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Buffer Chrome extension download
Buffer Buffer is the best way to share great content to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from anywhere on the web, with just one click.

buffer, facebook, twitter, add, linkedin, results, updates, social, tweets, share, great, queue, iphone, retweets, posted

Dimensions Chrome extension download
Dimensions A tool for designers to measure screen dimensions

dimensions, measure, extension, mockups, images, pull, area, elements, text, keyboard, shortcut, chrome, source, gifs, videos

Rain Alarm Extension Chrome extension download
Rain Alarm Extension This weather extension warns you when rain is currently nearing.

weather, including, country, data, service, warns, extension, follow, cycling, news, biking, dogs, belarus, walking, hiking

Cricbuzz Chrome extension download
Cricbuzz Live Cricket scores & latest cricket news from

cricket, cricbuzz, chrome, moment, styen, yorker, sachin, extension, toe, crushing, total, live, brought, chasing, test

MegaTest - Check results Chrome extension download
MegaTest - Check results Application to display test result from MegaTest

results, test, result, tests, absolutely, part, publish, megatestwhat, chrome, extension, application, display, spirit, animal, free

Parental Control: Porn Blocker Chrome extension download
Parental Control: Porn Blocker Parental control app that denies access to porn sites. It uses a semantic parser that scans and blocks all kind of adult content.

content, user, porn, access, blocks, add, scans, extension, control, semantic, adult, keeping, configuration, parental, working

MegaTest - Check results Chrome extension download
MegaTest - Check results Application to display test result from MegaTest

results, test, result, tests, absolutely, part, publish, megatestwhat, chrome, extension, application, display, spirit, animal, free

UX Check Chrome extension download
UX Check Run a heuristic evaluation on your website

heuristic, extension, check, side, click, notes, add, website, docx, share, heuristics, pane, chrome, export, evaluations

MegaTest - Check results Chrome extension download
MegaTest - Check results Application to display test result from MegaTest

results, test, result, tests, absolutely, part, publish, megatestwhat, chrome, extension, application, display, spirit, animal, free

AutoJoin for SteamGifts Chrome extension download
AutoJoin for SteamGifts Automatically enters giveaways from a page (main, wishlist or any other)

page, giveaways, giveaway, extension, steamgifts, scroll, features, join, main, darkwarrior, improvements, small, night, dinamically, theme

Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more Chrome extension download
Forget Me - Clean History, Cookies & more Delete everything about a website. Cookies, History, localStorage, sessionStorage...everything!

cookies, history, quot, issues, delete, extensions, forget, work, chrome, storage, website, suggestions, http, side, integrated

Pretty New Tab(Ext) Chrome extension download
Pretty New Tab(Ext) Replace new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring speed dial,search,topsites,weather and datetime.

tab, search, page, weather, change, chrome, original, quot, wallpaper, replace, takes, dial, kind, common, web

Rapporto Chrome extension download
Rapporto Rapporto shows you everything about your contacts right inside your inbox.

rapporto, shows, extension, inbox, contacts, chrome

Supercars Tab Chrome extension download
Supercars Tab You will open in each new tab a Supercars HD image! Awesome!

supercars, tab, extension, nice, github, quality, requested, sports, programmers, contribution, cars, appreciated, give, chrome, open

VituMob Chrome extension download
VituMob Everything. Everyday.

extension, vitumob, card, mpesa, credit, kenya, start, download, buy, delivered, world, https, www, shopping, chrome

TrustedSite Reviews Chrome extension download
TrustedSite Reviews See website ratings and reviews from people like you.

reviews, chrome, extension, ratings, trustedsite, website, write, easiest, visitors, online, lets, people, site, experiences, learn

That is Worth Chrome extension download
That is Worth Track prices on Amazon and Steam you think are currently too expensive and get notified once they drop to a price you specify.

price, worth, amazon, steam, notifies, extension, track, expensive, notified, prices, registration, browser, drops, works, chrome

Stop Animations Chrome extension download
Stop Animations Stops animations from distracting you while reading - just press the escape key [esc]... and press again to restore.

animations, shot, stops, bug, press, screen, distracting, code, reports, source, escape, chrome, reading, scroll, resize

Lazarus: Form Recovery Patched Chrome extension download
Lazarus: Form Recovery Patched Autosaves everything you type so you can easily recover from form-killing timeouts, crashes and network errors.

form, patched, chrome, text, version, extension, recovery, lazarus, crashes, timeouts, killing, bad, issue, recover, type

Comic Sans Everything Chrome extension download
Comic Sans Everything The extension you have been waiting for.

extension, comic, sans, chrome, waiting

Image Backtrace! Chrome extension download
Image Backtrace! Backtrace images like a sir. Get all the information easily from the image context menu

image, http, search, context, images, reverse, info, exif, backtrace, viewer, gathering, web, easily, services, information

Secret Smiley Emoticons Chrome extension download
Secret Smiley Emoticons This extension gives you access to all secret emoticons in Facebook.

symbols, facebook, emoticons, fun, comments, ll, posts, friends, interesting, collection, status, customize, comment, timeline, browse

Play Store Reviews Chrome extension download
Play Store Reviews Get all your Play Store Reviews in a JSON file, packaged in a zip container.

extension, reviews, app, play, file, button, zip, chrome, store, page, list, review, logged, browser, json

iSource News Chrome extension download
iSource News #1 Source for iPad, iPhone, iPod, Mac and Apple TV

apple, http, news, amp, mac, isource, os, forums, ios, ipad, iphone, ipod, facebook, firmware, updates

New Tab Wallpaper Chrome extension download
New Tab Wallpaper Removes everything from the "New Tab" page and shows the image of your choice instead. Settings include image size and position.

image, chrome, extension, shows, size, choice, include, settings, tab, quot, wallpaper, removes, position, page

Fetching Browser History Search Chrome extension download
Fetching Browser History Search Supercharge your Chrome history. Fetching is your personal Google for all the web pages you've seen.

search, fetching, browser, time, notes, history, domain, site, filter, easily, sophisticated, extension, complete, content, web

MarmoUI Chrome extension download
MarmoUI Marmoset Improved! Better UI and functionality

submission, submissions, information, auto, github, extension, ui, code, improvement, marmoset, chrome, marmoui, source, colors, hidden

Cats & Ads Chrome extension download
Cats & Ads Cats & Ads - the coolest and funniest animated gifs (and ads) with cats in websites' footer.

cats, animated, ads, extension, fun, ll, requested, chrome, cute, cat, websites, kinky, time, rights, weird

Who Is It? Chrome extension download
Who Is It? Shows LinkedIn profiles in your Gmail

gmail, shows, profiles, linkedin, extension, contacts, inbox, chrome, quot

Fifty Shades Of Pink Chrome extension download
Fifty Shades Of Pink Turns everything on the page a random shades of pink! Other colors and color settings are available in the options page.

chrome, change, color, pink, page, extension, extensions, click, colors, shades, visit, meant, causing, options, variants

Reddit UpVoter Chrome extension download
Reddit UpVoter Upvote everything on the page

extension, single, arrow, page, goo, reddit, version, http, stress, syndrome, quot, automate, votes, updated, leaner

Mute Everything Chrome extension download
Mute Everything Mutes everything by pausing all audio and video.

mute, audio, report, extension, video, objects, works, click, specific, single, bunch, page, pausing, tabs, temporarily

MegaTest - Check results Chrome extension download
MegaTest - Check results Application to display test result from MegaTest

test, results, result, tests, absolutely, publish, chrome, megatest, application, part, body, sexual, spirit, animal, extension, for Kingdom Hearts Chrome extension download, for Kingdom Hearts A companion Chrome extension for

kh13, hearts, kingdom, news, chrome, media, address, notification, bar, v1, quick, extension, notifies, support, allowing

Omniology Chrome extension download
Omniology The Study of Everything

extension, everythingthis, study, students, intending, read, academics, chrome, shows, college, omniology

HTML5 FileSystem Explorer Extended Chrome extension download
HTML5 FileSystem Explorer Extended Show HTML5 stored files through File System API.

html5, filesystem, files, extension, api, explorer, delete, stored, single, file, peephole, folders, considers, show, chrome

Engagio Chrome extension download
Engagio Engagio: Account Based Insights for Sales and Marketing

engagio, account, sales, platform, based, information, intelligence, delivering, prospecting, inserts, marketing, charts, engagement, insights, marketingengagio

Unload Chrome extension download
Unload unload a tab. great for slow computers.

extension, tab, computer, extensions, google, note, chrome, slow, feel, free, source, webstore, open, anymore, loading

Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Chrome extension download
Sort LinkedIn's People You May Know page Adds a button that will sort the LinkedIn People You May Know page by the number of shared connections you have in descending order.

page, connections, sort, button, linkedin, toolbar, top, chrome, number, extension, batch, shared, usage, adds, people

Knotable Chrome extension download
Knotable Make knotes from things on the web

knotable, notes, knotes, move, page, web, email, tab, extension, tasks, text, links, producthunt, venturebeat, grab

GrabOn - Save on Everything Chrome extension download
GrabOn - Save on Everything GrabOn Extension

coupons, browser, ll, save, find, extension, grabon, food, accessories, savings, discount, tab, discounts, toll, window

Reddit DownVoter Chrome extension download
Reddit DownVoter Downvote everything on the page

dislike, arrow, chrome, pagehaving, goo, extension, downvote, version, http, reddit, day, show, unleash, updated, leaner

IceWarp Screen Sharing Chrome extension download
IceWarp Screen Sharing This extension allows you to share your screen to other users in the IceWarp WebClient.

icewarp, messaging, screen, extension, access, conferencing, leaving, workday, online, voice, instant, communications, users, sharing, hub

SQLizer Chrome extension download
SQLizer Query every HTML table with SQL.

sqlizer, query, sql, chrome, sqlite, click, table, web, select, database, supports, joins, html, functions, aggregate

It's Raining Chrome extension download
It's Raining Rain Makes Everything Better

rain, extension, cry, betterwhen, chrome, dance, happy, sad, raining, kiss

CliqMeet Screenshare Chrome extension download
CliqMeet Screenshare A simple extension that allows you to stream your desktop into meetings with CliqMeet.

cliqmeet, conferencing, online, extension, meetings, chrome, desktop, web, whiteboard, screen, sharing, video, perform, click, streaming

Raccoons Tab Chrome extension download
Raccoons Tab You will open in each new tab a HD image! Awesome!

tab, raccoons, extension, nice, github, quality, requested, cute, contribution, programmers, appreciated, open, chrome, give, weird

Everything Is Awesome Chrome extension download
Everything Is Awesome This extension makes everything AWESOME by replacing negativity and swear words with the word 'awesome'.

extension, words, spread, smile, raise, sentences, hope, swear, automatically, awesome, replaces, finds, negativity, replacing, awesomeness

Art Project Helper Chrome extension download
Art Project Helper Add button to hide interface elements for when viewing artwork.

button, bars, ui, quot, art, elements, press, mode, hide, screen, work, googleartproject, click, bottom, chrome

Windows Themes Net Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Windows Themes Net Chrome Extension This extension displays 15 posts from right on your toolbar!

windows, extension, daily, latest, games, tips, date, net, news, site, steps, chrome, guides, minecraft, customize

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