Best Foreign Language Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Talking Web Chrome extension download
Talking Web Select the text and let Talking Web read it for you.

web, talking, text, read, pages, languages, tts, eye, speech, select, listen, word, language, sentence, switch

myVocabu Chrome extension download
myVocabu Translate, learn and train words from foreign languages

words, chrome, translate, quot, added, extension, page, translation, workouts, bahasa, basa, hausa, igbo, maori, sesotho

Unsubtitle for Netflix Chrome extension download
Unsubtitle for Netflix Remove forced Netflix subtitles.

netflix, subtitles, extension, screen, unsubtitle, click, people, studying, foreign, languages, annoyed, clutter, time, browser, rendered

Lingvo TV Chrome extension download
Lingvo TV Learn languages while watching movies online. Translate words and grow your vocabulary, on the go.

learn, extension, translate, movie, app, subtitles, languages, time, online, watch, words, tv, foreign, netflix, movies

Flewent Chrome extension download
Flewent Translate a small portion of web pages to a language you want to learn.

language, translate, dictionary, words, plugin, web, wikipedia, flewent, learn, details, translation, service, http, word, release

Vocabulary in Context Chrome extension download
Vocabulary in Context Save vocabulary in its context and review them later. A highly efficient tool to improve vocabulary when learning foreign language.

words, vocabulary, review, mac, context, extension, browser, tool, works, learning, cloud, command, url, articles, ctrl

Speed Learning Chrome extension download
Speed Learning An extremely simple tool to help you master a foreign language while browsing the Web.

word, sl, spreadsheet, words, api, learning, vocabulary, permission, select, version, language, speed, google, foreign, previous

Honyaku x Kensaku Chrome extension download
Honyaku x Kensaku This app will speak your sentence or word, and you can search them on translation sites.

word, languages, search, sentence, translation, sites, chrome, extension, app, exact, order, speak, people, learning, chinese

alpharabius Chrome extension download
alpharabius Translate webpages with select words for an immersive language experience

words, learning, language, extension, increased, chrome, websites, applicable, languages, complexity, french, spanish, swaps, grammatical, essential

reminDO Chrome extension download
reminDO Unforgettable memory tool

remindo, stop, study, forget, minimum, forgetting, memorize, learned, unforgettable, gist, knowledge, notes, smartphone, functions, enter

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