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AdBlock Chrome extension download
AdBlock The most popular Chrome extension, with over 40 million users! Blocks ads all over the web.

ads, adblock, version, chrome, blocked, history, website, blocks, automatically, web, million, unobtrusive, favorite, tab, safari

friGate CDN -uninterrupted access to websites Chrome extension download
friGate CDN -uninterrupted access to websites Lets get uninterrupted access to websites. It allows you to open blocked sites.

access, site, extension, uninterrupted, fri, sites, write, gate, https, websites, simple, forum, http, problems, questions

MySearchDial Chrome extension download
MySearchDial A new tab page that provides an easy way to access and search the web

mysearchdial, tab, sites, search, page, feature, dials, games, design, favorite, access, user, categories, chrome, time

CouchPotato Chrome extension download
CouchPotato Easily add movies to your CouchPotato wanted list!

couchpotato, extension, favorite, add, movies, current, utorrent, pvr, page, transmission, works, downloader, great, hit, easily

Foxtab Speed Dial Chrome extension download
Foxtab Speed Dial A great, easy and intuitive way to customize your new tab page with your own favorite sites

foxtab, chrome, sites, favorite, tab, popular, extension, dial, web, accessing, closed, speeddial, speed, multi, utilizing

Zooms Chrome extension download
Zooms Get Your Day Moving

games, extension, sites, chrome, list, websites, quick, search, interface, brings, favorite, beautiful, experience, enjoy, top

Shoptagr Chrome extension download
Shoptagr When you discover something you want, save it to Shoptagr.

save, items, shoptagr, favorite, products, quot, sale, shopping, list, pinterest, love, ready, fashion, stores, fancy

OneFeed Chrome extension download
OneFeed OneFeed turns your new tab into the ultimate social dashboard.

onefeed, social, sites, facebook, favorite, news, updated, items, tab, dashboard, twitter, personal, click, specific, instagram

Wow Homepage - Access your favorite sites Chrome extension download
Wow Homepage - Access your favorite sites provides you with easy access to your favourite sites from your homepage. Find out why thousands of people use

wow, homepage, sites, favorite, access, chrome, easy, favourite, thousands, people, find, extension, straight

Ultimate News Chrome extension download
Ultimate News Find your favorite news sites from your Chrome™ New Tab in an Instant!..

software, quot, including, chrome, part, unauthorized, purposes, copying, making, interfering, extension, news, connected, information, license

SiteLauncher [Speed Dial] Chrome extension download
SiteLauncher [Speed Dial] Fast keyboard-shortcut driven speed-dial extension. Provides super-fast navigation to your favorite websites.

sitelauncher, shortcuts, keyboard, ctrl, sites, donesmart, add, launcher, favorite, beautiful, navigation, shortcut, fast, chrome, extension New Tab / Speed Dial Chrome extension download New Tab / Speed Dial Your beautiful start page with favorite sites and bookmarks.

speed, page, sites, bookmarks, tab, clipper, fast, save, rich, material, pages, attractive, gallery, easy, goals

Evorch bookmarks Chrome extension download
Evorch bookmarks Cloud storage service of visual bookmarks

bookmarks, access, computer, service, stored, storage, time, social, creating, sites, view, favorite, synchronization, chrome, websites

Evorch bookmarks Chrome extension download
Evorch bookmarks Cloud storage service of visual bookmarks

bookmarks, access, computer, service, stored, time, visual, social, creating, sites, view, favorite, synchronization, chrome, websites

Click Clean Scorecard Chrome extension download
Click Clean Scorecard Which of your favorite websites are building a greener Internet?

energy, websites, clean, internet, scorecard, sites, favorite, extension, renewable, change, lives, climate, fuel, collect, coal

OneAccess: Bookmarks, History, Favorites Chrome extension download
OneAccess: Bookmarks, History, Favorites Access your Chrome™'s bookmarks and history from one place. Make a list of your top 10 favorite sites.

history, chrome, bookmarks, bookmark, open, extension, top, link, folders, favorites, click, icons, links, quot, improvements

URL Alias Rewrite Chrome extension download
URL Alias Rewrite Rewrites user-definied aliases to URLs (e.g. m/ ->

aliases, google, user, access, extension, features, rewrite, defined, quot, urls, search, synced, favorite, settings, latest

Awesome Bookmarks Chrome extension download
Awesome Bookmarks Let you quickly search through your bookmarks in a floating bookmarks bar. It can even show notifications with no.tify.

bookmarks, bar, extension, press, chrome, notifications, bookmark, unread, search, open, enter, uninstall, numbers, feeds, cepkiiaikapljlmgjlipdnafoeojbepp

News Hub Chrome extension download
News Hub The easiest way to stay updated with your favorite news sites

extension, news, icon, stay, favorite, simply, cubiez, sites, browse, personal, click, updated, data, feeds, subscribe

Film Info and Reviews Chrome extension download
Film Info and Reviews View complete info and reviews of a film from upto 10 sites of your choice such as Wikipedia, IMDB, RottenTomatoes, Roger Ebert etc

reviews, sites, extension, movie, click, site, favorite, info, time, issues, page, add, roger, ratings, ebert

EasyLifeApp Chrome extension download
EasyLifeApp EasyLifeApp

extension, easylife, fun, ways, stay, date, app, searching, favorite, easylifeappwe, convenient, sites, created, easy, information

Custom New Tab Chrome extension download
Custom New Tab A clean custom new tab page designed for minimum distraction.

page, tab, clean, selected, links, apps, custom, installed, sites, favorite, shows, designed, design, minimal, bookmarks

SBCEO Portal Launcher Chrome extension download
SBCEO Portal Launcher Easily launch your favorite SBCEO Portal resources.

extension, chrome, sbceo, portal, favorite, world, launch, streaming, california, including, launcher, book, easily, sites, maps

alpharabius Chrome extension download
alpharabius Translate webpages with select words for an immersive language experience

words, learning, language, extension, increased, chrome, websites, applicable, languages, complexity, french, spanish, swaps, grammatical, essential - Start with what you love Chrome extension download - Start with what you love starts your browser with everything to know about the things you love.

love, extension, variety, access, homepage, favorite, sites, start, chrome, content, easy, browser, starts, browsing, passion

AutoSearch Chrome extension download
AutoSearch Search on your favorite sites via Google

search, google, extension, feature, site, find, addition, website, chrome, special, interesting, phrase, code, options, exact

Let's Go Chrome extension download
Let's Go Do things you see online with your friends.

friends, group, threads, email, ticketmaster, eventbrite, sites, extension, online, hassle, nagging, organized, airbnb, annoying, rambling

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