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Mendeley Importer (Unofficial) Chrome extension download
Mendeley Importer (Unofficial) Mendeley Web Importer Unofficial Chrome Extension

mendeley, extension, unofficial, chrome, created, extensionchrome, importer, web, www, bookmarklet, import

Feedly Subscribe Button Chrome extension download
Feedly Subscribe Button Easily Subscribe RSS and Atom Feeds to Feedly.

feedly, subscribe, extension, rss, atom, feeds, browsernative, created, button, chrome, browsing, activities, history, toolbar, icon

Mata Chrome extension download
Mata Reading the web should be friendly for your eyes

extension, web, browser, chrome, night, created, reading, friendly, easily, eyesenables, github, mode, owner, wanted, https

Three.js PhotoSynth WebGL Viewer Chrome extension download
Three.js PhotoSynth WebGL Viewer PhotoSynth Viewer based on WebGL using Three.js.

js, chrome, extension, photosynth, created, http, viewer, https, jdataview, blog, attached, github, blobbuilder, extensions, plugins

BuzzOff Chrome extension download
BuzzOff Let's kill BuzzFeed and other clickbait together.

clickbait, buzzfeed, optimizations, extension, sites, bug, tambling, created, courtney, theo, revere, browne, paul, v0, upworthy

DocSharePoint Chrome extension download
DocSharePoint Document Sharepoint

documents, files, pdf, document, search, free, adobe, find, chrome, ebooks, created, extension, readers, docsharepoint, evince

Save image as Type Chrome extension download
Save image as Type Save image as PNG, JPG or WebP by context menu on image.

image, extension, save, context, menu, webp, jpg, type, chrome, run, png, developed, images, created, developer

ScrollMark (Autosave Scroll Position) Chrome extension download
ScrollMark (Autosave Scroll Position) ScrollMark is a small yet intuitive extension created to save you time and effort. It's frustrating when you return to a long…

scrollmark, position, scroll, extension, criticisms, online, long, post, article, blog, save, created, loads, bar, url

Material YouTube - dark Chrome extension download
Material YouTube - dark Change the appearance of YouTube in material design and in a dark theme

extension, design, youtube, dark, videos, playlist, reader, change, quot, clic, tab, themethis, material, quickly, view

InShorts Chrome extension download
InShorts Unofficial extension for InShorts. Get notifications for important news! - Developed by masthead1.

news, extension, notifications, inshorts, masthead1, choose, created, time, deliver, long, unforeseen, disputes, cut, clashes, reading

Material Google Chrome extension download
Material Google Change the appearance of Google in material design

extension, google, material, design, change, appearance, designthis, chrome, created, http, darker, enjoyable, navigation, renseign

Twitter-Deleter Chrome extension download
Twitter-Deleter This extension created for cleaning your twitter account after a hack. Just click on the icon next to the right side of url field…

tweets, twitter, extension, side, enter, url, field, cleaning, deleted, newest, older, click, icon, hack, account

Donkey Kong Rap Chrome extension download
Donkey Kong Rap Donkey Kong Rap Extension | Created by 2Goo Development Company

rap, goo, development, write, good, extension, bit, dank, companylisten, extensions, http, donkey, kong, chrome, ly

Un-Official devRant Chrome Extansion Chrome extension download
Un-Official devRant Chrome Extansion devRant - Connect with fellow developers over fun rants about tech. Made by: Tim Rogus and David Fox. Extension created by Raspik.

extension, devrant, chrome, fun, developers, fellow, connect, rogus, david, tim, fox, tech, rants, extansion, created

AudioScroll Extension Chrome extension download
AudioScroll Extension Scroll the page using hand gestures that are detected by a doppler speaker/microphone process

extension, scroll, speaker, microphone, hand, pages, detected, doppler, audio, github, click, tone, gestures, page, source

Steam Search Chrome extension download
Steam Search Steam Search. Start writing 'steam' and the game you are searching. You can also filter by OS. Extension created by Ale Mohamad.

steam, chrome, search, extension, filter, pc, play, system, game, find, press, omnibox, google, enter, mac

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