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Search By goMovix Chrome extension download
Search By goMovix Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your must-see list and rate your favorite movies and TV shows

search, movies, extension, tv, showtimes, trailers, gomovix, find, content, celebrity, track, list, photos, rate, browse

Search By MusixHub Chrome extension download
Search By MusixHub Search By MusixHub

search, music, extension, searching, albums, songs, experience, artists, needed, extra, listen, information, musixhubsearch, places, musixhub

MusixLib Search Chrome extension download
MusixLib Search MusixLib Search

search, music, extension, musixlib, searching, albums, songs, experience, artists, needed, extra, listen, searchsearch, information, places

Search By goMusix Chrome extension download
Search By goMusix Search By goMusix

search, terms, http, gomusix, extension, privacy, music, query, page, searching, albums, songs, experience, artists, needed

PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode Chrome extension download
PerfectPixel by WellDoneCode This extension helps develop your websites with per pixel accuracy!

extension, support, perfectpixel, welldonecode, overlays, shift, websites, image, pixel, www, developers, ads, shortcuts, arrow, keys

Bookmarks Menu Chrome extension download
Bookmarks Menu Shows bookmarks menu. Works with Chrome and Google bookmarks.

bookmarks, click, open, bookmark, menu, button, options, mouse, tab, google, works, extension, chrome, middle, https

Search By MusixMuze Chrome extension download
Search By MusixMuze Search By MusixMuze

search, extension, music, searching, albums, songs, experience, artists, information, needed, extra, musixmuze, places, web, space

xTab Chrome extension download
xTab Limit maximum number of open tabs

tabs, v0, tab, extension, limit, open, closed, background, accessed, opening, number, github, popup, active, maximum

Chrome IG Story Chrome extension download
Chrome IG Story Chrome extension that lets you view your friend's Instagram Stories in the browser.

instagram, extension, story, view, chrome, calialec, medium, stories, https, key, esc, press, navigate, user, click

Data Compression Proxy Chrome extension download
Data Compression Proxy Data Compression Proxy for Google Chrome on Desktop

extension, chrome, proxy, request, google, data, works, compression, quot, https, icon, blocking, bypass, list, code

KProxy Extension Chrome extension download
KProxy Extension Official KProxy Extension; the best anonymous proxy solution for work.

kproxy, work, proxies, extension, connection, proxy, amp, feedback, web, impossible, browser, making, target, server, support

Scratch Device Plugin Helper Chrome extension download
Scratch Device Plugin Helper Enables Scratch hardware extensions on Chrome. Requires the Scratch Device Plugin.

scratch, chrome, mit, device, hardware, plugin, language, lifelong, group, kindergarten, extension, info, stories, interactive, lego

Crunchyroll Unblocker Chrome extension download
Crunchyroll Unblocker Watch region blocked anime on Crunchyroll from outside the US!

site, extension, crunchyroll, id, load, region, cookies, connection, session, proxy, case, works, icon, version, top

GameLoad - play Unity Games (Win only) Chrome extension download
GameLoad - play Unity Games (Win only) Run Unity games through your browser in local application. (Windows only)

unity, games, run, extension, windows, gameload, chrome, app, browser, systems, operation, chromebooks, flash, link, external

ShowIp Chrome extension download
ShowIp Show IPv4 & IPv6 addresses of the current webpage without doing external requests to a home server.

extension, chrome, current, show, webpage, external, requests, addresses, ipv4, google, works, home, server, beta, ipv6

Paperpile Extension Chrome extension download
Paperpile Extension Collect and organize your research papers in Chrome

paperpile, google, papers, extension, collect, academic, hundreds, arxiv, based, pubmed, web, download, scholar, references, pdfs

Qualys BrowserCheck for Windows Chrome extension download
Qualys BrowserCheck for Windows FIND and FIX security issues in your browsers, plugins and missing security updates on Windows

browsercheck, browser, security, qualys, windows, plugins, extension, browsers, chrome, vulnerabilities, issues, user, cross, fix, https

Livestream downloader Chrome extension download
Livestream downloader This extension will allow you to download videos from past events on

extension, livestream, added, version, videos, links, broken, video, download, error, chrome, clicking, bug, data, fixed

Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet Chrome extension download
Polarr Plugin: Edit Any Photo on the Internet Professionally edit any photo on the internet with one click.

image, images, edit, photo, polarr, extension, copyright, internet, chrome, button, works, questions, laws, plugin, tumblr

Self Control Chrome extension download
Self Control A simple extension to keep you focused online

blocking, extension, simple, focused, url, quot, block, google, patterns, books, sites, facebook, works, online, app

ezpp! Chrome extension download
ezpp! Directly calculate pp for a beatmap in your browser.

extension, calculate, pp, source, browser, beatmap, login, sh, ppy, key, api, github, osu, required, unranked

Magnet Links for Torrentz Chrome extension download
Magnet Links for Torrentz Adds magnet links to torrent files on Torrentz.

torrentz, magnet, trackers, search, icon, extension, result, links, pages, github, javascript, times, smaller, link, added

Last Tab Chrome extension download
Last Tab Opens a new tab when the last tab is closed instead of closing the window.

tab, extension, open, tabs, moving, window, chrome, quot, pinned, closed, written, buggy, shortcuts, needed, original

Shutterfly Exporter Chrome extension download
Shutterfly Exporter Download all pictures from your Shutterfly album to your computer

shutterfly, extension, click, album, download, pictures, site, open, files, chrome, images, works, url, downloading, license

Qualys BrowserCheck for Mac OSX Chrome extension download
Qualys BrowserCheck for Mac OSX FIND and FIX security issues in your browsers, plugins and missing security updates on Mac OSX

browsercheck, browser, security, qualys, plugins, browsers, vulnerabilities, mac, issues, extension, chrome, user, cross, https, fix

Scrabulizer Importer Chrome extension download
Scrabulizer Importer Imports Lexulous, Words With Friends and Wordscraper games into Scrabulizer.

scrabulizer, lexulous, games, extension, facebook, game, wordscraper, icon, chrome, words, friends, enter, saving, moves, bar

Fluid Browser Chrome extension download
Fluid Browser The Fluid Extension works with Fluid Browser to open up any Chrome URL's within Fluid Browser. This can be anything from articles…

browser, fluid, chrome, simple, extension, app, open, switch, seamless, videos, articles, itunes, transparent, https, works

Chrome Download Manager Chrome extension download
Chrome Download Manager Manages and interacts with your downloads directly from browser's toolbar. Most convenient download manager for your browser.

download, manager, extension, browser, downloads, convenient, chrome, work, cdm, downloaded, works, item, easy, access, fast

Wallaby Chrome extension download
Wallaby Maximize rewards every time you shop online - see your best credit card to use and why.

wallaby, rewards, credit, extension, online, card, access, chrome, maximize, money, app, ll, shop, earn, set

V2MOM Aligner Tool 2017 Chrome extension download
V2MOM Aligner Tool 2017 Copy your manager's V2MOM and alter it o your V2MOM is better aligned with your manager's

v2mom, manager, ui, extension, choose, methods, quot, https, note, obstacles, alignment, copy, classic, org62, page

LingQ Chrome extension download
LingQ This extension will fetch LingQs from your account and highlight new words and LingQs

lingq, hint, extension, words, article, page, yellow, status, popups, lingqs, click, review, selected, keyboard, term

Alice Keeler Drive20 Chrome extension download
Alice Keeler Drive20 This Chrome extension works when you are in a folder in Google Drive to open up the first 20 files in the folder.

files, chrome, quickly, drive20, extension, close, document, icon, folder, tab, google, create, open, student, work

Hotkeys Chrome extension download
Hotkeys Customisable hotkeys for basic browser actions.

hotkeys, works, tabs, change, options, blocklist, extension, shortcut, js, click, chrome, pages, disable, extensions, default

Google to Bing Chrome extension download
Google to Bing Switches search engine, with one click

google, bing, extension, results, search, permissions, works, microsoft, trademark, suggestions, image, web, subject, clickthis, engine

Dota 2 Lounge Expansion Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Lounge Expansion Extensiong gives expanded infromation about trades and traders in trade list like: -Time played in Dota 2 (In two weeks, and all…

trades, extension, filter, page, dota, reputation, played, time, lounge, dota2lounge, fixed, link, service, english, ajax

Wanscam IP Camera Chrome extension download
Wanscam IP Camera Monitor your camera without opening new tab.

extension, v1, camera, wanscam, click, ptz, support, configuration, ip, chrome, save, bug, local, works, tab

Stop Clickbait Chrome extension download
Stop Clickbait Notifying clickbait content to the user in Facebook and Twitter

clickbait, works, user, links, extension, content, similar, remain, misclassified, option, chrome, undetected, adblock, multiple, websites

Map Replace Chrome extension download
Map Replace This extension will allow you to replace Google Maps with another mapping service on any web site.

maps, google, map, mapping, extension, web, site, replace, norway, authority, provide, superior, strava, chrome, works

GoodData Extension Tool Chrome extension download
GoodData Extension Tool Makes your life easier when developing in GoodData BI platform

gooddata, data, log, extension, logs, parser, pages, links, double, whitelabeled, note, works, cc, click, user

Save emails to Dropbox Chrome extension download
Save emails to Dropbox Save any Gmail™ email to Dropbox with one click

dropbox, extension, emails, save, easy, gmail, mac, configurations, pc, client, clicking, button, automatically, email, chrome

X-Wing Companion Card Viewer Chrome extension download
X-Wing Companion Card Viewer Adds card images when it finds card names from the X-Wing Miniatures Game.

quot, extension, cards, card, reddit, recognize, common, wing, adds, multiple, time, list, automatically, laster, turret

Mute Everything Chrome extension download
Mute Everything Mutes everything by pausing all audio and video.

mute, audio, report, extension, video, objects, works, click, specific, single, bunch, page, pausing, tabs, temporarily

Transcription Helper Chrome extension download
Transcription Helper Simple extension that helps to transcribe audio documents. It works purely local and does not send off any information.

extension, audio, transcribe, load, ctrl, works, alt, helper, shortcuts, file, url, files, rewind, local, favourite

Baconizer Chrome extension download
Baconizer Turns every image on the page into bacon with a single click! Because bacon!

extension, bacon, page, baconizer, button, images, sweet, unable, github, internet, surfers, world, image, wiki, clicking

Live On Chrome extension download
Live On keeps chrome from closing when the last tab is closed by creating a pinned tab when there is one tab left.

extension, tab, pinned, open, code, chrome, closing, free, feel, quot, updated, anymore, source, settings, created

Bear Chrome extension Chrome extension download
Bear Chrome extension Send to snippets, url or entire web pages

extension, entire, bear, app, importing, works, video, understand, url, chrome, pages, web, turn, pagesthis, links

iFB PRO for Facebook Invites Events&Pages Chrome extension download
iFB PRO for Facebook Invites Events&Pages This is the ULTIMATE Invite Tool for Events and Pages in Facebook!!

facebook, extension, events, linkedin, friends, works, invite, profile, pages, buying, mike, natsios, information, vorisis, kwstas

Open in Spotify desktop client Chrome extension download
Open in Spotify desktop client Instead of opening links in the browser they will always be opened in Spotify

url, open, opened, spotify, extension, colons, work, plugin, chrome, newly, close, opening, client, github, links

CSE Magellan Browser Extension Chrome extension download
CSE Magellan Browser Extension This is the CSE Password SSO Plugin for Magellan.

magellan, cse, extension, sign, single, provide, sso, password, browser, web, plugin, chrome, works, applications

Tisy refresh button Chrome extension download
Tisy refresh button Tisy refresh button

button, refresh, extension, version, tisy, address, side, small, utility, people, chrome, added, bar, buttontisy, stop

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