Best Extra Settings Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total extra settings plugins - 1184
Extra bookmarks bar Chrome extension download
Extra bookmarks bar This plugin gives you an extra bookmarks bar

extra bookmarks, send feedback, feature requests, additional bar, settings page, flyrev gmail, bar, please note, extra bookmarks bar

Smooth Scroll [Atavi] Chrome extension download
Smooth Scroll [Atavi] Smooth scrolling and extra features.

sole discretion, watching long, longer twitch sharply, invisible scroller, extra features, reading websites, scroll bar, smooth scroll, instantly scroll, browser settings disable, long texts, instantly add site, smooth skroll, extra smooth scrolling, smooth scrolling, extra smooth

FRQc - Flash Render Quality changer Chrome extension download
FRQc - Flash Render Quality changer FRQc adds extra control features to Adobe Flash Player. With this extension you can easily change default rendering quality.

quality settings, extra control features, adobe flash player, domain adapted, new ui version, google chrome, save quality settings, disable frqc global, cctld list version, change default, bugfix settings, ui version change default, domain version, new versions, frqc popup tab

Settings Button Chrome extension download
Settings Button Just a shortcut to Chrome settings page

current tab, settings panel, chrome settings, settings, chrome settings page, new tab, browsers toolbar, open chrome settings page, context menu, youll open chrome settings page, add settings icon

Search By Zooms Chrome extension download
Search By Zooms Zooms search the web

individual browsing experience, experience, secure safe, browser search settings, zooms search, search extention, extra effort, search, extra effort needed, zooms works

Advanced Font Settings Chrome extension download
Advanced Font Settings Customize per-script font settings.

default font, font settings, single setting, web page, separate ones, font settings controlled, customize font settings, script font settings, perscript font settings, html lang attribute, cyrillic script, different language scripts

BetterTTV Chrome extension download
BetterTTV BetterTTV enhances Twitch with new features, emotes, and more.

visual noise, features emotes, deleted links, usernamewordphrase highlighting, wordphrase blacklist, word phrase, dropdown menu, channel emotes, user list, betterttv settings, chat lines, new features, easy reading, betterttv enhances, betterttv chat, chat settings, extra emoticons, massunban channel

Temporary Content Settings Chrome extension download
Temporary Content Settings Quickly make exceptions to content settings (JavaScript, cookies, images, plug-ins) for some or all sites for a set time.

subdomains option, interface feedback welcome, default chrome settings, subdomains change, chrome settings, content settings, permanent chrome exceptions, popup pages, current domain, permanent exception button, temporary content settings lets, temporary content settings, new basedomainandsubdomains scope

Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce Chrome extension download
Custom Settings Exporter for Salesforce Export all Custom Settings from Salesforce To Excel in three clicks

chrome extension webstore, fetch custom settings, rajivashokbhatt csexposfdc, url bar, fetch custom settings button, available inspectoraodjmnfhjibkcdimpodiifdjnnncaafh, vertical scroll bar, excel button, custom settings, salesforce custom settings, custom setting, extension salesforce inspector, export custom settings

CAGE - Castle Age Game Enhancer [?] Chrome extension download
CAGE - Castle Age Game Enhancer [?] CAGE makes playing Castle Age on Facebook a bit easier and a lot more fun ;)

page percentage, monster page, charge info fill, report errors, castle age game play, class ability changer, extra filter, castle age, extra filter extra filter, extra sendgift filter, fixes timers percentage, guild battle, monster timers, top themes

4chan X Chrome extension download
4chan X 4chan X is a script that adds various features to anonymous imageboards.

native extension, settings panel, settings button, userscript version, top right corner, various features, please note, last read post, settings link, anonymous imageboards

Gmail Contacts Card Updater Chrome extension download
Gmail Contacts Card Updater See useful contact information right in your Gmail!

bugs left, useful contact information right, extra contact, doesn load, contact information, google contacts, google voice users, email addresses phone, little card, extra contact info, extra information, include extra information, google voice, extension updates, phone numbers

Extra Charts for MyFitnessPal Chrome extension download
Extra Charts for MyFitnessPal Adds some extra charts to MyFitnessPal.

extra chart, super early beta, extra charts, browser experience, myfitnesspal reports page, calorie counting simple, many others, love everything, please note, making calorie counting, page body

Imgur Extender Chrome extension download
Imgur Extender Hopefully people will stop bothering @Sarah for new loading gifs every 30 seconds

code lot, loading icons, loading icon, settings page display, settings page, every seconds, bothering sarah, interesting settings, browsing data, select multiple images, new settings page, different size loading icons

iStock Extra User Stats Chrome extension download
iStock Extra User Stats Show extra contributor stats on the iStockphoto user page.

page displaying graphs, extra tab, monthly csv stats files, extra contributor stats, monthly csv stats, profile page, istock url, monthly csv stats bug, recent istock url changes, loses column, istockphoto user page, istockphoto contributors, extra stats

FastBacker Auto-Pledge Chrome extension download
FastBacker Auto-Pledge This extension works with your FastBacker account to auto-pledge for subscribed pledge levels on Kickstarter projects.

future site update, extension project, pledge amount, kickstarter project, early bird rewards, kickstarter site, new kickstarter site changes, extra pledge amountbonus amount, auto pledge payment, change pledge, early bird reward level, reenabled extra pledge option, fit chrome standards, successful pledges showing, successful pledges, recent kickstarter site changes, extra pledge amount, enabled extra pledge, successful auto pledge, auto pledge, extra amount

Time Calculator Chrome extension download
Time Calculator Quickly and easily add up hours and minutes.

extra fields, infinite number, time period, added extra, adding hours, adds analytics tracking, shift workers, analytics tracking, update added, extension customised, adds add fields, company colours, multiple shifts, extra instruction text, simple solution, ve worked, scrolling feature

MyFitnessPal Pie Chart by FOODFASTFIT Chrome extension download
MyFitnessPal Pie Chart by FOODFASTFIT This add-on automatically adds the Pie Chart to your Food Diary. Net carbs will also be shown if the Fiber column is enabled.…

settings foodfastfit settings, macronutrient, pie chart, add, automatically adds, fiber column, notes, food diary, pie, net carbs, xfoodfastfit settings

Cloud Save Chrome extension download
Cloud Save Save to cloud.

fix code, marketing settings, new progress bar, amazon cloud drive, live connect api, fixs several bugs, chrome pdf, enable additional file hosts, marketing settings toggle, users reviews, new settings page, ad replacement

Search By eSpeedCheck Chrome extension download
Search By eSpeedCheck eSpeedCheck search the web

espeedcheck works, individual browsing experience, experience, secure safe, espeedcheck search, espeedcheck extension, browser search settings, extra effort, search information

Dominion Point Counter Chrome extension download
Dominion Point Counter Dominion Point Counter

handle player names, fix extension, fix bug, small reload bugs, make lobby load, extra debug statement, handle trader embargo, point tracker, point counter, fixed bug, preserve automatch settings, user status message mentions, possession border village EXTRA Zoom Chrome extension download EXTRA Zoom The most popular Chrome Extension for FULL Zoom in and Zoom out!

avoid, scroll, mouse center scroll button scroll, zoom, mouse center scroll button, options extra zoom, full zoom, popular slither, extra zoom, informations check, largest snake, io chrome extension

Settings Chrome extension download
Settings Direct access to Settings pages inside Chrome. Options available to change icon and access from context menu

clear browsing data, context menu use, content exceptions, edit dictionary, create profile, quick access, startup pages, content settings, import bookmarks, context menu, settings pages, tested successfully, change icon Autojoin Bot Chrome extension download Autojoin Bot This script will automatically join giveaways on

scan delay, fixed settings saving bug, onpage console, extension check, settings fixed, gold detection, enter gold giveaways, free giveaways, incorrect steam store link, settings menu removed, new onpage console, optimized settings menu, settings menu, page open, fixed bug, page console, join giveaways, see details, gold giveaways, optimized script, join free giveaways

Malaysiakini News Chrome extension download
Malaysiakini News Malaysiakini news coverage concentrates mainly on local events, with a strong emphasis on items related to Malaysian politics.

url bug fix, cn story, fix push notification, settings view, government owned, multi language settings, bug fix, news website, items related, language settings, english malay, multiple selections, multiple appearance issue, malaysiakini news coverage

ExtManager Chrome extension download
ExtManager Manage the chrome extensions. One click to enable or disable extension. Group extensions and drag it. Sort extensions by drag it.

chrome settings page, uninstall extension simply, extensions applications, search engine settings page, chrome extensions, support text list, page content settings, large icon list, disable extension, browser cache pages, permutations suitable, icon list, small icon list, settings page, group extensions, extensions page, page chrome settings page, easily enable disable, browser settings page, extensions simply, pages page, enable disable extension, page page extensions

TabDuke Chrome extension download
TabDuke A minimalistic dashboard for Duke Students.

restaurant hours, weird text shadow bug, settings menu, optimize image rendering, current settings, bus stops, image file sizes, campus restaurants, bug fixes, font size tweaks, lasalle loop stops, info box, settings icon, high traffic bus stops, font size

OGame Fleet Tool Chrome extension download
OGame Fleet Tool Enhance your OGame for faster mining

new transport menu item, transport workflow, refactoring transporter cargo capacity determination, select debris field, pre set, extra settings allows, research bonus, transport menu, resource transport, transport menu item, auto language detection, language detection based, visiting research

G.lux Chrome extension download
G.lux Changes the color temperature of websites.

optimal circadian rhythm, operating system, variable filter intensity, lowest setting, administrator access settings, color temperature, low filter intensity, orangish tungsten balance, welcome jessica morin, daylight balanced, select time, intensity settings, popular user suggestion, operating system display settings

uTorrent Link Sender Chrome extension download
uTorrent Link Sender Send a link to the uTorrent Web UI

utorrent ui, google store feedback, contextual menu, extensions full, fixed broken package, magnet link, settings page, settings page news, utorrent web ui, current page, added ability, feedback please post, utorrent server settings

Replies and more for Google+ Chrome extension download
Replies and more for Google+ Adds reply and reply-to-author buttons to Google+ comments and a number of other enhancements.

author links, adds reply, adds extra functionality, shiftenter submit, additional sharing options, extra functionality, google comments, post adds, replytoauthor buttons, local language translate, plusissueslist itll ask, easy mentions

Extra Content V.I.P. Chrome extension download
Extra Content V.I.P. Extra Content VIP Extension gives access to Premium VIP content.

exclusive articles, content vip, ecv users, exclusive new games, exclusive photo galleries, extra content vip, vip content, different user experience, user experience, content vip extension, exclusive photo galleries work, extra content vip extension, exclusive content, premium vip content, combines social

ActionAlly for Chrome Chrome extension download
ActionAlly for Chrome ActionAlly keeps you focused & effective. This extension brings extra power to Chrome. Install the main app at

osx trigger based, focused effective, extension brings extra power, distracting sites, work sessions, chrome, keeps, extra power, main app, install, actionally chrome extension

dotjs universal Chrome extension download
dotjs universal ~/.js

extra fuzz based, websites based, extra fuzz, execute scriptsgoogle, favorite pages, chromium browser, library needs, css files, chromechromium browser extension, full installation, original code, super easy, full installation instructions

Cookie Clicker Extended Chrome extension download
Cookie Clicker Extended Adds extra items and depth to Cookie Clicker

, adds extra items, orteil, broswer extension, cookie clicker, game cookie clicker, depth, extra items

Blacklist Whitelist Chrome extension download
Blacklist Whitelist Keep computer users focused

whitelist websites, web kiosks, user settings, settings enable guest browsing, multiple computers, enable guest browsing, chromes settings, restrict multiple computers, computers, computer users, incognito mode

DNS Overrider Chrome extension download
DNS Overrider This extension allows you to override domain names inside web-pages.

useful chrome extension, extension allows, dns overrider, alias field, replace hostname, dns overrider allows, dns overrider enables, hostname field, extension settings, override hostnames, extension settings page, system settings, anchors style sheets, dns overrider extension

NuCash Chrome extension download
NuCash Weten bij welke shops je cashback krijgt als je surft op internet? Dat kan nu met de nieuwe Alertbar!

extra korting met, nl en, korting met, een gezamenlijk assortiment van miljoenen producten, van nucash, met extra korting, van gratis, van een nucash, op nucash, kan een, korting op, van jouw aankopen, met korting, meer een aankoop met, snelle toegang tot je account, jouw aankoop, webshops korting op, hiermee bespaar je honderden euro, naar vrienden en laat ze, je ontvangt voor jouw aankoop, je een, van je aankopen, aankopen en, je het, en je, je gratis, met een, met de, voor het registreren van jouw, extra korting met de, je korting op je, van de, en nog veel meer interessante acties, van een, de meer, op de, bij een shop cashback kan krijgen, met nucash, je een aankoop, aankopen bij de meer, nl bij een, je bij een, op het

Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Wallpapers for New Tab (Unofficial) Change your new tab's background to a random photo from Dota 2 Wallpapers collection.

random photo wallpaper, nh m t h nh b t k, u t p dota loading screens, settings settings, settings reset settings, photo multiple times, h tr, dota loading, tab tr nh, nh n n, a tr nh duy t th, photo multiple, random photo, tab background, dota loading screens, ch s i, nh nh

No more Tumblr players Chrome extension download
No more Tumblr players Get rid of the annoying music players removing them from all the Tumblr blogs!

popup v1, tumblr blogs, bugfixes v1, settings bugfixes v1, new social buttons, page added, blogs filters enhancements, added support, scm v1, fixed bug, tumblr players, added players bugfixes v1, popup settings restyle, new tumblr style update, player added player, popup settings, fb social button, es locale help links, extension code, new popup design, google analytics improvements, music players, player removed, settings page v1

Favicon Badges Chrome extension download
Favicon Badges Displays an unread count badge on a webpage's icon.

fixed clicking popup button, unread count badge, every time, badge, page title contains, improved settings page, syncs settings, settings page, popup button, fixed badge, page title, latest version, setting synchronization

Weather info Chrome extension download
Weather info Quickly check the current weather and weather forecasts without opening an additional page

weather forecasts, snel, additional page, extra pagina te openen, weer van vandaag en de weersverwachting bekijken zonder een extra pagina te, weer van vandaag, current weather, zonder een

Snapshot Chrome extension download
Snapshot A screen capture and annotation tool

interest icons, highlight areas, annotation tool, quick feedback, add notes, interest add notes, web browser, screen capture, information highlight areas, provide extra information download, extra information, sensitive information

ROBLOX Utility Service Chrome extension download
ROBLOX Utility Service Adds search bars for servers, stops videos from autoplaying, and more.

send master3395 pm, extension doesnt, account settings, search bars, google accepts, top bar, settings page layout, servers stops, top bar navigation buttons, top bar editor, stops videos

Khojdeal Chrome extension download
Khojdeal Exclusive Coupons & Cashback Deals

extra money, saving extra money, every time, discount coupons, cashback deals, major ecommerce stores, chrome extension right, exclusive coupons, discovery platform, coupons cashback deals, deal discovery platform, flipkart snapdeal, shopping online

Proxy SwitchyOmega Chrome extension download
Proxy SwitchyOmega Manage and switch between multiple proxies quickly & easily.

modern version, extension icon, proxy servers, proxy settings dialog, chrome settings, multiple proxies, alternative download link, flexible proxy configurations, many bug fixes, proxy settings, servers multiple, x version features, httphttps proxy authentication, switchyomega icon, proxy server, proxy config dialog, teach auto switch

Delete All Facebook Chats Chrome extension download
Delete All Facebook Chats Automatically delete all Facebook chats from the Facebook Messages Tab with a single mouse click.

delete messages, dont forget, deleting conversations, message deleting, message permanently, facebook chat, extra settings, chat message, privacy problem, facebook messages, single mouse click, personal discussions, facebook youll, chat history, permanently delete, delete multiple messages, person contacts, deleting messages, undo message deletion

ChaZD Chrome extension download
ChaZD ChaZD ???????????????????????:)

settings show, minimum font size12, https http version, settings web contentcustomize fonts, https version, shift bug version, key version, api key version, shift version, bug version, font size12 , chazd chrome12 settings show advanced settings web contentcustomize fonts, ctrl shift

/r/starcraft icons Chrome extension download
/r/starcraft icons Display race icons and 1v1 rank (on hover) next to Reddit usernames.

visit rstarcraft, extension support group linked, add extra information, installed users rank, extension support group, direct suggestions, v1 rank, reddit usernames, companion extension, extension designed, extra information, display race icons, user database

DevTools Author Chrome extension download
DevTools Author A selection of author settings for Chrome Developer Tools.

control font size, devtools author, selection font size, author settings devtools, chrome developer tools, add extension, settings experiments, enable developer tools experiments, frontend development environment, author settings, custom font, settings experiments check, small set, restart chrome, font support, font size, chrome enable devtools experiments

Google chrome extensions Download

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