Best Fit Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total fit plugins - 2
vidIQ Vision for YouTube Chrome extension download
vidIQ Vision for YouTube Uncover the secrets to success behind your favorite YouTube videos.

video, youtube, videos, vidiq, optimization, description, data, optimize, tags, time, facebook, twitter, seo, count, views

HelloSign for Gmail Chrome extension download
HelloSign for Gmail Sign documents right from gmail

sign, documents, hellosign, document, gmail, signature, signed, time, send, site, extension, automatically, create, request, answer

BIFIT Signer Chrome extension download
BIFIT Signer BIFIT digital signature plug-in

extension, key, bifit, cryptographic, hardware, usb, ms, rutoken, ibank, content, signature, plug, inthe, signer, digital

Steam Trader Helper Chrome extension download
Steam Trader Helper This extension facilitate the work on the Steam Community Market.

extension, steam, damages, exclude, warranties, conditions, orders, trader, pages, lists, helper, community, implies, fitness, law

Expedia Member Only Deals Chrome extension download
Expedia Member Only Deals The official Expedia Member Only Deals extension - now with Hotel Price Alerts! Stay connected and save 10% or more on select hotels

member, price, hotels, expedia, notifications, points, sign, extension, chrome, change, access, hotel, save, official, benefits

MobileLayouter Chrome extension download
MobileLayouter userAgent?????????????????Web??????????????

jp, useragent, chrome, extension, www, fit, user, agent, event, type, err, navigator, mobilelayouter, https, xfit

Photo Zoom for Twitter Chrome extension download
Photo Zoom for Twitter Adds large size preview images to your Twitter web.

twitter, ver, support, zoom, photo, size, screen, avatar, images, softpedia, http, chrome, fix, clean, run

iProxy Chrome extension download
iProxy iProxy will give you the following benefits: - Access to websites if it is unavailable for you; - Improved connection speed if you…

connection, iproxy, access, data, give, benefits, safety, increased, extension, websites, transferred, speed, bad, chrome, unavailable Deals Notifications Chrome extension download Deals Notifications Essential tool for Smart Shoppers!

notifications, deals, app, bargain, sale, tool, notified, discounts, essential, extension, chrome, find, cheaper, product, choose

AnyPerk Extension Chrome extension download
AnyPerk Extension Notifies you when you browse to a site that currently offers a perk on

anyperk, extension, site, browse, login, perk, discounts, access, required, benefits, small, scenes, enjoy, registered, special

MyFitnessPal Macro Settings by FOODFASTFIT Chrome extension download
MyFitnessPal Macro Settings by FOODFASTFIT Set your MyFitnessPal macronutrient (macro) goal settings in grams instead of percentages.

settings, set, macro, myfitnesspal, goal, extension, chrome, macronutrient, foodfastfit, grams, percentages

aProxy Chrome extension download
aProxy aProxy will give you the following benefits: - Access to websites if it is unavailable for you; - Improved connection speed if you…

connection, aproxy, access, data, give, benefits, safety, increased, extension, websites, transferred, speed, bad, chrome, unavailable

GIFit! Chrome extension download
GIFit! Make GIFs from YouTube videos

youtube, gifs, gifit, gif, click, time, video, videos, mode, big, chrome, cc, watch, settings, set

AppGraffiti Chrome extension download
AppGraffiti Personalize your Facebook®, Twitter® and other social profile pages!

appgraffiti, free, profile, pages, www, thousands, colorful, extension, personalize, background, facebook, twitter, social, share, custom

Weather Hub Chrome extension download
Weather Hub Replace new tab screen with current time and weather.

weather, extension, hub, chrome, click, quot, browser, uninstall, tab, updates, icon, find, policy, current, features

AllQuakes Chrome extension download
AllQuakes All EMSC Earthquakes

earthquake, emsc, earthquakes, browser, latest, thumbnail, button, notified, proposes, shows, scientific, user, seismological, browsing, time

Force Background Tab Chrome extension download
Force Background Tab Force New Tab Running In Background

version, open, tab, bugfix, add, improved, chrome, mode, active, background, flash, extension, tabs, click, update

Clubic Bons Plans Chrome extension download
Clubic Bons Plans « Clubic Bons Plans » compare les prix automatiquement lorsque vous surfez sur la page d’un produit chez un e-marchand.

la, de, prix, vous, clubic, en, plans, ne, lorsque, bons, ubaldi, priceminister, marchand, pixmania, sur

Wordpress Admin Bar Control Chrome extension download
Wordpress Admin Bar Control Hide & show the admin bar with one easy click!

bar, admin, site, click, basis, action, chrome, github, swingline0, wordpress, control, plugin, easy, extension, devices

XPath Chrome extension download
XPath Get XPath of element on click. It shows multiple versions of XPath & CSS Path to pick and choose the one that fit individual needs

xpath, chrome, click, extensions, element, notification, window, fit, extension, individual, versions, toolbar, path, pick, copied

NeoBuxOx Chrome extension download
NeoBuxOx NeoBuxOx adds helpful information in referral listings and statistics page. Designed to be fast, clean and light.

neobuxox, profit, information, referral, account, greek, statistics, listings, english, languages, designed, light, calculated, quot, fly

QuickBit for Fitbit Chrome extension download
QuickBit for Fitbit QuickBit is the fastest way to log your Fitbit activities.

water, fitbit, activities, run, bike, swim, quickbit, fitness, goals, common, daily, nailing, tracking, total, hydrated

One LinGo Chrome extension download
One LinGo One LinGo

english, business, word, phrase, pearson, global, lingo, privacy, collaboration, enterprise, translation, reverse, conditions, multiple, including

Tubi TV - Free Movies Chrome extension download
Tubi TV - Free Movies Watch Full Movies, Full TV Show Episodes Free Online. The Largest FREE Streaming Site.

tv, free, movies, tubi, favorites, app, tubitv, shows, content, watch, largest, popular, full, foreign, cooking

FoundersCard Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
FoundersCard Chrome Extension Easily discover, access, and redeem your member benefits while surfing the web.

founderscard, member, benefit, extension, members, redeem, easily, navigate, page, google, discover, search, access, web, benefits

Better Chrome extension download
Better Improves the watching experience of the player.

tv, size, increases, version, stream, player, watching, video, coming, created, information, improves, experience, mlg, channels

FitBitKeto Chrome extension download
FitBitKeto This extension replaces the sodium column in FitBit's food logger with net carbs for ketogenic and low carb dieters

net, extension, carbs, food, fitbit, carb, future, ketogenic, sodium, diets, amount, column, adapted, simply, inspired

iZoom Chrome extension download
iZoom Automatically changes zoom level to fit window width. With three different zooming modes.

zoom, fit, user, extension, contents, izoom, width, grow, window, wiki, https, level, shrinked, automatically, page

MyFitnessPal Pie Chart by FOODFASTFIT Chrome extension download
MyFitnessPal Pie Chart by FOODFASTFIT This add-on automatically adds the Pie Chart to your Food Diary. Net carbs will also be shown if the Fiber column is enabled.…

pie, chart, foodfastfit, carbs, net, settings, fiber, shown, logged, toggled, add, automatically, extension, adds, chrome

MyFitnessPal Data Exporter by FOODFASTFIT Chrome extension download
MyFitnessPal Data Exporter by FOODFASTFIT Export your MyFitnessPal Data as .csv files.

data, export, myfitnesspal, extension, exporter, chrome, foodfastfit, csv, files

Pinontop - Stay on top of Pinterest trends Chrome extension download
Pinontop - Stay on top of Pinterest trends The More Re-Pins, The More Proven The Idea............ Easily Sort By: Number of Re-Pins / Number of Likes.......... Pinontop…

find, pins, chrome, likes, number, pinontop, mac, browser, top, pinterest, trends, research, extension, people, market

23++ Chrome extension download
23++ Adds enhancements to 23andMe.

extension, license, adds, website, licensed, features, andme, browse, sort, filter, tested, customers, accessible, original, interpret

Design Grid Overlay Chrome extension download
Design Grid Overlay This extension displays grid and measurement overlays for a design grid system. It is configurable to fit many design scenarios

grid, design, content, width, visual, extension, css, chrome, media, sizing, maximum, system, minimum, proper, ensure

LeftLane Sports Chrome extension download
LeftLane Sports LeftLane Sports + Chrome is the fastest, easiest way to shop your favorite Outdoor and Fitness brands at up to 70% off retail.

outdoor, brands, sports, chrome, favorite, browse, sales, shop, leftlane, easiest, deals, score, access, products, asics

Ziggedy Reminder Chrome extension download
Ziggedy Reminder Get reminded every time a free donation is available when you're shopping online, while you save with exclusive deals and coupons.

reminder, ziggedy, shop, save, support, free, difference, time, ads, exclusive, simply, secure, sharing, online, donation

Ebay Keywords Chrome extension download
Ebay Keywords Ebay Keyword Tool is a Chrome Extension that integrates with MerchantWords to help you identify profitable and low competition…

ebay, extension, competition, keywords, tool, chrome, sellers, sell, identify, profitable, merchantwords, integrates, keyword, dominate, products

UniPrint Mint Beta for Chromebooks Chrome extension download
UniPrint Mint Beta for Chromebooks Print directly to your personal printers without going through the Google cloud

uniprint, mint, printers, print, personal, beta, chromebooks, windows, chrome, printer, install, client, chromebook, visit, www

Novanet C3 WebRTC Agent Chrome extension download
Novanet C3 WebRTC Agent C3 WebRTC Agent seamlessly integrates with Chrome to deliver Novanet’s Cloud Contact Center (C3) platform on your Web Browser.

c3, chrome, agent, voice, center, widget, webrtc, contact, integration, experience, phones, superior, ip, easy, eliminates

Klondike: The lost expedition Chrome extension download
Klondike: The lost expedition Play the best Adventure and Farming Game!

game, adventure, great, klondike, father, friends, long, farming, complete, missions, tasks, courage, life, careful, exciting

Bitcoin Price Ticker and Converter Chrome extension download
Bitcoin Price Ticker and Converter This extension shows the price of Bitcoin considering data. Also, it includes Bitcoin-Fiat currencies converter.

bitcoin, price, converter, extension, includes, time, fiat, profit, mining, soaring, convenient, elaborated, tool, information, helps

MyFitnessPal Food Diary Percentages Chrome extension download
MyFitnessPal Food Diary Percentages Adds display of Carb/Protein/Fat -macro- percentages to any daily food diary page on MyFitnessPal.

percentages, diary, adds, food, protein, carb, display, fat, macro, myfitnesspal, extension, chrome, daily, page

MyFitnessPal Search Filters Chrome extension download
MyFitnessPal Search Filters Gives filtering options for the MyFitnessPal food search.

filtering, search, myfitnesspal, food, option, easily, adding, extension, filters, chrome, options, find, results, improves

Garmin Metric Share Chrome extension download
Garmin Metric Share Shares Garmin Connect activities in Metric system because Garmin website only shares in Imperial system

activity, share, garmin, metric, imperial, version, system, plugin, connect, change, running, problem, site, shares, pictures

Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog  Chrome extension download
Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog Lets Blogger add a Tweet This! link to blog posts thereby allowing users to Tweet from your blog to twitter with just one click

blog, twitter, blogger, tweet, post, extension, click, link, selected, code, draft, text, tiny, quot, html

Goal Reminder Chrome extension download
Goal Reminder Reminds you of your goals in life while wasting your time in the internet. No registration. Full privacy. Speech (TTS)

goal, goals, life, extension, speech, breaks, timer, voice, source, browser, text, chrome, surfing, internet, time

Steam Market History Plus Chrome extension download
Steam Market History Plus Provides a more useful Steam Market History, allowing you to search, sort, highlight, track earnings, and customize

items, page, market, search, quot, history, item, show, sort, entire, extension, loss, trading, transaction, highlight

Referred Club Chrome extension download
Referred Club Never miss another referral link with Referred Club. Download our browser extension and we'll notify you of free benefits.

extension, club, notify, free, referral, referred, chrome, link, ll, benefits, download, browser

LastQuake Chrome extension download
LastQuake Latest Significant Earthquakes

emsc, earthquake, earthquakes, significant, browser, extension, latest, thumbnail, rapid, public, proposes, button, based, detected, notified

Zarget - A/B Testing & Heatmap Software Chrome extension download
Zarget - A/B Testing & Heatmap Software Website Optimization Redefined

zarget, website, visitors, compare, find, insights, optimization, don, testing, reports, extension, fit, software, unlimited, create

Toogles Chrome extension download
Toogles Redirect YouTube URLs to for fun and profit

youtube, toogles, video, http, open, es, toogl, extension, force, features, sketchy, github, pages, minimal, fast

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