Best Gifs Loads Faster Fixed Issue Chrome Extension Alternatives

Total gifs loads faster fixed issue plugins - 1573
Imgur to Gfycat Chrome extension download
Imgur to Gfycat Replaces animated gifs throughout the internet with gfycat optimized HTML5 videos.

gif optimization service, fixed res, anchor res, fix gfycat controls, previous weird issues, gfycat controls, gfycat videos, original gif, control display issue, html5 videos, fix gfycat, small erroneous autoresizing, manual conversion fails, broken google pagespeed, original gifs, res change, gif hosted, gifs hosted, mutationobserver spec change, anchor links, imgur gifs, gfycat gifs videos, original size, reddit enhancement suite

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Chrome extension download
GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture Capture a screenshot of your current page in entirety and reliably—without requesting any extra permissions!

bugfixes including, capture chrome extension, 20200720 updated project name, fixed permissions issue, fixed issue, 20200715 pdf export supports landscape, page screenshot, capture screenshot, 20191126 welcome info page, 20210317 fixed date localization issue , extension capture, issues including, pages including, fixed capture, issue pdf, bug fix, fix issue, bugfixes including issue, issues including fix, page bugfixes, scroll issues, fixed issues, original open source project, 20180227 new advanced scrolling algorithm, 20180131 new customer support feature, capture page, high pixel ratio displays

Gif Delayer Chrome extension download
Gif Delayer Gif Delayer delays playing gifs until they are fully downloaded.

gifs added, total size, gif delayer delays, fix bug, fully loaded, loading gifs, playing gifs, prevent fetching, fix issue, start playing, firstworld problems, gif urls, gif delayer, duplicate resource requests, package moving common code

Roblox Quick Access Chrome extension download
Roblox Quick Access Quick access to roblox links.

first beta release, version log, google chrome tool bar, location issue fixed extension published, roblox test site links, roblox test, location issue, roblox links, location issue fixed, profile links removed, image link location issue, removed bug fixed, test sites, chrome web store

Gyazo GIF to MP4 Chrome extension download
Gyazo GIF to MP4 An extension to change GIFs to MP4 version on Gyazo

switch automatically, mp4 format, change gifs, gyazo gifs, mp4, contain ogarist0tle, gyazo, faster smoother playback, mp4 version, mp4 format allowing, og arist0tle

Animal Crossing live background Chrome extension download
Animal Crossing live background Animal Crossing live backround

full effect download, playing animal crossing, animal crossing live, live backround, childhood memories, new tab, live wallpaper extension, ds ds game cube, loads faster, different animal crossing character, animal crossing, live background, updated gifs, animal crossing characters

Redmine Helper Chrome extension download
Redmine Helper This extension will help to work with your Redmine issues without need to open Redmine

collapseexpand history items, added assignee field, added priority field, redmine url, code stability, added issue list options, options code, redmine issues, fixed issue, create issue, fixed list, redmine url port issues, updated storage location, attachment history parsing, v8 code optimazation, added time, updated twitter, fixed redmine url, api access key, updated ui

SHINE for reddit Chrome extension download
SHINE for reddit Experience reddit with new modern list and grid view interfaces that focus on bringing the content to you.

much vertical space height, grid view fixed issue, media comments, much horizontal space images, multireddit bar display issue, grid view fixed, last comments links beneath, comment inline media youre, list view, grid view, material design look, updates include, new modern list, subreddit list position issue

.gif to .gifv Chrome extension download
.gif to .gifv Tired of viewing gifs on Imgur? Use gifv!

people, submitting content, imgur links, gifv, faster newer, viewing gifs, gifs, use gifv, tiny extension, package, imgur, tiny extension automatically redirects

Google Dark Enhanced Chrome extension download
Google Dark Enhanced **** FREE THIS WEEK ONLY, THEN $4.99 *** * FEATURES * - Dark theme for reducing eye strain - Preload search results when links are…

google search experience, search results, includes clutter free eye soothing dark theme, google dark enhanced loads sites faster, navigation easier, dark theme, google dark, enter transform, faster navigation, navigate search results, loads sites, arrow keys, google search, preload search results

Fee Calculator Chrome extension download
Fee Calculator Calculate FBA fees with the click of a button!

sale prices, amazon smile pages, fixed issue, calculate fba fees, version, click, issue, read, ca support, button

GIF Blocker Chrome extension download
GIF Blocker If you distracted about gifs, blocked them with this extension.

gifs blocked, block, release notes, visible gifs, gifs

Smiley Reader For Speed Reading Chrome extension download
Smiley Reader For Speed Reading Speed reading extension to increase your reading speed (beta).

reading text, arrow image guiding, reading time, reading speed, prevent reading regressions, fixed display issue, increase reading speeds, fixed issue, screen display, onscreen display, set time, fixed text, speed reading, reading regressions, consistent pace, fixed popup, popup showing, guide reading, current reading time, onscreen graphs indicate, increase reading

Tatkal Seva Chrome extension download
Tatkal Seva Fastest Growing and Forever Free - IRCTC Tatkal Booking extension and plug-in which helps Aam Aadmi to get Tatkal Ticket with ease!

sbc station issue, updated captcha, tatkal time, cabin berth choices, whole page refresh, garib rath trains, added fixed, credit card captcha image issue, berth option, avoid irctc id, added child, transaction password automation, user fixed child, user updated, child name issue bug, auto payment, option added added, free irctc tatkal, book tatkal

OWLS Word Games Enhancer Chrome extension download
OWLS Word Games Enhancer This extension provides auxiliary features to popular word games

game notes view, fixed issue identified, new update notification, total tile count, google chrome web store team, incorrect tile count, popular word games, tile count, fixed issue, added counts, added options page, added notes, options page, added note notification, games page, game note popup, reference grid option, fixed count issue identified, game counts

Vodafone Chrome Extension Chrome extension download
Vodafone Chrome Extension Voice calls with One Net Collaboration

old contacts synchronisation, fixed minor issues, collaboration tools, voice communications company, updated click, net collaboration product, communication solutions, chrome browser, fixed minor issue, single click, minor issue, chrome version, receive calls, google apps, voice calls, net collaboration, communication flow processing

Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Chrome extension download
Ultimello, the features pack for Trello Extension that adds a lot of useful features to Trello

last activity date, chrome security policy changes, bug reports please contact, default sort order, fixed issue, trello board, trello extension, new trello appearance, new trello htmlcss changes, sorting order, incorrect ascdesc icons, issues connected, sort order, overall sorting experience, connected cards, fixed issues connected, fixed bug, fixed issues

PeepTube Chrome extension download
PeepTube An useful preview tool for YouTube

youtube official, useful preview tool, official youtube, feature requisition issue report, storyboard thumbnail peep, preview video, video storyboard, update storyboard, whole video page, peep view, official website update storyboard, bug fixed preview button, bug fixed, storyboard thumbnail, peep button, official website update css, watch video, suggestion video list, small window view mode, search result, issue bug fixed, bug fixed peeptube, small window view

Nature GIFs New Tab Chrome extension download
Nature GIFs New Tab Enjoy the most beautiful nature gifs every time you open a new tab.

tab page, every time, new tab page, beautiful nature gifs, new tab, enjoy, start, animal gifs, sunsets sunrises mountains lakes beaches waterfalls birds animals dolphins, incredible nature

Hide GIFS I'am Reading Chrome extension download
Hide GIFS I'am Reading With this extension, you can turn displaying GIFs on when you want them, and off when you don't want to get distracted.

article, turn, continue reading, gifs, turn displaying gifs, imagine, want, reading, pixel wide moving image, get

Cats Animated Gifs Chrome extension download
Cats Animated Gifs Lovely cats animated gifs, one per day, to make you smile.

kinky stuff, day, type chrome, super funny cats, cats animated gifs, cats, options type chrome, animated gifs, gifs, address bar scroll, address bar, transparency check, browser settings

CQ WCM Switcher Chrome extension download
CQ WCM Switcher CQ WCM mode switcher, single click, faster way to switch CQ WCM mode, and to check site layout. Handy plugin for Adobe CQ/ AEM…

cq wcm mode switcher single click faster, side kick loads, adobe cq, single click, switch cq wcm mode, till side kick loads, adobe cq aem developers, switch wcm mode, display page layout, switch wcmmode, adobe cq aem, cq wcm mode switcher, edit preview disabled mode quickly

Catify - Cute cat in New Tab. Chrome extension download
Catify - Cute cat in New Tab. A cute cat in every new tab.

cute cat, websites badges, search issue, visited websites badges added, every time, animated cat, design update, every new tab, new tab, spread love, search issue fixed

Tagu Chrome extension download
Tagu Detect and font embed zawgyi and unicode. It's design for Chrome OS. May not working with gmail and yet.

fixed facebook, install zawgyi, slow code, support input type, fixed unicode, loaded load faster fixed facebook support input, fixed input version, chrome book, input version, font embed support, font embed zawgyi, slow code fast, loading version, chrome os

Linkydink Chrome extension download
Linkydink Save links to your Linkydink

link youre, change page, version, bugfixes, link youre sharing fixed issue, save links, linkydink, certain characters, issue, links

Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1 Chrome extension download
Delicious Bookmark Bar Sync 1.1 Copies Delicious bookmarks to the Google Chrome bookmark bar. Groups them by tag in named folders on the bookmark bar. It is sweet.

empty folders, nonenglish character sets, bookmark bar, empty tags, nonenglish chrome versions, delicious bookmarks, google chrome bookmark bar, added optional autosync, fixed issue, caused private bookmarks, bookmark bar folders, added optional, login issue, english chrome, sync optional, tag folders, added support, empty tagfolder removal feature, tags folders, empty tag, chrome app store, chrome bookmark bar, fixed bug, fixed sync, delicious bookmark, bug reports, certain login situations

Gaana Lyrics Extension Chrome extension download
Gaana Lyrics Extension Displays lyrics on, Google Music, Spotify, Pandora, Saavn, SoundCloud, Plex and other streaming music services

music services, music google music, plex url changes, pandora groove, bug fixes, google music bug fixes, gaana lyrics, font complete, music fixed issues, fixed issue, com spotify web player saavn, fixed soundcloud issues, pandora radio, fixed gaana, added support, soundcloud plex, grooveshark preview site, fixed bug, pandora radio plex web accuradio slacker radio jango, fixed issues, google music added support, foreground window features, semitransparent overlay window, amazon prime music, google music, prime music google music, pandora radio plex, groove fixed

Axure Share Extension for Chrome Chrome extension download
Axure Share Extension for Chrome Capture screenshots to attach to Axure Share discussions. After installing, refresh your browser and then click the camera.

capture screenshots, fixed issues, fixed issue, retina devices, axure share discussions, please note, bug fixes, retina scaling, general screenshot tool, external monitors attached, external monitors

Anime GIFs New Tab Chrome extension download
Anime GIFs New Tab Enjoy the best Anime gifs every time you open a new tab.

tab page, manga gifs, every time, new tab page, latest anime, new tab, enjoy, anime, anime gifs, internet right

Panda GIFs New Tab Chrome extension download
Panda GIFs New Tab Enjoy the cutest panda gifs every time you open a new tab.

tab page, panda gifs, new tab page, every time, new tab, cutest panda gifs, enjoy, internet right

GIF the Web Chrome extension download
GIF the Web Animate GIFs on Facebook. Show images on gchat. Make the web more awesome.

real website, show images inline, hangouts, facebook, google hangouts support, show images, wished facebook animated gifs, wanted gchat including hangouts, gifs, animate gifs, show a GIF Chrome extension download a GIF An easy way to find random GIFs

easy way, related random gif, google chrome, cross devices, history bar, fun way, messages emails facebook, find gifs, random gif, find random gifs, desired keyword, cross devices history bar, random gifs

Petapator Chrome extension download
Petapator Increase your patent efficiency

uspto patent, fix bug, wellknown firefox patent search tool, patent application status monitoring, added claim, fixed search, uspto new image server, analyzer user, patent search query monitoring, bug fix fixed, improve analyzer bar charts, different word cloud engine, google patents, search patents, google patent search, fixed refine search bug, patent applications, bug fix, patent page, bug fixed, uspto patent application image server, patent reading, faster images, patent search, google patent images, search bug, patent information, patents applications, search page

Gif Frames Chrome extension download
Gif Frames Extract frame images from animated GIFs

extract frame images, please note, gifs, gif image, chrome, animated gifs, extension doesn work, super easy, select show gif frames

Delicious Bookmarks Extension Chrome extension download
Delicious Bookmarks Extension Delicious Bookmarks is the official Chrome extension for Delicious, the world's leading social bookmarking service.

world leading social, omnibox search, official chrome extension, omnibox search support, blank dialog issue, avos systems, tag input share, dialog issue, delicious bookmarks, installation fixed tag search, tag search, social bookmarking service

Trello to GitHub Issue Chrome extension download
Trello to GitHub Issue Create GitHub issues from Trello cards

github issue, actions list, automatically creates github issue, inserts github issue button, project management, github issues, create github issues, issue tracking, trello cards, open source project, github, use trello

Sexy Undo Close Tab Chrome extension download
Sexy Undo Close Tab Accidentally closed your last tab? Tired of losing tabs in Incognito? Don't worry, everything is possible with this sexy extension!

undo shortcut option, multiple tab issue, os x blank popup bug, double click feature, last closed tab, fixed ctrl, closed tabs, font size option, save closed tabs feature, small todo list, sexy extension, closed tab, messy option names, history manager, bug fixed

Kitten GIFs New Tab Chrome extension download
Kitten GIFs New Tab Enjoy the cutest kitten and cat gifs every time you open a new tab.

tab page, every time, new tab page, cutest kitten gifs, every new tab, new tab, enjoy, cutest kitten, internet right, cat gifs

Echobod Chrome extension download
Echobod A fast tipping tool for chaturbate, suited for ohmibod, lovense and other tip sensitive toys

ohmibod lovense, sensitive toys, tips, hide chaturbate ads, tip sensitive toys, small fixes, chaturbate suited, speed tips, chaturbate, tip speed tips, login issue, added speed, fixed login issue july, tip speed

Daily Dilbert Comics Chrome extension download
Daily Dilbert Comics Displays Daily Dilbert comic strips, along with options to choose from a calendar, randomize and search.

search box, dilbert comic strips, search strips, fixed url, issues fixed, fb posting issues, use leftright arrows, strip button, strip image url, comic strips, url shortener issue, nextprevious day strip, search box focus

GifMe Chrome extension download
GifMe GifMe makes saving, sharing & organizing gifs easier.

gifme subreddit, image hosting sites, video gifs, android gifme, convert videos, favorite gifs, gifme supports, happy giffing

AutoPatchWork Chrome extension download
AutoPatchWork Automatically loads the next page and inserts into current page when you reach the end of the page. like AutoPagerize.

automatically loads, loads, reach, page, inserts, current page, next page, partialy supported, aist wedata project, end

animatedTabs - a new gif on every new tab. Chrome extension download
animatedTabs - a new gif on every new tab. Discover a new gif every time you open a new tab. Never miss a gif again!

tab page, new design, previous gif functionality, times gifv, new tab, gifv webm support, new gifs, new search section, awesome gif, work mode, new faq section, gif captions, tab open, favorite gifs, new gif

A Bit Better RTM Chrome extension download
A Bit Better RTM Small improvements for Remember The Milk interface

fixed bug, lists shift, move tasks, display list tabs, task list, draganddrop list reordering, manifest file, xxx dev build, fixed broken shift, shift j k, focus search box, milk interface, workaround chrome issue, original greasemonkey script, drag drop, drop list, display tasks count, drop move tasks

Gfycat Hoverzoom Chrome extension download
Gfycat Hoverzoom When you hover with your mouse over a gfycat link you'll see the video popup and play. Much like HoverZoom for a gif.

including gifs, gfycat gifs, gfycat, reddit dont, hoverzoom officially, reddit youll see, video popup, gifs, reddit youll, gfycat link, reddit dont click, hover

Funny New Tab Chrome extension download
Funny New Tab Laugh with a funny gif every time you open a new tab.

tab page, every time, new tab page, new tab, enjoy, funny gif, laugh, gifs, newest funniest gifs, internet right

craigslist pop for power users Chrome extension download
craigslist pop for power users Save time on Craigslist by peeking into listings and images without a single click.

nav menu works, craigslist works, new cl updates, popular craigslist locations, fixed reply, view craigslist ads, reply email, improvements fixed images, old cl listing, minor bug fixes, fixed images bug, fixed bug, number craigslist app, craigs list changes, fixed added, craigslist pop, improvements updated, craigslist sections, craigslist fixed, contact seller email link

9gag NSFW pls Chrome extension download
9gag NSFW pls Display all NSFW images without account

nsfw gifs, work, account, nsfw images, animated nsfw gifs, display

PDF Bookmarker for Google Docs Chrome extension download
PDF Bookmarker for Google Docs Bookmark your place in a PDF in Google Docs

loading problem v0, pdf v0, bookmarked page, bookmark button, changelog v0, fixed loading, fixed problem, issue v0, bugfix v0, loading bookmarks, google docs v0, stored locally v0, local storage backup, new google docs layout v0, new google docs v0, locally stored v0, cloud v0, new google docs changes, google docs

Torrents.MD extension Chrome extension download
Torrents.MD extension Torrents.MD extension. Browse easier tracker!

feature favorite torrents, added favorite, works faster, works faster version, spoiler content doesnt enlarge, fixed added, feature added, text field, minor fixes version, favorite uploaders, online friends feature, context menu, options page, online friends, options page layout, showhide search bar, favorite uploader feature, context menu field

Google chrome extensions Download

We collect the latest most useful Google chrome extension from Google chrome Extensions directory . You can download Chrome extensions directly from here.

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