Best Email Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total email plugins - 229
Grammarly for Chrome Chrome extension download
Grammarly for Chrome Check your spelling and grammar as you type. Boost your credibility everywhere you write!

grammarly, writing, grammar, write, business, spelling, including, performance, suggestions, free, words, documents, type, chrome, errors

Boomerang for Gmail Chrome extension download
Boomerang for Gmail Allows you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date.

boomerang, gmail, emails, messages, inbox, service, schedule, email, http, send, extension, follow, baydin, message, time

Readability Chrome extension download
Readability Readability is a web and mobile app that zaps clutter and saves web articles in a comfortable reading view.

web, reading, kindle, list, content, quot, clutter, view, page, comfortable, font, readability, extension, appearance, read

Send from Gmail (by Google) Chrome extension download
Send from Gmail (by Google) Makes Gmail your default email application and provides a button to compose a Gmail message to quickly share a link via email

gmail, extension, message, google, link, page, email, compose, click, en, address, button, tos, chrome, gallery

Invite All Friends on Facebook Chrome extension download
Invite All Friends on Facebook Automatically invite all your facebook friends to Events or Pages with just one click.

invite, extension, events, facebook, problem, gt, click, friends, open, pages, email, clicking, tap, friend, bar

Flatbook Chrome extension download
Flatbook New Facebook Design, Removes Ads (Similar to AdBlock), FB Works Faster, Cleaner UX/UI.

facebook, news, access, extension, email, design, quick, ads, faster, works, suggestions, similar, ideas, roftentik, main

Mailtrack for Gmail Chrome extension download
Mailtrack for Gmail Email tracking for read receipts made simple. Add the double check marks (??) to your Gmail.

professionals, read, mailtrack, tracking, emails, email, crm, gmail, free, sales, productivity, teams, extension, managers, unlimited

Streak CRM for Gmail Chrome extension download
Streak CRM for Gmail Manage customers or deals right inside Gmail.

emails, gmail, customer, email, inbox, crm, team, times, manage, customers, simple, management, easy, status, track

InboxAce Chrome extension download
InboxAce You can now enjoy one-click access to all your Webmail accounts in one convenient spot! Retrieve your messages and more.

extension, click, chrome, inboxace, email, http, uninstall, accounts, browser, access, eula, quot, privacy, myway, top

Snap&Read Universal Chrome extension download
Snap&Read Universal Text reader (TTS) that simplifies vocabulary, translates text, reads inaccessible text (OCR), and captures and cites sources.

text, read, sources, support, reader, information, cite, snap, kindle, email, added, websites, work, google, individuals

Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager Chrome extension download
Todoist: To-Do list and Task Manager Todoist is the beautifully simple to-do list designed to help you do more and stress less.

todoist, tasks, list, task, productivity, track, app, projects, save, organize, simple, browser, devices, add, pages

Print Friendly & PDF Chrome extension download
Print Friendly & PDF Print Friendly and PDF any Webpage

print, pdf, images, pdfs, friendly, text, remove, printing, size, click, url, save, source, links, clickable

Bitly | Unleash the power of the link Chrome extension download
Bitly | Unleash the power of the link Shorten, measure, and optimize your links.

bitly, bitlinks, links, extension, app, share, shorten, chrome, email, sharing, link, data, accessed, tags, brand

feedly Mini Chrome extension download
feedly Mini The easiest way to add content to your feedly.

feedly, pages, rss, save, tag, content, share, extension, mini, reader, blog, add, chrome, great, millions

Add to Wunderlist Chrome extension download
Add to Wunderlist Add to Wunderlist is the easiest way to save anything from the web to your Wunderlist.

wunderlist, add, web, save, open, information, phone, extension, fix, windows, download, free, click, articles, gmail

DO IT! Chrome extension download
DO IT! Add Shia LaBeouf on your web pages! Shia LaBeouf delivers the most intense motivational speech of all-time IN YOUR BROWSER!

shia, labeouf, speech, extension, motivational, add, intense, delivers, added, videos, ads, annoying, popups, encouragement, poke

WiseStamp - Email Signatures for Gmail Chrome extension download
WiseStamp - Email Signatures for Gmail Empower Gmail, Google Apps Mail, Yahoo Mail with dynamic email signatures. Add Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest & more.

wisestamp, twitter, google, email, facebook, signatures, social, mail, linkedin, gmail, amp, yahoo, ebay, promote, chrome

WEB.DE MailCheck Chrome extension download
WEB.DE MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

mail, access, de, security, highest, protection, click, encrypted, email, password, mailcheck, connection, ssl, chrome, extension

Yesware Email Tracking Chrome extension download
Yesware Email Tracking See who opens your emails and clicks on your links, with email tracking analytics and templates for Gmail.

email, yesware, tracking, templates, time, pixel, works, emails, gmail, close, send, opens, device, opened, open

Visualping Chrome extension download
Visualping Visualping Chrome Extension

compare, monitoring, visualping, text, default, element, selector, select, service, v6c, st, change, vancouver, visual, email

Right Inbox for Gmail Chrome extension download
Right Inbox for Gmail Schedule emails in Gmail to be sent later. Create recurring emails, set reminders and follow up conversations

time, inbox, emails, email, schedule, gmail, conversations, feel, send, understand, methods, ideas, input, tool, effective

GMX MailCheck Chrome extension download
GMX MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

access, mail, highest, protection, chrome, password, click, email, encrypted, connection, ssl, extension, safe, browser, gmx

Hunter Chrome extension download
Hunter Hunter is the easiest way to find email addresses from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

hunter, email, addresses, linkedin, website, click, leads, https, extension, find, profiles, profile, emailhunter, contact, questions

Gmelius for Gmail Chrome extension download
Gmelius for Gmail Increased productivity, better privacy for you and your team right inside Gmail.

gmelius, emails, gmail, inbox, email, functionalities, privacy, productivity, visit, receive, boost, team, protect, google, quot

Virtru Email Encryption Chrome extension download
Virtru Email Encryption Easy to use client-side encryption for emails and attachments from Gmail and other platforms.

virtru, encryption, email, messages, emails, attachments, access, read, set, recipients, apps, free, easy, client, side

Cirrus Insight Legacy Chrome extension download
Cirrus Insight Legacy Cirrus Insight provides award-winning integration of Salesforce with Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts.

salesforce, insight, gmail, cirrus, track, users, contacts, customers, events, google, information, customer, leads, email, sales

Mixmax: Email Tracking, Templates, Mail Merge Chrome extension download
Mixmax: Email Tracking, Templates, Mail Merge Mixmax is the essential productivity suite for Gmail and Google Inbox.

emails, email, send, google, mixmax, templates, inbox, recipients, opens, share, set, previews, meetings, gmail, support

Iminent Emoticons Chrome extension download
Iminent Emoticons Boost your favorite web pages with Iminent.

emoticons, iminent, animations, funniest, cool, pictures, easy, animated, social, free, games, smileys, noisiest, email, favorite

Multi Forward for Gmail Chrome extension download
Multi Forward for Gmail This extension allows users to forward multiple emails through the Gmail website. For more information, see-…

gmail, extension, emails, multiple, github, information, karan173, website, multi, chrome, users, https

Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak) Chrome extension download
Secure Mail for Gmail (by Streak) An extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail.

password, gmail, securegmail, email, send, github, project, recipient, extension, accounts, google, works, sjcl, source, compose

Group Invite All Chrome extension download
Group Invite All Group Invite All is extension which used to add all your friends in facebook group by single click.

extension, facebook, page, group, adding, friends, limit, problem, click, email, speed, improvements, icon, set, screenshot

UglyEmail Chrome extension download
UglyEmail Check if email is being tracked.

email, tracked, extension, gmail, emails, quot, easily, identify, sniffs, check, safely, ugly, seamlessly, chrome, marked

Send Link by Email or Gmail Chrome extension download
Send Link by Email or Gmail Share web pages, images, and links by email or Gmail.

email, gmail, extension, google, chrome, link, web, manager, share, extensions, tracking, software, background, lightweight, resources

TranslationBuddy Chrome extension download
TranslationBuddy Now enjoy immediate access to FREE web, email and text translations, Multilanguage Virtual Keyboards, words of the day and more!

extension, click, chrome, translationbuddy, http, uninstall, free, web, browser, eula, quot, privacy, myway, access, language

Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail Chrome extension download
Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail Effortlessly organize emails & tasks in a single Gmail workspace

sortd, gmail, emails, drop, works, prioritize, priorities, list, rename, workspace, subject, email, ticketing, feedback, base

Data Scraper Chrome extension download
Data Scraper Data Scraper extracts data out of HTML web pages and imports it into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

data, table, page, csv, websites, html, miner, xpath, scraping, extract, uid, file, google, facebook, list

Mailto: Chrome extension download
Mailto: Open mailto: links with your favorite online email service

mailto, email, extension, links, mail, services, page, service, open, online, option, context, supported, menu, send

ABV Notifier Chrome extension download
ABV Notifier Official notifier

abv, extension, email, audio, login, notifications, messages, notifies, received, newly, chrome, visual, accounts, mailbox, click

Prophet Chrome extension download
Prophet Uncover more information about people. Prophet finds emails, phone numbers, social profiles and more.

prophet, email, information, web, emails, twitter, people, social, facebook, advanced, address, hunter, profile, sites, verify

Add Email Signature - WiseStamp Chrome extension download
Add Email Signature - WiseStamp Web email signature by WiseStamp

email, signature, apps, profiles, add, twitter, facebook, google, supported, supporting, ello, amp, chrome, extension, web

new metroTab Chrome extension download
new metroTab Custom new tab page with Metro UI.It offers several features such as speed dial,email facebook twitter notice,clock,weather.

tiles, version, translated, tile, page, click, apps, api, extension, menu, weather, fixed, speed, features, update

Bananatag Email Tracking Chrome extension download
Bananatag Email Tracking Effortlessly track & schedule your emails with Bananatag.

email, emails, track, bananatag, schedule, notifications, tracked, open, link, click, tracking, recurring, beta, notification, reports

Markdown Here Chrome extension download
Markdown Here Write your email in Markdown, then make it pretty.

markdown, email, write, web, github, great, code, works, pretty, thunderbird, extension, click, render, chrome, quot

TransOver Chrome extension download
TransOver Hover, click or select to translate (with text-to-speech)

quot, fix, popup, translate, chrome, tts, language, word, translation, text, selection, speech, api, google, youtube MailCheck Chrome extension download MailCheck The safe way to access your personal mail.

access, mail, highest, ssl, protection, connection, password, email, extension, safe, read, browser, write, click, emails

Newsletter Creator for Gmail - Flashissue Chrome extension download
Newsletter Creator for Gmail - Flashissue Email marketing & newsletter creator for Gmail. Design emails, create mailing lists & track performance. All inside Gmail.

email, newsletter, gmail, web, amp, create, content, flashissue, step, emails, google, clipper, curation, business, build

DS Amazon Quick View Chrome extension download
DS Amazon Quick View Productivity extension for Amazon Features: * add amazon ranking and sellers information to the search page * hover over product…

amazon, extension, webstore, product, chrome, support, notifications, bug, important, email, fromamid, details, paid, ilpimgbmpmhfhdaaeepjokoigelkfbee, updates

Page Monitor Chrome extension download
Page Monitor Stays in the background and monitors web pages for changes.

visualping, page, monitor, quot, pages, check, alerts, select, webmonitoring, icon, click, sound, ignores, system, chrome

TeX for Gmail Chrome extension download
TeX for Gmail Gmail + LaTeX = TeX for Gmail.

gmail, images, latex, math, f8, tex, readers, mail, quot, installed, scripts, text, mode, settings, links

Send to OneNote Chrome extension download
Send to OneNote Clip part of a web page , or a whole page to Microsoft Office OneNote right from the right-click menu.

onenote, clip, save, page, microsoft, web, email, extension, choose, url, chrome, site, images, text, asparksoft

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