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Panic Button Plus Chrome extension download
Panic Button Plus Hide your tabs faster with single button or single key and restore them later

button, extensions, hide, tabs, wips, key, chrome, single, choose, team, hear, happy, users, eula, privacy

Twitch Stream Chrome extension download
Twitch Stream Know when your favorite channel is streaming online.

extensions, channel, wips, twitch, extension, live, chrome, streaming, stream, icon, team, developer, tv, hear, happy

Autocopy Original Chrome extension download
Autocopy Original Select text and it's automatically copied to the clipboard. Also pastes on middle click. Download Now

extensions, chrome, wips, click, extension, text, clipboard, team, security, hear, find, due, lot, webstore, middle

Screen capture Chrome extension download
Screen capture Take a screenshot in the fastest possible way.

extensions, chrome, screenshot, wips, extension, screenshots, add, team, hear, happy, users, eula, privacy, agree, mozilla

Click counter Chrome extension download
Click counter Count your clicks everyday.

extensions, chrome, wips, everyday, clicks, click, team, hear, happy, users, eula, privacy, mozilla, agree, extension

Airbnb search Chrome extension download
Airbnb search Rent from people in 26,371 cities and 192 countries.

extensions, million, chrome, wips, search, show, extension, people, team, airbnb, easily, world, simply, hear, happy

Bubble Fun Chrome extension download
Bubble Fun Let's pop some bubbles! It is fun and addictive.

extensions, game, bubbles, wips, groups, reply, chrome, dropping, score, hear, happy, fun, networks, time, feedback

Notifications for Twitter, Facebook, ... Chrome extension download
Notifications for Twitter, Facebook, ... Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn included. More are coming! Claim a social network in 5-star review.

extensions, notifications, wips, facebook, twitter, social, chrome, youtube, including, linkedin, team, messages, hear, happy, users

SHOCKing extension! Chrome extension download
SHOCKing extension! Scariest extension on the internet!

extension, extensions, level, chrome, wips, website, picture, team, scary, shake, hear, happy, reactions, users, eula

Daily Joke Chrome extension download
Daily Joke One funny joke every day at specific time you can set. Enjoy and laugh laud :D

extensions, joke, wips, chrome, enjoy, day, love, set, team, time, hear, happy, users, eula, privacy

Daily 9GAG Chrome extension download
Daily 9GAG Because the notifications on official 9GAG extension are TOO DAMN HIGH!

extensions, gag, extension, wips, chrome, browser, team, time, hear, happy, users, mozilla, eula, privacy, agree

Facebook feed Chrome extension download
Facebook feed Stay in touch with your favorite Facebook page

extensions, extension, wips, facebook, users, chrome, stay, create, page, team, touch, eula, status, agree, hear

Twitch Stream Chrome extension download
Twitch Stream Know when your favorite channel is streaming online.

extensions, wips, live, extension, channel, twitch, chrome, streaming, stream, icon, team, developer, hear, happy, users

Perfect Boyfriend Chrome extension download
Perfect Boyfriend Do you want to be the perfect boyfriend? Autopost romantic statuses for you girlfriend.

post, extensions, chrome, romantic, wips, choose, statuses, extension, girlfriend, facebook, glad, add, team, takes, developer

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