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Total extension automatically plugins - 5
Muthead Binder Sync Chrome extension download
Muthead Binder Sync This extension syncs your Madden Ultimate Team binder to Muthead.

extension, madden, muthead, filter, player, entire, collection, binder, ultimate, tools, sort, track, sync, team, www

Yahoo Search Chrome extension download
Yahoo Search See search differently. Set your search engine to Yahoo! This extension automatically sets Yahoo as your default search engine.

search, yahoo, extension, sets, engine, default, set, differently, automatically, chrome

ToutApp for Chrome Chrome extension download
ToutApp for Chrome ToutApp for Chrome works with Gmail and Salesforce to help sales professionals quickly interact with prospects.

email, sales, quot, tracking, tout, toutapp, salesforce, templates, works, professionals, crm, time, gmail, prospects, click

Always Autocomplete Chrome extension download
Always Autocomplete Changes webpage elements' autocomplete to be on. It helps you with enabling autofill feature for disabled web sites.

chrome, extension, remember, enabled, web, password, autofill, feature, extensions, choice, install, sites, automatically, username, html

Twitch HTML5 Chrome extension download
Twitch HTML5 An extension to use the HTML5 Player UI instead of Flash player in every twitch channels

twitch, extension, player, html5, flash, replaces, automatically, channelsthis, ui, version, chrome

Goodbits Chrome extension download
Goodbits Build instant emails with just a click of a button for free

content, emails, extension, email, building, free, build, templates, send, automatically, campaigns, chrome, amp, save, existing

Infinite Scrolling for Instagram Chrome extension download
Infinite Scrolling for Instagram Enables infinite scrolling on Instagram

extension, instagram, page, scrolling, infinite, quot, issues, support, partnered, epiccoders, licensed, sponsored, tab, enables, chrome

Block Quora Login Popup Chrome extension download
Block Quora Login Popup Automatically block the Quora login popup.

fixed, popup, extension, add, quora, added, github, automatically, login, fb, removal, submit, grunt, file, size

Roblox GameSort Chrome extension download
Roblox GameSort Sorts and displays all of the highest rated games based on their thumb scores.

games, page, ratings, updated, list, game, extension, automatically, rated, algorithm, filter, added, highest, top, based

WWDChrome Chrome extension download
WWDChrome Watch Apple WWDC videos using Google Chrome

extension, videos, wwdc, safari, google, video, developer, chrome, watch, apple, replaces, automatically, works, lets, chromechrome

Auto Allow Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Auto Allow Fullscreen This extension automatically allows fullscreen mode when you watch videos.

fullscreen, extension, mode, chrome, watch, videos, automatically, auto

Nestor. Highlighter - Get To The Point. Chrome extension download
Nestor. Highlighter - Get To The Point. Nestor. Highlight Summarizer

sites, highlight, extension, article, sentences, automatically, important, highlighted, choose, nestor, easily, articles, online, reading, page

Qwintry: Coupons, Sales & Voucher Codes Chrome extension download
Qwintry: Coupons, Sales & Voucher Codes Automatically finds the best working coupons, sales and voucher codes for stores you shop the most.

coupons, sales, icon, discounts, stores, codes, chrome, extension, store, automatically, voucher, finds, browser, application, detailed

.gif to .gifv Chrome extension download
.gif to .gifv Tired of viewing gifs on Imgur? Use gifv!

extension, gifs, tired, imgur, gifv, link, automatically, redirects, viewing, intended, submitting, newer, people, faster, slow

Auto refresh actual webpage Chrome extension download
Auto refresh actual webpage Automatically reload webpage in actual tab. You can set refresh interval.

refresh, automatically, webpage, tab, actual, extension, change, button, mouse, clicking, menu, context, activated, set, easily

BF4 Auto Seeding Chrome extension download
BF4 Auto Seeding This extension automatically connects BF4 clients

seed, server, servers, extension, time, seeding, bf4, battlelog, favorites, enter, players, button, popup, read, automatically

Share on Twitter Plus Chrome extension download
Share on Twitter Plus Easily share web pages on Twitter.

twitter, extension, share, https, browsernative, tab, popup, window, website, web, keyboard, command, alt, option, automatically

Hide Google Docs Explore or Research Chrome extension download
Hide Google Docs Explore or Research Automatically hide the Explore or Research Pane and Image Search in Google Docs

google, docs, research, explore, extension, automatically, panel, hide, search, apps, locked, image, secure, ensure, environment

Dragon Cookie Cleaner Chrome extension download
Dragon Cookie Cleaner This extension automatically clears everything on chrome including cookies, browsing history, passwords, form data, etc. You can…

extension, history, chrome, cookies, time, performance, automatically, selected, period, inject, passwords, opened, cleaner, page, browsing

Hangout Forever Chrome extension download
Hangout Forever Keep hanging out without being asked "Are you still there?"

extension, automatically, quot, hanging, simulates, chrome, hangouts, asked, clicks, hangout, google, minutes

Auto Copy Paste Forms Chrome extension download
Auto Copy Paste Forms Easily Copy/Paste & Save forms from any website, Auto Capture your form fillings on the go to use it later anytime.

forms, extension, form, paste, page, copy, automatically, alt, captures, list, type, session, fill, cache, auto

HTTPS Finder Chrome extension download
HTTPS Finder Detects if pages are available on HTTPS and allows you to switch

https, extension, page, finder, automatically, list, eff, secure, domains, switch, detects, genuine, connected, verification, data

DueDil signup popup blocker Chrome extension download
DueDil signup popup blocker Prevent's annoying signup popups and continue free browsing of company information.

duedil, popup, extension, signup, browsing, free, popups, continue, blocking, usage, allowing, annoyance, automatically, uninterrupted, hides

Download Shelf Autohide Chrome extension download
Download Shelf Autohide Hides the download shelf when all downloads complete

downloads, shelf, extension, hides, optionally, download, autohide, chrome, completethis, automatically, complete, show, folder

Everything Is Awesome Chrome extension download
Everything Is Awesome This extension makes everything AWESOME by replacing negativity and swear words with the word 'awesome'.

extension, words, spread, smile, raise, sentences, hope, swear, automatically, awesome, replaces, finds, negativity, replacing, awesomeness

GOLD Check Chrome extension download
GOLD Check Automatically checks the annoying GOLD login checkbox.

extension, ucsb, checks, checkbox, quot, redirects, login, students, level, version, gold, individual, page, permission, credentials

m-wiki Chrome extension download
m-wiki Automatically redirects Wikipedia to the mobile version.

quot, extension, wikipedia, version, automatically, redirects, sets, macos, users, chrome, beautiful, mobile, fransisco, san, font

Helium Chrome extension download
Helium A new, new tab

extension, bookmarks, add, page, greeting, tab, time, replaces, folder, adds, dashboard, giving, daily, chrome, information

Crunchbase Enhancer Chrome extension download
Crunchbase Enhancer This extension adds detailed stats, charts and analysis to the crunchbase investor and company pages

crunchbase, investor, extension, analysis, browse, automatically, adds, company, competitor, breakdowns, enhanced, rankings, stats, detailed, charts

Columbia Auto UNI Chrome extension download
Columbia Auto UNI Auto-completes Columbia UNI logins

password, quot, extension, columbia, uni, courseworks, auto, version, automatically, chrome, computer, click, logged, page, prompt

NITC Authenticator Chrome extension download
NITC Authenticator Authenticate your internet connection automatically using this extension. Built for use in NIT Calicut.

extension, page, authentication, chrome, login, password, click, opening, http, automatically, credentials, goo, calicut, address, bar

Anti-Porn Blocker Professional Chrome extension download
Anti-Porn Blocker Professional Free Cloud Based Anti-Porn Family Security Add on. Continually Updated database filled with blocked websites.

porn, extension, free, automatically, blocked, millions, updated, anti, websites, reports, database, bug, discovered, missed, website

/r/Star Wars Revealer Chrome extension download
/r/Star Wars Revealer This allows you to view all spoilers from /r/starwars

view, starwars, extension, spoilers, enhancement, fixes, browser, force, awakens, revealer, chrome, hover, quot, suite, reddit Auto-Bookmarks Extension Chrome extension download Auto-Bookmarks Extension This extension looks for an open tab to, and synchronizes links from its cards and items to your Chrome bookmarks.

yoke, extension, bookmarks, tab, cloud, tracker, pocket, cards, automatically, pivotal, jira, zendesk, items, time, trello

VonageConnect for Clio Chrome extension download
VonageConnect for Clio A cloud-based solution for Clio and Vonage Business users.

call, clio, contact, extension, features, calls, rate, screen, note, vonage, log, chrome, number, business, incoming

Auto Highlight Chrome extension download
Auto Highlight *Auto Highlight* automatically highlights the important content on article pages.

article, sites, extension, based, highlight, important, github, auto, icon, times, content, possibly, highlights, automatically, techniques

GitHub Mention Highlighter Chrome extension download
GitHub Mention Highlighter Highlight user and team mentions on GitHub

team, chrome, extension, github, member, thread, username, request, highlighting, pull, issue, mentioned, time, highlights, highlighter

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