Best Extension Click Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total extension click plugins - 18805
One Click Extensions Manager Chrome extension download
One Click Extensions Manager View, enable, disable, remove your extensions with ease.

click extension, press ctrzz, click extension name, undo options, personal data, extension options, extension name, options page, windows cmd, right click, osx super, enable disable, background scripts

Dragon Web Extension Chrome extension download
Dragon Web Extension Dragon Web Extension for Chrome

clicking objects, store page, chrome click, full power, editing note, click add, refresh bookmark, extension click add, dragon web extension, google docs, click contact, menu icon settings extensions

AutoForm Chrome extension download
AutoForm record value of form. recorded value automatically entered.

data , click extension icon, enter title, saved url, form, value, send click extension icon, record value, click, save data, automatically entered, input, click recorded title, click save

Enable Right Click - Ad Free Chrome extension download
Enable Right Click - Ad Free Disables No Right Click Scripts

websites lay, insert ads, disables, extension disables, click blocking script, half hour, invisible rope, right click, click scripts, chrome web store, web store

Dragon Medical Web Extension Chrome extension download
Dragon Medical Web Extension Dragon Medical Web Extension for Chrome

chrome click, menu icon, medical practice edition v4, tools extensions, click add, extension click add, voiceclicking objects, editing click, medical network edition, click contact, medical web extension, dragon medical practice edition, voice clicking objects, store page, want text, dragon medical

Long Press New Tab Chrome extension download
Long Press New Tab Open links as background tabs by clicking links and holding

click long middle click long, clicking links, middle button v3, open links, background tabs, new tab, readability opne, right click v3, click v3, added open, long click, middle click, instapaper mobilizer, extension provide, drop links disabled

G+ Full Size Photo Viewer Chrome extension download
G+ Full Size Photo Viewer Opens Google Plus photos in a new tab with resolution up to 2048px!

mouse button click, extension allows, tragic g redesign, photo click, photo previews, new tab, another testing release, right click functionality, open fullsize image, extension fails, photo site, adress bar, existing extensions

Close Tab by Double Right Click Chrome extension download
Close Tab by Double Right Click Close tab by double right clicking anywhere on the page. Inspired by "Rights To Close" legacy extension for Mozilla Firefox.

provide permissions, incognito window mode, right click implements, close extension, file urls, close tab, priyank parashar, open source, extension extension, right click, right clicking, window mode, mozilla firefox

Enable Right Click Chrome extension download
Enable Right Click It's my context menu and I want it now!

right click menus, feel free, context menu, want, block, feedback, extension reenables, try, website, click menus

Double Click Closes Tab Chrome extension download
Double Click Closes Tab Double left/right or triple left clicks on WEBPAGE (not tab) to close tab. Reopen tab by shiftKey + DC/TC. Optional: an icon to…

double left, ctrl clicks, close chrome, double click triple click, extra binary code, last chrome window, triple click, triple left clicks, double click, triple clicks, ctrl click, shiftkey dctc, binary code, google extension, triple left click, click chrome, top right corner, options page, click ctrl click, double left click, receive tab events, tab feature, close google, new background tab, mechanism chrome extensions, close tab, double right click, chrome options

Ba-Click Chrome extension download
Ba-Click L'extension vous tient informé en temps réel de toutes les nouvelles missions rémunérées et nouveautés de Ba-Click.

nous vous souhaitons, d couvrez la, une seule mission ou, ba click, vous informera des, nouvelles missions mun es disponibles sur, avec ba click, toutes les nouvelles missions, mun r es, vous tient inform en temps, une seule mission ou ajout sur, nouvelles missions mun es, de ba click, mun r es disponibles, inform en, nouvelle extension, extension ba click

FOP2 Extension Chrome extension download
FOP2 Extension FOP2 lets you monitor your Asterisk PBX extension status, launch popups and add click to call capabilites to any web page/app.

asterisk pbx extensions, add click, call notification, asterisk pbx extension, desktop notification, call links, call numbers, add panel context, open popup link, click call, flash operator panel, fix duplicatetriplicate context menu entries, popup content, notification click, asterisk pbx extension status, fop2 click, quick company directory, display crm info

1 Click Translator Chrome extension download
1 Click Translator Highlight the text you want to translate, and a translation popup will appear automatically.

translation popup, google translate api, second language click translator v7, support translation, fix translation issues click translator, big translator apis , support click translator, fix translate, translate api, fix translation issues add, click translator, fix translation issues, google reader layout, fix issue, issue extension, click translator v7, language click translator, add support, increasedecrease font size, click translator v6, langs support click translator v8, new themes

Longdo Sija Chrome extension download
Longdo Sija Double click to instantly translate any word anywhere with Longdo Dictionary.

chrome extension longdo dictionary, double click extension, double click search, translation window, topright corner update, longdo sija, current page nice, double click, search box enter, extension longdo dictionary double click double click, doubleclick search kittichai songsrichaeng, longdo sija, corner update, instantly translate, pronunciation tab update, longdo dictionary, pronunciation tab, double click highlight, pronunciation instantly

Flickr Right Click Chrome extension download
Flickr Right Click Lets you right click images on Flickr.

default left click, images, click context menu, viewing photos, zoom functionality, click images, click, lets, enables, right click context menu, flickr

Middle click opens tabs in background Chrome extension download
Middle click opens tabs in background For those who are suffering from "Issue 62319: Middle Click with named Target opening in foreground".

shiftleftclicks behaviors, shift left, public release, left click, named target, shift left click, middle click bug, middle click, page load, next regression, shiftleftclick behavior, left click shift middle click shift, failure caused, installation failure, new window

Easy Click by SGshop Chrome extension download
Easy Click by SGshop Easy Click by SGshop, website:

taobao tmall, sgshop shopping cart, shopping sites, china online shopping sites, easy click, sgshop easy click, click sgshop, single click, great help, taobao tmall jd dangdang amazon mbaobao, add items, website add items, easy click extension

CoinURL Chrome extension download
CoinURL Shorten links and earn money

earn virtual currency, receive bitcoins, every click, url click extension, profile page, tab url click extension button located, shorten current tab, shorten contents, earn virtual currency bitcoin, address bar, short url, shorten links

Bookmarks Menu Chrome extension download
Bookmarks Menu Shows bookmarks menu.

middle mouse button, mouse button, bookmarks menu, new tab, ctrl key, window click, current tab click, folder click, display context menu click, use bookmark synchronization, open bookmark, left mouse button, menu click, shift key, middle button, extension shows bookmarks, new window click

Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click Chrome extension download
Thesaurus: Synonym 4 Right Click Thesaurus: Synonym option added to right click menu (+Urban Dictionary)

synonym option, highlight words, thesaurus synonym option added, microsoft office, reported bugs, highlighted words, click menu urban, awesome thesaurus extension, right click, urban dictionary, right click review, click menu, option menu, extra buttons

Sign PDF Documents Online - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Sign PDF Documents Online - PDFfiller Instantly sign PDF documents online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, save and share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

upload documents, draw click, use pdffiller chrome extension, signature click, click mobile device, signature simply click, pdffiller extension, sign save, allow pdffiller access, upload signature click, fill button, sign email, sign pdf documents, sign button, orange fill button, simply click, simply sign, draw sign upload, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

Simple Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Simple Bookmarks Simple Bookmarks

folders open, tab ctrl, left click shift, tidy bookmarks tree tree, alt ctrl left, folders treenode, left click ctrl, click shift, window mode , click alt, click ctrl, bookmarks tree, click ctrl delete, left click alt, disable ctrl, tidy sidebar, left click, open space alt, middle click new tab, disable ctrlmouse wheel, click shift rename, clear browsing, max write operations, click shift, tidy bookmarks, search mode

Click-it - Notifications sur Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Click-it - Notifications sur Google Chrome Cette extension vous permet d'être informé des dernières actualités de

cette extension, click des derni res actualit du site internet missions ajout es informations, un click des, s du site internet, extension click, fr vous pouvez tre inform en, gr ce l, vous permet, tre inform des, extension vous permet tre inform des derni res actualit, vous pouvez tre inform

Cloud9 button for GitHub Chrome extension download
Cloud9 button for GitHub This extension adds a button to GitHub that lets you edit your projects directly in Cloud9 IDE

project open, ll clone, edit, browsing projects, extension adds button, click, mindblowing click, lets, mind blowing click, button, cloud9 ide, github

XTractor 2.0 - FB Emails and UIDs Scrapper Chrome extension download
XTractor 2.0 - FB Emails and UIDs Scrapper Extract FB Emails and UIDs from EVERYWHERE!!!

facebook emails, pages click, images click, support xtractor, email ids, chrome extension extract fb email, extract fb emails, groups click, posts click, send messages, primary email, get ids, email ids contact, facebook emails users, email ids

FreeStockCharts Ads Remover Chrome extension download
FreeStockCharts Ads Remover Remove the ads in FreeStockCharts by one click.

stock market, freestockcharts, ads, simply click, click, freestockcharts website, screen, explore, extension icon, extension lets

Wizmage Image Hider Chrome extension download
Wizmage Image Hider Wizmage hides images in a way that minimizes the impact on the user's browsing experience.

current tab, many background patterns, current domain name, click click, wizmage icon click options, good imagefree internet experience, click options, pause tab, pause unpause wizmage, options page, exception list, wizmage hides images, full internet functionality, clicking send, extension icon

Last Tabs Chrome extension download
Last Tabs Provides a menu with your previous tabs in order of access - never loose track of you last tab again!

middle mouse button, configurable default functionality, last tab popup, tabs quickly click, configurable keyboard shortcuts, close tab, select multiple tabs, history extension, click history states, tab click history, click tab, close tab menu, tab menu items, tabs open, tab menu, selected tab history

Image Dictionary Chrome extension download
Image Dictionary Quickly lookup an image of the highlighted words without leaving your current page.

upper right, click image search, popup bubble, alt double click, closest matching image, details tab, latest version, highlighted words, current page, click click image, send feedback button, changelog, certain pages

Flexor CTI extension 2 Chrome extension download
Flexor CTI extension 2 Flexor CTI extension

click, dial, microsoft dynamics crm, salesforce, com, flexor cti extension, enabling click

Flashbackr Chrome extension download
Flashbackr Flashbackr is the simplest way to capture and organise all your content

online content, saveable item, extension signals, extension features, viewed online, simple extension menu, custom content types, com private account, forget bookmarking, start flashbacking, capturing webclips entire, extension menu, enables click save, integrated websites, click menu

Click to Tab Chrome extension download
Click to Tab Click on a link to open it in new tab instead of opening it in current tab. Options available open tabs in background or disable it

current tab, thanks, options tab, open tabs, every click, new tab, extensions click, background option, available open tabs, linux system, click default, fixed minor bug, tab click options link note, minor bug, left click default, open link

CriminalCase Extension Chrome extension download
CriminalCase Extension CriminalCase Extension

comments, post, click refresh, facebook, opens reward links, filters spam links, click, criminal case app page, criminalcase extension, new tabs

Minesweeper Extension Chrome extension download
Minesweeper Extension Minesweeper Extension

game minesweeper, scores, double click, custom table, minesweeper extension, browser, click, levels

Add Signatures to PDF Documents - PDFfiller Chrome extension download
Add Signatures to PDF Documents - PDFfiller Instantly add signatures to PDF documents online with PDFfiller extension. Edit, sign, share anytime, anywhere, from any device!

add signature, add signatures, draw click, use pdffiller chrome extension, signature click, sign share, click mobile device, pdffiller editor, pdffiller extension, upload signature click, allow pdffiller access, pdf forms, fill button, sign button, orange fill button, add pdf, add signatures email, draw sign upload, pdffiller google chrome extension enables

Print TFS Work Items Chrome extension download
Print TFS Work Items This extension allows you to print TFS Work Items right from your Chrome

extension allows, print tfs work items, order id title assigned, tags ui, qc tasks, fixed compatibility issues, work items, click print, next order, tfs click extension, backlog table columns, select type, print tfs work, click extension icon, compatibility issues

Make a Screenshot Chrome extension download
Make a Screenshot Easy one click screenshot. The screenshot comes in a new tab.

click screenshot, easy tool, screenshot, new tab, screenshot extension, click, snapshot tool, screenshot icon, visit website click

Enable right click Chrome extension download
Enable right click Enable right click. Disable "right click disable" site. Test on this page. Source code is here.…

enable right click, click disable site, test, click, source code, site, agoenablerightclick, page

Cliptext Chrome extension download
Cliptext This extension provides a context menu item that converts selected text in your browser into an image to be shared on Twitter.

extension enables, click share, converts, character limit, click button, text, click, context menu item, 140character limit, browser hit, convert selected text, converts selected text

FLST Chrome Chrome extension download
FLST Chrome Focus Last Selected Tab :: Provides natural / MRU tab ordering + Options for Tab Flipping, New Tab Select, and New Tab Location

icon display, extension icon or type, natural mru style tab, tab flipping, flst chrome, icon flst chrome, extension icon, older extension, tab ordering, icon instructions, window support tab ordering, new tab select, extension icon click, address bar, older chrome, website read, natural mru tab, entire overview section, older chrome support, new tab location, extension icon click flst chrome, chrome window, chrome manifest, website click, chrome versions, tab flipping click, scary warning messages, instructions display

iLividLive Chrome extension download
iLividLive Easily find movies,TV shows and latest trailers as well movie reviews and summaries.

tab extension, ilividlive new tab extension, live new tab extension, user license agreement, find movies, new movies, latest trailers click, latest trailers, movie reviews, tv shows, top right hand corner, click watch, record usage metrics

iLivid-Live Chrome extension download
iLivid-Live Easily find movies,TV shows and latest trailers as well movie reviews and summaries.

tab extension, ilividlive new tab extension, live new tab extension, user license agreement, find movies, new movies, latest trailers click, latest trailers, movie reviews, tv shows, top right hand corner, click watch, record usage metrics

Middle Click To Go Back Chrome extension download
Middle Click To Go Back Go back with your middle mouse button.

current tab, middle mouse button, behavior looks, actions stay, default actions, empty space, release notes, click middle, close tab, enable disable middle click, middle click, frames true, onclick change

Pinterest Click-Thru Chrome extension download
Pinterest Click-Thru Allows you to click on a pin and go straight to the link.

link, extension allows, feature arrow, new tab, pins underlying website, click, top right, allows, activate arrow, pin

Critical Style Snapshot Chrome extension download
Critical Style Snapshot Capture CSS above the fold with one click.

elements dont, captured css, click copy, extra click preview, critical style snapshot, cases minor, snapshot css capture css, click, capture css, extension captures, extra click, active media, active media query css, css, dont get

Yandex Slovari Translation and Pronunciation Chrome extension download
Yandex Slovari Translation and Pronunciation Translate from English to Russian using Yandex.Slovari. Pronunciation provided by TheFreeDictionary.

mouse button click, multiple translation windows, popup positioning, second time, button click, translation popups closes, click word, extension works, result appears, bug fixes, lowerright portion, translation windows, wider variety, stability works

SweDic (Swedish - English Dictionary) Chrome extension download
SweDic (Swedish - English Dictionary) Swedish - English Dictionary by look up at The People's Dictionary.

instant audio player, extra links, people dictionary, online dictionary, click play sound, english dictionary extension, english dictionary, add popup, select word click extension, type ctrl, word click extension translate, add ctrl, swedishenglish language learner, type word, dictionary cannot search, google translate, add extra links

The Tech SEO - Quick Click Website Audit Chrome extension download
The Tech SEO - Quick Click Website Audit Welcome to the Tech SEO's Quick Click Website Audit. Have suggestions or comments? Contact @jefflouella on Twitter!

marketer analyze, blank page issues, amp testing tool removed, w3c validator update, audit extension, audit tools, internet marketer analyze, tech seo extension, tech seo, tech seo extension icon, contact jefflouella, quick click website audit, blank page, quick click website audit extension Extension Chrome extension download Extension Double-click a word on any website and instantly get its definition at TheFreeDictionary, the world's most comprehensive dictionary!

double click, doubleclick, specialty dictionaries, thesauri encyclopedias, double click word, multiple thesauri, easy ways, access definitions, comprehensive dictionary, extension icon, financial medical legal, word

Whois One-Click DNS Lookup Chrome extension download
Whois One-Click DNS Lookup Easily perform DNS Lookups from the navigation bar.

dns lookup, txt aaaa, dns searches, dns lookups, axfr records, mail exchanger, click dns lookup, dns records, result page, click dns extension, video link image, perform dns lookups, whois oneclick dns lookup, short video, navigation bar, query result, whois oneclick dns extension

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