Best Facebook Page Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Facebook AD Blocker Chrome extension download
Facebook AD Blocker The Ultimate Facebook AD Remover!

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Mini Facebook Chrome extension download
Mini Facebook Makes videos float while you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.

friends timeline, facebook newsfeed check, facebook, facebook inc, github note facebook, multi task, facebook page, videos float, facebook permissions, facebook newsfeed, watch facebook videos

Facebook - Delete All Messages Chrome extension download
Facebook - Delete All Messages Adds a page action in Facebook Messages tab in order to delete them all.

messenger logo, facebook delete, facebook messages, release note v5, facebook logo, facebook coupons, facebook page, new user interface, page action, hate trials, disclaimer, new lottery, win facebook

Facebook feed Chrome extension download
Facebook feed Stay in touch with your favorite Facebook page

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Toolkit For Facebook Chrome extension download
Toolkit For Facebook (Facebook Social Toolkit) Collection of Social Media tools for

facebook friends, social media tools, extract id button, facebook automation tools, facebook account, facebook groups, friend requests free facebook tools, friend request limit, facebook id extractor allows, remove facebook page likes, friend requests, remove likes, free removal tools, facebook page, e vent invitation tool, facebook id extractor

Theme and Skin for Facebook Chrome extension download
Theme and Skin for Facebook Hundreds of skins to customize your Facebook profile

facebook skins series, facebook stay tuned, easy browsing, google chrome, facebook profile, sports teams, music artists, facebook page, facebook skins, facebook stay, choose theme

Facebook MSG Downloader Chrome extension download
Facebook MSG Downloader A Chrome Extenstion used to download and archive facebook conversations

messenger icon, message conversation, save page, download start, chrome extenstion, full version, facebook messages, facebook message downloader use, facebook message, archive facebook, archive facebook conversations, address bar, dont leave, file save page

Fanpage Karma Chrome extension download
Fanpage Karma This extension shows further information about each Facebook page's performance.

quickly access important metrics, extension shows, facebook pages, first insights, important metrics, open facebook page, facebook page performance, facebook page, information, extension icon

Invite All (for Facebook) Chrome extension download
Invite All (for Facebook) The easiest way to invite all your Facebook friends to an event or to like your Facebook page! Adds the missing invite all button.

facebook friends, invite friends dialog, older versions, spyware included, facebook event, please note, new version, facebook page, invite limit, facebook page dialog, key logger

Hatsune Miku (LAT) Facebook reaction button Chrome extension download
Hatsune Miku (LAT) Facebook reaction button Replace facebook reaction buttons with Hatsune Miku (LAT model)

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Facebook :  Invite All for Event/Like Page Chrome extension download
Facebook : Invite All for Event/Like Page Facebook : Invite all Friends for a Event/Like Page

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Fan page helper Chrome extension download
Fan page helper Fan page helper auto invites people who liked your fan page post but not yet a fan of your page to join your page

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Facebook Blocker Chrome extension download
Facebook Blocker This extension will block facebook web site. It will block each time you try to access to facebook

feature feel, every time, extension blocks, easy functionality, access facebook, block facebook web site, facebook page, block, block facebook, clicking f5, new news feeds, extension ps

Page up, top Chrome extension download
Page up, top Allows you to go to the top (page up) of current page for one click or hot key (ctrl + pgup ^) for all site (facebook /…

site facebook, top page, hot key, r250514217099 z298132469411, click, top, facebook , current page, allows, page, hot key ctrl pgup

Facebook Page Revealer (Uncover) Chrome extension download
Facebook Page Revealer (Uncover) Access all Facebook Pages as a Guest without the Annoying White Cover and Login Box. Uncover all Pages logging in!

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Share to Facebook Chrome extension download
Share to Facebook Easily share any link to Facebook, Groups, and Messenger - Click on the Facebook button at any time when you're on a website, and…

highlight text, facebook sharing, facebook button, extension uses, facebook data policy, data policy, web page, active facebook session, context menu, button

YAAP - Yet Another Auto-Poker Chrome extension download
YAAP - Yet Another Auto-Poker Open the Facebook poke page and the extension will respond to every poke received every 3 seconds. Set exclusions in the options.

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Facebook Meta Inspector Chrome extension download
Facebook Meta Inspector Facebook Meta Inspector displays a detailed page with all facebook data contained in a page!

facebook data, facebook meta tags, facebook data contained, facebook meta inspector displays, facebook meta inspector displays detailed page, detailed page, icon, easily verify, page, great seo tool, meta tags

Group Invite All Chrome extension download
Group Invite All Group Invite All is extension which used to add all your friends in facebook group by single click.

address bar, extension icon, group invite, email softareaworld gmail, facebook group, bug fix, adding limit, facebook page, speed improvements, option page, adding friends, facebook group page

iFB - Invite all to Events and Pages v4 Chrome extension download
iFB - Invite all to Events and Pages v4 The best way to invite all of your friends to Facebook Events

events pages, facebook events, facebook, kostas gelegenis aka, new ifb pro, informations graphic design, added popup box, facebook page, pro invite, page, facebook events version, jbgfpbfonfbdnabjijbomjphaljdpiph please, popup box

Every Like Chrome extension download
Every Like Add a Facebook Like button to top of every page.

nifty extension, facebook, add facebook, web page, click, top, every page, button, page

Battlestation Tools Chrome extension download
Battlestation Tools An extension to help you play facebook game battlestation.

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Facebook ReFresh Chrome extension download
Facebook ReFresh The Facebook UI is old and boring. Facebook ReFresh programatically rebuilds the page based on the size of your browser.

facebook, facebook refresh version, facebook ui, version, refresh modifies, refresh version, interactive game, facebook refresh, fb destroy fun, facebook refresh modifies facebooks existing html, post comment box, page based, newsfeed based, post filters, programmatically reorganize

Facebook Pixel Helper Chrome extension download
Facebook Pixel Helper The Facebook Pixel Helper is a troubleshooting tool that helps you validate your pixel implementation.

troubleshooting tool, facebook pixel helper, facebook pixel helper works, small number, facebook pixel, pixel implementation, provide realtime, show detailed overview, facebook pixel helper icon, provide realtime feedback, page pixels including warnings, facebook pixels, pixel events

Safe Facebook Chrome extension download
Safe Facebook Safe Facebook detects, cleans and prevents malware from leveraging your Facebook account to spead. Safe Facebook s? phát hi?n và…

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Add Facebook Event to Google Calendar Chrome extension download
Add Facebook Event to Google Calendar This extension adds a button on Facebook event pages to add the event to your google calendar.

known bugs, authenticate button, facebook event pages, case refresh, google calendar, event page, add events, left menu, event listing, actual event page, bug fixes, facebook event

Facebook Disconnect Chrome extension download
Facebook Disconnect An extension that helps you stay away from Facebook when you ought to be studying or working!

set number restriction times, facebook, facebook disconnect allows, different page, number restriction times, lets, test coming, control facebook addiction, helps, facebook addiction

Super FaceInvite Chrome extension download
Super FaceInvite Beta Version. Allow user to invite all friends to a facebook event.

facebook event page, added nice great, automatic submit, settings page, single click, facebook event, simple page action, page action, nice great feature, beta version

Facebook IBA Opt-out Chrome extension download
Facebook IBA Opt-out Permanently opts your browser out of Facebook ad personalisation via cookies.

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PictureMate - View hidden FB pics Chrome extension download
PictureMate - View hidden FB pics View hidden photos of anyone on the social media (This is a NON-official Facebook app)

nonofficial facebook app, privacy settings, facebook block, graph search, picturemates icon, work picturemate finds, another graph search, friends click, official facebook app, official facebook, user facebook, facebook id, facebook users, social media

Hide That Post! Facebook Filter Chrome extension download
Hide That Post! Facebook Filter Filter Facebook posts with a comma-separated list of words and phrases.

daily show, comma separated list, commaseparated list, available wherever youre, group timelines, facebook timelines, page timelines, catastrophe etc, address bar, facebook posts, filter facebook posts

Facebook Review on Any Website Chrome extension download
Facebook Review on Any Website Post Facebook comments on any website you visit. Write reviews, read reviews and shop safely.

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Facebook Button Chrome extension download
Facebook Button Beautiful Facebook button placed on the right top of your browser. Fastest way to access Facebook with just one single click.

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FDVT: Social Network Data Valuation Tool Chrome extension download
FDVT: Social Network Data Valuation Tool Tool for analyzing Ads on Facebook™ Social Network: The plugin shows how many ads are shown and their value based on your profile

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QCLean:Remove Facebook Ad,Suggested Page&Post Chrome extension download
QCLean:Remove Facebook Ad,Suggested Page&Post Remove ads, suggested pages and posts on News feed of Facebook.

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Facebook Access Token Chrome extension download
Facebook Access Token Facebook Access Token will help you get Facebook for iOS Token in a simple click. It's really powerfull.

ios token, facebook game, develop facebook app, facebook user, facebook graph api, web application, facebook developer, simple click, facebook app, facebook game web application, facebook access token

Facebook Chat Only Chrome extension download
Facebook Chat Only Hides facebook's distractions such as the timeline, leaving only the chat service.

chat service, facebook distractions, hides, timeline leaving, activate chat, update notifications, facebook page, extensions button, chat, facebooks chat, easy access

Unfriend Notify for Facebook Chrome extension download
Unfriend Notify for Facebook Get notified when you lose a friend on Facebook

facebook friends, facebook inc, facebook install facebook unfriend, lose friend, facebook install, name facebook, facebook logo, please rate, facebookfeature everybody, free extension, unfriend notify, lose friends, facebook feature

FunBlocker Chrome extension download
FunBlocker FunBlocker removes posts based in post links, it is really useful to remove Facebook reshares from pages you do not want to follow.

remove facebook reshares, facebook reshares, extension options, posts based, click button, facebook link, post links, context menu, funblocker button, source project, remove words, links content, facebook timeline, open source project, facebook page link

Easy share Chrome extension download
Easy share Easily share current page to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or LinkedIn.

supports google facebook twitter tumblr, favorite social network, facebook, added gmail service, google facebook twitter tumblr, easily share current page, share, current page, updated font, page, google, supports google

AutoPoke Chrome extension download
AutoPoke Automatically return Facebook pokes as soon as they arrive

autopoke work, poke everyone, facebook pokes, fbs pokes page, autoreturn pokes, new pokes layout, facebook pokes page, single click, pokes, return pokes enabled, attention changelog, automatically return facebook pokes, autopoke adds button

Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Chrome extension download
Better Facebook for Chrome + Color Changer Customize your Facebook with this free app. Block ads, change colors, zoom photos and more.

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PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! Chrome extension download
PhotoLive - Download Facebook Photos! PhotoLive is a simple extension that zips and saves the Facebook photos and albums you choose.

download facebook photos, facebook photos, wont compromize, downloading large bulky, simple extension, facebook page, large bulky software, fast response, account information, twitter photolive, fun facts

Photo download for Facebook Chrome extension download
Photo download for Facebook The best way to download any photo on Facebook!

thanks everyone, facebook share, external server, discreet extension, fast response, photo download, click please notice, personal informations, original size, facebook page, friendly designed, download button, new languages possibility

Wiki Like Chrome extension download
Wiki Like Add a Facebook Like button to every wikipedia page

nifty extension, facebook, add facebook, wikipedia page, click, top, wikipedia article, every wikipedia page, button

Aria Chrome extension download
Aria Search and view hidden Facebook pictures of friends or people you don't know yet. Just don't click the like button :)

people, view, load facebook profile, view hidden facebook pictures, friends, facebook profile, facebook link, magnifying glass icon, official facebook app, search, don click, hidden facebook pictures, history write

Cinema Mode Chrome extension download
Cinema Mode - This extension lets you enjoy your online videos without any of the distractions by dimming all of the other elements on the web…

enjoy youtube, previous purpose, web page, many bug fixes, new facebook page, cinema mode lets, new version, online videos, facebook page, cinema mode, preferred level, extension lets

Like4m Chrome extension download
Like4m Like4m is best Facebook autoliker available across devices.

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My Social Media Custom Theme Chrome extension download
My Social Media Custom Theme You can easily change facebook theme colors, heading and font colors, with easy GUI design.

background colors, fix bugs, easy gui design, facebook color scheme, facebook icon, support multi languages, change facebook, facebook color, top right corner, change facebook theme colors, facebook colors, yellow facebook icon, fb color changer

Facebook Switch Accounts Chrome extension download
Facebook Switch Accounts Switch Facebook Accounts

tool, use, facebook marketer, facebook accounts, adddelete facebook account, chrome, add delete facebook account, switch facebook accounts, user, switching facebook accounts, facebook tool

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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