Best Communication Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total communication plugins - 14
Avast Online Security Chrome extension download
Avast Online Security Avast Browser Security and Web Reputation Plugin.

avast, data, website, browser, site, security, bank, automatically, check, phishing, ll, blocks, users, online, chrome

Skype Chrome extension download
Skype Quickly access Skype for Web and Share on Skype through your browser

skype, extension, web, read, chrome, access, share, page, features, supporting, browsers, ll, client, adding, video

Google Hangouts Chrome extension download
Google Hangouts Hangouts brings conversations to life with photos, emoji, and even group video calls for free.

hangouts, friends, photos, conversations, group, devices, video, conversation, notifications, calls, free, google, emoji, chrome, window

Google Mail Checker Chrome extension download
Google Mail Checker Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.

inbox, google, mail, displays, extension, number, chrome, unread, checker, messages, click, button, open

Read India in Transliteration Chrome extension download
Read India in Transliteration Read India in Transliteration

extension, language, transliteration, text, scripts, english, speak, phonetically, south, languages, india, correctly, speaking, native, telugu

Boomerang for Gmail Chrome extension download
Boomerang for Gmail Allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date.

boomerang, gmail, emails, messages, inbox, service, schedule, email, http, send, extension, follow, baydin, message, time

Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy Chrome extension download
Betternet Unlimited Free VPN Proxy Betternet unlimited free VPN Proxy for Chrome enables you to access to all blocked websites and makes you secure

betternet, free, vpn, connect, chrome, unlimited, simple, user, service, websites, facebook, registration, proxy, interface, twitter

HTTPS Everywhere Chrome extension download
HTTPS Everywhere Encrypt the Web! Automatically use HTTPS security on many sites.

https, chrome, insecure, quot, bug, changelog, site, weird, forms, eff, extension, security, bar, sites, automatically URL Shortener Chrome extension download URL Shortener Shorten url with, the Google URL shortener, and share with many different service!

mail, url, google, permission, shortener, gl, extension, shorten, mattiamaestrini, share, goo, support, keyboard, orkut, plurk

Photo Zoom for Facebook Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Facebook The best way to view photos on Facebook!

facebook, extensions, zoom, photo, pz4fb, extension, data, quot, http, access, features, popular, google, chrome, malware

MusicSig Chrome extension download
MusicSig ????? ?????? ? ????? c VK! ?????????? ??????? VKontakte ? ?????? ???????? ???????, ?????????????? ???????????!

user, vk, extension, features, profile, access, main, menu, domains, displaying, support, messages, group, agreement, request

friGate CDN -uninterrupted access to websites Chrome extension download
friGate CDN -uninterrupted access to websites Lets get uninterrupted access to websites. It allows you to open blocked sites.

access, site, extension, uninterrupted, fri, sites, write, gate, https, websites, simple, forum, http, problems, questions

Invite All Friends on Facebook Chrome extension download
Invite All Friends on Facebook Automatically invite all your facebook friends to Events or Pages with just one click.

invite, extension, events, facebook, problem, gt, click, friends, open, pages, email, clicking, tap, friend, bar

VK Downloader Chrome extension download
VK Downloader ??????? ?????? ?? ???????? ????????? ??? ???????

vk, downloader, chrome, download, audio, extension, beta, hls

HubSpot Sales Chrome extension download
HubSpot Sales HubSpot Sales gives you the tools you need to adopt a modern sales process.

sales, hubspot, tools, process, crm, company, time, amp, templates, complete, relevant, personal, person, emails, http

Flatbook Chrome extension download
Flatbook New Facebook Design, Removes Ads (Similar to AdBlock), FB Works Faster, Cleaner UX/UI.

facebook, news, access, extension, email, design, quick, ads, faster, works, suggestions, similar, ideas, roftentik, main

VkOpt Chrome extension download
VkOpt ?????????? ????????? ???????, ?????????? ????? ????????? ( Official site and support:

chrome, support, vkopt, ru, official, webstore, site, http, amp, hl, settings, extensions, google, extension, hoboppgpbgclpfnjfdidokiilachfcbb

Lightshot (screenshot tool) Chrome extension download
Lightshot (screenshot tool) Simple and convenient screenshot tool. Select an area, edit your screenshot and upload it to the server.

chrome, screenshot, lightshot, npapi, extension, support, google, http, javascript, chromium, upload, previous, select, edit, simple

Rapportive Chrome extension download
Rapportive Shows LinkedIn profiles in your Gmail

rapportive, linkedin, rahul, gmail, shows, mailchimp, twitter, email, profile, follow, mention, apps, shared, interests, social

InboxAce Chrome extension download
InboxAce You can now enjoy one-click access to all your Webmail accounts in one convenient spot! Retrieve your messages and more.

extension, click, chrome, inboxace, email, http, uninstall, accounts, browser, access, eula, quot, privacy, myway, top

IBA Opt-out (by Google) Chrome extension download
IBA Opt-out (by Google) Opt out of Google's interest-based ads as you browse the web with Chrome.

google, opt, chrome, iba, based, ads, extension, service, en, websites, terms, tos, interest, gallery, intl

Mogicons Chrome extension download
Mogicons This extension gives you access to all secret emoticons in Facebook coments and posts.

extension, status, facebook, emoticons, access, mogicons, machine, compatible, small, visible, icon, forget, rate, www, website

Buffer Chrome extension download
Buffer Buffer is the best way to share great content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

buffer, facebook, twitter, add, linkedin, results, updates, social, tweets, share, great, queue, iphone, retweets, posted

Privacy Badger Chrome extension download
Privacy Badger Privacy Badger protects you from trackers as you surf the web!

badger, privacy, extension, trackers, means, automatically, party, block, likelihood, request, tracking, web, eating, tracker, domain

India Rail Info Chrome extension download
India Rail Info This app works with the website, to optimize browsing experience.

info, optimize, app, works, website, rail, extension, chrome, india, experience, browsing, indiarailinfo

Emoji Input by Chrome extension download
Emoji Input by Allows you to see and input emoji on any website. Can replace Twitter and Gmail style emoji with iPhone style emoji.

emoji, version, sites, input, added, box, method, hint, facebook, typing, bug, work, update, emojis, type

Bitmoji Chrome extension download
Bitmoji Use your personal emoji in Gmail!

bitmoji, personal, extension, email, mobile, type, web, copy, virtually, paste, emoji, chrome, bitmojis, app, avatar

Bitly | Unleash the power of the link Chrome extension download
Bitly | Unleash the power of the link Shorten, measure, and optimize your links.

bitly, bitlinks, links, extension, app, share, shorten, chrome, email, sharing, link, data, accessed, tags, brand

Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

facebook, change, changer, colors, ads, chrome, options, photo, background, zoom, icon, application, newsfeed, app, color

Unseen Chrome extension download
Unseen Blocks the ”seen” feature.

read, unseen, add, receipts, feature, reply, control, block, extension, facebook, message, chrome, friends, cumbersome, blocks

vidIQ Vision for YouTube Chrome extension download
vidIQ Vision for YouTube Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.

video, youtube, videos, vidiq, optimization, description, data, optimize, tags, time, facebook, twitter, seo, count, views screen sharing Chrome extension download screen sharing Share the screen from your computer with up to 8 people in a video conversation, to show presentations, photos and documents.

share, video, screen, conversation, browser, webrtc, chrome, participants, computer, presentations, extension, people, efficient, photos, lets

Meet B Desktop Streamer Chrome extension download
Meet B Desktop Streamer A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with Meet B.

desktop, extension, stream, streamer, chrome, meetings, meet, simple

Google +1 Button Chrome extension download
Google +1 Button +1 and share a web page, anywhere you go on the web.

google, web, information, button, share, en, chrome, extension, quot, pages, page, http, terms, tab, visiting

DownAlbum Chrome extension download
DownAlbum Download Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter,, Weibo Album.

download, album, page, save, facebook, photos, load, amp, chrome, zip, https, http, opera, fancybox, instagram

Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Downloader Download any video from Facebook in either SD or HD resolution

video, users, bug, ui, release, quot, updated, reach, fixed, click, facebook, reliable, downloads, great, features

MySocialShortcut Chrome extension download
MySocialShortcut Find the best, FREE way to access your social networks.

extension, mysocialshortcut, click, chrome, http, uninstall, quot, free, browser, homepage, eula, privacy, access, myway, network

Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker Chrome extension download
Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker Dr.Web online anti-virus for checking links. Accessible from the context menu. Autoscans Facebook,, Google+ links.

links, sites, web, user, attempts, social, networks, virus, internet, ad, dr, checker, google, ads, phishing

OkTools Chrome extension download
OkTools Free gifts, download music and videos, beautiful congratulations, status, own themes online

themes, extension, status, free, congratulations, gifts, beautiful, download, videos, music, odnoklassniki, online, chrome, oktools, ru

Tumblr Savior Chrome extension download
Tumblr Savior Tired of iPad posts filling up your dashboard? Hate hearing about an athlete's latest blunders? Tumblr Savior is here to save you!

savior, tumblr, posts, list, version, spaces, latest, multiple, webextension, tired, protect, hate, hearing, athlete, show

Google+ Notifications Chrome extension download
Google+ Notifications View notifications of Google+ activity when signed in, anywhere you go on the web.

google, extension, chrome, web, notifications, button, terms, circles, en, intl, privacy, information, notification, policies, service

Profile Visitors for Facebook Chrome extension download
Profile Visitors for Facebook Finally see who has visited you on Facebook!

facebook, finally, extensions, v5, give, www, support, development, excuse, extension, sponsored, win, net, endorsed, introducing

Invite All (for Facebook) Chrome extension download
Invite All (for Facebook) The easiest way to invite all your Facebook friends to an event or to like your Facebook page! Adds the missing invite all button.

facebook, invite, dialog, logger, works, friends, key, spyware, button, older, event, page, check, chrome, extension

Messenger (Unofficial) Chrome extension download
Messenger (Unofficial) Use Messenger (Unofficial) from within your browser

version, extension, changelog, developers, chrome, facebook, due, messenger, language, messages, fb, shown, mobile, http, message

Mailvelope Chrome extension download
Mailvelope Enhance your e-mail provider with end-to-end encryption. Secure e-mail communication based on the OpenPGP standard.

mailvelope, webmail, https, openpgp, based, changelog, providers, mail, source, provider, encryption, communication, github, twitter, de

facemoji - Stickers and emoji for Facebook Chrome extension download
facemoji - Stickers and emoji for Facebook Stickers, emoji (hidden emoticons) and drawing board for Facebook

facebook, stickers, emoji, ng, chat, facemoji, comment, chrome, emoticons, web, send, extension, ch, group, trong

We Heart It Chrome extension download
We Heart It Official We Heart It Google Chrome extension

heart, chrome, website, extensionsend, images, official, google, extension, page

FreeStiker Chrome extension download
FreeStiker ???????? ?????? ???????? ?????????!

freestiker, chrome, extension

WEB.DE MailCheck Chrome extension download
WEB.DE MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

mail, access, de, security, highest, protection, click, encrypted, email, password, mailcheck, connection, ssl, chrome, extension

Motorola Connect Chrome extension download
Motorola Connect This Chrome Extension has been retired. Please remove by clicking the trash can icon.

motorola, connect, phone, chrome, texts, computer, extension, droid, google, version, privacy, sms, support, kitkat, store

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