, added lithuanian, added chinese, asana updated, translate chrome languages, added finnish thanks, updated serbian, added romanian thanks, added lithuanian thanks, added hungarian, extension added, updated portuguese, added slovenian translation, updated dutch updated, updated italian updated chinese, translate chrome, added serbian, dutch hungarian, chinese chinese, added serbian thanks, minor translation fixes, updated chinese, added dutch translation, updated russian, updated turkish

HelloHulu Chrome extension download
HelloHulu Gives you quick access to Hulu videos.

added queue shortcut, queue number badge, option added, option added open links, scroll video, show scroll buttons option, added view queue, additional formatting changes, added scroll, hulus new look, users login, queue option added check, hellohulus popup features, update log, hulu hellohulu, hulu video, added queue, hulu videos, show badge option, added login shortcut

TabAttack Chrome extension download
TabAttack Exports your tabs as easily archivable Markdown.

useful tab management keyboard shortcuts, added benefit, extension allows, archivable markdown, markdown documents, source code, tab management keyboard, text editor, markdown, source code licensed

Simple Speed Dial Chrome extension download
Simple Speed Dial A speed dial functionally similar to the one used in Opera.

dial chrome, description , general code maintenance, performance enhancements, thumbnail generation service, largescale code rewrite, centering bug, external service, speed dial, vertical centering bug, minor enhancements, added vertical centering option, release notes, git repository , centering option, minor code

Fast QR Code Generator Chrome extension download
Fast QR Code Generator Generates QR code from any text (URL, message, number, etc.)

qr code scanners, chrome firefox, qr code, toolbar popup, qr droid, generates qr code, visited tab, click qr code generation right, handy addon, qr code reader, text url, qr reader, open toolbar popup, qr code generation, qr code generator

QR Code Generator and Reader by Chrome extension download
QR Code Generator and Reader by Create and Read QR Codes with a click of a mouse in your browser. Create basic or custom QR Codes.

standard black, custom qr codes, qr code, qr codes, qr code readers, create qr code, white visual, qr code generator, qr code online, generate custom qr codes, several qr code readers, radically enhanced clever, code generator, read qr code, generate custom qr code, use qr code generator, read qr codes, co code generator options

IP Geo Location Chrome extension download
IP Geo Location Displays your current IP and geo location data.

current ip, loading error, removed map, map display switched, added interval, vpn connection, location data, added notifications, ip address, reliable json ip provider, added map, geo location data, dark mode, added silent mode

QuickWiki Chrome extension download
QuickWiki Preview articles on Wikipedia and other wikis - become a wiki power-user!

preview window, new tab feature, pull requests, koustuv sinha change log, preview articles, feature requests, added feature, added open, shiftleft click, source code, wiki articles, vicky chijwani, expand preview window, article link, preview links, vickychijwani vinaykola

Eye Dropper Chrome extension download
Eye Dropper Eye Dropper is open source extension which allows you to pick colors from web pages, color picker and your personal color history.

color picker, advanced color picker, full changelog, fix color, added partner link, web page, pick colors, short hex code, open source extension, code changes, pick color, eye dropper, personal color history

QR Code Generator Chrome extension download
QR Code Generator Create a QR code of the selected text, current url or hyperlink.

qr code, current website, selected text current url, every qr code image, generate qr codes, current url, qr code images, generate qr, qr code image, internet connection, complete solution, generate qr code image, qr code generator works online, generating qr code, qr code generator

Save as Shortcut Chrome extension download
Save as Shortcut Offers the ability to save tab(s) and bookmarks as Internet shortcut files.

option file, chrome tabs, save section, adding chrome, added option, old append string filename, zip file, tick checkmark tooltips, added logging, save tab, option windows tooltip, save tabs, archive name pattern fields, every nonzip file name, file name pattern variables, added code, background save, added section, options section file, options adding, adding tooltip, background tabs, options section, characters windows, shortcut file, option shortcut, minor efficiency deduplication improvements, option windows, windows shortcut, default tooltip, obscure file name variables, added tooltip, single file name suffix

Humble New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Humble New Tab Page Redesigned new tab page featuring your bookmarks, apps, most visited, and recently closed in a custom layout.

default layout, new tab page, fixed weather, added options, bookmarks apps, reduced memory usage, added chrome, chrome version, added custom css field, hide google wallet service, added option, added apps, bookmarks folder, fixed bug, new tab bookmark tree, several new settings, chrome web store, hide bookmarks bar stylizer Chrome extension download stylizer This extension give more features for

ended raffles improved filters, simple chromeopera addon, favorites raffles source, custom notification sound, raffle comments section, predefine raffle, weapons skins, create raffle section, favorites raffles, create raffle added, raffle create raffle section, opera addon, added favorites raffles, custom notification, added bbcode buttons, favorites raffles source code

Code Plunker (Live HTML CSS Editor) Chrome extension download
Code Plunker (Live HTML CSS Editor) Test your HTML,CSS,JS and Get the program output instantly!

code, program output, upload code online, , instant rendering, fix highlighting color, aspiring developers, rapid front end code, test, supports offline, upload code, html css js, code testing, improvements needed, supports

Browserstack Loader Chrome extension download
Browserstack Loader Test pages on the fly with Browserstack.

update 11032014, new layout, test pages, common browsers, added windows suggestions, added latest browser versions, update 07062013, added android, update 07072013, added windows suggestions contact, added mobile browsers update, newer versions, mobile browsers, update 30102014

Duolingo Notes Chrome extension download
Duolingo Notes Help you learn Duolingo faster and better

add note, add personal comments, shortcut key, add tooltip, support image, personal comments, added support, add notes, source code, added tooltip, practice lesson, learn duolingo, windows users, personal comments box, mouse hover, notes v1

Bitcoin Browser Extension Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Browser Extension Bitcoin Browser Extension shows for you current Bitcoin exchange rate.

currency rate, currency label, bitcoin browser extension, added russian, added change, current exchange rate, rate tooltip, bitcoin browser extension shows, bitcoin browser extension allows, added change language option, extension shows, stats label, modern browser environment, currencies russian, rewrite extension code, weighted exchange rate, exchange rate, graph added, current bitcoin exchange rate, change stats source fix

Scraper Chrome extension download
Scraper Scraper gets data out of web pages and into spreadsheets.

added presets, advanced users, added web, spreadsheet form, spreadsheet titles, data mining extension, easytouse tool, google docs export, added web store, table selector won capture, web pages

FV Extender Chrome extension download
FV Extender Helps you accept FarmVille requests.

bandwidth fve uses, fb game neighbors, huge amount, google chrome, workaround added, accept farmville requests, fv stability issues, farmville fv, certain level, social gaming, added added, many users, human hand

Codota Chrome extension download
Codota Awesome viewer for Java and android code snippets

address bar, chrome address bar, code snippets, vars warns, supported sites, deprecated apis finds, great related code, codebox android code example search, powerful code viewer, android code snippets, java code snippets, code viewer, highlights references, android code, xml elements highlights references

Wanikani Augmenter Chrome extension download
Wanikani Augmenter An extension to improve the UX of

fixed added, review numbers, system added, menu bar lesson, reviews page added, added auto update, overall design change, 24hour time formats, auto update, fixed problem, memory management improvements, real numbers, added real numbers option, reviews page, review sessions

RWeb Chrome extension download
RWeb Simple tool for customizing websites by adding your own CSS & JS.

page action button, sync button, precise auto uploads, browser action button, added code search, refresh necessary anymore, much simpler ui, browser action contextmenu label, online storage, extension options page, auto sync, online optional, ui design skillz, options auto, sync optional, action button, google extension, slick dom element selector tool, added options, added sync, options ui, sites auto, css js, options page

SlitherX Sidebar Mods & Skins Chrome extension download
SlitherX Sidebar Mods & Skins Add 40+ custom mods and skins to to extend your gameplay experience! Mods made by Turtle Clan.

eaten statistic, sfx number sfx highscore sfx custom food shapes, second show position show location show, sfx food eaten sfx firefly eaten sfx, hotkey added, skins added disable, zoom zoom, eaten show, skins added, skins added slitherx, show food eaten show, show party, show server, hotkey toggle firefly fireworks, game hotkey copy server ip hotkey copy party code hotkey toggle snake, toggle snake changer hotkey toggle invisibility hotkey toggle sidebar hotkey create party join party join server ip, bug fixed hotkey bug fixed, custom firefly, bug fixed, ip show party code show, statistic food eaten statistic, sfx custom food, disable background auto respawn spawn, io slitherx, survival time food color firefly color, zoom fixed

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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