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Total extension api plugins - 2
chromeIPass Chrome extension download
chromeIPass KeePass integration for browser Chrome using KeePassHttp

support, fix, password, fields, lukas, add, quot, keepasshttp, schulze, generator, keepass, chrome, github, chromeipass, field

Open Frame Chrome extension download
Open Frame Adds context menu items to open a frame (or iframe) in the current tab, a new tab, new window, or incognito window.

extension, tab, frame, open, quot, chrome, window, context, access, menu, urls, adds, updated, items, iframe

Tab Activate Chrome extension download
Tab Activate New tabs open immediately instead of in the background.

tab, activate, tabs, chrome, background, data, permissions, required, open, bookmarks, shift, read, version, key, immediately

Intel Hardware Auto Detection Chrome extension download
Intel Hardware Auto Detection This extension reads information about the hardware

hardware, extension, chrome, detection, auto, information, hardwareintel, reads, intel, api

Start! Chrome extension download
Start! A new start page for all your start paging needs.

page, start, tab, chrome, ctrl, feed, extension, bookmarks, ways, closed, review, sites, lifehacker, http, feedback

Chromi Chrome extension download
Chromi Facilitate command-line and scripted access to chrome's extension API.

chromix, chrome, chromi, command, access, extension, line, window, manager, text, editor, focusing, removing, reloading, tabs

New Tab Reloaded Chrome extension download
New Tab Reloaded Restore the previous new tab page for Chrome 33+.

chrome, app, page, fix, apps, quot, extension, add, pages, visited, support, tab, features, options, browser

Yawas - Web Highlighter Chrome extension download
Yawas - Web Highlighter Highlight web pages in multiple colors. Stored online in Google Bookmarks and recreated automatically when you revisit a page

highlights, yawas, chrome, quot, highlight, page, web, menu, pages, extension, text, google, access, highlighted, bookmarks

Soundcloud Cast Chrome extension download
Soundcloud Cast Cast Soundcloud to your Chromecast

soundcloud, access, extension, fixed, permissions, issue, support, page, webpage, tab, audio, play, chrome, tucci, updates

Open PinnedTab Link Chrome extension download
Open PinnedTab Link Open links from pinned tabs into new tabs.

version, open, link, pinned, menu, extension, page, options, comments, bookmark, https, tab, chrome, improved, tabs

Sample IME for IME extension API Chrome extension download
Sample IME for IME extension API Sample IME for IME extension API

google, ime, extension, chrome, api, policy, privacy, terms, service, intl, codes, related, https, www, agree

Japan Postal Code Search Chrome extension download
Japan Postal Code Search It searches some information related to Japan national postal code.

extension, japan, fixed, postal, code, v1, service, search, chrome, post, information, google, wrong, navigating, feature

Ad Review Toolbar BETA (by Google) Chrome extension download
Ad Review Toolbar BETA (by Google) A toolbar to allow publishers to see detailed information about ads served by Google to their site.

toolbar, google, ad, ads, site, support, publishers, chrome, extension, served, deprecated, tool, beta, en, information

Dr. Pencil Chrome extension download
Dr. Pencil The PENCIL that helps you DOCTOR. GET IT? (Many icons from: http://www.famfamfam.com/lab/icons/silk/)

popup, text, pencil, font, extension, chrome, future, api, open, work, displayed, page, style, button, tab

Alternate Tab Order Chrome extension download
Alternate Tab Order Opens new tabs at the end, and snaps back to view the opener tab under certain conditions

tab, chrome, extension, tabs, opened, read, open, closing, switched, story, ordering, clicking, left, detail, version

Grepsr for Chrome - Easiest Web Scraping Tool Chrome extension download
Grepsr for Chrome - Easiest Web Scraping Tool Turn a website’s data into a spreadsheet or a Stripe-like API in seconds

data, chrome, grepsr, click, scraping, web, time, day, tools, api, download, simply, turn, apis, toolkit

Phota.me Image and Screenshot Uploader Chrome extension download
Phota.me Image and Screenshot Uploader Upload images and screenshots to the free Phota.me image hosting service.

phota, upload, image, extension, screenshot, changed, quot, uploaded, file, click, screen, capture, browser, uploads, v1

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