Best Flash Player Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total flash player plugins - 868
Flash Player + Chrome extension download
Flash Player + Flash Player + save your favorite flash and run this later in player.

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Twitch HTML2Flash Chrome extension download
Twitch HTML2Flash A small tool to convert the HTML player into the Flash player.

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Fix Flash 11.2 Bug Chrome extension download
Fix Flash 11.2 Bug Modify flash object parameters in html to fix transparent bug of flash player plugin for chromium on linux

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ICE Quick Stream Chrome extension download
ICE Quick Stream Enables video streaming from various file hosts via

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Flash Player Checker Chrome extension download
Flash Player Checker Check you Flash Player version in browser.

check, browser, flash player version

Maximize Flash Chrome extension download
Maximize Flash Make a flash video use as much screen size as the tab it's in and the aspect ratio allows, without causing the video to reload.

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Local Flash Player Online Chrome extension download
Local Flash Player Online This is a simple, flexible viewer and player for flash SWF files. Get a swf, flash or a game file and play the file directly.

flash swf files, file, swf flash, swf, simple, player, flash, simple flexible viewer, flexible viewer, game file

Canvas Video Enhancer Chrome extension download
Canvas Video Enhancer Improves the University of Auckland lecture recording playback interface.

playback speed, lecture recordings, skips copyright notice, right arrow keys, fixed layout issues, added download, new video player interface, lecture recording playback interface, new canvas player, video player interface, added bookmarks, recordings flash player, video quality, cecil lecture downloader, playback quality, download recordings, video speed, playback interface, flash player, default flash player, fixed compatibility HTML5 player Chrome extension download HTML5 player This extension replaces Flash player with an HTML5 player

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Twitch No Flash Chrome extension download
Twitch No Flash Forces Twitch to use HTML5 player instead of the Flash player.

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Despertador Online Chrome extension download
Despertador Online Despertador Online é o Único que permite Apagar a Luz do seu monitor e continua funcionando! Melhor desempenho pois não usa Flash!

permite apagar luz, permite um desempenho melhor e, diversos toques para, melhor desempenho pois, um aplicativo web que pode ser, usado em qualquer navegador, despertador online com alarme personalizado, recursos adicionados, flash player, n o usa flash, o utilizar flash player como os concorrentes, seu monitor, pode ser usado em, permite um desempenho, seu monitor e continua funcionando

radiko player Chrome extension download
radiko player radiko player powered by and NHK Radio

jp radiko, adobe flash player, nhk fm, 20110430 ver, desktop notifications, 20110521 ver, radiko player, nhk radio, 20100317 ver, , radiko, jp , , i686 win32

Video Autoplay Blocker by Robert Sulkowski Chrome extension download
Video Autoplay Blocker by Robert Sulkowski Prevents from autoplay the HTML5

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BBC Radio Tuner Chrome extension download
BBC Radio Tuner BBC Radio Tuner

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Twitch HTML5 Chrome extension download
Twitch HTML5 An extension to use the HTML5 Player UI instead of Flash player in every twitch channels

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Flash Block (Plus) Chrome extension download
Flash Block (Plus) Provides control over all flash contents

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e-Player (Flash,Video,MP3..) Chrome extension download
e-Player (Flash,Video,MP3..) Online player for Flash, YouTube, MP3 music, HTML5 video & audio files. Without download!

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StopFlash Flash Blocker Chrome extension download
StopFlash Flash Blocker Say StopFlash ! Block flash objects

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Flash Blocker free Chrome extension download
Flash Blocker free Small extension that will help to disable Flash ads on any page. You won't be bothered by annoying Flash ads with or without sound.

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NoPlugin Chrome extension download
NoPlugin Play legacy media in modern browsers without plugins.

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Retina YT Chrome extension download
Retina YT Automatically doubles YouTube resolution to 720p for pixel-perfect Retina Display support.

flash container, retina display impossible, youtube html5 player join, youtube videos, safari extension, automatically doubles youtube resolution, scaled natively, pixel perfect retina display, pixelperfect retina display support, automatically doubles, flash embeds, retina display, youtube html5 player, retina youtube HTML5 player Chrome extension download HTML5 player Allows playing streams on without flash

flowplayer set, cross origin requests, player window, dragndropping srt file, party subtitle files, subtitle streams, flash player, party host, adding subs, crossorigin requests, html5 engine, party subtitle, custom subtitles, html5 video

Flash Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Flash Fullscreen Allows to make any flash object (e.g. game) fullscreen.

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Repubblica TV HTML5 Chrome extension download
Repubblica TV HTML5 Use HTML5 video tags for Repubblica TV videos, removing ADS

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Super Mario Flash Game Chrome extension download
Super Mario Flash Game Enjoy Super Mario Flash Game Adventure. Super Mario Flash is one of the best Mario Games around. Play Now!

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Browser page brightness changer Chrome extension download
Browser page brightness changer Change the current page brightness

making page, change page brightness, change, full screen flash player, dark, current page brightness, html5 full screen video, full screen video, dark videos, page, full screen flash player right

Flash Master Chrome extension download
Flash Master Open flash file in full screen or download it for offline use

offline use, full screen, flash files, extension request feature, separate tab, offline gaming, download, report bug, open flash file, please use

Flash Sale Hack Chrome extension download
Flash Sale Hack A quick and easy way to get your Redmi 3s, Moto M from Flipkart Flash sale.

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Flash Sale Cracker Chrome extension download
Flash Sale Cracker This extension will help you to buy anything from flash sales easily

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Facebook HTML5 Video Chrome extension download
Facebook HTML5 Video Replace the flash video player with HTML5 videos on Facebook.

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Stop Flash Chrome extension download
Stop Flash You will see the difference in performance immediately!

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RT Enhancement Suite Chrome extension download
RT Enhancement Suite Adds new functionality to all of the RoosterTeeth family of sites

features auto, fixed auto resume detection issue, resume videos, fixed auto resume, experimental feature html5 player, flash video player, added support, added experimental, basic options page, experimental features, video player, options page, sites features, html5 video player, options page video progress

FRQc - Flash Render Quality changer Chrome extension download
FRQc - Flash Render Quality changer FRQc adds extra control features to Adobe Flash Player. With this extension you can easily change default rendering quality.

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Super Mario Flash 1 Chrome extension download
Super Mario Flash 1 A remake of the original Super Mario Game. The goal is as always to collect coins and kill Koopas and Goombas.

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Plugins Chrome extension download
Plugins Shortcut to Chrome plugins pages

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QuizCards: US Capitals Chrome extension download
QuizCards: US Capitals Use these interactive browser-based flash cards to easily learn the US capitals.

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Flash-Radio-2 Chrome extension download
Flash-Radio-2 Listen your favorite Internet radio station!

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Youtube Transparent Player Chrome extension download
Youtube Transparent Player Enable the new Youtube Transparent Player.

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'Improve YouTube!' (Video & YouTube Tools)? Chrome extension download
'Improve YouTube!' (Video & YouTube Tools)? Make YouTube tidy+smart! YouTube video color ad skip volume speed channel tool style HD ads adblock adblocker tags keyword playlist

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WebPage video finder Chrome extension download
WebPage video finder Search for video elements on web page, and lets you play them in external player.

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FS.UA helper Chrome extension download
FS.UA helper Watch FS.UA without hassle.

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Floating Player for Youtube Chrome extension download
Floating Player for Youtube Floating Video Player for Youtube

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smarterPod: Simple and Smart Podcast Player Chrome extension download
smarterPod: Simple and Smart Podcast Player Listen to podcasts in the background of Chrome! Sync content across computers, manage your feeds, save progress, get new episodes!

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Flash Video Downloader Chrome extension download
Flash Video Downloader Popular Video Downloader. Downloads most popular media formats, flash videos.

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Cowboom Watcher Chrome extension download
Cowboom Watcher Flash Sale and Deal of the Day notifications for Cowboom.

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QuizCards: Spanish Chrome extension download
QuizCards: Spanish Use these interactive browser-based flash cards to easily learn Spanish vocabulary.

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QuizCards: German Chrome extension download
QuizCards: German Use these interactive browser-based flash cards to easily learn German vocabulary.

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Penguins Chrome extension download
Penguins Moving penguins, Flash by Adam Bowman.

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Automatic Cashback & Autobuy-  Chrome extension download
Automatic Cashback & Autobuy- Assured Cashback and FREE Coupons on every e-commerce site including all popular sites like Flipkart , Amazon , PayTm ,SnapDeal..

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VK Player Controller Chrome extension download
VK Player Controller This is a part of VK Player Controller for OS X. For more information, please visit

track changes, media keys, media keys f7 f9, status bar, player controller, please visit player controller, macs keyboard, browser audio player, vk player controller, browser extension, os x, control inbrowser audio player

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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