Best Current Total Balance Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Running Balance for Chase Chrome extension download
Running Balance for Chase Adds running balance column to credit card transaction history in Chase Online Banking

credit card, transactions view, subdomains secure07a secure07b, update view, multiple credit card accounts, fix nan issue, initial release, create extension icons, update character code, current balance, running balance, nan balance, chase online banking update, card transaction history, update view detection, balance column, running balance column, chase online banking

Amazon Wish List Total Chrome extension download
Amazon Wish List Total Keeps a running total of all the items it's seen in the current Amazon wish list.

fix itemsnan total, current amazon, list total, running total, fix items, full change log, total price, change log, amazon wish lists, wish list, report issues, reduce resource usage, se english language urls

Bitcoin Sneak Peek Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Sneak Peek Instantly see the balance of a Bitcoin address mentioned on any web page.

orange juice fund, small icon, total received, web page, bitcoin address mentioned, source code, address, current balance, every web site, bitcoin address

Buxenger Chrome extension download
Buxenger Bookmark manager/task browser for GPT websites

gpt websites, precious time, com website, simple dashboard, task browser, main features, standard bookmark features, current balance, tasks making, bookmark managertask browser, bookmark features, current balance number, bookmark manager

My Viking Balance Chrome extension download
My Viking Balance My Viking Balance gives you access to your Mobile Vikings sim balance with a single click.

mobile vikings sim balance, balance manually, text messages data free minutes, single click, mobile vikings, mobile vikings allows, free minutes, automaticly update, sim balance view, text messages, multiple sim cards, interval chosen

DigitalOcean Toolbox Chrome extension download
DigitalOcean Toolbox Manage your DigitalOcean droplets.

total monthly cost, current number, monthly charges, free hosting credit, estimated total monthly cost based, current status, reboot power, digital ocean, referral link, view cost

PeerFly Stats Chrome extension download
PeerFly Stats Show your PeerFly stats right in your Chrome browser and get alerts on conversions and referral earnings!

peerfly director, past week stats, peerfly publisher account required, firefox addon peerfly stats, chrome browser, paid balance, peerfly publisher account, current balance, referral earnings, get alerts, peerfly stats, marketing luke, earnings conversions

Check Link with Virus Total Chrome extension download
Check Link with Virus Total Check link by click (domain and file). Extension add item to context menu of hyperlink that check link at Virus Total server.

use virus, total api key, click domain, total server, total api, virus total api, check domain, context menu, add item, conetext menu, free virus total api key, file extension add item, check link, virus total server

Beermoney Balances Chrome extension download
Beermoney Balances Beermoney balances takes the hassle out of checking on all the different survey sites you use to keep track of your earnings. Every…

different survey sites, every time, bmb operates, latest balance, place bmb, survey sites, earnings secure, balances takes, balance history, quick update button, beermoney balances, place bmb lets

Relevance - Smart Tab Organizer Chrome extension download
Relevance - Smart Tab Organizer Relevance is a smart tab organizer. It’s nonintrusive and fully private. When you activate it your tabs are sorted based on the…

smart tab organizer, haven read, total time, longest reading, local browser, experimental integration, spent reading, natural arrangement, current window, huge mess, current page

EnvatoMator Chrome extension download
EnvatoMator Estimate your Envato earnings, see sales breakdowns, and remove annoyances from the Envato Marketplaces.

little improvements, daily sales breakdowns, sale count estimates, envato marketplaces, referral commission, envato earnings, sales table, adds earnings estimates, sales breakdowns, adds total sales, current month, total sales column, accidental comment reports, adds number, awesome little tweaks, next commission rate

CSGO Lounge Statistics Chrome extension download
CSGO Lounge Statistics Simple extension to let you view your CSGOLounge history in a human matter.

csgolounge history, chrome click, nice graphs, historical prices, winnings view, human matter, chrome login, simple oneclick use, key features, steam community, simple extension, extension simple, win loss balance, extension login, party required, winloss balance, historical prices displays

NeoBux Title Chrome extension download
NeoBux Title Show your main balance and number of adprizes in the website title

care information neobux title adds, little bit, main balance, care information, main balance af, website title, title, nice little tool, neobux users, extension alive

Vivaro Bets Chrome extension download
Vivaro Bets Shows recent bets and displays notifications about bets outcome.

bets, shows, live games, recent bets, show live games, show user balance, bets outcome, displays notifications, user balance, show

Live Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Live Bookmarks A bookmark viewer to see all your bookmarks with screenshot of the webpage.

total bookmarks, delete folders, share bookmarks, total folders, friendly folder collapse, social media icon, full screen, click social media, live bookmarks, long list, load thumbnails, total folders numbers, live thumbnail, social media, extension sustain building google chrome

Youtube Views Chrome extension download
Youtube Views Shows you the total video views from this channel below each video!

shows, video, total video views, channel, number, extension adds, total view count, youre, abonnements

Page Size Inspector Chrome extension download
Page Size Inspector Reports page size, cache usage, network requests, load time.

copy report, total page size, badge shows total request, trustworthy developer, page size, open source extensions, open source, total request count, first time visitor, load time, page size cache usage network requests load time, reports page size

Last.FM Normalizer Chrome extension download
Last.FM Normalizer Normalizes Top Artist rankings by time spent listening instead of total plays.

last days, total play counts, top artist, last month, results browser side, fm profiles, top artists, normalized artist, top artist rankings, total plays, normalized artist chart, local storage

Control_Attack Chrome extension download
Control_Attack ?????????? ??????? ???????? ????????????? ??????? 100 000-150 000 ?????? ???????? ? 1 ????????

, 000150, utlu editusp sharing total control clan, f5, total control clan, control attack

Netherlands Traffic Information Chrome extension download
Netherlands Traffic Information Visual representation of the traffic jams in Netherlands.

traffic jams, many traffic jams, slight delays, current situation, traffic change, options set, light circle, current traffic jams, time traffic jams, visual representation, total km length, traffic light circle, long delays, trend alert

Daz-Deals Chrome extension download
Daz-Deals Deals Shopping Helper

product pages, product listing, show total, interactive license addons, products daz, inpage price history chart, products listing, total percentage, choose wishlist product grid layout size, wishlist product, grand total percentage discount, order history table, gallery style browsing, price history, monthly pc coupon filters, adds add, view forum thread gallery images, pc daz, daz deals, adds product

Samba Mobile Battery Chrome extension download
Samba Mobile Battery See your Samba Mobile data credit

samba mobile data credit, chrome installs samba icon, samba account, samba credit, samba team, available samba credit, data credit, samba data credit, available samba data credit, browser toolbar showing, google chrome installs, balance amber running, samba icon, green healthy balance

Total Defense Traffic Light Chrome extension download
Total Defense Traffic Light Total Defense Traffic Light adds a strong and non-intrusive layer of security to your browsing experience

total defense traffic light, simple mouse gesture, time trafficlight, alreadycluttered browser interface, top notch protection, total defense trafficlight, trafficlight wont block, browser interface, trafficlight flags malware, add strong, site pages, browsing experience, trafficlight adds strong, system resource consumption, facebook wall, browsing experience trafficlight, adds strong

Monero Monitor Chrome extension download
Monero Monitor A Chrome extension for monitoring the Monero network

fixed formatting, changed network api, set default reddit view, current xmr, monitor mining status, current xmr exchange rates, total coin supply, monero network, monero stackexchange, monero monitor podcast, xmr mining, reddit posts, monero stackexchange tab, monitor monero monitor, basic monero network statistics, new mining pools, monitor mining, network api, monero monitor podcast episode links, current posts

Hide Youtube Progress Bar Chrome extension download
Hide Youtube Progress Bar Easily hide Youtube’s progress bar and all other information that shows the total duration of the video

youtube, shows, total time, progress bar, total duration, icon created, related videos, avoid spoilers, easily hide youtube progress bar, information

Wishlist Total Chrome extension download
Wishlist Total amazon wishlist total chrome extension, totals all items in wishlist and displays the total

amazon wishlist, amazon wishlist total chrome extension totals, total chrome extension, wishlist, items, displays, totals

ePMP GUI+ Chrome extension download
ePMP GUI+ Enhances the standard Cambium ePMP Web GUI

total uplink packets real time downlink, total downlink packets downlink, total uplink packets, realtime uplink throughput, downlink packet drops, downlink capacity drops, epmp gui adds, access point monitor performance, standard cambium epmp web gui, real time uplink, uplink packets, total downlink packets, uplink packet drops, downlink packets, realtime downlink throughput, cambium epmp, epmp gui display

AyuWage - Member Toolbar Chrome extension download
AyuWage - Member Toolbar - Shows AyuWage Member Credit Balance - Shows Sites Available for AyuWage Members

member credit balance, shows, shows ayuwage member credit balance shows sites, shows sites, ayuwage members

Bitcoin Zebra Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Zebra Bitcoin Zebra faucet extension.

free bitcoin faucet, bitcoin faucet, current account balance, bitcoin zebra, faucet pay outs, bitcoin zebra faucet extension, next faucet payout, bitcoin wallet, faucet payout, bitcoin zebra web site, sunday providing

InEx Finance Quick Add Chrome extension download
InEx Finance Quick Add The fast way to record transactions in InEx Finance through a popup.

add transactions, instantly record, simple tools, current account balance, inex finance offers, inex finance, key financial indicators, smooth user experience, daily exchange rates, enter currency exchange transactions, instantly add, painless personal finance management, record transactions, custom date ranges, exchange transactions, personal finance

EndTime2 for Toodledo Chrome extension download
EndTime2 for Toodledo EndTime2 for Toodledo: Estimated Lengths Viewer

expected time, total time, time, log display mode, toodledo estimated lengths viewer, display mode, total time required, real time, review completed tasks, toodledo, timeline chart, displays time estimates, endtime2

Angular watchers Chrome extension download
Angular watchers Check how many watchers are active in an angular app

many watchers, many active watchers, increase performance, ultimate angularjs tool, angular app, graphcounter view toggle, global variable window, darklight theme toggle, angular watchers, angular modules, total number, last total number, active watchers

Spigot Notifier Chrome extension download
Spigot Notifier Get notifications in chrome.

notifier checks, source code packaged, spigot notifier, new message, source, unread things, daytoday tasks, open source, org notifications, displayed total number, total number, spigot notifier checks spigot forums, ve received

Scrum for Trello Chrome extension download
Scrum for Trello Adds Scrum story points to your Trello

another trello compatibility fix, latest trello, latest chrome, unknown point cards, list total, story points, new load model, upper right corner, fixed total, little menu shows, decimal value cards, pet projects time, scrum projects, cool storypoint picker, scrum story points

Mavatar Chrome extension download
Mavatar Save time & money shopping online! Mavatar automatically finds you the best deals at your favorite stores!

collect extension usage statistics, total savings, coupon code sites, favorite stores, shopping cart, mavatar add, mavatar automatically, mavatars terms conditions, shop online, shopping online, promo code online, total shopping cart, smart cart, google analytics, save time money shopping online

Loot Palace Extension Chrome extension download
Loot Palace Extension Loot Palace Extension

current total points, official extension, progress stay updated, palace notifications, customize notification preferences, loot palace, real time, daily point goals, loot palace extension, daily bonus

Site Analyzer Chrome extension download
Site Analyzer This extension will analyze a page using GTmetrix

total page size, yslow score, gtmetrix, analyzing points pagespeed score, test server, page load time, score page load, gtmetrix uses, analyze page, vancouver canada, page, total page size number, pagespeed score

Carbon Footprint Chrome extension download
Carbon Footprint Automatically estimates the CO2 emissions for driving on routes suggested by Google Maps™.

routes time, greenhouse gas emissions, global warming, total co2 emission, carbon dioxide, flow session bzommrypzrnfnqx0xdwiwunrpg50zkoluizxojp9qn06vywcmezyt2zvals, co2 concentration, current concentration level, co2 emissions, google maps, long time, webscrcmd flow session, co2 emission, transportation sector accounts

Mail2Cloud for Chrome | Revolutionizing Email Chrome extension download
Mail2Cloud for Chrome | Revolutionizing Email Email + Gmail | Attachment management, schedule emails, privately share files, use reply timeout and get read receipts and reminders

keep group bcc, track track, salespeople job seekers, busy email account, reply timeout, email delivery, total track track clicks, save share, total track remind, users save share, email gmail, great product soooo, extension users, tools save share, email productivity, particular email doesnt get, every email productivity power feature, opened track

QuickBit for Fitbit Chrome extension download
QuickBit for Fitbit QuickBit is the fastest way to log your Fitbit activities.

common activities choose, run bike swim bike, fitness goals, morning run, common activities, run refreshing swim, quick click, fitbit activities, fitbit dashboard stay hydrated, water, total daily water consumption, fitbit dashboard, total daily water

Official Card Counter Trello with Totalizer Chrome extension download
Official Card Counter Trello with Totalizer Official Card counter for Trello. Show card counters and the total cards in your board!

total cards label, trello, official card counter, show card counters, cards, every list, show, total cards

Total Files Converter Chrome extension download
Total Files Converter Convert files like images, video, documents, audio and more to other formats with this free and fast online converter!

images, doc docx pdf wps odt txt rtf wpd html xml images, video, convert word, google chrome, images video documents audio, convert files, total files converter, documents, files converter, online converter

Download Manager Button Chrome extension download
Download Manager Button Browser Action Download Manager User Interface for Google Chrome

demo extension, downloads opening, total download progress, google chrome, browser action download manager user interface, browser action popup, new chrome, browser action button displays, browser action, downloads referrer removing, total download, pausing resuming canceling opening erasing retrying, dangerous downloads

Ingress Intel Enable (IITC for Chrome) Chrome extension download
Ingress Intel Enable (IITC for Chrome) Launch IITC for Ingress Intel with ease.

high level portals, total conversion scripts allows, useful custom plugins, intel ingress, additional useful feature, clutter portal markers, ingress intel, ingress total conversion, iitc iitc, portal uniques, blue iitc icon, run intel, favorite plugin, additional user plugins, portal highlight uniques

LAN Bandwidth Chrome extension download
LAN Bandwidth Display bandwidth/stats of UBNT LAN, via aircontrol server.

gateway radio, ubnt aircontrol server, aircontrol server, total current download usage, ubnt lan, aircontrol username password ip, display kilobytes megabytes, gateway radio hostname, aircontrol username, display bandwidthstats

Tabsets Chrome extension download
Tabsets Stores sets of tabs for later viewing.

tabset import button, tabs tabset, various research projects, current tabset name, export tabsets, delete button beside, rename tabset prompt defaults, added link, open tab, another device, tabset import, button beside, total data loss, open tabset, tabset link

ESPN Fantasy Baseball Plus Chrome extension download
ESPN Fantasy Baseball Plus Enhances the ESPN fantasy baseball website with additional player stats. Special thanks to FantasyTargets by tcbeutler.

bb, additional player stats, whip babip, career era, bb season total, espn fantasy baseball website, pitch count, career avg, player overview, pitch count, ba babip, bb season total, detailed stats

Greenhouse Chrome extension download
Greenhouse Expose the influence of money in Congress by downloading the new browser extension. Join the fight to end political corruption.

greenhouse highlights, small donation, detailed campaign contribution data, small donation percentage, many bugperformance fixes, contribution details, total contributions small, campaign contribution data, new browser extension, real clear politics, current polling data, hover highlights, campaign finance reform bills, congress supports

LTC Ticker Chrome extension download
LTC Ticker This extension displays the current LTC/USD price on the badge icon.

price updates, current litecoinus dollar amound, current correct version, dollar amound, current price, many times, current litecoin, cache directive, current ltcusd price, usd price, every minutes

COMODO Cloud Antivirus Chrome extension download
COMODO Cloud Antivirus COMODO Cloud Antivirus

virus proactive detection, new threats, total malware protection, portable sandbox, proactive detection, comodo portable sandbox, comodo cloud antivirus, potentially harmful files removal, total malware protection quarantined environment, unique comodo, harmful files, downloaded file, environment

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