Best Facebook Yahoo Mail Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total facebook yahoo mail plugins - 2950
Super Notifier Chrome extension download
Super Notifier Notifier for Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Outlook, Yahoo, AOL... No passwords are required to this extension, for safety.

yahoo, options checked, sina weibo, unread mails, original sites, favorited sites, user sign, sites, yahoo mail, sohu mail, gmail outlook hotmail yahoo mail facebook aol sina, facebook gmail hotmail outlook yahoo aol

Powerbot for Yahoo Mail Chrome extension download
Powerbot for Yahoo Mail Bring the power of Evernote and Dropbox to Yahoo Mail.

dropbox youll, whole threads, 30day trial period, select notebooks tags, select notebookstags, add reminder, yahoo mail, native yahoo mail interface, notebook links, insert note, evernote notes, powerbot brings

Yahoo Wider Mail Chrome extension download
Yahoo Wider Mail Expand your inbox. Set Yahoo as your default search and enjoy a wider view.

yahoo, default search engine, expand, enjoy wider view, provide wider view, yahoo mail page, set yahoo, inbox, default search, start experiencing wider view, wider view, make yahoo

AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new) Chrome extension download
AddThis - Share & Bookmark (new) Share to Facebook, Twitter and over 300 other services with the most popular sharing tool in the world.

myspace stumbleupon delicious digg orkut vkontakte gmail, services addthis supports, msn messenger, services addthis, print facebook, popular services, facebook twitter, favorite ways, addthis allows, yahoo mail, aol mail, aol lifestream

Webmail Ad Blocker Chrome extension download
Webmail Ad Blocker Block ads on the right side of the screen when using Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and which expand your message space

block ads, trusted developer, visit jasonsavard, sponsored links, parental control, right side, many extensions, yahoo mail, sponsored links leaving, gmail yahoo mail, child proof

Hide Inline Yahoo Mail ADS Chrome extension download
Hide Inline Yahoo Mail ADS This extension tries to hide the inline yahoo mail ads displayed on top of your emails list

big lateral ads, search results, ads, latest chrome, inline ads, removes ads, search results page, extension tries, emails list, ads containers, yahoo email, removes big lateral ads, inline yahoo mail ads displayed

Ark Browser Plugin Chrome extension download
Ark Browser Plugin Make your email social. Ark Browser Plugin helps understand your contacts immediately, connect with others, and communicate better.

social network links, ark shows, social browser plugin, aol mail accounts, email social, contacts profiles, google apps yahoo mail, support ark, extensive social browser plugin, yahoo mail, ark browser plugin helps understand, essential information, contacts immediately, ark browser plugin

Email Ad Suppression Chrome extension download
Email Ad Suppression Suppress Email Advertising

web mail, suppress email advertising, force users, suppress email ads, update yahoo, webmail system, remove advertising, dynamic update, yahoo mail, ad placements, view ads

Share link via email Chrome extension download
Share link via email Adds a button and context menu item to send the page URL or a link URL via email

current address, new email, context menu item, mail application gmail aol mail outlook office, yahoo mail, link url, current address selected link, default mail application, aol mail, page title, selected text, page url

Advanced Auto Logout Chrome extension download
Advanced Auto Logout Logout from all the websites on single click

chrome closing, easy user interface, facebook yahoo mail, single click, advanced auto log, factor authentication, shared computer, utilizing website, browser close, advanced autolog, enhance privacy, auto log, websites facebook

Trocker Chrome extension download
Trocker This extension is an email Tracker Blocker, hence the name: Trocker!

tracking images, email tracking, tracked links, trocker options page, invisible small image, email tracker blocker, trocker email, gmail yahoo, yahoo outlook, fixes outlook sidebar icon issue, image links, full change log, chrome dev tools, email tracker, adds trocker, heuristic tracker detection, email trackers, classic yahoo mail

Mail.BG Mail Notifier/Checker Chrome extension download
Mail.BG Mail Notifier/Checker Listens for new messages in your Mail.BG mailbox

immediately pushed, predefined intervals, bg mailbox, mail, mail arrival, new mail arrival, listens, new messages, notify, browser vs

Paydirt Time Tracker Chrome extension download
Paydirt Time Tracker Track your time anywhere on web with Paydirt, the time tracker that automatically determines which client you're working for.

youtube google docs google analytics wordpress, business name, heroku yahoo, clients facebook, website address, google apps basecamp, work paydirt lets, highrise trello mailchimp github facebook, keywords keywords, paydirt works, facebook twitter, client website, clients keywords, work paydirt scans, tumblr asana salesforce heroku yahoo, unique words

AOL Mail Preview Chrome extension download
AOL Mail Preview Adds AOL Mail Preview button to manage your communications.

mail preview browser extension, mail account, gmail account, multiple mail accounts, new messages, account separately, mail preview browser, full mail site, aol mail account, aol mail preview button

CreatiMail Email Themes Chrome extension download
CreatiMail Email Themes Personalize your email with over 1,000 free themes. Compatible with Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and other major email clients.

hotmail, personalize, email, extension youll instantly gain access, major email clients, gmail yahoo, mail hotmail, gmail yahoo hotmail, themes integrated, free emails themes, free themes, themes

Ads Cleaner Chrome extension download
Ads Cleaner Remove the ads from the Search Results pages of Search,,,, and so on

yahoo, net yahoo goolge youtube infoseek goo bing livedoor naver fc2 biglobe, ads, fresheye ver, search engines, nifty ver, sonet yahoo, ver, search results pages

EzTool - Track Your Mail Chrome extension download
EzTool - Track Your Mail Use EzTool to track your outgoing mail messages

realtime notifications, gmail account, mail box checkbox marks, outgoing mail box checkbox marks, many times, message see, tracking app, mail messages, mail wait, outgoing mail messages, use eztool, real time notifications

Mailto: Chrome extension download
Mailto: Open mailto: links with your favorite online email service

favorite online email service, mail fastmail gmail hotmail yahoo mail, webmail services, email client, online email service, multiple different email services, inserted links, context menu, email services, email service, mailto links, certain web pages

Post Office Chrome extension download
Post Office Chrome email functions

outlook web access, send mail links, post office, chrome email functions, web access, clicking links, web access url, default mail client, post office mail bypass, machine default mail, choice set, options page, outlook mail, microsoft live mail, web mail provide, default email provider

Swingdo Chrome extension download
Swingdo Swingdo Web extension Release! Your automated Todo manager is coming to your desktop. "Don't think, Feel." Manage your todos…

gmail icloud yahoo, todos swingdo, swingdo web, dont think, web browser, think, todo manager, swingdo web extension release, mail tasks, something struggle

Yahoo Quick Info Chrome extension download
Yahoo Quick Info Yahoo Quick Info lets you select and search for any word with Yahoo Search, wherever you are on the web.

highlight text, yahoo, select, quick info lets, yahoo search, ski destination, yahoo quick info, search, yahoo quick info lets

AOL Share This Chrome extension download
AOL Share This Adds AOL Share This button to manage your social shares.

extension allows, aol mail facebook twitter, share site, sharing process, keeps track, process fast, aol share, handy feature, aol mail, social network, social shares

Send from Webmail Chrome extension download
Send from Webmail Makes your webmail be the default email application. Supports custom webmail providers in addition to the built-in ones.

selfhosted webmail install, default application, default email application, custom provider, email link, supports custom webmail providers, email links, compose email link, global opera mail, webmail providers gmail yahoo hotmail windows live att sbc global, hosted webmail, gmail yahoo hotmail windows

EmailBee Mail Merge Chrome extension download
EmailBee Mail Merge Create email templates and run Gmail mail merges.

contact fields, gmail mail, chrome gmail window, create email templates, rich web links, gmail account, quickly personalise, contact list, saved template, gmail mail merges, send mail merge, send bulk emails, email templates, mail merge quickly personalise, saved templates, mail merge, mail merges

Derpy Orangereds Chrome extension download
Derpy Orangereds Derpy is a reddit mail notifier. She alerts you to new messages!

scootacourier service, mail checking, young unicorn gleefully, reddit mail, magical sweetie belle mailhype, sweetie belle, combines reddit mail, new mail, ll hear, mail icon, little sound alert, reddit mail notifier, sweetie belle mailhype tm service, derpy orangereds combines

Mail Checker Chrome extension download
Mail Checker Check the number of unseen messages in your mail box.

mail acount, main inbox, check unseen mail count, unseen mail count, open source, open source checker, support unlimit count, mail box, mail checker, open source project, unseen messages

Address Sender from Email Chrome extension download
Address Sender from Email Get additional informations about a email sender in the location bar

outlook mail service, extension shows, new logo, yandex mail mail, shows country flag, logo add outlook mail service add map, shows country, outlook mail, country city, email sender, email headers, mail services, definition ip

Mail Control Chrome extension download
Mail Control Toolbar control for Offline and Desktop Google Mail™. Launcher, mail search, mail checker and more...

enabled disabled messages check gmail, desktop google mail, gmail label check, simple icon menu, launcher icon, print message function, popup menu style, mail launcher mail search mail, offline gmail, star delete spam archive, new mail arrives, notification menu show unread, display desktop notifications, search messages, full mail preview, icon menu, enabled disabled, unread messages desktop notification

Yahoo Search Chrome extension download
Yahoo Search See search differently. Set your search engine to Yahoo! This extension automatically sets Yahoo as your default search engine.

yahoo, default search engine, search engine, extension automatically sets yahoo, search differently, search, set

MyOWA:Mail Chrome extension download
MyOWA:Mail Extension for OWA - Mail, this enhances web mail experience by creating notifications and coloring email folder.

web mail experience, web mail, new email, outlook web, folders moves top menu, email folder, highlights information, outlook web app, highlights information items, owa mail, top menu, left side, folder colors, option page, simple notification

Craigslist 1-Click Emailer Chrome extension download
Craigslist 1-Click Emailer This adds a link to any craigslist ad, to email it to your inbox with 1 click without a captcha.

email address, email check, fancy effects, mailer yahoo, computer blows, craigslist ad, craigslist postings, new craigslist layout, craigslist layout, spam folder, yahoos mail servers, new update

Mail Checker Chrome extension download
Mail Checker Displays the number of unread mails in your Mail inbox

support multiemails, 20141219 v2, checker issues list , fix qq mail, fix netease js6 support, unread mails, mail inbox, fix netease, upgrade manifest version, mail list, fix yeah js6 support, , fix netease js5 support, fix netease entry

Send Page Chrome extension download
Send Page Allows you to easily send the url of a page, link, image or video per mail.

page link image, local mail client, image video link, new context menu entry, context menu entry called send, mail client, default mail client, message body, local mail client default mail client, new mail, webmail accounts, local mail clients, default local, send link, fast way

Simple Weather Chrome extension download
Simple Weather Displays the weather for multiple locations that you can set using the free weather API provided by Yahoo (Yahoo Weather API).

add multiple locations, free weather api, nice weather, quickly open, alt w, option add, yahoo yahoo weather, nice popup, multiple locations, weather information, yahoo weather api, nice weather backgrounds, current page, vectorial weather icons, flickr background images, open nice, wind chill pressure humidity sunset

FREE Email productivity for Gmail by Chrome extension download
FREE Email productivity for Gmail by provides the only email productivity tool for Gmail 100% free for single users and teams!

analytics team, social media accounts, group communication efforts, team easy, google contacts, google contacts list, edit google contacts details, analytics lets, gmail ready, google contacts groups, mail merge send, email templates, mail merge campaign analytics, future mail merge campaigns, mail merge, mail merge campaigns

Gmail Mouse Gestures Chrome extension download
Gmail Mouse Gestures Use mouse gestures to browse mails even faster!

use ctrlshiftr hotkeys, use gestures, mouse gestures, try clearing, google mail app, use mouse gestures, major bugs, mail watching single list, new version, annoying chrome, mail app, browse mails, ctrl shift

IncrediMail Chrome extension download
IncrediMail Have FUN sending email with 1000’s of amazing Ecards, emoticons & animations Get notified on your Chrome browser about all special…

backgrounds animations, pc email support, amazing ecards emoticons animations, aol mail hotmail, emoticons animations, chrome browser, email application, special offers, backgrounds animations gallery, gmail yahoo, amazing ecards, block spam URL Shortener Chrome extension download URL Shortener Shorten url with, the Google URL shortener, and share with many different service!

context menu qr code, customizable incognito mode share, many different service, nujij oknotizie orkut, google url shortener, mail mail, gl url shortener, shorten url, url shortener service , oauth auto copy, many different services, plurk pocket reddit, create custom keyboard shortcuts, default mail client share

Hover Zoom Chrome extension download
Hover Zoom Enlarge thumbnails on mouse over. Works on many sites (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Reddit, Amazon, Tumblr, etc).

white list mode, deviantart ebay facebook flickr google, sites facebook twitter flickr reddit amazon tumblr, imgur myspace outlook picasa web albums, twitter tumblr, facebook flickr google google images google, browse images galleries, wikipedia wordpress yahoo youtube options, internal anonymous statistics, options page, specific sites, free google chrome extensions, images pcmag, zoom images

Aliexpress Tool Chrome extension download
Aliexpress Tool Tracking all international parcels from aliexpress, search in goods, search by image and fast access to the menu

singapore post, express mail service, swiss post, search goods, dpd shipper flyt hhexp, mail china post, nice aliexpress menu, com menu, hongkong post, china post air mail, goods search, number aliexpress tracking, tracking parcels, aliexpress search, dhl ups fedex tnt, international mail

Infinite Search Chrome extension download
Infinite Search Get Infinite scroll in google, youtube, yahoo, bing

yahoo, youtube, google youtube yahoo bing, scroll, yahoo search, infinite scroll, search anything, new results, google youtube yahoo search, google

Mini Facebook Chrome extension download
Mini Facebook Makes videos float while you're scrolling through your Facebook newsfeed.

friends timeline, facebook newsfeed check, facebook, facebook inc, github note facebook, multi task, facebook page, videos float, facebook permissions, facebook newsfeed, watch facebook videos

33mail - Defend your Inbox Chrome extension download
33mail - Defend your Inbox This extension allows you to easily create 33mail alias addresses whenever you need them

need, extension allows, alias addresses, email address, mail puts, real email address, mail create customized email address, single click, mail chrome extension, websites, websites painless

ListPust Chrome extension download
ListPust ??????? ??????????? ???????

ru youtube facebook, vkontakte, vkontakte odnoklassniki mail

MrElvilia - AlerteLive Chrome extension download
MrElvilia - AlerteLive Soyez au courant quand vos streameurs préférés commence à streamer!

cette extension, le live en cas, soyez au, pr f r s commence streamer, velopp par, de mail, mail pouvant tre contraignants, louper le live en cas de sms en, louper le lancement, en cas de lancement de live, la notification sms, courant quand vos, mail ou, de se, lancement des lives, courant quand vos streameurs pr

Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack Chrome extension download
Email Tracker for Gmail, Mail Merge-Mailtrack #1 email tracker for Gmail & Mail Merge with over 2 million active users. Free and unlimited email tracking.

email tracking, personal email marketing tool, read receipt status, mail marketing gmail, mail marketing gmail templates, email marketing, gmail mail merge, cold email effectiveness, salesforce crm integration, personal data, personal email marketing, mailtrack privacy, install mailtrack read receipts extension, security audit, free email tracker, mailtrack read, email marketing tool, mail merge

Briskine: Email templates for Gmail Chrome extension download
Briskine: Email templates for Gmail Write emails faster! Increase your productivity with templates and keyboard shortcuts on Gmail, Outlook, or LinkedIn.

type kr, keyboard shortcuts, respond faster, support sales, tab key, repetitive pieces, customer support, kind regards, compose box, gmail outlook, writing repetitive pieces, hello firstname, yahoo mail, insert templates, support briskine, write emails faster, write hello jennifer

Package Tracker Chrome extension download
Package Tracker Track your Packages realtime and automatically notified when the shipping status is changed.

tracking status, canada post tracking, trace mail, track postal packages, package tracking extension, australia post canada, usps ups ups mail innovations, track packages track postal, track shipping, trace track trace shipment trace package trace mail trace shipping trace, new zealand post imex aramex canpar, mail fedex fedex, global mail fedex fedex smartpost tnt express royal mail postnl, tracking ups tracking fedex tracking dhl express tracking lasership tracking ontrac tracking, dhl express dhl, tracking postal tracking, track shipment, shipping status, hong kong post, direct link fastway lasership dpd lso norco, shipment status, post tracking, automatically notified, package tracking, ups ups mail

In-Site Search Chrome extension download
In-Site Search Search all pages of any website using Google, Yahoo, Bing or Yandex

yahoo, bing, search engines, google yahoo bing, pages, supported search engines google yahoo bing yandex, search, yandex, google, website

Seo Tools Seoer Chrome extension download
Seo Tools Seoer Seoer Seo tools with google alexa

page google page rank, fixed alexa cache, map address delete yahoo, ip yahoo compete, ip pv information, fixed ip pv information, fixed baidu, fixed google pr alexa, website resource sniffer, sub page google page rank, fixed baidu yahoo information, add cache, alexa rank, seoer seo tools, pv float number, fixed ip, rank add popup, google alexa, update popup page, information add, add popup, fixed google reader, alexa ip, fixed yahoo, yahoo baidu compete, google reader google reader, fixed alexa ip pv, alexa ip pv nodata, complete rank add popup window pr links

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