Cross Icon Chrome Extensions

Total cross icon plugins - 25
Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin Chrome extension download
Allow CORS: Access-Control-Allow-Origin Easily add (Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *) rule to the response header.
Always Disable Content-Security-Policy Chrome extension download
Always Disable Content-Security-Policy Always Disable Content-Security-Policy for web application testing. When the icon is colored, CSP headers are disabled.
Stick Hero Offline Game Chrome extension download
Stick Hero Offline Game Press and hold anywhere to stretch out a stick, it has to be the exact length or Hero will fall down!
PopVerse Bible Study System Chrome extension download
PopVerse Bible Study System Makes links of Bible refs for included King James Bible. View via popup or window. Supports reference entry and searching.
Canvas downloader. Find and export. Chrome extension download
Canvas downloader. Find and export. Extension helps detect if canvas is used at the web page and allows to export and save canvas content.
Catholic Cross Chrome extension download
Catholic Cross Catholic Cross for your Chrome.
Betsy Chrome extension download
Betsy Etsy product research tool, estimated revenue and velocity, narrow down profitable products, cross-reference competitors, & more.
Trafikant Pixel Helper Chrome extension download
Trafikant Pixel Helper Extends the Developer Tools, adding a panel that verifies Reddit and Twitter pixel calls
Broken Link Checker Chrome extension download
Broken Link Checker Helps you to automatically detect broken links on websites you visit.
Queue for Netflix Chrome extension download
Queue for Netflix Add queue functionality to Netflix (UK)
Putlocker Watched Episode Chrome extension download
Putlocker Watched Episode Keep track of your episodes on Putlocker
blank Chrome extension download
blank Blank new tab page or a new tab for the specified url.
Auxtract Chrome extension download
Auxtract Extracts relevant definitions and cross-references as you review Commonwealth legislation on the Federal Register (Australia only).
PIP Buddy - Your friendly Picture in Picture Chrome extension download
PIP Buddy - Your friendly Picture in Picture The only Picture in Picture extension you will ever need
Tabs Counter - Number of Browser Opened Tabs Chrome extension download
Tabs Counter - Number of Browser Opened Tabs Count number of opened tabs in web browser current window. Displays tabs count number on the extension/add-on icon in the toolbar
CORSet! Chrome extension download
CORSet! Enable cross domain request CORS (with MV3 Api) only on the user enabled Tabs.
PassEye | Revealing passwords Chrome extension download
PassEye | Revealing passwords Revealing passwords in login and registration forms
AllGitHubTraffic Chrome extension download
AllGitHubTraffic Show traffic data from all your GitHub repositories on one chart.
Scriptable Chrome extension download
Scriptable Configurable page scripts
Tabpik Tab Manager - Beta Chrome extension download
Tabpik Tab Manager - Beta Prioritize and Organize your Browser Tabs with Style
JACR Hackathon App 2016 Chrome extension download
JACR Hackathon App 2016 Tells you if a website has credible health information and links to credible ones.
Manage Tabs Chrome extension download
Manage Tabs Super light chrome extesnsion to show all your open tabs in one click!!
Content Bookmark Chrome extension download
Content Bookmark Add bookmarks inside pages
DeeToolbar Chrome extension download
DeeToolbar Adds a browser action icon to the toolbar to take control of deezer tab.
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