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No more HELVETICA - F**K this font! Chrome extension download
No more HELVETICA - F**K this font! Extension that replaces Helvetica to Arial font.

helvetica font, arial font, extension replaces, demand, click, read, extension replaces annoying helvetica font, replaces, replaces helvetica

Hello Tab Chrome extension download
Hello Tab Hello Tab replaces your new tab page with random thoughts from others

tab page, tab extension, hello tab replaces, new tab page, every time, anonymously share thought, tab replaces, new tab, cycle tab, random thoughts, chrome store, tab cmd

Downworthy Chrome extension download
Downworthy Replaces hyberbolic headlines from bombastic viral websites with a slightly more realistic version.

mildly entertain, blow, downworthy replaces hyberbolic headlines, hyberbolic headlines, downworthy replaces, bombastic viral websites, replaces hyberbolic headlines, becomes, replaces, downworthy, realistic version

Praise Be to Helix Chrome extension download
Praise Be to Helix Replaces the word "god" with Lord Helix and "Jesus" with Bird Jesus and "Satan" with Dome Fossil

jesus, extension replaces, replaces jesus, lord helix, twitch plays pokemon, twitch plays, word god, word, dome fossil, replaces, bird jesus

Trump Fart Chrome extension download
Trump Fart Replaces the text 'Trump' with a synonym of fart.

extension replaces, extension replaces trump, synonym, text, fun hell yes, trump, fun hell, fart, replaces, puerile absolutely, text trump, word fart selected

Cosbynator Chrome extension download
Cosbynator This extension replaces images with the images of Bill Cosby.

images, img tagged images, webplace, simple extension replaces, correct aspect ratio, bill cosby, pictures courtesy, imgtagged images, extension replaces images, pictures

BatEditor Chrome extension download
BatEditor Replaces textfield for code in CodingBat with a the powerful CodeMirror editor

code, replaces textfield, powerful codemirror editor, codingbat, replaces

Cat Pun Replacer Chrome extension download
Cat Pun Replacer A tool for replacing words with cat puns.

tool, extension replaces, words, inner feline, replacing words, cat puns, purrfect cat puns, extension replaces select words, websites

Upwork Enhancer Chrome extension download
Upwork Enhancer Reveal the actual number of proposals for job posts on Upwork

job, actual number, extension replaces unclear ranges, extension replaces, job posts, reveal, proposals, exact number, unclear ranges

WebM Inline Player Chrome extension download
WebM Inline Player Automatically replaces links to WebM files with embedded videos

webm videos, webm inline player replaces, wont burn, player replaces webm links, webm files, mouse click, video player, key features, embedded videos, starting video playback, replaces links, temporarily doesnt work, automatically replaces links

That's Mildly Adequate (iDubbbzTV) Chrome extension download
That's Mildly Adequate (iDubbbzTV) It's mildly adequate

frank, reskin, idubbbz hey, replaces iduppplestv, pretty good extension, idubbbz, hey thats, dr, replaces, mildly adequate, filth

Cloud To Butt Data To Poop Chrome extension download
Cloud To Butt Data To Poop Replaces the text 'the cloud' with 'my butt' and 'big data' with 'big poop'.

fun chrome extension, cloud, original project, text, big poop, big data, replaces occurrences, replaces

rehumanize Chrome extension download
rehumanize The Chrome extension for humanity.

news, simple chrome extension replaces, newsfeed, queue jumpers, lose sight, chrome extension replaces, humanity, called queue jumpers boat, fleeing disaster, boat people, disaster

UnGodify Chrome extension download
UnGodify Replaces God with the Easter Bunny and Allah with Santa Claus and many other religious words

try browsing, allah, religion, santa claus, religious words, replaces, easter bunny, replaces god, put religion

BitBeans Chrome extension download
BitBeans Replaces 'bitcoin' with 'magic beans'.

whole family, replaces bitcoin, instances, magic beans, open sourced, replaces, bitcoin, fun

FS.UA helper Chrome extension download
FS.UA helper Watch FS.UA without hassle.

hassle, watch fs, sdf, flowplayer, html5 video player, ua fs, replaces, replaces flash flowplayer, ua, fs

Zlatanizer Chrome extension download
Zlatanizer This extension replaces "Sweden" with "Zlatan" in Swedish and English.

word sweden, extension replaces, sweden, extension replaces sweden, webpages, zlatan, word

Wi-Fi to Waifu Chrome extension download
Wi-Fi to Waifu Replaces wifi (and variations) with waifu

waifu version, tobutt source, towaifu version, another text replacement extension, variations, replacement probability, butt source, options page, text replacement extension, changes occurrences, replaces, replaces wifi

Rickroller Chrome extension download
Rickroller Randomly replaces Youtube links with links to Never Gonna Give You Up (Rickroll)

rick astleys, youtube, excellent extension, gonna, dont necessarily, replaces youtube links, rickroll, gonna give, replaces, youtube links, links

Kanjiday Chrome extension download
Kanjiday This extension replaces your new tab with a new kanji every day

kunyomi meaning prerequisite ability, extension replaces, every day, new tab, kanji card, kanji information, skip learned kanji show, read hiragana, next level, replaces, customizable background color, customizable background color option, card day

Florida Man Chrome extension download
Florida Man Replaces 'Jeb Bush' and 'Marco Rubio' with 'Florida Man' and vice versa.

marco rubio, jeb bush, replaces jeb bush, prove, florida man, replaces, highly entertaining, vice versa

New Tab Chrome extension download
New Tab A minimalist replacement for Chrome's New Tab page.

tab page, blank white page, new tab page, minimalist version, extension replaces, extension replaces chrome, minimalist replacement, chrome, tab page simply remove, shows blank white page, bookmarks bar

Scroll Bar 1 (Blue) Chrome extension download
Scroll Bar 1 (Blue) A Blue color rounded corner scroll bar.

extension simply replaces, corner scroll bar, thanks, blue color, blue color rounded corner scroll bar, default scroll bar, chrome version, kindly uninstall, tested successfully, replaces, original scroll bar

Feelin' Drizzy Chrome extension download
Feelin' Drizzy A chrome extension that makes it rain with Drake's face, and replaces all the images on the page with gifs of Drake.

download feelin, life download feelin drizzy, current webpage, rain, chrome extension replaces, drake face, drake, replaces, enough drake

Replace Facebook trends with Reddit Chrome extension download
Replace Facebook trends with Reddit This extension replaces lame Facebook trends with interesting Reddit stories.

facebook trends sections, facebook data, reddit stories, extension replaces, interesting reddit stories, extension replaces lame facebook trends, irrelevant pr, open source, reddit front page, open source extension doesnt

Aderz - Adblock With Benefits Chrome extension download
Aderz - Adblock With Benefits Aderz replaces annoying advertisements such as popups/video-ads with pleasant ones and raises money for charity foundations.

pleasant ones, replaces annoying advertisements, web industry, winwin situation, raises money, aderz replaces annoying advertisements, aderz aderz, win win, pleasant ads, annoying ads, browser extension, money collected, gonna love, web owners, charity foundations

SkyDome Chrome extension download
SkyDome Replaces 'Rogers Centre' with the true name SkyDome.

replaces rogers centre, rogers, love toronto, install, want, replaces, true name skydome

Finding patterns Chrome extension download
Finding patterns Look for patterns inside HTML, JS, CSS and AJAX code

link title, finding patterns, extension aims, find bugs, webpage replaces tags, patterns, regular expressions, webpage replaces, link title js css, js css, ajax code, webpage

Blank New Tab Chrome extension download
Blank New Tab Replaces the default new tab page with a blank page.

tab page, extension replaces, new tab page, default, install, replaces, blank page, busy new tab page, default chrome

BabyAnimalBlocker Chrome extension download
BabyAnimalBlocker Replace display ads with baby animals.

ads, baby animals, replace display ads, replaces display ads, display ads, replaces

Hide VK Emoji Smileys Chrome extension download
Hide VK Emoji Smileys This extention replaces emoji to the regular text smileys on private messages and dialogs pages of the social network.

private messages, dialogs pages, extention replaces, regular text smileys, extention replaces emoji, com, social network, vk

Trump To Butt Chrome extension download
Trump To Butt Replaces the text 'Trump' with 'Butt'.

donald trump, extension replaces donald trump, extension replaces, donald butt, trump, butt, text, text trump, replaces, webpage

Make America Kittens Again Chrome extension download
Make America Kittens Again Replaces images of Donald Trump with kittens, because seriously, f*** that guy.

donald trump, replaces donald trump, creative commons photo, replaces images, disgrace b, disgrace kittens, trump, kittens, couldnt find creative commons photo, replaces, f

Luna Orangereds Chrome extension download
Luna Orangereds This extension replaces your reddit orangereds with Luna!

reddit orangereds, luna orangereds replaces, default reddit message envelopes, extension replaces, luna, sound alert, dev gmail, default reddit, enthusiastically alert, red envelope, serenely watch, messages luna

Pinky Chrome extension download
Pinky Web Extension making 'The Settlers Online' collectibles easy to find!

web extension making, pinky, use, pinky gently replaces, clear cache, settlers online collectibles easy, something, replaces, settlers online collectibles, collectibles, settlers

No Google Doodle Chrome extension download
No Google Doodle Replaces Google Doodles with the default Google Logo.

replaces google, tab page, google logo, new tab page, extension replaces, submit report, international google sites, ill work, support tab, default google logo, international google, homepage www, google doodle, please use

That's Pretty Pickley (iDubbbzTV) Chrome extension download
That's Pretty Pickley (iDubbbzTV) It's pretty pickley

reskin, idubbbz hey, pickley, pretty good extension, thats, pretty good, pretty pickley, taylornotthatswift, idubbbz, hey thats, replaces, replaces idupppplistiv

Kappa Everywhere - Global Twitch Emotes Chrome extension download
Kappa Everywhere - Global Twitch Emotes Replaces Twitch emote text with the actual emotes on all websites

chrome webstore, twitch emotes, actual emote, replaces emotes, chrome extensions, chrome extensions directory, global twitch emotes, added channel name, replaces twitch emote text, actual emotes, collect send, com source code, replaces text

FlareGet Integration Chrome extension download
FlareGet Integration FlareGet Browser Integration extension replaces default download manager of Google Chrome by Flareget Download Manager.

official extension, download manager, google chrome, press hold, prevent flareget, flareget browser integration extension replaces default download manager, press hold insert, alt key, integration extension replaces, download, flareget download manager, integrate chrome

uGet Integration Chrome extension download
uGet Integration uGet Browser Integration extension replaces default download manager by uGet Download Manager.

individual settings, download manager, official extension, select uget integration, select uget integration download video, download video, youtube page, integration extension replaces, please note, youtube policies, uget integrator, integrate uget, uget respects, integration extension replaces default download manager, uget download manager, uget chrome

Different Gmail Delete Button Chrome extension download
Different Gmail Delete Button Tweaks the Gmail web interface’s delete button.

gmail settings, button labels, gmail, extension replaces, tweaks, delete button, gmail web interface, extension replaces gmail delete button icon, gmail web interface delete button, icon, subtle version, button labels section, chosen text

Nicolas Cage Chrome extension download
Nicolas Cage Replaces "God" with "Nicolas Cage." May your Mountain Dew be sweet!

sweet, nicolas cage, god, recommended reading, mountain dew, replaces god, reading, replaces

Meow Blocker PRO Chrome extension download
Meow Blocker PRO Block ads with Meow Power!

meow blocker, ads, meow power, annoying ads, cute cat photos, pro replaces, block ads, meow blocker pro replaces

pink tumblr Chrome extension download
pink tumblr This extension turns the background of your tumblr dash pink.

background, background color, tumblr dash pink, changes, extension turns, replaces tumblr logo, related views, related views pink, replaces, tumblr dash

Goebbels Nazi Extension Chrome extension download
Goebbels Nazi Extension Goebbels very first extension, turns SJW hate into pro-Nazi hate.

bad taste, complete lunacy, first extension, nazi hate, extension turns sjw hate, 3rdwave feminism, simple extension, replaces curtain phrases, support nazism, extension exposes, pronazi hate

Patriarchy to Illuminati Chrome extension download
Patriarchy to Illuminati Replaces the word feminists love 'Patriarchy' with 'Illuminati'.

patriarchy, extension replaces, word patriarchy, word feminists love patriarchy, instance, word feminists, illuminati, replaces, word

NietzscheDerp Chrome extension download
NietzscheDerp Inspired by's Herp Derp, NietzscheDerp replaces YouTube comments with Nietzsche quotes.

comments, herp derp, herp derp nietzschederp replaces youtube comments, tannr, com, nietzschederp replaces, nietzsche quotes

Nipple to Boob Hat Chrome extension download
Nipple to Boob Hat Replaces nipple with boob hat

text nipple, replaces nipple, replaces, boob hat, tobutt

Unicorn Replacer! Chrome extension download
Unicorn Replacer! Replaces the text 'unicorn' with 'pre-IPO startup valued at $1 billion or more'.

matt levine billion dollar idea, andrew mckinley , pre ipo startup, millennialsbegone begone, noun project, zekeweeks millennials begone begone, dollar idea, replaces occurrences, noun project andrew, replaces, preipo startup

Minimalist New Tab Chrome extension download
Minimalist New Tab Minimalist New Tab replaces the stock new tab page with a beautiful and customizable user interface.

common google apps, tab page, solid color, minimalist new tab replaces, new tab page, tab replaces, customizable user interface, custom images, local weather, minimalist new tab, solid color wallpapers, customizable user, chrome apps

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