Best Fullscreen Mode Chrome Extension Alternatives

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Fullscreen Anything Chrome extension download
Fullscreen Anything Maximizes images, videos, and games.

fullscreen, video, playing, games, press, continue, images, multi, window, free, click, feel, browser, tabcinema, button

UltraWide Video Chrome extension download
UltraWide Video Allows wider than average screens (eg.21:9) to play online video content and fit the screen properly in fullscreen mode.

extension, video, mode, screen, support, alt, top, bars, black, aspect, ratio, videos, wider, chrome, youtube

Twitch Mini Player Chrome extension download
Twitch Mini Player Always-on-Top Floating Mini Player for Twitch.

player, mini, floating, chat, window, mode, resize, quot, features, twitch, extension, chrome, top, move, channel

CrowdCast Chrome extension download
CrowdCast Displays the most popular cheers, jeers, and emotes used by the stream viewers on Twitch.

chat, stream, phrases, phrase, extension, popular, shows, emotes, messages, crowdcast, twitch, create, increases, total, popularity

Tubeit Chrome extension download
Tubeit Search and play YouTube videos without leaving your current tab. Tube it.

search, videos, video, play, version, tab, watch, youtube, extension, ctrl, bar, tubeit, key, quot, shortcut

Quiet Writer Chrome extension download
Quiet Writer The simpliest and quiest way to write anything you want. Just click on the button to open the text.

write, extension, text, font, characters, stay, focused, interface, chrome, customize, options, stored, immediately, focus, simpliest

BuildReactor Chrome extension download
BuildReactor Developer notifications and dashboard

notifications, dashboard, radiator, team, minutes, distractions, hours, extension, days, works, windows, mac, linux, supported, services

Canvas Video Enhancer Chrome extension download
Canvas Video Enhancer Improves the University of Auckland lecture recording playback interface.

video, v0, lecture, quality, skips, player, playback, recording, speed, selected, flash, adds, recordings, interface, mode

Auto Allow Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Auto Allow Fullscreen This extension automatically allows fullscreen mode when you watch videos.

fullscreen, extension, mode, chrome, watch, videos, automatically, auto

e-Player (Flash,Video,MP3..) Chrome extension download
e-Player (Flash,Video,MP3..) Online player for Flash, YouTube, MP3 music, HTML5 video & audio files. Without download!

player, multimedia, video, flash, detect, html5, mode, add, click, ogg, youtube, mp3, play, options, set

TV2 Play fullscreen Chrome extension download
TV2 Play fullscreen This extention allows danish TV2 play to be in fullscreen even though it is not in focus.

tv2, play, den, er, sk, du, screen, streaming, fullscreen, rm, danish, mode, station, fuld, setup

Salesforce Full Screen Code Editor Chrome extension download
Salesforce Full Screen Code Editor Adapts the code editor window to full screen for best programming experience.

screen, editor, adapts, code, exit, full, url, start, bar, templates, email, mode, pages, visualforce, components

Flash Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Flash Fullscreen Allows to make any flash object (e.g. game) fullscreen.

flash, fullscreen, object, mode, setting, button, toggles, alt, space, options, white, black, list, click, domains

Kissanime Fullscreen - Auto-Play Next Video Chrome extension download
Kissanime Fullscreen - Auto-Play Next Video Automatically plays the next video in the list without ever leaving fullscreen mode!

video, set, automatically, fullscreen, player, leaving, mode, kissanime, list, install, site, credits, html5, start, skip

Play Movies Fullscreen Chrome extension download
Play Movies Fullscreen This extension will play movies on in the full window.

movies, extension, player, play, space, quot, watch, movie, fullscreen, lot, don, window, weird, small, mode

Overlay Clock Chrome extension download
Overlay Clock Displays a digital clock at the corner of the page. Especially useful when going fullscreen.

clock, small, extension, fullscreen, displays, configurable, overlay, colors, web, corner, reader, ideal, digital, eliminate, mode

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