Best Double Click Quot Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Double Click Closes Tab Chrome extension download
Double Click Closes Tab Double left/right or triple left clicks on WEBPAGE (not tab) to close tab. Reopen tab by shiftKey + DC/TC. Optional: an icon to…

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Longdo Sija Chrome extension download
Longdo Sija Double click to instantly translate any word anywhere with Longdo Dictionary.

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Sign-Plugin "PrivatBank" Chrome extension download
Sign-Plugin "PrivatBank" Extension plug-payments without signing Java

extension plugpayments, usb, signing java, java, extension plug payments

Password Generator Chrome extension download
Password Generator Can't think of a secure password? Simply double click the password field.

bonus, password field, secure password, double click, extension generates passwords, useful extension generates passwords, simply double click, double clicking, added button, think, field, password, hide reveal Extension Chrome extension download Extension Double-click a word on any website and instantly get its definition at TheFreeDictionary, the world's most comprehensive dictionary!

double click, doubleclick, specialty dictionaries, thesauri encyclopedias, double click word, multiple thesauri, easy ways, access definitions, comprehensive dictionary, extension icon, financial medical legal, word

Double-click Image Downloader Chrome extension download
Double-click Image Downloader Double-click any image to download it quickly and quietly, or use the Hover Button.

download images, complete information, click image download, double click, support site, drag drop support, rename downloaded images, thumbnail links, linked homepage, full size images, support resolving thumbnail links, hover button, various interactions, linked support

Epoch Converter Chrome extension download
Epoch Converter Provides a popup showing a human readable date of a highlighted Unix timestamp.

highlighted unix timestamp, double click, small popup, github converter, extension converts, readable date, unix timestamps, open source, unix timestamp, simply double click, browser window, highlight timestamp, human readable date

Fake Data - A form filler you won't hate Chrome extension download
Fake Data - A form filler you won't hate The most advanced tool for filling forms with fake and random data.

fake data, insert random, double click, alt double click, form field, easy keyboard shortcuts, filling forms, auto learn feature, generate random names, random data, insert random values, advanced tool

Namie Amuro "Anything" for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Namie Amuro "Anything" for Google Chrome Extension for "Anything" on Namie Amuro's new album "_genic" (Release date: June 5, 2015).

music video, release date, album genic release, google chrome, special namie amuro, album genic, new album, normal version, open google chrome, unsolved riddle, watch music videos, namie amuro, special homepage

Readsy Chrome extension download
Readsy Bring embedded speed reading to any website by double clicking the text

speed reading extensions, separate window, speed reading, embedded speed reading, longer words option, speed read, double click, custom input popup, speed read embedded, every website character, eyelineguide extra pauses, eye line guide extra pauses, natural flow, key double click

Image Dictionary Chrome extension download
Image Dictionary Quickly lookup an image of the highlighted words without leaving your current page.

upper right, click image search, popup bubble, alt double click, closest matching image, details tab, latest version, highlighted words, current page, click click image, send feedback button, changelog, certain pages

CSGOFAST.COM Money Maker Chrome extension download
CSGOFAST.COM Money Maker CSGOFAST.COM Double Game bot.

double game bot, personal presettings, place bets, get profit, csgofast double game, csgofast bot, double game, personal pre settings, allows players, annoying notifications, fully automized process, easy tune, many features

English Hindi English Dictionary Chrome extension download
English Hindi English Dictionary Hindi Dictionary: English-Hindi-English Dictionary, get meaning of different English words in Hindi in easy and handy way.

texttospeech functionality, hindi english meaning, chrome browser, word popup, extension icon, hindi meaning, english hindi english dictionary, double click, different english word, english words, different english words, english word, top right corner, hindi dictionary, browser use extension, hindi general knowledge, reliable chrome extension, disable double click functionality, hindi dictionary english hindi english dictionary, knowledge english, key features, double click functionality

"Page Up" Button [Atavi] Chrome extension download
"Page Up" Button [Atavi] Page Up and Page Down buttons on any site for ease of use!

key pressing, support atavi, button atavi extension, extension icon, extension icon settings, new extension, page visual page, extension visual page, atavi bookmark adding, bookmark adding, visual button, classical atavi bookmark, long time, unwanted buttons, keyboard key, button atavi, settings disable, quick bookmark, atavi bookmarks, extension page, perfect chance

Fretboard Chrome extension download
Fretboard A guitar chord guide for guitar players.

intermediate guitar player, practice songs faster, common guitar chords, guitar chords, guitar chord fretboard, guitar chord, double click, guitar enthusiasts, finger placements, guitar player fretboard, songs website, track guitar chords, finger placement, guitar players, finger tips double click, particular guitar chord fretboard, guitar chord guide, guitar chords click, common finger placement

Double Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
Double Screen Sharing This Chrome extension enables screen sharing in the Double telepresence robot web driver client.

double telepresence robot web driver client, chrome extension enables, robots screen, double driving interface, interface, chrome extension enables screen sharing

InstaGrab Chrome extension download
InstaGrab Grabs click protected images and videos from Instagram for downloading.

download images, url bar, simple application, download click protected images videos, hide images, instagram changed, double woo, download click, inititial release, youll notice, grabs click protected images

Close Tab by Double Right Click Chrome extension download
Close Tab by Double Right Click Close tab by double right clicking anywhere on the page. Inspired by "Rights To Close" legacy extension for Mozilla Firefox.

provide permissions, incognito window mode, right click implements, close extension, file urls, close tab, priyank parashar, open source, extension extension, right click, right clicking, window mode, mozilla firefox

Cellect Chrome extension download
Cellect Select data in tables the same way you select cells in a spreadsheet.

double click, table, whole table, select data, shift click, select rows columns, click, tables, select cells, select rows

Minesweeper Extension Chrome extension download
Minesweeper Extension Minesweeper Extension

game minesweeper, scores, double click, custom table, minesweeper extension, browser, click, levels

English to Bengali Dictionary | BDWord Chrome extension download
English to Bengali Dictionary | BDWord English to Bengali's Chrome extension. Double click on any unknown word in any website you get instant meaning

instant word meaning, instant meaning, double click, detail word meaning, bengali dictionary bdword, word meaning, unknown word, selected double clicked word, antonyms synonyms, bengali dictionarybdword, bengali meaning, developer team, dictionary extension

Dictionarist - Instant Dictionary Chrome extension download
Dictionarist - Instant Dictionary Double click on a word to view its translations in the pop up dictionary.

click dictionary, ais italiano rk nederlands diccionario dicion rio rterbuch dictionnaire dizionario, t rk e, dicion rio, fran ais, double click dictionary, russian turkish dutch greek chinese, dictionary languages, w rterbuch, retrieves translations, espa ol

ClickLex Chrome extension download
ClickLex Double click Lexical extension

palabras en los diccionarios, double click lexical extension, m s info en, tendremos acceso al merriamwebster, por la que navegas, con clicklex podremos consultar diccionarios generals, de la, de sin, hacer doble click sobre una palabra, en la, words online, wiktionary para buscar palabras, su significado sin salir, a l xica que facilita la, espa ol, con clicklex

Wordzit Extension Chrome extension download
Wordzit Extension Translates words you don't know, enables you to save them, highlights the ones you're learning

extension button, translates words, chrome click, wordzit double clicking word, pdf pages, detect selection, open tabs, visit chrome, pdf click, open prior, either reload, chrome web store pages, restart chrome

Tabs Reloader Chrome extension download
Tabs Reloader Reload tabs in current window

double click, doubleclick, reload normal tabs, singleclick, reload pinned tabs, single click, source code, reload tabs, current window, tabs, reload, normal tabs

Japanese Translate & Dictionary Mazii じしょ日本語 Chrome extension download
Japanese Translate & Dictionary Mazii じしょ日本語 For learn japanese, work in all website. Select text and double click to translate.

click options, outstanding features, browser toolbar small, languages translation, translate japanese, mazii japanese dictionary, multilingual translation, toolbar small, japanese newspapers, language click, quick translation, double click, quick translation click, japanese learners, japanese words, language mazii, mazii icon, mazii japanese, crucial search tool

Alt Text Tester Chrome extension download
Alt Text Tester Alt Text Tester Used to Show Alternate Text of Image on Hover. We Can also Copy The Alternate Text By Double Click on Image.

alternate text, double click, show alternate text, click, alt text tester, copy, alt text tester basically, hover, image

VOOV Translate Chrome extension download
VOOV Translate View translates easily as you browse the web.

view, double click, small pop, view translates easily, supported dictionaries english, open prior, browse, pop, web, view translates

Password revealer Chrome extension download
Password revealer Adds a button next to password fields to reveal the password. Click it again to hide it. Useful for double-checking your spelling.

adds button, reveal, double checking, doublechecking, click, password fields, button, hide, password

Local Time In Chrome extension download
Local Time In See what time it is anywhere in the world - and what people in that country are doing right now.

world, people, big thanks, time, pm working, country, automatic detection, complete rewrite, selected timezones add, many cities, double click time, auchenberg auchenberg

PepperHud Chrome extension download
PepperHud Extension for the website, adding controls to the interface. Bet on saltybet without ever using the keyboard ! -…

confirm option changes, website www, minor issues, update log, video window hidden, option popup, initialization function, activable double click, wager box, automatically inputs, refresh saltybet button, inputs bet

English Vietnamese Dictionary Chrome extension download
English Vietnamese Dictionary English Vietnamese dictionary

display popup, gi chut, hin th g c tr n b n phi m, chn ng ch, dng ph m tt bng c ch g, double zoom sa li khi zoom tr n trang l m v, ph ctrl, ng chn nh zoom, chut chn tra ngha, word meaning tra bn, click gi chut, ng gi, chn ng ch tr nh tra, ph m phi chut chn tra ngha, ngha bn, nhanh ph m ctrl ln li, bn ng chut tr gi, li hin, ngha bn c th click v o biu tng extension tr, bn c th thc hin bng, tra ch ng chn hin, zoom tr, v r bao v ng cha

Tweet Better Chrome extension download
Tweet Better Enables single click 'Quote' and 'Email' functionality on

double quotes, current twitter interface, click quote, page twitter, overdue update, options link, useful features, profile page, quote functionality, feel free, options page, quote options, minor defect fix, oldstyle retweets, newer format, free time, click quote functionality

Speedy Readie Chrome extension download
Speedy Readie Easy to use Spritz-type speed reader. Just select text and double tap shift!

double tap shift, read fast, spritz type speed reader, double tap, shifty spritz, shifty spritz speed reader, similar readers, open source, struggle reading fast, spritztype speed reader, great comprehension, spritz reader, select text

Rhymey Chrome extension download
Rhymey An extension that gets words that rhyme with your selected (double clicked) word. Useful for poetry.

give feedback, words, selected word, lovely datamuse, rhyme, feel free, google based, selected double clicked word, please note, datamuse api, double clicked, rhymey uses, rhymey display words, word

Retrowave Radio Chrome extension download
Retrowave Radio Click for next/start; Double click for play/pause

official extension, current song, double click, new tab, pause current song, continue playing, click, skip current song, play pause, retrowave radio, radio

Entro Double Opt-In Email Introduction Tool Chrome extension download
Entro Double Opt-In Email Introduction Tool Entro allows connectors to quickly make and manage their double opt-in email introductions.

social capital grow, every email intro ends, new sales deal, email introductions, new friend, email intros, email intro ends, email intro, change someones career trajectory, double opt, respect everyones time, someones career trajectory earn

QLapse Chrome extension download
QLapse Tired of having to go through incredibly long Quora answers? QLapse makes them collapse. All you have to do is double click and…

answer, incredibly long quora answers, double click, collapse, incredibly long quora answers qlapse, click, source code, qlapse, quora answers

Fast Page Scroll Chrome extension download
Fast Page Scroll Quickly scroll to the top or bottom of any page without using the mouse wheel.

chrome web store website, usage stats, double click, much time, fast page scroll, bad user experience, top extensions, add exceptions, mouse wheel, page scroll, select text, bottom right corner screen sharing Chrome extension download screen sharing Share the screen from your computer with up to 8 people in a video conversation, to show presentations, photos and documents.

share presentations photos, double click, show presentations, anyone right, install anything, multiple screensmonitors, shared screen, webrtc compliant browser, efficient online meetings, video conversation, video conversations, extension lets, presentations photos

ReadFast powered by Spritz Chrome extension download
ReadFast powered by Spritz This extension help everyone to read faster.

double click detection, full page, spritz content, reading speed, start reading, ctrl key, spritz sdk, text content, added read, upgrade spritz sdk, spritz sdk v1, optional progress bar, fixed compatibility issue, extension help everyone, full pdf support, official spritz technology

Form Filler Chrome extension download
Form Filler Fills web forms for you.

formfiller configuration page, define values, fills, fills web forms, fill web form fields, form fields, filling forms, logins emails passwords, double mouse click, forms, formfiller allows

Web Fonts enhanced by TypeDNA Chrome extension download
Web Fonts enhanced by TypeDNA TypeDNA Font Manager Application

livew preview, typedna, web fonts enhanced, typedna font manager application, webdesign project, list double click, web font, google web font, web fonts, font

LiveLeak Plus Chrome extension download
LiveLeak Plus Enhanced LiveLeak.

theatre mode, space bar, showhide controls, full screen space bar, full screen, html5 player, mouse wheel double click, mouse wheel, play pause download show hide controls theatre mode autoplay, adjust volume, new feature

Sexy Undo Close Tab Chrome extension download
Sexy Undo Close Tab Accidentally closed your last tab? Tired of losing tabs in Incognito? Don't worry, everything is possible with this sexy extension!

undo shortcut option, multiple tab issue, os x blank popup bug, double click feature, last closed tab, fixed ctrl, closed tabs, font size option, save closed tabs feature, small todo list, sexy extension, closed tab, messy option names, history manager, bug fixed

Slim Lists for Trello Chrome extension download
Slim Lists for Trello Shows you more lists in Trello by reducing the width of lists in Trello by up to 50%

lists reduces, every change, double click, add list, time meaning, trello add list option, original width, board background, every time meaning, many lists, slim lists reduces, new list, scroll right

Selection Search Chrome extension download
Selection Search Search for the selected text in search engines

open menu, added page, fix bug, special search engine marker, popup work, search url, added option, click option, disable double click activator, fixed options page, menu option, prevent insecure content warnings, menu search, close search engine options, new menu activation method, search engines, regular expression selection converter, page url page, click menu, open search, search engine, search engine options popup, options page, popup menu open, selection search, special copy search engine, fixed bug, popup menu, url search engine, search engine url, fix popup, allow single search engines

Image Viewer Chrome extension download
Image Viewer More than the default image viewer

view images, move zoom mouse wheel, clicking image viewer icon, mouse wheel alt, mouse wheel rotate, web page, new tab, image viewer icon, context menu, default image viewer, check manage extension, mouse wheel alt double click reset notice, image viewer

Magicword Translator by Chrome extension download
Magicword Translator by Magicword Translator is an anywhere access Persian dictionary provided by

persian, translation, dehkhoda moein, double click, persian dictionary, reach set, magicword, access persian dictionary, access, persian translation, magicword translator

English to Urdu Dictionary Chrome extension download
English to Urdu Dictionary Double-click any word to view its Urdu meaning with complete definition and pronunciation of the word.

english word, urdu dictionary, double click, urdu meaning, small pop, complete definition, complete urdu meaning, word definitions, reliable english

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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