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Goebbels Nazi Extension Chrome extension download
Goebbels Nazi Extension Goebbels very first extension, turns SJW hate into pro-Nazi hate.

bad taste, complete lunacy, first extension, nazi hate, extension turns sjw hate, 3rdwave feminism, simple extension, replaces curtain phrases, support nazism, extension exposes, pronazi hate

ClassDojo Extension Chrome extension download
ClassDojo Extension Extension to help teachers more effectively use ClassDojo

school secretary, attendance information, classdojo extension, twitter rheajt, created browser extension, single click, browser extension, send absents, help teachers, use classdojo, official classdojo extension, added checkbox

Quick Extension Manager Chrome extension download
Quick Extension Manager A simple chrome extension that makes it quick and easy to turn your chrome extensions on and off

quick extension manager, quickly find, chrome extensions, small free extension designed, extension lists, column layout, simple chrome extension, free extension, installed extensions, handy search box

Hand Tool Chrome extension download
Hand Tool Use your Mouse or Stylus to grab and pan web pages

fix initialization bug, fix extension, update option text, google chrome, drag extension, unnecessary permission request, update default, custom wheel event, auto reload mechanism, hidden internal extension window, drag middle mouse, activate panning, extension update, manipulate scroll position, extension icon

Hide My AdBlocker Chrome extension download
Hide My AdBlocker This extension hides your AdBlocker from Anti-AdBlock scripts on websites such as, and more.

extension hides, original adblock extension, anti adblock, antiadblock scripts, added support, removes time penalties, privacy, de added, adblock extension, antiantiadblock extension, remote server, adblock detection, org added, anti anti adblock extension, extension detection

MEW CX - is now Enkrypt Chrome extension download
MEW CX - is now Enkrypt MyEtherWallet Chrome Extension is now Enkrypt

client side, full mew functionality, web3 support, easy dapp integration, myetherwallet chrome extension, web3 support allows, browser extension, new browser extension, browser extension supports, mew cx, keystore files, burn address function let, chrome extension store

Ping Chrome extension download
Ping This extension pings web sites!

response time, simple extension allows, json import export, know availability, favorite websites, single click, background worker, chrome notifications, simple extension, extension pings, extension pings web, web resource

SimpleExtManager Chrome extension download
SimpleExtManager A simple menu to enable, disable and access options of extensions.

access options, another addition, extension manager, basic function, rightclick menu, event page, apps extensions, enable disable extension groups, features include, enabledisable extension groups, create extension groups, extension groups, extension option pages, enable disable access, enable disable, simple menu

Sign On Express Extension Chrome extension download
Sign On Express Extension This extension acts as a Form fill and password manager.

extension acts, form fill, sxp extension, password manager, secure meters

Xpress Sign-On Extension Chrome extension download
Xpress Sign-On Extension This extension acts as a Form fill and password manager.

extension acts, form fill, production, godrejnew chrome extension, chrome extension production, password manager

SoundTouch Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
SoundTouch Chrome Extension The SoundTouch Chrome Extension will allow anyone connected to their network to control your Bose speaker.

soundtouch chrome extension, anyone, people connected, bose speaker, extension chrome extension soundtouch, control, source github, fight anymore, github chrome extension, playing song, network

Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome Chrome extension download
Free VPN ZenMate-Best VPN for Chrome ZenMate Free VPN is the best free VPN Chrome extension to hide your IP, Fast & Anonymous VPN. Free Download with 80+ VPN locations.

vpn access, chrome browser, private online, vpn chrome extension download, free chrome vpn extensions, download vpn, vpn extension, purchase premium vpn accounts, free vpn chrome extension, vpn chrome extension, strict data privacy laws, vpn servers, virtual private network service, virtual private network allows, zenmate browser extension, zenmate vpn chrome extension, vpn browser extension, ip address, vpn service, chrome vpn, zenmate chrome vpn, zenmate vpn extension, zenmate vpn, vpn browser extension zenmate vpn, free vpn browser extension, zenmate vpn chrome extension allows, stay secure, secure servers, secure vpn, unlimited browser extension, servers zenmate

Sample IME for IME extension API Chrome extension download
Sample IME for IME extension API Sample IME for IME extension API

sample ime, ime extension, privacy policy, codes, chrome chromeos, simple ime, ime extension api, support developing ime extension api related codes, google terms, support

Yet Another Hints Extension Chrome extension download
Yet Another Hints Extension A simple hit-a-hint extension

code hint, hints extension, meta modifiers, hint extension, pressing ctrl, another hints extension allows, generates hints, reporting bugs writing documentation, press return, return key, hint characters, simple hitahint extension, submitting patches check, ctrl click, current view, ctrl shift, simulate ctrlclick

KProxy Extension Chrome extension download
KProxy Extension Official KProxy Extension; the best anonymous proxy solution for work.

censored websites, credit card, anonymous proxy solution, kproxy extension, official kproxy extension, support kproxy, blocked censored, server making impossible, ip address, ipaddress country, kproxy extension works, regular https connection

Scroll To Top Button Chrome extension download
Scroll To Top Button Scroll to top, bottom, or both. Click extension icon, on-page button, use context menu options, and/or keyboard shortcuts.

messages contacts, free opensource extension, read change, active button opacity, use context menu options, top button extension, dual arrows, top button, customizable expert button modes, available customizations, extension icon, click extension icon

Be Limitless Chrome extension download
Be Limitless Track your time and stay focused on your goals. Constantly be motivated to stay at your best.

user experience flow, extension button, smart notepad, limitless chrome app, create goals, new extension, effective chrome extension, limitless productivity, new tab, happy new year, extension button tells, livescribe support twitter

One Click Extensions Manager Chrome extension download
One Click Extensions Manager View, enable, disable, remove your extensions with ease.

click extension, press ctrzz, click extension name, undo options, personal data, extension options, extension name, options page, windows cmd, right click, osx super, enable disable, background scripts

DNS Overrider Chrome extension download
DNS Overrider This extension allows you to override domain names inside web-pages.

useful chrome extension, extension allows, dns overrider, alias field, replace hostname, dns overrider allows, dns overrider enables, hostname field, extension settings, override hostnames, extension settings page, system settings, anchors style sheets, dns overrider extension

Longdo Dictionary Chrome extension download
Longdo Dictionary Longo Dictionary on the fly!

translate word, desired text, popular englishthai online dictionaries, click translate, desired word, extension icon, extension chrome, metamedia technology company, icon extension, dictionary dictionary online , icon extension popup extension, chrome user, extension icon type, extension longdo, popular english thai online, menu translate, love longdo dictionary, longdo dictionary, longo dictionary, extension tab support, longdo dictionary dictionary online

Extension Defender Chrome extension download
Extension Defender Protect Chrome with Extension Defender, scan your extensions for unwanted or malicious apps.

paid version, malware extensions, obfuscated code, added paid version, extension icon lets, protect chrome, advanced scanning page, malware adware, development costs, install extension defender, extension defender scan, initial release, malicious apps, extension defender, automatic signature updates, malicious extensions

kimonify Chrome extension download
kimonify Make API's from regular websites

turn websites, tool, extension free, extension tool bar, create apis, regular websites, easy extension, extension tool bar , prefer extensions, structured apis

mqtt2chrome Chrome extension download
mqtt2chrome Displays MQTT messages as Chrome notifications, using MQTT over websockets

code issues, extension doesnt, extension isnt, extension connects, fix chrome, displays mqtt messages, fix chrome v36 update, chrome notifications, please note, quick update, extension doesnt check, doesnt support, please use

Zend Debugger Extension Chrome extension download
Zend Debugger Extension Simple Zend debugger extension, meant to fill the gap until Zend publishes an official plugin for Chrome.

simple zend debugger extension, simple zend debugger toolbar extension, added donation button, zend technologies, php storm, zend debugger extension, extension meant, zend debugger, improve development, zend publishes, change list, added option, zend studiophp storm, zend debugger extension meant, updated options page, zend name

EasyContactNow Chrome extension download
EasyContactNow EasyContactNow Click-to-call Extension

easycontactnow clicktocall extension, instantly open, google chrome, call extension, google chrome browser extension, agent productivity, google chrome web store, browser extension, desired numbers, ecn chrome extension, calls instantly, ecn contact centre, chrome browser extension, push new boundaries, chrome extension enhances, agent page, contact centre, easycontactnow click, desired web page, google chrome web, easycontactnow chrome extension

GetThetPic! Chrome extension download
GetThetPic! Download any photo from Instagram easily with this simple extension.

easy way, photo open, new tab, happy downloading, instagram easily, either download, web browsing experience, simple extension, web browsing, extension integrates seamlessly, direct image url, downloader extension

Facebook IBA Opt-out Chrome extension download
Facebook IBA Opt-out Permanently opts your browser out of Facebook ad personalisation via cookies.

personalised facebook, facebook adverts, facebook ad personalisation, facebook ad, online activity, extension ensures, close chrome, facebook interest based advertising opt, ad blocker, visit facebook, interestbased advertising opt, extension stops, thirdparty privacy extension, privacy extension

Twitter account detector Chrome extension download
Twitter account detector This extension offers a quick way to show all twitter accounts from the page its on.

twitter accounts, contact, extension helps, quick way, feel free, unofficial extension, page, extension offers quick, find twitter accounts, extension offers, show

Flashbackr Chrome extension download
Flashbackr Flashbackr is the simplest way to capture and organise all your content

online content, saveable item, extension signals, extension features, viewed online, simple extension menu, custom content types, com private account, forget bookmarking, start flashbacking, capturing webclips entire, extension menu, enables click save, integrated websites, click menu

Prescrit Chrome extension download
Prescrit L'extension Prescrit va vous faire gagner de l'argent. Economisez jusqu'à 50% sur vos achats en ligne chez plus de 1500 marchands.

extension prescrit, d tection automatique du cashback potentiel chez, consulter notre, vous prescrit les, n ration des cookies, pensez aussi consulter notre faq, est prescrit, en main de extension, sur extension prescrit, notre extension, de votre, de main sur la, parrainez simplement depuis l, nous crire sur extension prescrit, de la, par le site prescrit, du cashback, de votre cashback en, de extension, chez les, u des boutiques partenaires, de nous, sur les, main sur la prise

i-Pusher Chrome extension download
i-Pusher Extension allows you to send various content to iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch.

extension allows, link text image, youtube video link, iphone application, favorite desktop browser, app store pusherid421614227mt ls, iphone ipad, extension icon link, image jpeg png, iphoneipadipod touch, various content, extension icon, click extension icon

Bytesloader Extension Chrome extension download
Bytesloader Extension Bytesloader extension for quick downloading.

bytesloader extension, chrome let, means extension, download, bytesloader, quick downloading, context options, tradition copy

SEO Extension Chrome extension download
SEO Extension OptFirst Extension = SEO Extension. Learn valuable information about a website's SEO, SEM Social Media and Website Metrix.

websites seo, links powered, follow links, google bing majesticseo, links links, professional seo extension, nofollow link checker, optfirst extension seo extension, majesticseo bing alexa, social media activity, sem social media, websites links, anchor text, website seo, nofollow bonus box, anchor text chart, blue tabs traffic value, checking google majesticseo, seo extension, website traffic powered, extension seo extension, top seos use, time cached

TheWebMiner Sitemap Generator Chrome extension download
TheWebMiner Sitemap Generator An extension which helps you to build a sitemap for your website

entire website, extension parse, dialog appears, build sitemap, target tab, extension generates, extension parse entire website, helps, extension window, website

Download Sorter Chrome extension download
Download Sorter An extension that sorts the downloaded file to the specified folder

string repetition, zip file, write comment, images folder, archive folder, zip zip zip, extension settings, new update note, file extension jpg folder images, chrome account, file extension, folder, repetition setting, jpg gif, downloaded file, zip folder, multiple extension settings, file extension zip folder, ll fix, jpg file

Sciwheel Browser Extension Chrome extension download
Sciwheel Browser Extension Browser Extension from Sciwheel

research journals, sciwheel browser extension works, research articles, import research articles, annotate articles, annotate figures, scientific database websites, browser extension, premium features, pubmed google scholar, web link, sciwheel browser extension today, academic web, sciwheel reference manager, sciwheel browser extension

PawHash Chrome extension download
PawHash Securely generate website-specific passwords from a single master password. Compatible with Password Hasher for Firefox.

securely generates website specific passwords, steve cooper, firefox password hasher extension, single master password, password hasher extension, extension solves, password hasher, original firefox password hasher extension, master password, paul johnston, chromechromium extension, unique password, many different sites, excellent password hasher extension, website specific passwords, generate websitespecific passwords, password securely

New Relic - Loggly Extension (Beta) Chrome extension download
New Relic - Loggly Extension (Beta) New Relic/Loggly extension

relic application, logglys site, time range servers, search link, relic loggly extension, performance issue, new relic application, time range, every new relic application page, relic extension, matching logs, new relic extension finds, site relic extension, new relic, contextually match

JSView Chrome extension download
JSView JSView for Chrome. View JS and CSS files.

new tab, css files, context menu, extension displays, source code, view js, great jsview extension, extension displays included js, mozilla firefox

Extension Manager Chrome extension download
Extension Manager Manage extensions, Quickly enable/disable, Support batching operation, Smart sorting. Fast, Simple and Secure.

extensions quickly enable disable, theme class extension, configuration home page, manage extensions, fast enable disable extension, smart sorting, provide list view, theme class extensions, view selection, support batching operation, shortcut functions, enabledisable extension groups, grid view, group quickly enable disable extension

Streams Notify Chrome extension download
Streams Notify The extension displays the current status of the selected streams and notify about their start.

supported sites twitch, stream start, current status, extension displays, tv hitbox, selected streams, favorite streams, extension icon, added streams, extension checks

Vodafone Egypt Extension Chrome extension download
Vodafone Egypt Extension Instantly access various services with Vodafone.

number explore, access vodafone, another number, free online service, vodafone extension, access vodafone products, transfer balance, various services, many actions, extension lets, vodafone chrome extension lets

Last Tab Chrome extension download
Last Tab Opens a new tab when the last tab is closed instead of closing the window.

open new tab, chrome api, creating pinned tab, new tab, real tab, tab icon, pinned tab extension, extension works, new behavior, original extension, chrome apis restrictions, last tab

Shopping Ninja Chrome extension download
Shopping Ninja Our team of highly trained ninjas sneak around the web for best deals and surprise you. No more hunting. Always get the best price.

ninja browser extension, social media www, shopping ninja, retailers website, shopping ninja browser extension, comshoppingninjaau www, mobile phones, first price comparison browser extension, trained ninjas sneak, browser extension, vacuum cleaners, shoppingninjaau www, price comparison browser extension, retailer website

/r/starcraft icons Chrome extension download
/r/starcraft icons Display race icons and 1v1 rank (on hover) next to Reddit usernames.

visit rstarcraft, extension support group linked, add extra information, installed users rank, extension support group, direct suggestions, v1 rank, reddit usernames, companion extension, extension designed, extra information, display race icons, user database

WeatherTab Chrome extension download
WeatherTab WeatherTab extension will find your favorite weather sites from your Chrome™ New Tab.

chrome new tab get, software including, information including, chrome new tab, favorite weather sites, favorite sites, weathertab extension weathertab extension, new tab, commercial solicitation purposes, weathertab extension weathertab extension changes, weathertab extension

The Unofficial Social Blade Extension Chrome extension download
The Unofficial Social Blade Extension Track your YouTube stats without leaving your current page.

social blade, day totals, official social blade extension see, unofficial extension, social blade extension, youtube stats, current page, youtube channel stats, unofficial social blade extension, sponsored owned, track video views

Three.js Editor Extension Chrome extension download
Three.js Editor Extension Three.js editor extension

chrome devtools extension, js editor extension, manage, js project

CashInfo Chrome extension download
CashInfo Access your CashInfo account directly from your browser.

ce au widget gr ce au widget cashinfo, de vos gains extension vous, votre extension est, vos achats sur, vous est, de vos gains le, extension cashinfo vous, extension cashinfo, r cup rez ce, extension pour, vos achats, vos intentions, ce extension cashinfo vous, de votre, vos achats en, de cashinfo, cashinfo est la, recevez votre cash directement sur votre compte cashinfo, de vous, cashinfo vous, la plateforme shopping valorise vos achats, cashinfo pour, la valorisation des intentions, de valorisation en, de gains, moment chez le marchand partenaire, pr f r s sans, votre valorisation en, de extension cashinfo, extension vous, sur vos, internet gr ce son extension, de vos, des achats de, vous pourrez r cup rer, cashinfo la, chez le, de vos gains en, sur votre, des intentions

Web Snapper Extension Chrome extension download
Web Snapper Extension This extension automatically invokes Web Snapper to get a snapshot of the current webpage. Just a single click!

current tab, web snapper, instructs web snapper, current webpage, single click, install web snapper, source code, snapshot, full snapshot, web snapper extension captures, extension captures, extension automatically invokes web snapper, pdf jpg png

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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