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NewTabTV(Cool) Chrome extension download
NewTabTV(Cool) Watch movies and tv shows easily from legit streaming websites.Override the newtab and default search with

tv, watch, popular, media, extension, quick, override, streaming, services, page, newtabtv, features, tab, shows, movies

OpenDyslexic Chrome extension download
OpenDyslexic Format pages using the OpenDyslexic font and low contrast help.

opendyslexic, letter, extension, font, bottoms, open, button, https, pages, weighted, brain, dyslexia, chrome, letters, news

Zoomy Chrome extension download
Zoomy Changes zoom level according to resolution & browser size.

zoom, browser, resolution, chrome, exception, page, extension, default, automatic, press, reload, high, partial, quot, exceptions

Change GeoLocation Chrome extension download
Change GeoLocation This extension can change(fake) the geo location as you want

extension, geolocation, position, current, web, geo, work, user, correctly, change, save, override, setting, page, notify

Talawanda Student Web Portal Chrome extension download
Talawanda Student Web Portal Overrides the new tab page with the Talawanda Web Portal for Students.

talawanda, portal, web, tab, page, chrome, students, extension, school, designed, overrides, custom, district, student

Tab-less Chrome extension download
Tab-less Disables tabs for tab-less browsing

tabs, windows, browsing, tab, chrome, extension, open, default, code, find, window, disables, history, light, weight

Talawanda Staff Web Portal Chrome extension download
Talawanda Staff Web Portal Overrides the new tab page with the Talawanda Web Portal for Staff.

talawanda, staff, portal, web, tab, page, chrome, extension, district, school, designed, overrides, custom, members

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