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Total cross site plugins - 31
NoScript Chrome extension download
NoScript Maximum protection for your browser: NoScript allows active content only for trusted domains of your choice to prevent exploitation.
Disable Content-Security-Policy Chrome extension download
Disable Content-Security-Policy Disable Content-Security-Policy for web application testing. When the icon is colored, CSP headers are disabled.
Easy Mute for Google Meet Chrome extension download
Easy Mute for Google Meet A simple extension for mute/unmute Google Meet calls from browser icon. Including options to by default turn microphone/camera off.
Always Disable Content-Security-Policy Chrome extension download
Always Disable Content-Security-Policy Always Disable Content-Security-Policy for web application testing. When the icon is colored, CSP headers are disabled.
CSP Evaluator Chrome extension download
CSP Evaluator CSP Evaluator is a tool that allows developers to check if a Content Security Policy (CSP) serves as mitigation against XSS attacks.
FlyView for SharePoint and Office 365 Sites Chrome extension download
FlyView for SharePoint and Office 365 Sites Explore SharePoint sites with this super fast SharePoint navigation plugin, supports on-premise 2013/10/07 and Office 365 versions
Request X Chrome extension download
Request X Intercept requests and cookies by flexible rules.
Hack Tab Web Security Tests Chrome extension download
Hack Tab Web Security Tests Test and hack web apps XSS, SQL Injection, File Inclusion, support login and CSRF. Developers, QA, Pen Testers
Cyber Web Tools Chrome extension download
Cyber Web Tools Chrome extension to analysis your website security. It provides various tools to find web security loopholes.
WhaleVault Chrome extension download
WhaleVault Secure Graphene Cross-Chain Key Store Extension
WODconnect Chrome extension download
WODconnect The best solution for tracking, coaching and managing the sport of fitness (crossfit, functional training, WODs, cross training).
CsFire Chrome extension download
CsFire CsFire: protection against malicious cross-domain requests
Spectroscope Chrome extension download
Spectroscope Search for endpoints potentially vulnerable to Spectre.
CounterXSS Chrome extension download
CounterXSS An Extension to counter XSS attack!
ADST Anti XSS Protection Chrome extension download
ADST Anti XSS Protection A tool for protecting you from reflected type of cross site scripting attacks
BirdSite Chrome extension download
BirdSite Cross-post Mastodon toots to Twitter.
Cookie Dialog Monster Chrome extension download
Cookie Dialog Monster Did someone say cookie consent dialogs? ?
Ninchat Chrome extension download
Ninchat Ninchat is a secure customer care chat and team chat for your enterprise.
Block Cross Domain protection Chrome extension download
Block Cross Domain protection Block Cross Domain protection.
PassEye | Revealing passwords Chrome extension download
PassEye | Revealing passwords Revealing passwords in login and registration forms
shopAround Chrome extension download
shopAround Adds a button to Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon to allow for easy cross-searching. Open a search for each website with one click. Chrome extension download Get the entire news story in seconds.
Guard-Cross Chrome extension download
Guard-Cross A simple Chrome Extension to add fun features to the Guardian Crossword site.
Cross-site interactive wishlist Chrome extension download
Cross-site interactive wishlist All your wishlist items in one place
Cyber Decode Chrome extension download
Cyber Decode Protection and safety alerts from phishing and malicious JavaScript when browsing the web
Budget Cart Chrome extension download
Budget Cart Budget online spendings while tracking your shopping carts across sites.
pyper Chrome extension download
pyper 'Protect Your Privacy'-er when browsing by mixing up cookies used by cross-site advertisement tracking systems.
Selectamander Chrome extension download
Selectamander Watches a css selector for the number of matching elements.
Advanced Bar Chrome extension download
Advanced Bar An advanced bar for Stack Exchange sites.
Forget Me Now Chrome extension download
Forget Me Now Automatically clears browsing data, blocks web beacons & fingerprint profilers, removes cross-site cookies for the sites you choose.
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