Best File History Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total file history plugins - 1844
Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/CSV*/XLS* Chrome extension download
Export History/Bookmarks to JSON/CSV*/XLS* Allows to export Chrome history and bookmarks into JSON file, which can be converted to CSV/XLS/XLSX file at

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History Finder Chrome extension download
History Finder Show the relevant pages in your browsing history while searching on Google or viewing any web page.

web site, web page, file type blacklist, relevant pages, browsing history, relevant browsing history, google search page, important web page, fix null error, chrome history api hence, chrome history api

RotoTracker Sync Chrome extension download
RotoTracker Sync Keep your DFS entry history results up to date with RotoTracker Sync.

third party tools, dfs sites, dfs entry history results, new singletab layout, extension conforms, csv files, yahoo file, new entry history results, draftkings sync, new dragdrop functionality means, rototracker sync, csv file, daily fantasy sports sites, fanduel draftkings yahoo, upload files, new yahoo file format, history results, new third party tools policy

Recursive Chrome extension download
Recursive Explore the endless web!

custom file filter, nodebased graph, experimental tool, disable removing duplicate, broken zip file, wide web, version history, define custom file, works uncommented, endless web, v, recursive icon

Chrome Better History Chrome extension download
Chrome Better History Replace the default Chrome history with this better history plugin.

extension bar, chrome history, history day, fix buggy scroll v3, history viewer, last entries, default chrome history, history plugin, extension button, general performances enhancements, history replaces

Recent History Chrome extension download
Recent History Recent History and eraser of history.

cleaner private history, history, delete, recent history, history clear browsing history, browser, cleaner, private history, history app displays, eraser

Recent Tabs and History (Wrona History Menu) Chrome extension download
Recent Tabs and History (Wrona History Menu) Restore, filter or remove recently closed tabs, windows and history including those from other devices.

certain historypolluting sites, history, history polluting sites, gnu gpl v3, remove history, system theme, history including, infinite scroll, history entries, don show, mode synced, closed tabs windows, free software, dark mode, software gnu gpl

No History Chrome extension download
No History Disables history logging

tab page, address bar icons, new tab page, disables history logging, dont worry, new tab, history page, entire history, speed dial, current history api, please note, extension clears, closed sections

League of Legends Match History Fix Chrome extension download
League of Legends Match History Fix A fix for the internationalization file on the League of Legends match history page

internationalization file, legends, fix, league, ill remove, looks, history page, legends match history page, update

History Disabler Chrome extension download
History Disabler Disable history in Chrome by deleting history when responsible tabs are closed.

closed tabs, new download history option, responsible tabs, user request, history option, username change, deleting history, backforward navigation functionality, browsing history, new option, disable browsing history, new icon, automatic option, github source disabler, minor fixes, disable history

Visual History Chrome extension download
Visual History Tree-based browser history navigation and visualization

treebased browser history navigation, visual history, forward buttons, search results, quickly directed, cmdarrow key shortcuts, visual history delinearizes, past websites, visual history maintains, easily backtrack, forum posts

Better History Chrome extension download
Better History A better look at your browsing history. The best searching, the sharpest interface, and the most useful filters - for your history.

suggests, useful filters, easy view, history quickly, history viewer, comments follow, open source, individual visit, search highlighted, betterhistoryextension gmail, com pssst, contribute history

Livaio intelligent PDF viewer Chrome extension download
Livaio intelligent PDF viewer Livaio intelligent PDF viewer and PDF document manager

smart universal search, pdf document, pdf document management, livaio pdf file manager, smart history list document, tagging context, file management, intelligent pdf viewer, pdf document manager, smart history list, great features including integrated cloud, livaio intelligent pdf viewer

Clipboard History Chrome extension download
Clipboard History Keeps your clipboard history

open source history rus, clipboard history, history rus, copied text, clipboard review item delete item date, extra features, open source, clipboard history history ajiejmhbejpdgkkigpddefnjmgcbkenk, every text, release clipboard text history copy, css fixes, new clipboard history, automatically copy, clipboard text history

Off The Record History Chrome extension download
Off The Record History Track your browsing history in incognito mode. Self-destructs history on browser close.

closed tabs, open chrome window, history extension, browsing history, manage extensions, details button, incognito checkbox, option, selfdestructs history, browser close, selfdestructs history, open accidentally closed tabs, chrome manage, incognito mode, delete history, record history, full private browsing history

History Button Chrome extension download
History Button Just a shortcut to Chrome history page

current tab, history, add history button, new tab, browsers toolbar, history page, shortcut, context menu, youll open, page, chrome history page

History export Chrome extension download
History export This extension allow to export your browser history

easy way, last day, history, export, browser history, last week, time exported history, history export format

ALL SEEING EYE Chrome extension download
ALL SEEING EYE Record All Browsing in Screenshots & Full Text. Search For Anything At Any Time. Never Forget Where You Read Something. 100% Private

web history, history menu, visual interface, browsers history menu, delete individual items, normal browser history, web sites, find stuff, screenshots full text, read something, new page, new entries, browser history, full content, browser creates

Github improved Chrome extension download
Github improved Adds in-page changeset unfolding, and some other niceties for github's Commit History view.

commit message github, individual file diffs, extension changes, appreciation maintenance, stuff happens, commit header, page changeset, github commit history view, good bet parts, features remain, commit history view, inpage changeset unfolding

Limit History Lifetime Chrome extension download
Limit History Lifetime Set a maximum limit on history entry lifetime. By Nick Semenkovich

maximum lifetime, remove history, maximum limit, nonpersistent background page, open source, options page, history items, nick semenkovich, history entry lifetime, history entries, nick semenkovich semenko alum, longlasting history items, limit history lifetime, mit license

Unifyle Extension Chrome extension download
Unifyle Extension Unifyle Extension

premier virtual file management solution, mobile devices, file shares, corporate file, cloudbased file stores, users search, file stores, premises solution, corporate file storage, existing file shares, file management solution, virtual file management service, unifyle mobile app, existing corporate security files, select file stores, existing file stores, file management, mobile access, cloudlike solution right, unifyle mobile, edit files, cloud file shares

Zero Footprint : Selective History Eraser Chrome extension download
Zero Footprint : Selective History Eraser Zero Footprint : Selective History Eraser

security rules, footprint selective history eraser, enabling protection, easy ways, safety redirector, next time, cat images, selective history eraser, computer meet, certain websites, selective history deletion, selective history, open chrome

History Eraser Chrome extension download
History Eraser Deletes typed URLs, Cache, Cookies, your Download and Browsing History...instantly, with just 1-click on the Eraser button!

urls cache cookies, google facebook, clear download history empty, data clear, comfortable browsing experience, browsing history, choose time period, clear chrome history clear download history, oneclick view, instant removal, chromebook windows pc, cache delete cookies, policy eraser, privacy policy, clear chrome history , history eraser

Close & Clean Chrome extension download
Close & Clean Close all tabs and windows and clean up Chrome in one single click

clear browsing history, open fresh new tab, clear app cache, close clean icon, clear websql data, close clean, clean chrome cache history cookies, clear plugin data, tab open, delete local storage data, browsing data, clear file systems, delete download history, select options, close clean button

New Tab Redirect Plus! Chrome extension download
New Tab Redirect Plus! Sets a user-specified URL to load in new tabs.

tab page, pages newtab extensions, custom tab, new tab page, new tab, extensions name, optional ads, file file, extension displays, extensions downloads history, newtab redirect, new tabs, custom url

My History Chrome extension download
My History Quick access to your browser's History

quick access, twitter evernote hola, history button, single click, extensions terms, cool chrome apps, adblock adblock, browser history, app become, address bar, access browser history on Chrome extension download on Attach files on using

realtime file sharing, large dont wait, hit send, easy file, file size, tt account, attach files, realtime file, realtime fast, dont wait, file sharing, large video, photos documents, true realtime file on Gmail Chrome extension download on Gmail Attach files on Gmail using

realtime file sharing, large dont wait, hit send, easy file, file size, tt account, attach files, realtime file, realtime fast, dont wait, file sharing, large video, photos documents, true realtime file

History Trends Unlimited Chrome extension download
History Trends Unlimited Search and analyze your unlimited history.

history trends unlimited, local database, 3month time limit, export history, chrome history, barlinepie charts, month time, raw data, new computer, interactive charts, options page, unlimited history, line pie charts, search page

Better Bitbucket Chrome extension download
Better Bitbucket Choose which file extensions to hide when looking at the diff. Click on a file's header to show/hide its diff.

file header, file, file diff, unity projects, extensions, wider github chrome extension, meta files, show hide, file extensions, potentially files

SingleClick Cleaner Chrome extension download
SingleClick Cleaner Single-click Chrome cleaner: clean up the trash in one single click

singleclick chrome cleaner, clear chrome history, clear websql data, google chrome, single click, remove cookies, delete saved, google chrome keeps, browsing data, google history, specified time period, form data, single click cleaner, delete cookies, delete local storage data, clear cookies, single click chrome cleaner clean, browsing history cache cookies form data, cache cleaner, clear history, single click cleaner set cleaner options, clear file systems, clear history cache, cleaner options, cache clear history remove cookies clear saved, clear plugin data, chrome history

Local Image File Viewer Chrome extension download
Local Image File Viewer Next and previous buttons for viewing images in local file URLs to browse folders

previous image, press f11, body css, file urls, mac press commandshiftf, enter fullscreen, file image, reduce flicker, local file urls, local file system explorer, options page, local file, url bar matters, windows press f11, fullscreen slideshow steps

Leech Buddy Chrome extension download
Leech Buddy Premium File Downloader - Free for you!

com support community, support email support, download files, stupid counters, leech buddy, file hosting services, file hosting, premium file downloader, browser extension, support community file hosters, fast speeds, popular file hosters, downloading files, support community, file host, file hosters

Leech Buddy Chrome extension download
Leech Buddy Premium File Downloader - Free for you!

com support community, support email support, download files, stupid counters, leech buddy, file hosting services, file hosting, premium file downloader, browser extension, support community file hosters, fast speeds, popular file hosters, downloading files, support community, file host, file hosters

eHistory Chrome extension download
eHistory Enhanced History

advanced deletion features, features search, new york times, enhanced chrome history, times article, chrome history bugs, google searchstyle operators, browser history search, easily delete items, browser history, spends lot, select full days, coffee site, ny times article, chrome history

Multi-File Downloader Chrome extension download
Multi-File Downloader Easily and quickly download multiple files from websites.

extension button, download files, file url, chrome toolbar filter results, url file, quickly download, include files, custom name, chrome downloads, exclude files, file list, download information, filter results, multiple files, github github, find images, file name, valid file url

Recent History (Toolbar Icon) Chrome extension download
Recent History (Toolbar Icon) This extension displays your recent history, recently closed tabs, most visited pages and recent bookmarks in a one click pop-up.

main popup feature, calendar history page, popup menu, recent bookmarks, click pop, closed tabs, visited pages, recent history, history page, options page, alternate recent history, main popup, change width, features change

Recent History Chrome extension download
Recent History This extension displays your recent history, recently closed tabs, most visited pages and recent bookmarks in a one click pop-up.

main popup feature, popup menu, calendar history page, recent bookmarks, click pop, extension history page, fixed styling, visited pages, multilingual support, history page, options page, main popup, fixed bug, please use, history fixed, stable version

YP Automatic History Eraser Chrome extension download
YP Automatic History Eraser This extension deletes porn URLs from your history automatically! Did you forget to use incognito mode? Well with this extension…

someone checking, automatic history eraser, automatically scrub, use incognito mode, porn urls, yphistoryapp gmail, automatic history, entire history, questionable urls, history automatically, incognito mode, adult content

HistoryStats Chrome extension download
HistoryStats Provides a statistical and graphical display of web page visits stored in your browser's history

extension supports simple history deletion, browsers history, web page visits, simple history deletion capabilities, historical web pages, web sites, new browser tab, browsers history based, web page visits stored, total number, browser history, browser tab, graphical display, web pages

Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool Chrome extension download
Clipboard History Pro: best productivity tool Clipboard manager extension for your browser: history of copied text, favorite items, instant paste

activated pro subscription brings, clipboard history, longterm data storage, page inputs forms, clipboard history pro, configure lock timers, clipboard manager extension, copied text, daily copypaste routines, favorite items, restrict access, popular text history manager, text history, multiple export options, text shortcuts, clipboard list, history list, favorite clips, copied text favorite items, clipboard items, copied items, copy paste, paste favorite text, browser history

WebRTC File Sharing Chrome extension download
WebRTC File Sharing Instant/Private/Reliable file sharing across all devices(mobile/desktop), among single or multiple users.

devices, devices mobile desktop, khan chrome extensions tree master file sharing, live demo, server, instantprivatereliable file, mobiledesktop, open sourced, multiple users, nothing, reliable file sharing, files names

Chrome Visual History Chrome extension download
Chrome Visual History Visualize and break down your Chrome browsing history by site.

chrome visual history, visual history, pie chart icon, break, visualize, chrome visual history lets, chrome browsing history, pie chart, pie, chrome history

Download Sorter Chrome extension download
Download Sorter An extension that sorts the downloaded file to the specified folder

string repetition, zip file, write comment, images folder, archive folder, zip zip zip, extension settings, new update note, file extension jpg folder images, chrome account, file extension, folder, repetition setting, jpg gif, downloaded file, zip folder, multiple extension settings, file extension zip folder, ll fix, jpg file

3D Screenshot Chrome extension download
3D Screenshot Take a 3D screenshot of any website!

render including images, takes simple, file size, html5 canvas technology, screenshot, file chrome, website http, much faster, file types, smaller file size, chrome pages, new update

TagSpaces Web Clipper Chrome extension download
TagSpaces Web Clipper Collect web pages, places, screenshots, PDF-documents and bookmarks as plain local files.

current tab, png file, desktop application, windows mac os linux, collect web pages, visible tab area, web content scraper, key features, mhtml file, web pages, web content, local file, html embedding, mhtml file formats

Export History Chrome extension download
Export History Download your full chrome history in Excel-readable csv and json

csv excelreadable spreadsheet, datetime conversion, full chrome history, export history, fixed csv formatting, csv excel readable, page titles, excelreadable csv, added google payments, source code, open source, automatic datetime conversion, entire chrome history, excel readable csv, chrome history

Local Explorer - File Manager on web browser Chrome extension download
Local Explorer - File Manager on web browser Open local file links to hard disk, company's shared folders, mapped network drive... directly in your corporate website.

local explorer install, open ms word, silent install command line, file system windows explorer, file browser, open local file folder links, local hard disk drives, open windows media player, windows explorer integration, simple file, folders mapped, windows explorer, folder file, open local file links, local folders, local folder, silent enterprise client installation, active directory enterprise environment, local explorer, open windows, file folder, file folder file

Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker Chrome extension download
Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker Adds price history charts and the option to be alerted on price drops to all Amazon sites.

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View Image Info (properties) Chrome extension download
View Image Info (properties) Get properties(including dimensions, URL, file size, file type info) of the image your cursor is pointing to via context menu.

font shadow, file size info, file type info, minor bug fix, file size, file type, including image dimensions file size url file type, minor changes, handle base64 data, info async, base64 data, info window, including dimensions url file size file type info, press esc key

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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