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WaniKani Review Notifier Chrome extension download
WaniKani Review Notifier Displays a colored icon when reviews and lessons are ready on WaniKani

intrusive icon, minimum number, pull requests, turns red, open source, icon, radicals kanji, colored icon, reviews, address bar, displays, icon turns red, nonintrusive icon, notification icon

IP Map Chrome extension download
IP Map See your IP address and the IP address of the website you are visiting on a map.

map icon, ip address, icon, ip addresses, geolocation service, map, extension icon, fam fam fam, website

Unofficial Cynical Brit Extension Chrome extension download
Unofficial Cynical Brit Extension This extension is a one stop shop for The Cynical Brit.

icon changes, elgant themes, cynical brit, freepik twitter icon, checkmark icon, stop shop, soundcloud icon, flaticon , youtube video, daniel bruce checkmark icon, new youtube video

Windyty Chrome extension download
Windyty Extension creates icon, linking to, wind map a weather forecast.

browser permission, background task, extension creates icon linking, weather forecast, www, toolbar icon opening www, icon, wind map, wind map weather forecast, toolbar icon, privacy extension

i-Pusher Chrome extension download
i-Pusher Extension allows you to send various content to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

extension allows, link text image, youtube video link, iphone application, favorite desktop browser, app store pusherid421614227mt ls, iphone ipad, extension icon link, image jpeg png, iphoneipadipod touch, various content, extension icon, click extension icon

FLST Chrome Chrome extension download
FLST Chrome Focus Last Selected Tab :: Provides natural / MRU tab ordering + Options for Tab Flipping, New Tab Select, and New Tab Location

icon display, extension icon or type, natural mru style tab, tab flipping, flst chrome, icon flst chrome, extension icon, older extension, tab ordering, icon instructions, window support tab ordering, new tab select, extension icon click, address bar, older chrome, website read, natural mru tab, entire overview section, older chrome support, new tab location, extension icon click flst chrome, chrome window, chrome manifest, website click, chrome versions, tab flipping click, scary warning messages, instructions display

Copymaker Chrome extension download
Copymaker Copymaker - inline website copywriting and translation.

extension doesnt work, copymaker inline website copywriting, copymaker extension icon, dev team, click copymaker extension icon, extension icon export, website translation inline, inline website copywriting, translations adjustments, complex full ajax websites, editing click copymaker extension icon

Font Awesome Icon Picker Chrome extension download
Font Awesome Icon Picker Font Awesome Icon Picker extension for Google Chrome

icon class list, font awesome icon picker extension, bootstrap popover picker, powerful base api, copy font awesome, extension js, css files, js files, font awesome font, font awesome, won affect, font awesome icon picker, use rawgit cdn, extension icon, example html markup

Fast Close for WhatsApp Web Chrome extension download
Fast Close for WhatsApp Web This extension simply removes the "Do you really want to exit this page?" question when closing WhatsApp Web

whatsapp web, web page, single click, icon credits icon, closing whatsapp web, icon, page question, page, icon credits, creative commons, extension simply removes

Longdo Dictionary Chrome extension download
Longdo Dictionary Longo Dictionary on the fly!

translate word, desired text, popular englishthai online dictionaries, click translate, desired word, extension icon, extension chrome, metamedia technology company, icon extension, dictionary dictionary online , icon extension popup extension, chrome user, extension icon type, extension longdo, popular english thai online, menu translate, love longdo dictionary, longdo dictionary, longo dictionary, extension tab support, longdo dictionary dictionary online

Cheaper On Amazon Chrome extension download
Cheaper On Amazon While shopping online, this extension shows a green icon if it is cheaper on Amazon.

youll see, save time, red icon, deals online, extension shows, saving time, instantly compare, shop smarter, extension shows green icon, green icon, shopping online

Media Bias/Fact Check Icon Chrome extension download
Media Bias/Fact Check Icon This extension shows an icon denoting the political bias for the current page.

extension shows, media bias fact check, color coded icon denoting, colorcoded icon denoting, political bias, mbfc news, icon denoting, icon, current page, media biasfact check, visit mbfc

Groupon Lite Chrome extension download
Groupon Lite The ultimate Groupon chrome extension, the best way to be constantly updated with new deals.

fellow groupon users, support cubiez, com faq q, click icon, groupon icon, automatic notifications, little groupon icon, groupon experience, extension simply click, ultimate groupon chrome extension, explore amazing deals, simply contact, wont miss

Get English Right! Chrome extension download
Get English Right! A Chrome extension that helps you improve your command of English, one phrase at a time.

multiplayer challenge mode, small number, number appears, received challenge, icon number update, slider layout change, correct phrase, newlyinstalled extension icon, challenge received, icon number, extension icon, correct english phrase

Queue for Netflix Chrome extension download
Queue for Netflix Add queue functionality to Netflix (UK)

netflix uk, add queue, app allows, play icon, early version, feature requests, add title, select add, cross icon, new features, netflix queue, address bar, extension icon

SAM Chrome extension download
SAM Official SAM Chrome Extension - Curate & Tag content directly from social networks.

asset modal, social networks, solid icon indicating, sam account, upper right corner, sam notifications, current social asset, chrome notifications, curate tag content, sam icon, compatible social networks, social media content, sam chrome extension, open popup, inline icon, social networks sam icon, sam chrome extension enables, social asset

NavigUp Chrome extension download
NavigUp Go to parent address. Use Alt+Up (Shift = +1, Ctrl = +2 levels) or click the icon (many times = many levels).

extension icon, existing firefox add, ultimate gnome icon theme, firefox add, local file system, gpl v2, support ctrlalt combinations, xxx file, affero gpl v3, another firefox add, chrome web store, navigup icon, parent address

Scroll To Top Button Chrome extension download
Scroll To Top Button Scroll to top, bottom, or both. Click extension icon, on-page button, use context menu options, and/or keyboard shortcuts.

messages contacts, free opensource extension, read change, active button opacity, use context menu options, top button extension, dual arrows, top button, customizable expert button modes, available customizations, extension icon, click extension icon

FarmVille 2 Buddy Chrome extension download
FarmVille 2 Buddy Officially the best way to experience all the posts sent to you, by your fellow farmers! [Works only for FV2 on Facebook]

farmville buddy icon, chrome tab youre, side bar, farmville buddy icon opens, game posts, official chrome extension, quick access, current events immediately stay connected, farmville icon, farmville web game, fellow farmers, web game, handy farmville icon, farmville buddy

Quick Add ! Create quick calendar events Chrome extension download
Quick Add ! Create quick calendar events Quickly add events to your google calander

quick add, day extension, geographic photo, quick add feature, add event, google calendar, load icon issue please post, add events, press enter, load icon issue, extension icon text, google calander, text box pops, google calendar quick add, extension icon, event details

Clearly Unread Chrome extension download
Clearly Unread Get bigger, clearer unread Gmail badge in your tab

unread count tab icon, unread gmail badge, unread message icon, tab, cog icon settings, colourcoordinated numbers, lab experiment, big clear high resolution retina ready colour coordinated, gmail cog icon settings labs unread message icon enable, enable save changes, unread gmail, unread count tab icon favicon

Twitch Live Chrome extension download
Twitch Live Twitch TV extension for displaying a user's favorite channels which are currently live.

twitch api bug, minor code optimizations, tv icon, extension icon, twitch api, minor user interface tweaks, open stream, fixed issue, twitch tv extension, live extension, twitch live icon, section game titles, favorite streams, user favorite, general stability improvements, tv user, previous api call, tv streams, fixed bug, live streams, duplicate stream entries, twitch live, twitch tv api, small monitor tv icon, favorite twitch, format viewer counts

Keep Awake Chrome extension download
Keep Awake Override system power-saving settings.

system power, sunset icon, tabs permission, sun icon, upperright corner, sleeping mode, secure shell app, sleeping modes, powersaving settings, moon icon means, sleeping sunset, sleeping sunset icon, frequentlyasked questions, disable power management, unchanged modes, sun icon means, chrome os

Home - New Tab Page Chrome extension download
Home - New Tab Page A homepage you will fall in love with! Notifications, badges, recently closed tabs, quick notes, calendar and more.

doh ny utca, extension top, weather panel, apps icon, simply left, icon left, weather icon, individual message thread, new tab page features, change search, individual bookmark items, new tab page replacement extension, big bold letters, sites apps, bal zs galambosi, sites notifications, notifications icon, messages link, general fetch interval, quick search, home settings, tab simply, top left

Homestuck Notifier Chrome extension download
Homestuck Notifier Notifies you of updates to (such as The Epilogues) & keeps track of your progress.

edit bookmarks, custom notification icon, problem sleuth, homestuck epilogues, green houselike icon, keeps track, homestuck sburb icon, sburb house icon, custom sound clip, andrew hussie viz media, page count

Does it use SVG? Chrome extension download
Does it use SVG? Show an icon if a page uses SVG.

extension shows, extension shows small svg icon, svg, page, svg content, use svg content, icon, pages, small svg icon, show

Toolbar Spacer Chrome extension download
Toolbar Spacer A partition icon for spacing the extension buttons on your toolbar

extension buttons, partition icon, blank space, adding blank space divider icon, breathing room, toolbar, toolbar spacer eioickpimlccboiimncpaphillnjccmi, divider icon, additional spacers, toolbar spacer, keyboard icon, toolbar spacer jkonoggfdfhabnccjanbnnccnbblhikd, toolbar spacer fplioachhfdbehddoehahffjbcfeinid

OMG! Ubuntu! Chrome extension download
OMG! Ubuntu! The official OMG! Ubuntu! extension

refresh button, unread posts, linux app releases, new graphic assets, many unread posts, permissions request, native system notification, updated toolbar icon, bookmark icon, toolbar icon, descriptive toolbar icon, read click, open source developments

HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator Chrome extension download
HTTP/2 and SPDY indicator An indicator button for HTTP/2, SPDY and QUIC support by each website.

http enabled, fix spdy2 icon, initial page request, added quic, browser api, chrome performance improvements, address bar thats, added spdy, added http icon, http2 icon matsuu takuto, disable gray icon, quic support, http spdy, spdy enabled, icon matsuu, matsuu takuto, icon matsuu takuto, gray icon

Bootstrap Helper (Resizes, Duplicates, Doc) Chrome extension download
Bootstrap Helper (Resizes, Duplicates, Doc) Show the current Bootstrap breakpoint. Allow to duplicate a tab in each size and reload all in one click. Give doc's links.

current tab, page page, current website, close duplicate tabs updates, media queries, developer tips, bootstraps breakpoint, change extension icon, xs sm md lg, duplicate tab, help developers, new icon, website use bootstrap, extension icon, current bootstrap breakpoint

imgur Gallery Notifier Chrome extension download
imgur Gallery Notifier (Semi)Automatically be notified about new images in the gallery

imgur chrome extension, every minute, small icon, icon reveals small window, extension adds small icon, smaller version, small window, imgur gallery, address bar, new images, com gallery

Autocomplete On! Chrome extension download
Autocomplete On! Stop pages from disabling autocomplete on fields.

save options, update icons, options bug, include list, release notes, exclude list, grain control, excluded url, show extension, extension icon, update extension icon

TabCloud Chrome extension download
TabCloud Save and restore window sessions over time and across multiple computers.

save open windows, saved windows, tabcloud icon, open tabs, tab icon allows, restore window, open tab icon jumps, google account, tab icon, tab icon opens, restore window sessions, open windows, current open windows, open tab icon, restore saved, additional features, tab cloud allows, tabcloud menu

MY OWN DESIGN Chrome extension download
MY OWN DESIGN My own design. With blackjack and hookers.

context menu icon, configuration expansion, blackjack, sites google access, design, address tape, icon, icon appears, alternative design, additional functionality Scrobbler YouTube Canary Chrome extension download Scrobbler YouTube Canary Scrobble music all around the web! (beta)

enable desktop notifications, fm scrobbler, official release, question mark icon, new tab opens, many music video sites, developer preview version, fm server confirms, extension preview, status icon, fm server, check differences, scrobbler icon, official release refer

Quotes Chrome extension download
Quotes Get a quick and inspirational quote as fast as possible in the comfort of your own browser!

popular quotes, quotation mark icon, chrome browser, extension click, browser, quick, quick boost, inspirational quote, quotes icon, black quotation mark icon, famous people

Bookmanager Stockchecker Chrome extension download
Bookmanager Stockchecker Adds a popup for ISBN and UPC codes on pages, giving you access to Bookmanager's features for the product.

small icon, sales history, current onhand information, isbn, icon, small chrome browser extension, pages giving, popup, upc codes

Dewey launcher Chrome extension download
Dewey launcher Extension to add a launch icon for Dewey

add launch icon, dewey app, app quickly, dewey, dewey bookmark app, app, dewey app prior, access, dewey bookmark app allowing, information, launch icon, extension simply adds launch icon

Alice Keeler Drive20 Chrome extension download
Alice Keeler Drive20 This Chrome extension works when you are in a folder in Google Drive to open up the first 20 files in the folder.

open files, extensions options page, drive20 chrome extension, free version, drive20 icon, quickly close files, google drive, student work, chrome extension works, create subfolders, chrome tab, extension icon, use control w

Jenkins Build Notifications Chrome extension download
Jenkins Build Notifications The ultimate Jenkins Chrome Extension for professionals.

jenkins job, desktop whenever, jenkins icon shows, jenkins icon, multiple jobs, multiple different jenkins servers, gmail dot com, jenkins chrome extension, questions comments, pop window, jenkins ci, jenkins builds, get alerts, overall health, colorshaded jenkins icon shows, jenkins ci ci, gmail dot

Can I Use? Chrome extension download
Can I Use? Can I Use? - Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

support tables, improved autocomplete, l f details, html5 css3, souce code, retina icon, cleanup design, unofficial chrome extension, initial release, new icon, added autocomplete

memosnag Chrome extension download
memosnag memosnag is used to capture image and video data and urls and text from page.

online content, capture organize, selected friends, snag anything, video data, images videos text urls, memosnag icon, memosnag extension allows, capture image, neat source information, memosnag icon appears, capture content, small memosnag icon, text selected, use memosnag, neat source, memosnag extension

Amulyam - Free Mobile Recharge Chrome extension download
Amulyam - Free Mobile Recharge Shop via us to earn free recharge on your shopping from flipkart, jabong, paytm and 500 plus other stores. Stop paying for recharge!

free money, free instant credit offers, purchases money, activate free, free recharge, free recharge credits, free recharges, amulyam extension, top right corner, earn free recharge, amulyam extension icon, instant free credit offers, website click extension icon, strong team collects, click extension icon

News Hub Chrome extension download
News Hub The easiest way to stay updated with your favorite news sites

favorite sites, com faq q, click icon, personal data, icon badges, little orange rss icon, sites news, extension simply click, favorite news sites, desktop version, popular sites, simply contact, stay updated

BharatMatrimony Chrome extension download
BharatMatrimony Get instant notifications on Express Interests, Personalised Messages & Latest Matches, even when you are not on BharatMatrimony.

life partner search, bharatmatrimony badge icon, constantly adding, strong member base, bharatmatrimony badge icon lets, bharatmatrimony chrome extension, new features, receive new matches, instant notifications, bharatmatrimony extension, world bharatmatrimony

DeviantART Collector Chrome extension download
DeviantART Collector Checks for new deviations for you

tabs originally, new deviations, number, deviantart messaging interface, click, icon, icon occasionally, repeatedly checking, deviantart, new tabs, checks, little icon indicates

Symbols for pasting Chrome extension download
Symbols for pasting Click on a symbol to copy it.

posts twitter, introduces tabs, extension icon prettier, symbol, click, broken face, email etc, adds mdash long hyphen, feeble attempt, nonbroken face, extension icon, adds symbol, eyebrow egregiously, face

zDebug Chrome extension download
zDebug Debug extension for Zend Debugger.

debug extension, simple stand, zend server, zend debugger, servers running zend server zend debugger, debugger, icon icon, debug php, zend studio toolbar, new icon

AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Chrome extension download
AutoCorrect for Google Chrome(TM) Autocorrects text while you type in most text fields. Still very experimental.

text input, bug fixes, delete word pairs, fast response time, time ability, fixed icon, list function, icon background transparency, create input fields, list bug, extension options, browser icon, fixed bug, popup bug fixes, text fields, input fields, menu tools extensions extension options, autocorrects text, text input boxes

Anti-FB Like Locker Chrome extension download
Anti-FB Like Locker Unlock Content without Liking/Sharing

unlock content, shows, clear likeshare popup, content, facebook, share popup, countdown, shows protected content, blue icon, liking sharing, disabled gray icon, enabled blue icon clear, gray icon

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