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SaltBot Chrome extension download
SaltBot This extension automates betting on

github, saltbot, extension, reconman, stuff, page, requests, betting, issues, time, support, saltybet, collect, data, google

HangoutSnitch AntiMute Chrome extension download
HangoutSnitch AntiMute This extension allows you to auto unmute yourself on google hangouts.

extension, time, muted, google, hangout, microphone, instantly, icon, detecting, unmute, participant, process, milliseconds, set, antimute

Chrome AWS SAML Token Expiry Reminder Chrome extension download
Chrome AWS SAML Token Expiry Reminder Re-authenticate with AWS federated ADFS (SAML) credentials when they expire.

aws, adfs, credentials, saml, login, extension, role, page, chrome, time, gt, caster, current, url, user

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