Best Facebook Extension Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total facebook extension plugins - 17685
Facebook IBA Opt-out Chrome extension download
Facebook IBA Opt-out Permanently opts your browser out of Facebook ad personalisation via cookies.

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Facebook Review on Any Website Chrome extension download
Facebook Review on Any Website Post Facebook comments on any website you visit. Write reviews, read reviews and shop safely.

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Mini Facebook Chrome extension download
Mini Facebook Makes videos float while you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.

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Facebook Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Facebook Chrome Extension Use Facebook Extension on your Chrome.And we Offers Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin, Instagram...

official website, facebook chrome extension, app kindly give, make people life, favourite social app, use facebook extension, official app, community app, fan project, facebook team, twitter skype, facebook extension, facebook official website

Facebook Blocker Chrome extension download
Facebook Blocker This extension will block facebook web site. It will block each time you try to access to facebook

feature feel, every time, extension blocks, easy functionality, access facebook, block facebook web site, facebook page, block, block facebook, clicking f5, new news feeds, extension ps

Unfriend Notify for Facebook Chrome extension download
Unfriend Notify for Facebook Get notified when you lose a friend on Facebook

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Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

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Theme and Skin for Facebook Chrome extension download
Theme and Skin for Facebook Hundreds of skins to customize your Facebook profile

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Safe Facebook Chrome extension download
Safe Facebook Safe Facebook detects, cleans and prevents malware from leveraging your Facebook account to spead. Safe Facebook s? phát hi?n và…

n c c m c, chn ph ng, prevents malware, ngn chn ph t t, safe facebook ph hin, safe facebook detects cleans, cp t i, gi bn dng facebook mt, dng facebook mt c ch, safe facebook, gi p bn, ph t hi, c website gi mo, ph t hin v, share chng nh cp khon facebook

Share to Facebook Chrome extension download
Share to Facebook Easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger - Click on the Facebook button at any time when you're on a website, and…

highlight text, facebook sharing, facebook button, extension uses, facebook data policy, data policy, web page, active facebook session, context menu, button

Facebook Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Downloader Direct Download Facebook videos in HD or SD formats

sd formats, facebook videos, direct download facebook videos, top right corner, extension adds buttons, cant see, hd button, mouse pointer, sd resolution, facebook videos allowing

I Like Privacy. Chrome extension download
I Like Privacy. Replaces every Facebook Likebutton with a local one. Hinder Facebook keeping track of you.

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PictureMate - View hidden FB pics Chrome extension download
PictureMate - View hidden FB pics View hidden photos of anyone on the social media (This is a NON-official Facebook app)

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Facebook - Delete All Messages Chrome extension download
Facebook - Delete All Messages Adds a page action in Facebook Messages tab in order to delete them all.

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Facebook Button Chrome extension download
Facebook Button Beautiful Facebook button placed on the right top of your browser. Fastest way to access Facebook with just one single click.

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FDVT: Social Network Data Valuation Tool Chrome extension download
FDVT: Social Network Data Valuation Tool Tool for analyzing Ads on Facebook™ Social Network: The plugin shows how many ads are shown and their value based on your profile

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ChatPaint - Drawing Extension For Facebook Chrome extension download
ChatPaint - Drawing Extension For Facebook Draw pictures on Facebook and share them with your friends instantly!

extension allows, facebook, send, friends, friend, youll, draw pictures, friends instantly, leave facebook, share, send drawing, facebook chat

Facebook Access Token Chrome extension download
Facebook Access Token Facebook Access Token will help you get Facebook for iOS Token in a simple click. It's really powerfull.

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Facebook Experts tool Chrome extension download
Facebook Experts tool Fast Extension(Plugin) Scraper Facebook UID from Facebook Graph Search

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Fanpage Karma Chrome extension download
Fanpage Karma This extension shows further information about each Facebook page's performance.

quickly access important metrics, extension shows, facebook pages, first insights, important metrics, open facebook page, facebook page performance, facebook page, information, extension icon

Toolkit For Facebook Chrome extension download
Toolkit For Facebook (Facebook Social Toolkit) Collection of Social Media tools for

facebook friends, social media tools, extract id button, facebook automation tools, facebook account, facebook groups, friend requests free facebook tools, friend request limit, facebook id extractor allows, remove facebook page likes, friend requests, remove likes, free removal tools, facebook page, e vent invitation tool, facebook id extractor

Facebook :  Invite All for Event/Like Page Chrome extension download
Facebook : Invite All for Event/Like Page Facebook : Invite all Friends for a Event/Like Page

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Facebook AD Blocker Chrome extension download
Facebook AD Blocker The Ultimate Facebook AD Remover!

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[Juno_okyo] Facebook Reply Chrome extension download
[Juno_okyo] Facebook Reply Kích ho?t ch?c n?ng tr? l?i theo t?ng bình lu?n cho Facebook cá nhân.

extension allows, k ch ho, ng nh lu, reply button, facebook comments, ch ho, cho facebook nh, ng tr, n cho facebook c nh n, ng b nh lu, c n, nut reply cho facebook

Save to Facebook Chrome extension download
Save to Facebook The original "Save to Facebook" for Chrome. Save any page to your Facebook's "saved" section in one click.

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Aria Chrome extension download
Aria Search and view hidden Facebook pictures of friends or people you don't know yet. Just don't click the like button :)

people, view, load facebook profile, view hidden facebook pictures, friends, facebook profile, facebook link, magnifying glass icon, official facebook app, search, don click, hidden facebook pictures, history write

Facebook Music Player Chrome extension download
Facebook Music Player Facebook-music allows you to listen unlimited amount of music on Facebook. Just search any artist and enjoy the music!

facebook music player, facebook, music, facebookmusic allows, new tracks, free browser extension, facebook music, allows, unlimited amount, blues rock dance

My Social Media Custom Theme Chrome extension download
My Social Media Custom Theme You can easily change facebook theme colors, heading and font colors, with easy GUI design.

background colors, fix bugs, easy gui design, facebook color scheme, facebook icon, support multi languages, change facebook, facebook color, top right corner, change facebook theme colors, facebook colors, yellow facebook icon, fb color changer

Messenger Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Messenger Chrome Extension Use Messenger Extension on your Chrome.And we Offers Whatsapp, Twitter, Skype, Linkedin, Instagram...

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Facebook Switch Accounts Chrome extension download
Facebook Switch Accounts Switch Facebook Accounts

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Video & GIF Downloader For Facebook Chrome extension download
Video & GIF Downloader For Facebook Easily and quickly download videos and gifs from Facebook.

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A User Finder for Facebook tool Chrome extension download
A User Finder for Facebook tool Find Facebook user by Facebook profile picture or photo.

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Facebook Video Volume Sync Chrome extension download
Facebook Video Volume Sync This extension remembers and synchronises your volume for videos on Facebook.

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Tool Auto Facebook Chrome extension download
Tool Auto Facebook ?ng d?ng h? tr?

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Classic facebook notification sound Chrome extension download
Classic facebook notification sound Restore the old facebook notification sound.

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Resonance Chrome extension download
Resonance Collect links from facebook group pages and turn or add them to a youtube playlist

turning resonance, resonance extension, music listening, extensions bar, facebook group, privacy policy, lot easier, youtube data, vinyl disk, facebook music groups, next link, endless stream, facebook music, facebook group pages

Unseen Chrome extension download
Unseen Blocks the ”seen” feature of Facebook Messenger, on both and

prevent people, facebook, blocks, messenger, feature, newly launched messenger, facebook messenger, facebook messages, simple extension

Facebook MSG Downloader Chrome extension download
Facebook MSG Downloader A Chrome Extenstion used to download and archive facebook conversations

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Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype Chrome extension download
Infozzy: Facebook, YouTube, WhatsApp, Skype New default tab with access to popular messengers (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Hangouts, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, VK)

extension supports, facebook messenger, hangouts wechat telegram, default tab, messenger apps, vk facebook feed twitter youtube instagram gmail reddit, new default tab, facebook feed, default chrome tab, social media, popular messengers

FB Color Changer Chrome extension download
FB Color Changer Change the Facebook color scheme to anything you want.

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Facebook Notifier Chrome extension download
Facebook Notifier Displays your Facebook notifications unread count.

facebook notifications, facebook notifier, google chrome extension, count, displays, facebook notifications unread count

FunBlocker Chrome extension download
FunBlocker FunBlocker removes posts based in post links, it is really useful to remove Facebook reshares from pages you do not want to follow.

remove facebook reshares, facebook reshares, extension options, posts based, click button, facebook link, post links, context menu, funblocker button, source project, remove words, links content, facebook timeline, open source project, facebook page link

Better Social: Get Facebook Alerts & Fonts Chrome extension download
Better Social: Get Facebook Alerts & Fonts Receive your Facebook notifications instantly in your browser, beautify your Facebook posts, play with status sizes and more.

facefont improves, daily use, former facefont, facebook notifications, notification arrives, facebook, facebook notifications instantly, new notification arrives, instantly notified, status sizes, browser beautify, facebook posts play, receive, facebook posts

What Facebook Thinks You Like Chrome extension download
What Facebook Thinks You Like This extension allows you to navigate how FB collects your data

extension allows, number facebook, reaction count, track users, identifiable information, logged reaction, categories facebook, fb collects, collects

AnyAudience Chrome extension download
AnyAudience Extract Facebook IDs and FB Emails

targeted audience, facebook graph search, run anyaudience, emails, text file, extract facebook ids, use facebook graph search, audience unique facebook ids emails, unique facebook ids, facebook ids, audience facebook ids, fb emails, facebook user list

Dislike Button for Facebook Chrome extension download
Dislike Button for Facebook Mit Hilfe dieser Extension kannst du Beiträge bei Facebook auch disliken!

bei facebook auch, facebook, du kannst nat, wir haben ein plugin entwickelt, gef llt mir, gef llt mir button, mit hilfe dieser extension kannst du beitr ge bei facebook, dieser extension kannst du, rlich wie bei der, gef llt mir nicht button, welchem deiner freunde dieser, nicht gef llt, ein plugin entwickelt welches neben, gef llt mir nicht, du kannst, facebook auch

Stop Scrolling Facebook Chrome extension download
Stop Scrolling Facebook Go to Facebook just for WORK, but then be distracted by Newsfeed?. "Stop Scrolling Facebook" is here to help you GET BACK to WORK!

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Replace Facebook trends with Reddit Chrome extension download
Replace Facebook trends with Reddit This extension replaces lame Facebook trends with interesting Reddit stories.

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PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! Chrome extension download
PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.

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Facebook Flat Chrome extension download
Facebook Flat This Chrome extension can create new Facebook design, UX/UI, remove ads and make FB load faster.

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