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uBlock Origin Chrome extension download
uBlock Origin Finally, an efficient blocker. Easy on CPU and memory.

ublock, lists, filters, origin, hosts, site, ad, memory, footprint, tracking, https, github, list, efficiency, web

Mailvelope Chrome extension download
Mailvelope Enhance your e-mail provider with end-to-end encryption. Secure e-mail communication based on the OpenPGP standard.

mailvelope, webmail, https, openpgp, based, changelog, providers, mail, source, provider, encryption, communication, github, twitter, de

Extensity Chrome extension download
Extensity Quickly enable/disable Google Chrome extensions

extensions, extensity, chrome, disable, fast, github, twitter, extension, google, code, https, enable, sergiokas, groups, companion

Web Scraper Chrome extension download
Web Scraper Tool for data extraction from websites

data, web, scraper, extension, pages, chrome, site, submit, github, scraped, browser, extraction, https, google, sitemaps

Tab Limiter Chrome extension download
Tab Limiter When you specify an upper limit on the tab to open, open it more, and auto close from the old tab.

tab, limiter, chrome, extension, totora0155, github, open, limit, upper, jp, entry, auto, close, hatenablog, https

HTML5 Video Speed Control Chrome extension download
HTML5 Video Speed Control Speed controls for html5 video.

speed, controls, chrome, paypal, video, id, wxqkyykphwxhs, cgi, buy, https, cmd, xclick, amp, button, open

ato-ichinen Chrome extension download
ato-ichinen Active???????Google?????1?????????????

chrome, github, ichinen, ext, google, v0, https, shimoju, extension, amazedkoumei, ato, thx, active, pullrequest

Web Developer Form Filler Chrome extension download
Web Developer Form Filler This extension is used by developers to make it easy to fill forms

web, extension, fill, github, form, filler, easy, code, source, pages, developer, developing, forms, developers, formsthis

Trello Card Numbers Chrome extension download
Trello Card Numbers Adds card numbers to a variety of places when using Trello.

card, numbers, trello, adds, number, cards, github, extension, https, comments, change, boards, reveals, discussing, viewing

Chromoji - Emojis for Google Chrome Chrome extension download
Chromoji - Emojis for Google Chrome Display emojis in Chrome

emojis, github, google, chrome, code, emojione, apple, display, source, check, supports, twitter, chromoji, browser, chromeshow

Mini YouTube Chrome extension download
Mini YouTube Makes YouTube video float while you're reading/writing comments so you can do both at the same time.

screen, youtube, https, jianweichuah, video, time, comments, videos, github, feature, required, note, size, read, history

Clockwork Chrome extension download
Clockwork Devtools panel for PHP development

extension, information, chrome, php, clockwork, support, database, tab, panel, development, changelog, data, based, https, github

Kindling for Campfire Chrome extension download
Kindling for Campfire Adds useful features to 37signals Campfire.

adds, campfire, kindling, option, features, improve, messages, github, complete, enter, suggestions, leave, remove, https, show

Marionette Inspector Chrome extension download
Marionette Inspector A devtool for Marionette

inspector, marionette, visualize, application, github, explore, inspect, events, view, ui, properties, listeners, gitter, https, tools

Advanced REST client Chrome extension download
Advanced REST client The web developers helper program to create and test custom HTTP requests.

client, rest, connection, jarrodek, chrome, advanced, https, custom, test, create, program, helper, github, request, developers

Reddit Notifier Chrome extension download
Reddit Notifier Get reddit notifications in chrome

notifier, reddit, check, messages, page, added, interval, notification, pull, support, enable, replies, extension, notifications, https

Dota 2 Lounge Helper Chrome extension download
Dota 2 Lounge Helper Helper extension for Dota 2 Lounge.

github, features, lounge, listed, dota, helper, market, extension, community, ryanli, item, display, statistics, adds, detailed

Undirect Chrome extension download
Undirect Removes this tracking and redirection from google search results

google, search, page, redirect, straight, undirect, github, url, https, extension, removes, tracking, redirecting, redirection, longer

GPX Downloader Chrome extension download
GPX Downloader This extension adds a GPX download button for the courses.

extension, garmin, gpx, connect, bug, download, button, version, courses, route, created, https, github, modern, view

Google Calendar Guests Modify Event Default Chrome extension download
Google Calendar Guests Modify Event Default Enables 'Guests can modify event' setting for google calendar by default, when creating a new event.

event, calendar, default, google, github, chrome, guests, modify, code, robin, drexler, enables, extension, creating, https

PageRank Fast Chrome extension download
PageRank Fast Fast and simple PageRank extension for Google Chrome.

extension, pagerank, github, chrome, fast, code, included, ads, check, source, julien, google, simple, spyware, https

WME-JunctionAngle Chrome extension download
WME-JunctionAngle This extension adds junction angle information to the the Waze map editor.

wme, angle, junction, fixes, waze, chrome, turn, github, small, layer, extension, hiding, jai, displaying, https

Sketchtoy Image Overlay Chrome extension download
Sketchtoy Image Overlay Apply transparent image to Sketch Toy paper. Image will be hidden if sent.

image, sketchtoy, github, apply, shown, paper, sketch, overlay, extension, transparent, chrome, code, draw, source, drawing

Search Anime by Screenshot Chrome extension download
Search Anime by Screenshot Use anime screenshots to search where this scene is taken from.

anime, scene, ga, github, whatanime, webextension, notes, release, screenshot, extension, episode, appears, moment, search, screenshots

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate Chrome extension download
Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Translate Provides keyboard shortcuts in the Google Translateā„¢ page.

alt, gt, translate, source, shift, lang, page, binded, yamayamayamaji, google, keyboard, shortcuts, https, result, github

Awesome RSS Widget [ANTP] Chrome extension download
Awesome RSS Widget [ANTP] Awesome RSS widget for Awesome New Tab Page. Resizable and multi-placeable. [ANTP]

awesome, antp, github, widget, rss, hosted, code, page, chrome, extension, resizable, reader, placeable, souce, interested

Image Resolution Chrome extension download
Image Resolution Extension shows image size on hover in a minimalistic way

size, extension, image, resolution, shows, hover, github, redone, working, waythe, minimalistic, megabytes, bytes, kilobytes, https

Danimal Soundboard! Chrome extension download
Danimal Soundboard! Soundboard for annoying office guests

extension, soundboard, soundbar, office, check, annoying, github, https, post, chrome, loud, facebook, kprenametitle, extensions, trombone

Quick-Notifier for Trello Chrome extension download
Quick-Notifier for Trello Quick-Notifier for Trello is an extension for quickly announcing your notifications on Trello.

notification, unread, issues, page, quick, trello, github, extension, ext, https, chrome, quickly, notifier, removedfromboard, invitedtoorganization

FullyFeedly Chrome extension download
FullyFeedly Add Readability to Feedly and show the full content of articles

fullyfeedly, readability, feedly, feed, rss, releases, content, full, https, github, leave, review, hearing, feedbacks, extension

ForceCORS Chrome extension download
ForceCORS Allows forcing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing headers on any desired URL; helpful when accessing remote services from a local host.

extension, headers, web, chrome, xhr, monitor, added, security, requires, google, github, helpful, forcecors, https, services

New New Tab Page Chrome extension download
New New Tab Page A minimal new tab page replacement

tab, page, github, app, apps, fix, icon, commit, https, contributors, choose, shortcuts, open, git, backgrounds

Tamper Chrome extension download
Tamper Extends the Developer Tools, lets you locally edit files served from the web using Mitmproxy.

tamper, chrome, requests, install, extension, panel, lets, open, served, mitmproxy, network, file, github, https, pip

TSU GPA Simulator Chrome extension download
TSU GPA Simulator extension-? ???????????? ????????? ??????????? ?????? GPA-?? ?? ??????? ??????, ????????? ??????? ?????? ???????? ???????

simulator, gpa, en, tsu, github, https, mozilla, firefox, details, addon, beso9595, extension, addons, opera, chrome

Vulcan Chrome extension download
Vulcan Convert emoticons in Google Hangouts to their text equivalent.

extension, hangouts, emoticons, chrome, https, google, paypal, github, vulcan, show, money, spare, put, lot, making

Dashboard Plus for Envato Chrome extension download
Dashboard Plus for Envato Dashboard Plus for the Envato Market created by @revaxarts.

dashboard, revaxarts, github, envato, market, thread, forum, details, created, extension, code, net, forums, themeforest, http

Moodle Breaker Chrome extension download
Moodle Breaker A Chrome plugin, which allows busy MIPT students to do english on Moodle easily.

moodle, english, mipt, busy, extension, test, chrome, github, huge, https, sigorilla, problem, changelog, modern, front

Alfa-dictionary Chrome extension download
Alfa-dictionary ?????-??????? ??????? - ??????? ?? ????????? ?????

alfa, dictionary, github, zarly, chrome, vk, extension, http, https

Splat Rotations Chrome extension download
Splat Rotations Display the current and upcoming Splatoon rotations.

extension, rotations, splatoon, options, rights, marks, nintendo, upcoming, maps, splat, official, github, current, https, gl

WaniKani Companion Chrome extension download
WaniKani Companion Your favorite Japanese learning app at a click away.

wanikani, extension, reviews, lessons, https, app, chrome, companion, icons, user, integration, srs, progression, desktop, website

Netflix God Mode Chrome extension download
Netflix God Mode God Mode Extension for Netflix that allows for easy viewing of movies without scrolling

extension, movies, netflix, viewing, https, mode, thomasrockhu, god, github, hu, viewed, bookmarklet, www, scroll, beshimov

Standardized Screenshot Chrome extension download
Standardized Screenshot Takes standardized screenshots.

chrome, capture, add, window, github, screen, extension, ish, standardized, screenshot, browser, page, https, forked, takes

GitHub Highlight Selected Chrome extension download
GitHub Highlight Selected Highlight selected word in GitHub source view like Sublime Text

github, selected, highlight, view, sublime, word, source, texthighlight, code, check, text, chrome, extension, https, nuclides

Prism Pretty Chrome extension download
Prism Pretty A Chrome Extension to format/highlight/preview HTML/JS/CSS/Markdown code with Prism.js

css, pretty, preview, prism, markdown, html, show, request, chrome, www, extension, headers, transform, unicode, https

COOKPAD Recipe Book Chrome extension download
COOKPAD Recipe Book This application displays a list of the recipes you've viewed on COOKPAD. Japanese/English support.

cookpad, recipe, list, application, github, recipes, displays, book, extension, chrome, japanese, support, mark, oken1, english

Please bring back photo grid view ! Chrome extension download
Please bring back photo grid view ! Reactivates the carousel of thumbnails on Twitter.

twitter, thumbnails, quot, carousel, extension, display, https, gallery, photo, grid, delete, current, github, system, feature

Post It All : Sticky notes Chrome extension download
Post It All : Sticky notes Add sticky notes to your favorite web pages.

notes, page, github, storage, postitall, extension, chrome, sync, https, web, chromeextension, automatically, sticky, txusko, tab

SSL Grade Chrome extension download
SSL Grade This Extension Uses the SSLLabs SSL Test to Show a Security Rating of the SSL connection You Are Using

ssl, extension, rating, cache, ssllabs, domains, tld, visiting, quality, chrome, api, result, https, sslscan, github

HSBC No Rapport Chrome extension download
HSBC No Rapport Hide rapport on the HSBC Business Online Banking site

rapport, hsbc, extension, github, banking, online, business, code, sitea, simple, hides, annoying, popup, source, chrome

Simple Word Count Chrome extension download
Simple Word Count A simple word count Chrome extension.

github, extension, simple, word, extend, count, chrome, free, feel, sanjaypoyzer, https

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