Best Document Object Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total document object plugins - 363
FormFillr Chrome extension download
FormFillr Experiments in autofilling forms

autofill tool, select input elements, supports text input elements, visible descriptors, experimental approach, document object model, input elements, document object model dom, input, input element metadata

The Panic Room: House of Secrets Chrome extension download
The Panic Room: House of Secrets Have an appetite for suspense and mysteries? Don’t afraid to bite off more than you can chew? You’re in for a special treat!

afflicted man, hidden object, different personal backgrounds, game modes, freetoplay hidden object game, hidden objects, mysterious forces, hidden object game, hidden object adventure, special treat

Delete All Cookies From JavaScript Chrome extension download
Delete All Cookies From JavaScript Delete All Cookies From JavaScript

document object, extension action, sending postmessage, path value, clear cookies extension, clear cookies document, super domains, clearcookiesdocument mode, current page, javascript run, delete cookies, chrome extension deletes

Selenium Page Object Generator Chrome extension download
Selenium Page Object Generator A nimble and flexible Selenium Page Object Model generator to improve agile testing process velocity.

selenium page object generator, generated page object, element selector, preconfigured chrome download folder, text visibility, generated page object model, support chrome, potential security vulnerabilities, specific css selector base, selenium page object model generator, page object model, clean logicless semantic templating language, label text, follow static analysis results, options button, add support, web page, page object, active chrome tab, fix c xml documentation format, robot framework template adjustments, element text

DOM Destroyer Chrome extension download
DOM Destroyer Destroy the Document Object Model.

destroy, converts, wreak havoc, web page, document object model, targets leave, dom destroyer empowers, basic chrome extension, available targets

D-ToolBox Chrome extension download
D-ToolBox D-ToolBox, Shortcuts to create Google Drive documents and download as pdf, docs, xlsx, etc.. your google document.

create google drive documents, google spreadsheet, download google, creating google document, new google document, google drive tool box, google document direct, google new spreadsheet, new home screens, google document, download google document, google drive, click enter, download google spreadsheet, pdf file, download google presentation, download document, google document page

Salesforce Profile Access Helper Chrome extension download
Salesforce Profile Access Helper Helps to give Page and Class access to profiles. Helps to set FLS on profiles. Helps to set CRUD on objects.

select object fls, enhanced lists view, give page, enhanced lists, extension helps, shows profiles, object crud permissions, apex class security settings page, object crud, set fls, set crud, class access, object crud matrix, give access, selecting profiles

HeadingsMap Chrome extension download
HeadingsMap To show, browse and audit (for accessibility and SEO) the headings structure

web document, correct hierarchical structure, includes document, detects changes, optional information, document scrolls, shows anchor, outline test, headings structure, extension generates, main document, document selector, sections hidden, includes optional information, hidden headers, header information, header section

Salesforce DevTools Chrome extension download
Salesforce DevTools Powerful Salesforce developer tools, includes Query Editor, Fields definition, ERDs, Page Layout, and others.

exporting objects definition, exporting objects, powerful salesforce developer chrome extension, salesforce object detail page, added feature, mass clone custom fields, feature object, object fields, added query, feature exporting object, exporting objects fields definition, fields definition erds page, soql exporting query, salesforce object, exporting object page, added support, apex code soql, exporting query, exporting objects page, added features, powerful salesforce developer tools, debug log viewer ux, field permission edit page, exporting object definition, apex debug log viewer

New writeurl Chrome extension download
New writeurl Create a new writeurl document.

writeurl document, new writeurl document, new writeurl text document, quickly start, extension adds button, toolbar, click, button, writeurl text document, create

GroupDocs Online Document Viewer Plugin Chrome extension download
GroupDocs Online Document Viewer Plugin This add-on provides GroupDocs users with a slick interface for viewing their documents right in the Chrome browser.

groupdocs viewer, groupdocs website, chrome browser, word processing documents, document viewer, chrome viewer, web browser, webenabled mobile device, use groupdocs viewer, bulky office software, groupdocs online document viewer website, groupdocs online document viewer, online document viewer, view document, open file, image files jpg bmp, view documents

Save Webpage As Word Document Chrome extension download
Save Webpage As Word Document Create Microsoft Word document from complete or selected content of multiple web pages.

local html file, page chrome, local html files, single word document, chrome web, complete web page, web pages, converted pages, file urls, visit extensions management page, local html, word document extension, microsoft word document, multiple web pages, selected part, web page, word document, converted document, chrome web store pages

AODocs - Smartbar for Google Workspace Chrome extension download
AODocs - Smartbar for Google Workspace Add AODocs® features to Google Workspace™ (Google Drive™, Docs™, Sheets™, Slides™, Drawings™ and Gmail™).

document control, advanced file, google drive, records management capabilities, aodocs files, document management platform, granular folder permissions structure, low code configuration model, advanced business, full audit log, aodocs features, document control processes, google workspace, features google workspace, google apis adheres, google workspace google drive, desktop microsoft office application, document repositories, external users whitelists, google drive documents, aodocs document, document metadata, business applications, business processes

DocSharePoint Chrome extension download
DocSharePoint Document Sharepoint

free resources, find documents pdf ebooks, reader foxit preview xpdf evince, find document files, portable document format, adobe systems, search documents files, document files, application software hardware, document sharepoint, documents files, pdf files pdf, documents search, adobe acrobat reader, pdf readers

My Little Sandbox Chrome extension download
My Little Sandbox A Simple sandbox and physics game.

creatures, object types, several different object types, little sandbox, tell, simple sandbox, physics game, play, fun

SAPUI5 Documentation Search Chrome extension download
SAPUI5 Documentation Search Quickly navigate to SAPUI5 object documentation

chrome localstorage, documentation page, object documentation page, hop, sapui5 object documentation, navigate, retain history, quickly navigate, search sapui5 documentation, use chrome, object

Open eCard Legacy Activator Chrome extension download
Open eCard Legacy Activator Scans for eCard object tags and invokes the localhost activation when one is encountered.

open ecard app redirects, activation methods, legacy activation mechanism defined, legacy activation mechanism, specific object tag, ecard object, open ecard app, localhost activation, web server delivers, delivers page, ecard specific object

CSS remove and combine Chrome extension download
CSS remove and combine Removes unused selectors from all stylesheets on a page and combines the result into a single stylesheet that can be downloaded

unused css rules, different domain report, normal extension feedback system, problem earlier, added unused, single stylesheet, unused css, extension feedback, quick view dialog, css stylesheet, webkitblobbuilder property, unused selectors, based selectors, new css stylesheet, unused selector report, webkitblobbuilder issue, negative feedback, webpage document object

GTT Segment Filtering Chrome extension download
GTT Segment Filtering Minimalistic toolbar for filtering segment types in GTT. Just open a GTT document.

open gtt document, filtering segment types, segment type, toolbar, differently colored buttons, adds toolbar, minimalistic toolbar, segment types, show hide, differentlycolored buttons, translation document, target segments, gtt document

Livaio intelligent PDF viewer Chrome extension download
Livaio intelligent PDF viewer Livaio intelligent PDF viewer and PDF document manager

smart universal search, pdf document, pdf document management, livaio pdf file manager, smart history list document, tagging context, file management, intelligent pdf viewer, pdf document manager, smart history list, great features including integrated cloud, livaio intelligent pdf viewer

Web PKI Chrome extension download
Web PKI Extension to use digital certificates within webpages

simple digital signing, enable browser signing, approved signers, user digital certificates, existing web, documents digital signing, document signing, web browser, existing digital, document encryption, digital certificates, trusted issuers, signing component, digital signing, document integrity, digital signatures

Open In Papers Chrome extension download
Open In Papers A quick short cut to load a PDF document or web resource into your Papers library.

pdf document, handy toolbar button, load pdf document, handy toolbar, view browse, quick short cut, pdf documents, current web page, article organizer, itunesstyle interface, web resource

InjectCode Chrome extension download
InjectCode Store and inject code to browser pages made super easy.

several open tabs, global function opentab, run scripts, code side access, attached methods, global injectcode object, global xhrmonitor object, delete sort, unused storage permission, inject code, inject javascript snippets, unused storage permission request

MarkView Chrome extension download
MarkView View markdown file in Chrome.

code view, view, file, task list, customizable document, view markdown file, code view styling, markview support github flavored markdown, markview support github, document fully customizable document, document, table task list, markview

AcFun Fix Chrome extension download
AcFun Fix AcFun?????????????????????????????????

tv acfun vid vid, acfun vid, 20150326 acfun fix, vid, acacac, acfun, object flashiframe, mail cctvyay, acfun fix, iechrome object flashiframe, 20150326 bug

Skimcast Chrome extension download
Skimcast Skimcast is like an automatic Spark Notes for anything.

extension button, original document length, key themes, browser screen, subscriber walls, enough time, produce summary, skim online course material, skim online, read everything, easily bored, document length, automatic spark notes

Immutable.js Object Formatter Chrome extension download
Immutable.js Object Formatter Makes Immutable JS objects more readable when they are logged to the console.

chrome devtools settings, immutable devtools devtools, immutable js objects, enable custom formatters, transforms logged immutable js objects, source code, immutable devtools, transforms, console, readable format, source code object formatter extension

Ranorex Automation Chrome extension download
Ranorex Automation Ranorex automation support.

automate tests, single test cases, multiple teams, free testing, testing teams, low entry barrier , ranorex desktop application free, powerful object mapping editor, free 30day trial, desktop web, reasonable price quick roi, different skill sets, enhance test suites, test automation, web testing, object recognition, start functional test automation, ranorex automation

Pomagalo Downloader Chrome extension download
Pomagalo Downloader Free download of's materials

please register, short guide, select document, select documents data type, pomagalos site, document viewer, arent registered, apear box, free download, free documents, registration link, select documents data

Salesforce Admin Check All Chrome extension download
Salesforce Admin Check All This extension provides 'check all' checkboxes on admin pages.

object permissions, various checkbox lists, field history, admin pages, object settings page, salesforce admin check, checkbox lists, salesforce setup pages, field permissions lists, enhanced functionality, extension requires, enhanced profile

Gradelicious Chrome extension download
Gradelicious Gradelicious Extension for Chrome

google drivetm, shared googletm document, file management copying pasting, google classroomtm, gradelicious extension, efficient grading, rubric grading panel, googletm document types, highly efficient, gradelicious incorporates, super easy, slides drawings, student documents

StopFlash Flash Blocker Chrome extension download
StopFlash Flash Blocker Say StopFlash ! Block flash objects

faster loading, stop blocking flash flash objects, flash object, block flash objects, flash flash objects, stopflash, flash objects, flash object add, stop flash, certain web pages, web pages, many ads

Apex Debugger Chrome extension download
Apex Debugger Debug Salesforce apex code with ease

press shiftw, sobject list, validation rule e, respective object page, current user, configure keyboard shortcuts, improved debug logs, respective object page class trigger, add current user, debug salesforce apex, configure keyboard, salesforce page, debug salesforce apex code, debug logs

Dropbox Paper Buildup Chrome extension download
Dropbox Paper Buildup Dropbox Paper Buildup

ex, document title, folder title, gtd, unimportant progress, mark document, inbox, dropbox paper buildup, gtd inbox, add tags

Faster Search for Google/Yahoo Chrome extension download
Faster Search for Google/Yahoo Remove redirection for Search Engine, including Google/Yahoo

document title, twitter weibo, 20140928 twitterweibo 20140627 google, 20150713 20141014 weibo, remove redirection, com google, search engine including google yahoo, label 20150902 url www, 20160329 document title, bug ps, bug httpsabout blank, url www, blank 20160407 bughttp, 20150716 20150715 20150714 bug, com 20150728 bug ps

SEO Peek Chrome extension download
SEO Peek Just one click to get a quick peek into on-page SEO factors of the web page you visit in the browser.

prev link tag, next link tag, html elements, link elements, response url, http header, canonical url, html annotation, seo peek checks, page seo, annotations rel, several http response headers, several relevant content elements, canonical link tag, seo peek, tag header, relevant content elements, http response, http canonical header, annotations canonical link tag canonical link header, document object model, link tag, onpage seo factors, link header, extension checks

Fix Flash 11.2 Bug Chrome extension download
Fix Flash 11.2 Bug Modify flash object parameters in html to fix transparent bug of flash player plugin for chromium on linux

flash player plugin, fix transparent bug, flash object parameters, chromium, linux chromium adobe flash player, linux, html, modify flash object parameters, , linux chromium adobe flash player

IceWarp Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
IceWarp Screen Sharing This extension allows you to share your screen to other users in the IceWarp WebClient.

extension allows, email instant messaging voice online conferencing document management, access everything, messaging communications, instant messaging, document management, icewarp interface, icewarp webclient, allinone hub, online conferencing

DocSend Extension Chrome extension download
DocSend Extension Quickly insert links to any of your DocSend documents or Spaces right inside Gmail.

sensitive files, actionable feedback, docsend links, insert links, email attachments, secure document sharing, document sharing, secure file, clunky email attachments, google chrome, real time actionable feedback, external business partners, docsend secure, docsend documents

Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Record and Metadata Comparator for Salesforce Compare Record data values and object metadata in Salesforce

chrome extension webstore, compare record data values, record values, rajivashokbhatt metadatacomparator, object metadata, compare object metadata, compare record, suggestions ideas, compare record values, target record, source org, extension salesforce, target org, source record, select target record, select source record, data value mismatch

RECAP Chrome extension download
RECAP RECAP improves the experience of using PACER, the online public access system for the U.S. federal courts.

american legal system, pacer recap, legal system, every document, right inside, recap archive, free law project, federal dockets, federal filings, every document others, free extension, internet archive, pacer system, create email alerts, right inside pacer, online public access system

JSON-handle Chrome extension download
JSON-handle It's a browser and editor for JSON document.You can get a beautiful view

trigger json handle, json document, node tree, browser, json json, trigger jsonhandle, browse json document, json, json handle , tree diagram, jsonhandle, , beautiful view

SharePoint Analyzer Chrome extension download
SharePoint Analyzer For SharePoint users, administrators and developers.

analyze users, user user, sharepoint groups search, show group members, external data source, groups search, user name, explore groups, analyze current user, related content types, sharepoint users, document library, lists document library, explore lists, group membership

ApSIC Xbench Extension Chrome extension download
ApSIC Xbench Extension Instantly run QA with ApSIC Xbench on cloud-based CAT tools

run qa, apsic xbench, memsource project, transifex project, matecat online editor, matecat memsource transifex smartcat, apsic xbench chrome extension, cloudbased cat tools, press ctrle, edit file, smartcat document, matecat project, matecat editor, address bar, edit document, open matecat, translation issue

Convert PDF to Powerpoint - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Convert PDF to Powerpoint - PDFfiller Instantly convert PDF to Powerpoint online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save, share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

free day trial, pdffiller app, free pdffiller, use pdffiller chrome extension, pdf documents, convert pdf, convert pdf document, pdffiller editor, powerful editing tools, free pdffiller account, fill button, new pdffiller google chrome extension, pdf document, convertible pdf documents, pdf attachment, orange fill button, email attachment, save share, pdffiller extension, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

Convert PDF to Excel - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Convert PDF to Excel - PDFfiller Instantly convert any PDF document to an Excel format online with PDFfiller extension. Edit anytime, anywhere, from any device!

excel format online, pdf document, free day trial, edited document, pdffiller app, pdffiller extension, excel format, convert pdf, powerful editing tools, free pdffiller, google drive, free pdffiller account, pdffiller google, new pdffiller google chrome extension, pdffiller google chrome extension enables, click save, pdffiller click

Right Now Counter Chrome extension download
Right Now Counter Simply add visitor counter in document title of your google analytics real-time page

document title, extension change document title, time, google analytics account, google analytics real time page, visitor counter, real time page, counter, realtime page, google analytics, simply add visitor counter

W3C Validator Chrome extension download
W3C Validator Validate documents. NOT the official W3C Validator, but using the official API

validate web documents, quality check, markup validator, checking document, w3c validator, validate documents, markup language sgml, machinereadable formal grammar, validating web documents, documents written, proper document type declaration, markup language, international standard, full quality check, markup languages, validate web documents written, international standard isoiec hypertext markup language, html validating, official w3c validator, web documents

Page2Images Pin Full Page (PInterest) Chrome extension download
Page2Images Pin Full Page (PInterest) It will take the current browser page, snapshot it and send to Pinterest as a new pin. give the best and real emulator.

page snapshot, api document, page2images website screenshot, website screenshot online demo convert html, current browser page, page screenshot, screenshot online demo b, entire page screenshot, api document support, real emulator, image online demo, current page, website screenshot b, website screenshot convert html

QlikView Access Point Chrome extension download
QlikView Access Point Navigate through your QlikView Access Point documents in Chrome

qlikview document, official qlik, update command, fixed login, login page, color code, original access point, official qlik demo page, multi access points, options page, qlikview access point, qlikview access point documents, documents list, document name ofc, cookie update command, qlikview access, official qlik extension, many access points

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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