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Multiple Tabs Search Chrome extension download
Multiple Tabs Search Open multiple URLs or search for several words using Google search, each one in a new tab.

search, extension, quot, tab, google, urls, open, type, tabs, bug, small, select, browser, remove, manifest

Pokemon Go: Spawn Notifications Chrome extension download
Pokemon Go: Spawn Notifications Scans and creates desktop notifications when Pokemon spawn near you.

pokemon, extension, notifications, location, spawn, pokevision, list, radius, specific, coordinates, fit, filter, times, walk, displayed

Extra Headers Chrome extension download
Extra Headers Enables adding or modifying HTTP request header

headers, extension, custom, extra, http, development, header, request, user, agent, adding, setting, server, variable, information

WebUpd8 Chrome extension download
WebUpd8 WebUpd8: get daily Ubuntu / Linux news and application reviews.

article, webupd8, read, articles, extension, chrome, ubuntu, toolbar, daily, popup, news, item, linux, button, latest

Password Safe Box Chrome extension download
Password Safe Box Save your password into the safe box.

extension, data, password, save, ensure, private, box, usa, algorithm, safe, backup, daily, internet, letter, encryption

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